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Bella Andre

The Look of Love by Bella Andre Book Summary

"This sexy contemporary romance has it all - raw passion, emotion, fun and family! A delight to read!" ~ 5 stars

Find out why millions of readers around the world have fallen in love with Bella Andre’s Sullivans!

Chloe Peterson is having a bad night. A really bad night. And when her car skids off the side of a wet country road straight into a ditch, she's convinced even the gorgeous guy who rescues her in the middle of the rain storm must be too good to be true. Or is he? 

As a successful photographer who frequently travels around the world, Chase Sullivan has his pick of beautiful women, and whenever he's home in San Francisco, one of his seven siblings is usually up for causing a little fun trouble. Chase thinks his life is great just as it is--until the night he finds Chloe and her totaled car on the side of the road in Napa Valley. Not only has he never met anyone so lovely, both inside and out, but he quickly realizes she has much bigger problems than her damaged car. Soon, he is willing to move mountains to love--and protect--her, but will she let him? 

Chloe vows never to make the mistake of trusting a man again. Only, with every loving look Chase gives her--and every sinfully sweet caress--as the attraction between them sparks and sizzles, she can't help but wonder if she's met the only exception. And although Chase didn't realize his life was going to change forever in an instant, amazingly, he isn't the least bit interested in fighting that change. Instead, he's gearing up for a different fight altogether...for Chloe's heart.

"This series is incredible. If you haven't started the Sullivans yet, you are missing out!" 5 stars, Guilty Pleasures

"Not since Nora Roberts has anyone been able to write a big family romance series with every book as good as the last. Bella Andre never disappoints." 5 stars, Revolving Bookcase Reviews

"I am in love with the Sullivans. If you are looking for something sweet and sexy then this series is absolutely perfect for you. They are all amazing!" 5 stars, Reading, Eating & Dreaming  

"Bella Andre writes warm, sexy contemporary romance that always gives me a much needed pick me up." Maya Banks, NYT Bestselling Author 

"The perfect combination of sexy heat and tender heart." Barbara Freethy, #1 NYT Bestselling Author 

"Pure sensual fun! I couldn't read fast enough. I loved everything about Chase and Chloe's story!" Marie Force, NYT Bestselling Author 

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The Look of Love
From This Moment On
Can't Help Falling In Love
I Only Have Eyes For You
If You Were Mine
Let Me Be The One
Come A Little Bit Closer
Always On My Mind
Kissing Under The Mistletoe

One Perfect Night
The Way You Look Tonight
It Must Be Your Love
Just To Be With You
I Love How You Love Me
All I Ever Need Is You

Every Beat Of My Heart
Now That I've Found You
Since I Fell For You
Sweeter Than Ever
The Best Is Yet To Come
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You
You Do Something To Me
Every Time We Fall In Love

Falling In Love All Over Again
Your Love Is Mine
There Goes My Heart
More Maine Sullivans are coming soon!

As Long As I Have You
More London Sullivans are coming soon!

Breathless In Love
Reckless In Love
Fearless In Love
Irresistible In Love
Wild In Love
Captivating In Love
More Maverick Billionaires are coming soon!

Kiss Me Like This
Tempt Me Like This
Love Me Like This

Bella Andre's New York Times and USA Today bestselling novels have been #1 bestsellers around the world and she has sold more than 8 million books so far! Known for "sensual, empowered stories enveloped in heady romance" (Publishers Weekly), her books have been Cosmopolitan Magazine "Red Hot Reads" twice and have been translated into ten languages. There are more than 50,000 5 star reviews for Bella Andre's books on Goodreads!

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Book Name The Look of Love
Genre Contemporary
Language English
E-Book Size 383.39 KB

The Look of Love (Bella Andre) Book Reviews 2024

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Dumb. I know romance novels are pure fiction but a little reality please. Sorry but I won't be wasting my time on another book by this author.

A bit unrealistic don't you think?. Spoilers in this review.... It wasn't horrible but I mean...proposal after 4 days of knowing each other? And she was soooo reluctant on giving herself to him that it took her all of...24 hours?! Not my favorite..

The look of love. Likable , complex characters that would make good friends.

