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Shannon Messenger

Exile by Shannon Messenger Book Summary

A New York Times bestselling series
A USA TODAY bestselling series
A California Young Reader Medal–winning series

Sophie befriends the mythical Alicorn and puts her mysterious powers to the test in this enchanting second book in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series.

Sophie is settling in nicely to her new home and her new life in the world of the lost cities. And it helps that living at Havenfield means getting to spend time with rare, precious species—including the first female Alicorn, who shows herself to Sophie and trusts no one but her.

Sophie is tasked with helping to train the magical creature so that the Alicorn can be revealed to the people of the lost cities as a sign of hope, and Sophie wants to believe that the recent drama and anguish is gone for good.

But the secrets buried deep in Sophie’s memories remain, and before long before she’s back in incredible danger, risking everything to find the answers to questions that could save not only her life, but the life of someone close to her…

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Book Name Exile
Genre Fantasy
Language English
E-Book Size 9.54 MB

Exile (Shannon Messenger) Book Reviews 2023

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So satisfied it’s not even funny❤️. That book so good. The series in itself is so good. When I say so good, I mean it🤯I mean I was mind blown. The writing was great, the characters were great, everything was great. And keefe. I feel like just saying his name says it all. His character has so much depth I felt like I was drowning✋most people that are seeing this have probably already read the book, but if you haven’t I’m not going to spoil anything. All I’m going to say is my boy did what he had to do🥺it was frustrating sure but I don’t blame him

hungry for Keepers of the lost cities. where is the 3 book

Best series ever. I love ❤️ Silveny and Sophie the best!🥰 I love it and hope all the others are just as good go Shannon Messenger

AMAZE!!!. I loved it!! Everything about it was incredible!! Thank you Shannon for this amazing adventure with Sophie!!!!!

Good book. I liked this book. It compliments the first in the series and continues the character development nicely. I was pleasantly surprised. Usually the sequel is worse than the original, but this one just reminds me of talent that Shannon Messenger possesses. I would recommend this book highly to anyone looking for adventure and mystery with a dash of comedy.

Silveny. EDITED. EDIT:STELLARLUNE IS OUT KEEFE,KEEFE,KEEFE,KEEFE,KEEFE,KEEFE,KEEFE,KEEFE,KEEFE,KEEFE,KEEFE,KEEFE,KEEFE,KEEFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok I ship Sokeefe Edit: I was joking with my friends about this but now I have to put it here. How to start a world war. Put all the koltc fans in a park and tell them to say who they ship with Sophie. :) —————————————————————— CHAPTER 11 DRAMA DAYS “I’M A WHAT!!!!”Donaria screeched. They couldn’t seriously mean she was the Neverseen’s CREATION! And that Keefe was too! No just no. She stormed away and found a hidden place in the flower bushs that had tons of candy and elixirs. She hid there sobbing. Soon Keefe joined her. He hugged her letting her cry on his shoulder. “Want to know something?” he whispered. She nodded too sad to speak. “Even though it may seem like it the Neverseen can’t change you. You are still you after it all.” he breathed. Those words were full of meaning to Donaria. She had just been wondering if they could make her not her, a monster like them obeying their commands. She decided she could face the wrath of Sophie and Fitz. CHAPTER 12 SCHOOL When she got out and walked inside she found them. “ Oh, Hi! I forgot to tell you that your placement test for Foxfire is today.” Fitz and Sophie said in unison. Ugh. They each pulled out a leaping crystal and Fitz pulled her into his light. They arrived in a crystal room with 12 sparkle overloaded elves. One had pointed ears and a grumpy expression. They began asking questions. On the 12th question was when they stopped and said she was a level 5. Next chapter in next book. -Sunset of the Skywings Airkit of Riverclan Donaria

Omg. This is one of my fav 8 books, and the other seven are the other keeper of the lost cities books! Please write book 8.5 and book nine faster!

