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Teasing by Tina Folsom Book Summary

When Daniel has to travel to San Francisco and needs an escort for a social event, the beautiful Sabrina shows up on his doorstep. Little does he know that she's not an escort. Their encounter quickly turns steamy until lies threaten to destroy their passionate affair.

NOTE: Teasing was previously published under the title Lawful Escort.

Teasing, Enticing, and Beguiling form the trilogy chronicling Daniel and Sabrina's love story.

The Hamptons Bachelor Club (contemporary romance):

Scanguards Vampires Series:
Book 1: Samson's Lovely Mortal
Book 2: Amaury's Hellion
Book 3: Gabriel's Mate
Book 4: Yvette's Haven
Book 5: Zane's Redemption
Book 6: Quinn's Undying Rose
Book 7: Oliver's Hunger
Book 8: Thomas's Choice
Book 8 1/2: Silent Bite (A Scanguards Wedding)
Book 9: Cain's Identity
Book 10: Luther's Return
Novella (can be read anytime): Mortal Wish
Book 11: Blake's Pursuit
Book 11 1/2: Fateful Reunion (A Novella)
Book 12: John's Yearning

Stealth Guardians Series:
Lover Uncloaked (#1)
Master Unchained (#2)
Warrior Unraveled (#3)
Guardian Undone (#4)
Immortal Unveiled (#5)
Protector Unmatched (#6) (pre-order)

Venice Vampyr Novella Series:
Venice Vampyr (#1)
Venice Vampyr (#2): Final Affair
Venice Vampyr (#3): Sinful Treasure
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Book 2: A Scent of Greek
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Teasing (Tina Folsom) Book Reviews

💜Absolutely love this book. I love the way she writes, the way the characters seem so real. The fact they laughed and enjoyed themselves. Thank you I can't wait for the rest..Score: 5/5

NoNo.Score: 1/5

Loved the storyCute, heart warming. I lived it..Score: 5/5

SexyYes, this book is a bit predictable (most books are), and it has a lot of sex, but it's hot! I haven't been able to focus much since I had my baby. But I got through this one fast. I would have happily paid for it! The book, that is;).Score: 5/5

I'd say better tan 50 shadesI picked the book because it was free, and was pleasantly surprised when I really enjoyed it. It has better descriptions of the sex scenes than 50 shades. All in all it was a good read..Score: 4/5

AwwwwwTook a second to get into and then it was great!.Score: 5/5

Big fanOne of my absolute favorites!!! Couldn't stop reading!!.Score: 5/5

Fun storyThis was a truly wonderful story. They should make a move out of it.Score: 4/5

Loved it!!!!I really loved this book and author. First time I read your book and I enjoyed it. I read it in a matter of a few hours because I couldn't put it down. I will be looking forward to all your books..Score: 5/5

Love it!!!Full of passion and funny romantic moments..Score: 5/5

Escort785 pages read in a day and a half. Kept my attention-a bit of a reminder of 50 Shades..Score: 3/5

Lawful EscortDifferent!.Score: 3/5

Lawful EscortI loved the storyline. Hot,hot, hot! I cannot wait to read it again😍.Score: 5/5

HotLoved the Romantic story!!!! And the steamy "contract". (;.Score: 5/5

Sexy, loving and just plain yummyI really enjoy Tina Folsom's book. The relationship are so loving and sexy. Her stories are also a lot of fun to read. Her men are always gentleman and the women are always smart and sassy. I recommend all her books..Score: 5/5

Cute, short, slurry, happy ending bookI enjoyed this short book. Full of passion and captured my attention. Loved the ending..Score: 5/5

ReadablePretty Woman has been done. Even still, it's a decent story. The writing is a bit sophomoric and I never really connected with the characters. It won't blow you away, but I suspect you won't regret the time you spent with the book. For me, it was just...meh..Score: 3/5

NinaNone if the wit and fun I usually get from this author. This was pure sex in a book..Score: 3/5

Two thumbs upMust read it !.Score: 5/5

WowGood book through and through.Score: 5/5

Lawful escortBest sexy book around..Score: 5/5

Best book since Fifty Shades of GreyI loved this book. I wish se could write another book of her being his and if they get married and have kids. Please, Tina Folsom, please write another book of Sabrina & Daniel..Score: 5/5