Deceptive Ratings. Short story: steamy, but cheesy. Unrealistic and generally bad. Long story: Let’s forget the fact that the beginning of this book is a chore to read (weird amount of time building up backstory on the siblings to then forget all but one of them the rest of the story.) The only nice part was the description of the mom and how Chase came to love photography. The rest of the story was also hard to get through. It took me forever to finish and I rolled my eyes every other page. Once the the main characters actually meet, the instant “love” is so cliché and unbelievable. Besides the tired “damsel in distress” and “poor girl meets wealthy playboy” tropes, there is no personality development or non-physical chemistry between the characters that leads the reader to believe that they are actually in love. Pure lust as a basis for a romance to start is totally fine, but call it what it is. This immediate trust and “love” would never happen like this to a woman so recently hurt. And the timeline? Unrealistic just like the rest of the story. Another minor issue: the model on the cover doesn’t at all match the description of Chloe’s character. I got so many of the books from this author on sale that I bought a few out of pocket hoping to binge read the series. I trusted the ratings that seemed so good. So disappointing. Do you want sexy scenes and actual plot/character development? Read Sarah Hogle, Penny Reid, Noelle Adams, Helen Hoang… even Staci Hart. The list goes on of better selections.

The Sullivans Book 1. As posted on The Smutty Kitty 4.5 out of 5 Licks Everyone knows I'm a sucker for a series. I love reading books that are tied together and reconnecting with old characters throughout a series. The Sullivans is about 8 sexy siblings (men and set of twin ladies) finding the loves of their lives. Sometimes the first book in a series like this could drag or get jumbles together with the set up of the series and introducing several characters. The Look of Love does not have that problem. We get to know Chase and Chloe first and then we are slowly brought into the Sullivan family. Each sibling has a fun job and that helps make it easy to keep everyone separate. Chloe's past immediately has you crossing your fingers that she won't fight the obvious attraction between her and Chase. The mark on her face left by the hand of her ex makes her even more determined to place men in the off-limits category. Chase isn't swayed by her bruises or the fence she's built around her heart. He keeps right on showing her that not only can he be trusted but that she is worthy of finding a real happy ever after. Chase is sexy and cocky without being annoying about it. There is just enough fight from Chloe and when trouble from her past shows up the relationship between Chase and Chloe is tested but of course sees through. I loved meeting these characters and I can't wait to see where they go while reading the rest of the series.

Hot sex, minimal plot. The plot occurred over the span of one week. I read a lot of fictional romance but I like it best when there is a somewhat more believable love story line. Or a little more action besides just the sex. However the sex scenes were good. I pictured Chase as living up to his Hotstuff nickname. I will probably read the next in the series.

Love. Great read

Sensational!. Read this in one sitting. I thought it would be hard to grasp the concept of two strangers falling in love so quickly but Bella Andre has a way of making the characters so believable. I laughed, I blushed, I Love Love Loved this book and look forward to reading the rest of the Sullivan Family Series!

😕. Boring and predictable. Love and a marriage proposal after 1 week?! Cliche!

Boring. Way too much sex and very little plot. Not at all realistic, but it is fiction and fantasy after all. Skipped to the end.

Cliche!!. This story line could have been great if every line wasn't so cliche it was almost painful to read. This is the hallmark card of books: unoriginal, predictable, and far too sweet. Great love story, just poorly told.

Fun. I've read the series and loved them all. This was my favorite! You won't be disappointed!

Meh. bleh. Bile.. I want to applaud you for the sample you have chosen to draw in your audience, it was sadly a go-getter. Frankly, if you had extended it to the fourth chapter, guaranteed I wouldn't have purchased. This book banks on down right sappy romance. I love romance as much as the next bloke but when it is poorly executed, I am annoyed for both the time and currency I have invested. Just, no. I kept having to skip many paragraphs in the book to the point where I just had quite enough. Can't torture myself anymore. Nothing flowed, nothing memorable, nothing sweet ARRRGHHHHHHHHH! And now I shall take my leave. *Dramatic Exit*

Loved it!!. I absolutely loved this book. It wasn't like the typical romance novel where they find love have sex once, don't speak for like 5 chapters then get back together in the last chapter/epilogue. No this story was hot hot hot all the way through!!!

The look of love. Easy and enjoyable read. Loved the Sullivan family

The Look of Love. I loved this story because it showed a strong willed woman Who could defend herself if she had to , yet it also showed what love is to the unexpected believers of a true love

The look of love. I loved it and will definitely read more of her books!