tehe i’ve done so many reviews. i love this book! i love keefe! i’m silveny: KEEFE! KEEFE! KEEFE! i hate the bad guys (ik their names but if you haven’t read the other books then i won’t say it) i LOVE the name! i also just love kotlc put a 🍭 at the end of your next review if you read this -keefie shipper out👉🏻 p.s. i originally wrote this review but i made a mistake 😂 and i wrote a review for nightfall 😂

Wait-. *me realizing Dex is on the cover* Omg W A T D A- L E T. M E Z. I N N N N!!!!! I WANNA BE IN THE BOOK SO I CAN OUT-PRANK HIMMMMMMM Aight ima go now Snowy-

K I need to breathe. These are for sale: Name: Sind Say Age: 18 Parents: Unknown Adoption: In progress Features: A long face with intense blue eyes, crushes on all the red heads, and has a extra finger on right hand Lover: None (cuz he cheats) Ability: Inflictor Past: Sind was found on the side of the Ever-Glen as a child, and at the time Della and Alden were dealing with a toddler Alvar so they couldn’t take him. Sind has bounced from family to family Josie Lin Age: 13 Parents: Mira and Avi Lin Features: extremely tall with long brown hair and dull blue eyes. Freckles everywhere and pierced ears. Councillor Brontë’s great-great niece Lover: Elver Mash Ability: Mesmer Past: Josie’s mother was Councillor Brontë’s great niece and her father is a famous telepath. Moll Lue Gender: male Age: 13 Parents: none Adoption: in progress Features: short, stocky, looks like The Rock Lover: none Ability: Conjurer Past: Parents died in the hands of The Black Swan ( parents are from the Never-seen.) Zo Miles Age: 11 Parents: Low and High Miles (I’m so sorry 😞 guys.) Features: Attractive. Like Glimmer from the Hunger Games or Taylor Swift Lover: Beni Ben (sorry) Ability: Mesmer Past: been through 76 boyfriends. (They last a day before she dumps them.) Ado Monty Gender: male Age: 12 Parents: Air and Dirt Monty (um guys, so sorry) Features: to short Lover: none Ability: Empath Past: teased If you read this put this in your next comment: 💍

Sokeefe.. Read the series. Especially legacy. Then, finally, (finally!) the Sofitz shippers will stop chasing us Sokeefe shippers with torches and pitchforks!

WHAT THE-. OK THIS BOOK WAS AWESOME AND STRANGE, how does keefe like silveny? And does Sophie like Keefe or Fitz?

THE BEST BOOK. Ok, so, I’m on the 3rd book but this book has to be my fav even though I’m not a team Foster Keefe shipper (Fitphie for life!) I still like this book a lot (Even though Fitz is a jerk in this book.)I think it’s because Keefe has all the cheesey jokes! :) But I RECOMMEND this book ………………….. READ IT! :)

LOVE THIS BOOK SM. I could not stop thinking about this book, I couldn’t put it down!! This series is so exhilarating and you can feel all the character’s emotions. I’m so in love and I can’t wait to read the next installment right now!!

Best series EVER. Keefe, Keefe KEEFE! -Silveny Keep reading and smiling-

OMG lol. Love it!! SoKeefe all the way!

LET MY SHIP SAIL!. I am obsessed with the book, and my ship. I SHIP SOPHITZ BUT SHANNON WON’T MAKE IT HAPPEN😂😅😭I love the moments in between battle and school right before somebody dies or Sophie gets a new ability.PLEASE LET MY SHIP SAIL! WHY IS YOU RUINING IT KEEFE?! I SEE YOU! Thanks for reading my insane rant, here’s some sweets🍦🍫🍭🍩🍪🎂🍰🧁

AMAZING. I love all the keeper books and this was probably one of my top favorites although I was sad that Fitz was mad at Sophie (Imma Fitzphie for life) but I love Silveny but Shannon did AN AMMMAAAAAZZZZZIIIIIINNNNGGGG job on this book Have a great day also sorry if I spoiled some parts of the book

10/10 would recomend!. This is a great book with twist and turns every step of the way. I could not put it down. I dare say it’s better than the first book. So what are you waiting for! Read this series!

