Ten Interesting Things About Human BehaviorSuzanne L. Davis

Ten Interesting Things About Human Behavior

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Ten Interesting Things About Human Behavior by Suzanne L. Davis Book Summary

Ten Interesting Things About Human Behavior is a short, lighthearted look at 10 things human beings do, why we do them, and their significance in our everyday lives. What should we make of the talking heads on cable TV who argue about the cause of TV violence on children's behavior - whose explanation is correct? Why are reality TV shows, some of which portray contestants as pathetic and dysfunctional, so popular?

Questions like these usually provoke different answers from different people, each of whom may attribute his or her answers to "common sense." One person argues that "of course children mimic violence they see on TV - my kids do" while another attributes it to "poor parenting - because my kids don't." Which is it, and why?

Research psychologists try to answer these questions as best we can. This book is a brief look at the answers to 10 aspects of human behavior - answers derived from controlled behavioral research that is designed to test various theories about behavior. Certainly, there is more to human behavior than the 10 things I chose for this short book. And there are hundreds of primary sources and research reports that describe the research findings in more depth. They're out there if you'd like to read more.

But for those who are new to the field of Experimental Psychology, 10 Things may pique your interest in learning more about the subject. And for those "armchair psychologists" out there who'd like a quick read about the most fascinating creatures on the planet - human beings - I think you'll like it, too.

Ten Interesting Things About Human Behavior (Suzanne L. Davis) Book Reviews

Kinda basicDoesn't really go beyond psych 101 and is more based on observation than theory it seems. Authors usually right but was a little boring due to the lack of depth into topics..Score: 3/5

Woman Scorned??I enjoyed the book but the clearly angry undertones could have been left out. It was distracting from what she was actually writing about..Score: 3/5

Great bookThanks finally realizing the things that went wrong was that assuming what others thought..Score: 5/5

StupidI gave it one star because I couldn't give it zero. More aptly called All the Things I Want to Complain About When Flying - get over it..Score: 1/5

Ten Interesting Things About Human BehaviorI enjoyed the examples in short story form, in the way the human mind responds to life issues. It was interesting and thought provoking! I would enjoy the opportunity to read other books you have written. Please continue your writings!.Score: 5/5

Simple yet powerfulI find this book really insightful especially approaching the subject in a simplistic manner through use of day to day life examples. Nice work!.Score: 4/5

10 thingdReally good..Score: 5/5

Good quick readVery interesting, simply put, and easy to understand. I'd love to see more similar work from the author..Score: 4/5

Fascinating!Loved this quick snapshot of human behavior!.Score: 5/5

Suzanne is an amazing observerI did not know the many of the things about behavior before reading this book. Now I am completely fascinated with the observations of daily human interactions that happen daily!.Score: 5/5

Didn't wow me...Common knowledge facts, no real insight, no extraordinary humor. Sadly disappointed..Score: 1/5

Good readBasics or common knowledge for a "natural born" psychologist at heart. Leaves you with interesting sights an avg "joe" may pass..Score: 3/5

InterestingInteresting fast read.Score: 4/5

Save yourself the trouble..Not a good read by any means.Score: 1/5

Good book!Short, simple, and interesting read.Score: 4/5

Just wow….I found this book quite interesting, I got an insight on what is to come for my schooling. It touched good points but I think by far my favorite thing about this book was the chapter that talked about what happens when we sleep. Thank you for publishing this!!!!!!! PLEASE DO MORE.Score: 5/5

GreatFun and quick to read. Very interesting information that can be backed up..Score: 5/5

10 interesting things !!!Absolutely loved it !! Found it all very very interesting !!!.Score: 5/5

GreatThis book is full of interesting facts, I read 5min everyday and was able to finish it pretty fast. Great content.Score: 5/5

InformativeThis book was fascinating and very interesting. It really makes you think about everyday life..Score: 5/5

Not too shabbyThe book isnt that long but it kept my interest. I reccomend it. The “things" where interesting and well enough explained in the shortness of the book..Score: 4/5