Great bookCouldn't put this book down. Really spiced up my sex life!.Score: 5/5

Amazing!Could not stop reading! Great story!.Score: 5/5

Loved!Super cute really liked it, nice change....Score: 5/5

I don’t believe Tina wrote thisDNF. I was excited to read because I love this author. The plot was interesting at first. Just unbelievable. This had disaster written all over it. I get Sabrina helping Holly once, but she actually liked Daniel. I expected her to come clean. I couldn’t imagine her deceiving him. Looks like we were headed to the land of ridiculous, so I got off the ride. Besides, I kept dozing off. Boring. I could not believe Tina wrote this. Sorry..Score: 2/5

Loved this bookWish there was a second part :/.Score: 5/5

HOT, HOT, HOT!I loved this book and would have paid money for it! Could not put it down! Definitely a must read for anyone who likes it HOT!.Score: 5/5

DecentPersonWhat's up with all of the homosexual remarks? Hysterics are only for women and gay men? How he ended up being friends with a gay man is beyond him? Comments like that are rude and uncalled for..Score: 3/5

Really?Ok. The book was free. Other than that if you want 290 pages of sex out of 330 this book is for you. The sample was the only interesting part. The book was predictable throughout. Not sure how she was an international best seller..Score: 1/5

Great free readI really liked it romantic and sexy.Score: 5/5

It was okay. Lacking a connection with characters due to overuse of eroticism.First who in there right mind has sex with an escort and does not ask about diseases? Since this is his first time using the service that question should have been addressed. I'm surprised Sabrina does not take offense when he brags about having sex with a professional. I thought she would come clean. Yet Sabrina carried on with the charade. I think this sex scene has gone on for long enough. The details are impressive,but I'm ready to move on. What does it say about Sabrina that she feels like she has to hide behind the mask of someone else's identity to let loose her guard sexually? Do some men make women feel more comfortable about themselves than others? Holly sure has no problem disclosing personal information about Sabrina. Daniel found himself a real woman with the help of Holly. I find it fascinating when men decide they want a woman they stop at nothing to achieve that goal. But when a woman wants a man the man thinks they are too aggressive or clingy. So confusing. It was okay. Not very realistic. Kind of cheesy. How rude of them to have sex on Sabrina's boss's desk..Score: 2/5

JazminelovethesebooksThe best book that i have read i wanted to keep reading about their lives together so inticing.Score: 5/5

ReviewI am an extremely picky person when it comes to what books I read. I love reading but only romance novels and this book is awesome. It's very detailed but in an adult way. I was surprised how intrigued I got into the book after the first chapter..Score: 5/5

FANTASTIC!!!I loved every minute of it, absolutely perfect. If you like bared to you or 50 shades of gray, you'll love this. Worth every penny!.Score: 5/5

Super sweetWas a really entertaining story. Enjoyed reading this book.Score: 4/5

Not well writtenI didn’t like not seeing it from the protagonist point of views. It so sounded like a high schooler wrote it. The characters weren’t engaging and the steam was a 2 at best. Sorry, I won’t read from this author again..Score: 2/5

Lawful EscortAnother great book...and it's FREE! I also love that the story is in my hometown, SF and the Bay Area!.Score: 5/5

Quick, unfulfilled endingI'd expect a better ending when the book itself seemed good. The ending ruined the book for me..Score: 3/5

Very steamy!!!!Loved this book from start to finish... Grabbed my husband several times while reading it.Score: 5/5

TeasingBy Tina Folsom I’m so sad it had to end! What a twist it was amazing! Such a great book! Bookbub.Score: 5/5

Lawful EscortLoved it!!!!!.Score: 5/5

Sex to The MaxCertainly the book is a captivating story of sex and love. There are many highs and lows, but through it all this story is nothing special. Many aspects associated with this story are predictable..Score: 3/5

Lawful EscortLoved this book, cute story and captured my attention till the end..Score: 5/5

Lawful EscortLoved the plot & the steamy scenes were perfect! I would have rated this story a 5, but there are a few misspellings..Score: 4/5