Amazing second book. This book was just as good as the first one. I expected nothing less.

Loved it. It was a great book that I read to my kids. It was amazing and I am looking forward to reading the next book.

WOW. I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!i want to be an elf now LOL😂

Ok this is pretty good. Now I like this series and I love to read in general, this book was good don’t get me wrong but at a certain point the will they or won’t they stops working. Sophie has too many love interests and she is at her lowest point (based on the first book) in this book which given the series length seems a bit premature.

Negative People, BACK OFF!!. I read the most negative comments, and I was shocked. This book and all of the other books are amazing!! I’ve been a Harry Potter fan for 5 years, but this tops everything I’ve ever read (even Percy Jackson)!!!

Great but.... It’s amazing but I can’t believe that aldens mind broke ! Ok ok I stop spoiling it for you

Go KOTLC. I read all the books from 1 to 8.5! Pls write book 9 faster! Solvent and Sophie are the best! Go Team Foster Keefe!

Scarlett. I ❤️❤️❤️ this is the best boook Dex is the best!!!.

The best book ever. Keeper of the lost cities #2 was the best ever! Obviously everyone will change their mind on sci fi books! ( at least I think )

Soooooooooo good. One of her better books❤️👌

Best book ever. It is such a interesting book that is near impossible to put down

Best series. Keepers of the lost cities is the best series ever and I don’t like reading but I couldn’t pull away from the books

LOVE IT!!. I love this book! It is my favorite one in the series! But it’s to bad Fitz is such a jerk. But still. I love it! Also what’s the great gluon indecent? Cuz we deserve to know!!! But, overall, this an amazing book! And I love it!

👍🏼. Not very good at doing a full review so just gonna not give any spoilers and say This is a good series, has good characters, would definitely recommend. Also this definitely isn’t just a little guide to the world of this universe, there’s actual story too (and an actual part of the 9th book, which is why this is called 8.5) so I’d definitely recommend reading this

I has a question. If Silveny’s poop is sparkly, does this mean that her poop is just normal poop with sparkles in it or is it rAiNbOw poop w/ sparkles??? Idk I always imagined it as rainbow poop Ok so that was kind of gross Moving on Fitz Avery Vacker = Ritz Savory Cracker Change my mind (joke don’t try to change my mind I will say a polite goodbye and my mind will not be changed) 🍭 Bai! Kirana the Froster

So Good 😊 by: Keeper of the lost cities is da best. Omg this book is so good I like finished it like right away. It was so good and so many risky move in that book and I loved that and I still haven’t thanked my mom enough for introducing the series to me. I would be lost if I hadn’t started reading it. Shannon Messenger if u r reading this I am your biggest supporter so MANIFEST the ability to right your books quicker and right away. And I will recommend this book to people who are looking for adventure and Drama.😇😇😇

Amazing. I love this series and love this book! Sokeefe forever!!!

Hands down best one yet!!. So I’m on the third book but this book was THE BEST so far. It had a lot more action and more emotion then the first one did. I lo key was kinda mad tho that Fitz had to be a jerk throughout the book ( I was a Sofitz shipper for the last book but he pushed it a little far on this one so I’m like on the fence between Fitz and Keefe ) but it was by far the best yet and am definitely excited to read the next book to see what happens next!! ( You should definitely consider making a movie I would lo key watch it )

BEST BOOK YET!!!. IT WAS AMAZING I love silveny she is so amazing and I love how much Sophie and Keefe bond in this book team foster-Keefe!! Best book so far!!

Favorite book in the series 💕💞💓. This was my favorite book! Soooooo much happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so glad Sophie and Keefe become better friends in this book!

SOOO GOOD!. OMGOODNESS! This made me realize that I have the BIGGEST CRUSH ON KEEFE!!!! But Sophie needs him more. And Sophie’s soooo oblivious! Keefe drops little hints that he’s IN LOVE WITH HER EVERY SINGLE FREAKING TIME HE SEES HER!!! Ok… calm down, em. It’s alright. Sokeefe will happen. Enough of that. Now for the actual review: What an AMAZING sequel to the first KOTLC book! It had me on the edge of my seat the entire time! I LOVE Silvany! One more important thing, KEEFE IS THE BEST!!!!!