Last Chance. I just found this book and I can't wait to start reading the first chapter. It sounds like an unforgettable story with a happy ending. I lost hope that it was really out here in a store near me. Sometimes we chose the wrong books but we never know until we read them. I have faith if you STAY until I can tell you all about the end of the story. I'm enticed by the whole book and I do love sappy romance!

The Look Of Love. The characters drew your attention and the story kept your attention.

Left me wanting more. Great book but I feel like I need more. Almost like their story is still not told.

Unrealistic. Completely unrealistic. No girl in their right mind would get into a car with a strange man and then go to his house. Seriously? This author needs to grow up.

Great!. Fast reading excitement! Very sexy. Starting the 2nd right now!

Split decision.. I really wanted to rate this book higher. There was lots to like about it. The plot was very good, for the most part. I loved the characters, especially the main two. There wasn't much cursing. There was wine drinking, and mention of other drinks, but never to excess. Drunkenness is a deal breaker for me, so I was really glad being set in the wine country of California wasn't an excuse to party and drink. So, why couldn't I rate it higher? First, the Sullivan family seemed to have strong moral values, but all the men were hound dogs. Sleeping with one woman after the other. Those don't go together. Then, one of them falls in 'love' and has sex with her within two days, and repeatedly. Their whole relationship was sex. And the sex was much too graphic for me. It is not a book for anyone underage. If you like steamy books, you'll probably love it. For myself, I'll be going back to some Christian fiction next. I don't need to put things like this into my mind. I can tell the author is an amazing writer, but this was just escapism into sex. Marriage and love are about a lot more than that.

Awesome book!!!!. This was such a romantic novel. I just loved the way Chase was so loving and caring. Chloe was so sweet and so glad Chase was able to help. Bella Andre is a fantastic writer.

Easy read. Easy read, perfect for a beach day. Loses some of its luster in the middle but ends well. I will definitely purchase the next book in the series.

Cheesy. Bad script too cheesy

Wonderful story. Loved the Sullivan series. Well written by the talented author Bella Andre. You can’t help but love all of the Sullivan siblings and their story to happy ever after. Keep writing Bella!

Love this series!. Great read

Mediocre. This book had an okay plot but a bit unbelievable. It was great that the two characters fell in love but it seemed as though it happened way to soon. It also was a little bit to corny for my taste.

I don’t get it. First off, this story was so unbelievable to begin with that there needed to be a lot of depth to the characters to make it work. Unfortunately there was absolutely none of that. The storyline had SO much potential !! I’m really confused by the high ratings….I thought it was pretty awful and just about sex. The characters needed way more development and that’s what was frustrating - the story was there to dive into and it just didn’t happen. Definitely won’t be continuing this series.

The luckiest of accidents. This is the start of a truly incredible series. The Sullivans are an incredible group of people and Chase, a professional photographer is absolutely dreamy. The way he is with Chloe, a woman that he helps during a storm, he's careful with her when he needs to be and then, he is the determined man she needs. A fairy tale romance that will be read and re-read many times.

Fast read!!. Very sexy characters the story line was a bit unrealistic how many women that are afraid would get in with a stranger in their car the story hot 🔥🔥🔥stuff the sex was 🔥🔥✨🌟✨🔥🔥but everything happened too fast I will give this writer another chance though

Sexy, sweet, and oh so hot!. This romance makes you believe in romance and real heroes that realize a strong woman is not a drawback!

Totally Unrealistic!. Predictable and totally unrealistic! Boo!

The Book of Love by Bella Andre. This was one of my books by Bella Andre and purchased about 3 yrs ago but didn't think about reviewing and what it means to the author and also people wanting to purchase the book. Since then I have now made time to review all my books. that said....... Loved this book! ! ! The story line makes for a sweet romance that leads two people to find true love but wished the end of the book has a little more depth in Chase and Chloe's romance before leading into the 2nd book of the Sullivan family. Overall, was still a good book and you will not be disappointed.

Love it!!. I loved everything about this book. From the very beginning I was rooting for a happy ending for Chloe, and Chase is such a great guy. The overall storyline was one that kept me reading because I didn;t want to put the book down. After reading this one book I was hooked on the Sullivans and have read the entire series!