Must readIf you're a 50 shades fan, you'll love this book. Well written, easy read..Score: 5/5

Lawful EscortAMAZING!!! I LOVED LOVED YES LOVED THIS BOOK, I can't wait for the next book! I read the book in one night I just could not put it down. Thank You!!.Score: 5/5

Great and romantic read.This book was perfect. I didn't put it down. I loved how infatuated the male character was with his female counter. Such a great read. Probably will read it again! Two thumbs up!.Score: 5/5

Never FailsTina is a great writer. If you love her others books this one won't disappoint you..Score: 5/5

So perfectCouldn't put this book down and wished it never ended. You will love the strong and the passion..Score: 4/5

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Wow************How many stars is this worth?! I have a few of her e-books, and she does not fail to disappoint with this read. I have never gone through 330 pages that fast, I swear the numbers are off! Her scenes and descriptions, as usual, leave very little to the imagination. Very good read, with an interesting plot by altruistic friends, sweet....Score: 5/5

Absolutely incredibleThe perfect story. Combines love and lust perfectly to make a romantic story without it being smutty..Score: 5/5

Love itGood writing and love the story, characters and plot. Warning! You'll get hook..Score: 5/5

Amazing!!!Nice & steamy!! Clouldn't get enough!!.Score: 5/5

Lawful escortThis book was I can't put it down kind! I hate reading but love to read this book! Very hot and romantic!!!.Score: 5/5

Awesome!This Is my first time writing a review. This was a great read for a free book. I couldn't put it down. Check it out!.Score: 5/5

Loved itLoved this book, made me laugh, super sexy guy. Nice romantic love story..Score: 5/5

Lawful EscortAmazing novel, she made me fall in love with Sabrina and Daniel and the other supporting characters..Score: 5/5

Sexy!I enjoyed every chapter of it..Score: 4/5

AmazingCan't get enough of your books.Score: 5/5

RomanticThis was a great page turner......lots of romance and passion.....great ending.....Score: 4/5

Shocked disbelief !What disappointing characters! As if selling oneself for money is something any woman should consider as taking charge of her sex life!!! You should not even have to tap one star to rate this crap!!!!!.Score: 1/5

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Pretty woman with a twistQuite liked this story. Good characterisation, don't we all wish we could meet a Daniel?...... I know money can buy most things, but there were a couple of things in the story that were a little unbelievable. I know it is supposed to be Fiction, but we would like to come away from a story at least hoping it could be shelved as Faction .... Enjoyed it nevertheless.Score: 4/5

Unlawful escortI loved this book, very raunchy & romantic at the same time, highly recommend.Score: 5/5

Another great storyJust love Tina's books....the characters are enjoyable and the story is different and not to mention the love scenes. Whoa the love scenes are the best. Tina's books are among the best I have read..Score: 5/5

Was great!!Was great, enjoyed the read so much and was a great twist...just wondering will there be a follow up book to this?.Score: 5/5

Lawful EscortLoved this book romantic and sexy..Score: 5/5

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Love it!!Finished the book in 4 hrs, love the simple love story and the flow!!.Score: 5/5

Very impressive!!!I really enjoyed reading it, lovely story, easy to read and to be honest I couldn't put the book down. Absolutely loved it. Highly recommend it to people who also likes 50 shades..Score: 5/5

Brilliant!<3.Score: 5/5

FantasticFantastic read a great love story with a bit of a passion in the mix.Score: 5/5

Very goodWould have paid for this one. Very witty..Score: 4/5

Great readLoved it. Couldn't put it down. It's a must read :).Score: 5/5

BrillExcellent book kept me very entertained all the way through, recommended to read.Score: 2/5

Watta Lovely StoryI super love the story and how the characters were played. I recommend for the romantics out there!:).Score: 5/5

Fantastic!Well worth reading. Loved the story and helped fill the void left by 50 shades!.Score: 5/5

Brilliant!Read the book within two days! I didn't want to put it down!! So well written! I agree with the other reviews.... If only Daniel was real!! Lol!.Score: 5/5