WOW. I really, really liked this book. The mystery and restlessness of the book makes you want to know what happens next, like a suspense movie. Overall I really enjoyed this book and hope to finish the series soon! Also what's with all those Fitzphie and Soefe? Like they're about two years older than her. That's illegal my dude. Dephie makes more sense.

I don’t know if this is possible. Could I possibly get a refund I thought this was a audio book and found out it was a regular book.

GO TEAM KEEFE!!!!. Team Keefe! Team Keefe! Team Keefe! Ok fine, I’ll get on with the review. (But team Keefe is still the best!) In this gripping story, Sophie finds an alicorn—a winged unicorn. Sophie learns that this is the first female alicorn the lost cities has seen in thousands of years. The animals are going extinct, and if they can mate Silveny, as they come to name her, with their male alicorn, they could repopulate them species. But first, they have to tame her. Sophie learns that she can communicate telepathically with Silveny, which hopefully will help her to calm down and trust other elves. However, Sophie has a lot to do—and her new discovery will not make things easier: Sophie is vulnerable. She must fix her impenetrable mind...if she wants to save someone close to her. But with time running out, she’ll have to get Silveny to trust others...especially with her kidnappers right behind her. Read this book! (But if you haven’t read the first book, read that one first.) The books go in this order: Keeper of the lost Cities, Exile, Everblaze, Neverseen, Lodestar, Nightfall, Flashback, Legacy, Unlocked 8.5, and the 9th book, entitled Stellarlune, will be out on 11/8/22.

Hi. I feel like you are hinting that Fits and Sophie well be the ending relationship. Keef is awesome but I just don’t like the idea that they would be together. All of theses guys need to get a grip. I’m starting to think that Sophie might be better off alone. By the way except storytelling. Bianna just is the best.

Amazing. I absolutely adore this series it’s amazing I love the plot twists and can’t say enough how much this has changed my life I have successfully gotten one of my friends addicted to this series as well so it’s definitely worth checking out

Loved it SOO much. Ok so I loved this book. Team Keefe forever!! Sorry fitz people, got to admit though fitz was a bit of a jerk in this book (so sorry if you haven’t read the book yet and you just read that!) overall I most definitely recommend this book. I’ve recommended it to all my friends and family and they all loved it. It is definitely worth reading and I guarantee you will fall in love with it as I did.

Hate it (it’s Opposite Day!😂). Worst book EVER!! I do NOT recommend this book. At all.(ya know I’m just joking, right?) So NEVER read this book. Cause it’s the WORST book in the world.(😜😏😜😏) So yeah. Highly DON’T recommend this book(😂🤪😉) (JK!)

Love x infinity. This book is definitely another outstanding novelty by female author Shannon Messenger, and shall be loved 🥰 in years to come. Although, this book was not as good as the first…🤨😕😐😐😐😴😴😐😐😀😀😀😀💕💕💕

Halfway through. Halfway through thoughts: okay really good. I don’t want Alden to be let go. And Fitz better stop acting like and idiot, he will regret it later on. Sophie right now is doing okay. As a Foster-Keefe shipper more Keefe plzzzz. Other than that perfect so far. What can I say? Shannon is amazing. Peace, bookworm.

I READ THIS 3 YEARS AGO BUT WHATEVER. SO I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I AM WRITING A REVIEW FOR THIS AWESOME BOOK THAT I READ 3 YEARS AGO BUT EH. Sokeefe better happen. This is THE BEST. Before bed I dream that I find a way into the world and all my ships… HAPPEN AND ALSO. FITZ VACKER IS A RITZ CRACKER. Seriously. Keefe and sophie are great for each other.

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Summary of Exile by Shannon Messenger

The Exile book written by Shannon Messenger was published on 01 October 2013, Tuesday in the Fantasy category. A total of 778 readers of the book gave the book 5 points out of 5.

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