Good read. I was entertained the whole time. I will definitely keep reading the series.

Too much fairly tale. This book was too much on the fairly tale side and predictable. I almost gave up on this series but luckily I didn't give up and I'm up to book 2 and absolutely love Marcus' story.

Inspiring. This is a great read..... Couldn't put it down! Now I've got to read the rest before the new one comes out in March!! Thanks Bella Andre!!

The Look of Love by Bella Andre. I have always enjoyed Bella Andre's style--likeable, real main characters & steamy sex--& this book was no exception. Too bad we can't all find a Chase Sullivan--pretty darned near perfect in my mind & in this book. I'm ready to purchase the next book in the series & looking forward to getting to know Marcus Sullivan. By the way, this book needs some editing for missing words & extra words. Otherwise, keep writing & I'll keep reading!

Just read for a 2nd time. I stumbled upon this book, not realizing that it was the 1st of a series. As a hopeless romantic, I was captured by the beginning, the middle, and the end. It's fun and entertaining "mommy porn" and my hubby has benefitted from it!

Great read. Could not put the book down. Cannot wait to get more of Bella's book. This is the first one I have ever read and will certainly be reading all that she has written. Looking forward to the next book. Keep them coming!!

Loved it. Chase and Chloe story was well written with a great storyline. Fell in live with how strong she was and how protective he was.

Touch Me. Its so cute how their hidden passion for one another is "trying" to be prevented so that there would be no heart breakage to deal with.

Boring, Unoriginal, Cheesy. I was sadly extremely disappointed by this book. Classic damsel in distress meets rich handsome man who instantly falls in love with her and fixes her life with his money. Pathetic. Great books can say so much with few words, this book however said nothing interesting or passionate with way to many useless run-ons to take up space. Please can I have my money back so I can buy a decent book?

“quilting was her passion". to echo many other reviewers, this book was incredibly predictable, unbelievable, and slow. the writing is sometimes hollow, and i was never sucked into the story to the point that i forgot i was reading a book (my test for a good novel). sure, chase is hot, but far too one-dimensional, and chloe goes from zero to sex-crazed in an instant - not something i’d expect from a woman so battered. and don’t even get me started on her two favorite pastimes: quilting and bocce ball... seriously. for me the point at which i knew i was not on board with this book was around when chloe, a 30-year-old, said she'd watched the twilight movies, alone, and could relate to edward. i will not be reading more sullivan stories.

The look of love. By Bella Andre Another hit it out of the park book! Couldn’t put this story down had to finish it! So worth your time please read! Bookbub

The Look of Love. Oh so bad...predictable. Gratuitous sex that is so immature and ridiculous in light of the story. Oh wait, no story.. Bad..

Love in a week. I gave the book a 3 because although I liked reading it and the sex scenes were vivid the actual love story seemed far fetch. Don't get me wrong I could picture how hot Chase was and the winery where they stayed seemed dreamy BUT the fact he tells her he's in love with her in like a day or so is a bit much. I get the battles she had to go through but again it seemed too fast.

Wonderful book. Thoroughly enjoyed this tearjerker. Enjoyed the relationship between Chase and Chloe.

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Pure Infinite Star Magic. This is my first Bella Andre book, discovered courtesy of my blog partner, and it doesn’t disappoint! The Look of Love is on the surface a fun, sexy and lighthearted summer love story. But analytically it’s about so much more because the true love story isn’t Chase and Chloe, it’s Chloe learning to love and trust herself. Meet Chase, a gentle, intelligent, kindhearted man who flawlessly captures natural human beauty and emotions through the lens of his camera. One stormy night he’s driving towards his older brother’s country winery when he sees a car stuck in a ditch and a terrified woman beside it… Meet Chloe, she’s a survivor. After learning the hard way that money doesn’t guarantee happiness, and rich people aren’t necessarily good people, she escapes. She starts to learn how to live again as a free person, to live for herself, in a small apartment, working long hours in a diner to try and make enough money to live and start quilting again. Until everything goes wrong. Bruised, terrified, and defeated, her car skids off the road into a ditch during a storm. It seems like nothing is going right on the worst day of her life, until the mysterious, rich, handsome stranger stops his car on the side of the road and tells her to get in. Bella Andre expertly and honestly conveys the abused mindset with Chloe, subtly conveying the self blame, inability to trust your own judgements, the intense, crippling fear, the denial, the loss of self and non existent self confidence. Bella conveys this all, making The Look of Love powerful, emotive and a revolutionary perspective on abuse survivors. Chase’s instinctive understanding of Chloe and what she needed from him was beautiful to read, as was Chase and Chloe both learning to fight battles together, as a team, instead of Chase wanting to protect her from everything, and Chloe being too afraid of losing her control to risk accepting help. The complex emotions, the fiery, explosive chemistry, the beautiful surroundings immersing you entirely in this beautiful love story of hope and trust and healing… This is a story that will stay with you long after you read the final page.