Lawful escortThoroughly enjoyable. X:).Score: 5/5

WowLawful Escort is simply lovely. It leaves you with goose pimples..Score: 5/5

Brilliant!Great book! Really enjoyed reading it so would have liked to have been a bit longer! =).Score: 5/5

Lawful EscortHaving just finished the trilogy of fifty shades I was at a loss of what to read and then saw this book and the fact it had good reviews. I can see where E L James got her inspiration from, there are quite a few similarities to fifty shades. This book is fab too really enjoyed this book and would recommend this xx great little story.Score: 5/5

Amazingly beautiful ! MUST READ!Once of the best books I have ever read. The details have been so beautifully! If only such men existed in real life *sighs* I have a purchased her books as well and they are worth every penny especially this and the scanguard series!.Score: 5/5

Lawful EscortAll I can say is...............good job this book was free!.Score: 1/5

BrilliantA really great book!.Score: 5/5

Couldn't put it downReally need the next one of these, can't end there. It was a great read.Score: 5/5

AwesomeNever read a book like this before and my god what a fantastic read, couldnt put it down after reading first chapter. X.Score: 5/5

Amazing :)Loved this! Well worth a read :).Score: 5/5

Good little read......but let its self down with names being muddled up. Quick read for a rainy day. Would recommend..Score: 3/5

Lawful escortLoved from the word go, very easy and quick to read (took me 3 journeys on the train home.) One snag is the long chapters but other than that read away :).Score: 5/5

Lawful escortLove Tina folsom. Love all her books and this one is hot, hot,hot. The love between Sabrina and Daniel is joyful if only there were more sexy Daniels in this world. thank you Tina..Score: 5/5

LOVED IT!!Beautifully written, I fell in love with Sabrina & Daniel. Absolutely splendid, thank you for writing such a fun, enjoyable book..Score: 5/5

GrippingI really enjoyed it! Love a good freebie! Couldn't put it down once it got going!.Score: 4/5

Good readI don't read much, but found this a good read. I actually finished it too..Score: 5/5

What?The summary sounds brill but poorly written. Too many full stops and no flow. Got to page 16 and couldn't read no more..Score: 1/5

Lawful EscortBrilliant read really enjoyed, would have liked it to be a bit longer but what there was was a good read and read in a few hours.Score: 5/5

Beautifully amazing <3The best book I have ever read. Completely changed my perception about love, who said romance was dead? I wish more men were like Daniel- a dream man for every woman. This is a truly amazing book and a must read, could not put it down I was rate is 5+.Score: 5/5

Lawful escortLoved this, couldn't put it down! Another great read from a great author.Score: 5/5

Really well written!Loved this author's style of writing. Pretty interesting characters, sweet love story and very hot in some parts! I'll be looking out for more by this author..Score: 5/5

Lawful EscortGood quick read!.Score: 4/5

Brilliant read!!Absolutely loved this book! Brilliant read!.Score: 5/5

Lawful escortVery good wanted another part to the book was really good. Well done Tina x.Score: 4/5

Lawful EscortReally enjoyed the book. It was capturing and hit the right spots. It was free too. More please!.Score: 5/5

BrilliantI'm downloading the second in the trilogy now!.Score: 5/5

Lovely BookThoroughly enjoyed this book.. Very well written and a really good story. I couldn't put it down. Only wish it would have been longer, there needs to be another book!.Score: 5/5

Brilliant!Fantastic book! Was hard to put down!.Score: 5/5

BrilliantCould not put the book down ! A very good read.Score: 5/5

Lawful escortReally good story. Couldn't put it down..Score: 5/5

Lawful escortFar fetched nonsense.Score: 1/5

Miss fifiGood book, and it was free :) x.Score: 3/5

Nice easy readRead this book in one sitting! Helped me through an illness!.Score: 4/5

Highly recommended!Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!! Reminded me of a similar, very famous trilogy, only I thought this book was so much better! Not only was it a much better and believable storyline, with characters I could empathise with; it was also written so much better than the said famous trilogy, which I must say I found incredibly frustrating to read. My only wish is that this book lasted longer, please write a sequel!! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a short romantic read..Score: 5/5

Lawful escortLoved this book.Score: 3/5

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