Great sweet story. This was a really great, sweet story. Great characters and a great storyline made for an enjoyable read.

Lovely. This love story was about finding trust again. The story was a slow, sensual coming together of two people. It was your classic love story. It lost one point because for me the story was too slow.

The look of love. Soppy!

Boring & predictable :(. Won't be reading the full series as it was just a little boring for me.

Brilliant book. Great book now reading the next one in the series

Beautiful. Couldn't put it down - beautiful story to start the Sullivan collection.

Absolutely Wonderful. Loved it! Chase and Chloe are my favourite!

The look of love. Bella Andre.. Really enjoyed this book a great read.Thank you.

Fantastic Read. What a fantastic read this was - I loved it!! Had just finished reading the Fifty Shades Trilogy and was looking for a new read when I came across Bella Andre. I've just finished this first book in the Sullivan series and can honestly say, so far this gives Fifty Shades a good run for its money. I couldn't put it down, and now I can't wait to move on to book two.

The look of love. Really enjoyable book couldn't put it down

The Look of Love. Brilliant cant wait to read the next one

"Lovely". I thoroughly enjoyed this book, devouring it within a couple of days, can't wait to dig deeper into the Sullivan family.x

Brilliant. An easy to read page turner, keeps you hooked and is impossible to put down. A totally easy way to lose yourself in a fab book!!

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what is wrong with you people. This book was so annoying - she thought he thought - but lets not talk and make any sense. Obviously you have to be a fan of Bella Andre's to get to the end of the book - cause I didnt.

Captivating.. Totally enjoyable.

Good book. Nice easy read

From this moment on. Nice easy read. Really liked this book and was looking forward to the next one.

The Look of Love. Loved every moment. A delicate blend of fantasy and reality leaving the reader with warm and mellow feeling of time well spent reading a thoroughly LOVELY story.

Amazing. What an amazing book I loved it and couldn't stop reading it. Looking forwarded to reading the 2nd book.

The Look of Love. Loved this book. Left me breathless more than once. Can't wait to read more about the Sullivan brood.

Chase and Chloe. A hot and steamy insta-love romance with lots of great characters. Chase and Chloe couldn't help but give in to their feelings. This story keeps you turning the pages to see if they can resist each other. I look forward to reading more of the Sullivans, I can't wait to see each sibling fall in love.

Doesn’t disappoint. These books are so sweet, just 100% love and passion. Little side stories here and there but all about the journey of two people falling in love. Anything from this author always leaves me with a big smile and this book was just the same. Absolutely loved Chase and Chloe.

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Soooo good. As I was looking for a good book I happen to stumble on this one by pure luck and let me tell you I couldn't have been more happy. I try and find a series to have at least 3 or more books to it but also to have the first one free. This one was not free and I am happy to have bought it. Chase and cloe's story is fantastic I couldn't put the book down wasn't till 4 am when I made myself shut off my iPad for some rest. This book is a must read!!!

The lokk of love. Loved it !

Easy read. Kept me interested though it was a little predictable. Definitely looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

Romantic. Romance at its finest as always. Thoroughly enjoyed the characters and the plot. JackieT

Look to read. Fantastic story, well written and looking forward to read more of the Sullivan series.

Look of Love. This is clearly a five star rating as are all Bella Andre's writings. The Look of Love such an incredible read, I was unable to put it down from the moment I turned the first page!! Awesome!!!! Mindblowing!!! I'm so excited for more writings on the Sullivan Brothers especially Marcus:)

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Summary of The Look of Love by Bella Andre

The The Look of Love book written by Bella Andre was published on 18 June 2011, Saturday in the Contemporary category. A total of 2,793 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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