Do not eat too much sugarNow I do understand why I get mad and my mood get low while I eat sugar shush as ice cream ,candies and other .i am happy and I enjoyed this book every moment of it because this book thought me more than one things thanks for the author for writing this book. I recommend this book to my friends. Most of my friends and my family have a problem by not controlling their behavior .. Hope while they read this book they will understand and will know how to control their behavior ecspesially my dad if he gats mad that it you cannot stop him.Score: 5/5

Loved it.A must-read for everyone! I just wish it was more detailed. Really interesting stuff here..Score: 5/5

Makes you see ClearlyWhat can I say I Really enjoyed this e-book. It’s truly fascinating to understand more about the psychology of people. At the end of the day I think it helps us all be better for understanding more about ourselves through psychology..Score: 5/5

Loved it!Very stimulating read. Definitely worth the read..Score: 5/5

Enjoyed itI enjoyed it!.Score: 5/5

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Interesting indeedBut very short. Well written though. The author has a nice chatty style of writing that really makes you think she talks just the way she writes :) a pleasant read over all..Score: 3/5

WowI was so amazed by this book. I'm very interested in human behavior and this book purfect for that interest. But... I would like to know the diferent theoreys for sleep. I wonder what dreams i've forgoten. Also i.... I was gona argue with something in the book.... I then i relized it was very elogical. Ok, i got to go think this over. 1 hour later. OK got it. Couldn't it be posible, with alot of reserch and practise, to read someones body languge? If not i have a come back for every time my teachers say "i can tell by your body languge what your thinking blahbalhbalh." and i also know now why people bullie, or at least, have a better explanation for it. I wonder... Thats how people sleep with there eyes open! Itall makes sence now! Lets see if i can explain this... So if people were to go into sleep peralises well there eyes are open they would be able to see well sleeping! Er at least it makes sence to me. :) oh ya, please make another book and sorry for the spelling erors..Score: 5/5

WonderfulI love the way she writes, it makes me feel like I am there living it in real live,,.Score: 5/5

Amazing readI am amazed that they're not charging for this book. Truly insightful, easy to read and hard to put down. I finished in 2 days during my commute from and to school..Score: 5/5

Waste of time!!!!!Dont buy.Score: 1/5

Great bookThis is a fascinating and amusing book, a must have read it trust me its GREAT! Its free so just get it read the first chapter if u don't like it delete. But i wont.Score: 5/5

Outdated.Be careful, this book uses Data that has since been proven otherwise. Certainly, there are other books..Score: 1/5

BccCvv.Score: 4/5

FantasticTo the point in explaining the human condition. I think I will read this every day for a month and look forward to see my thoughts become my words and my words become action..Score: 5/5

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This book deliversThose ten things were indeed interesting..Score: 5/5

FascinatingWow a lot of this stuff I've learnt through trial and error. Great reinforcement. Thanks..Score: 5/5

10 interesting things about the human bodyGreat book. Quite informative and very easy to understand. Definitely needs a sequel..Score: 5/5

EnjoyableAn easy and enjoyable read. Would definitely like to see a sequel... And in fact a whole series that shares the knowledge of human behavior from the professional's perspective to the common public in this easy to understand format..Score: 5/5

Great Read, short and interestingRead it during breakfast. Insightful..Score: 5/5

Enjoyable, interesting and accessible.Would love a sequel!!.Score: 4/5

Good fun readVery interesting and easy to relate to personal experience.Score: 4/5

Great!This book was very interesting and easy to understand given the examples. I hope there will be more books like this! ;).Score: 5/5

10 Things I Thought I Knew!This is a very interesting book, and while it is rather short, the assertions are clearly explained and to the point. I really enjoy the self improvement genera, and this book is simple but enjoyable. Read it while riding the bus to work!.Score: 4/5

Great readVery interesting, a sequel to this is necessary in my opinion. :).Score: 5/5

EducationalThis free book was an enjoyable read I'll be sure to contact the author on some questions and hopefully to encourage a sequel....Thanks!.Score: 5/5

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Was expecting wowFar too simple, but for a quick read whilst your on a short bus journey go for it..Score: 2/5

This books guides you through your mind about your behaviourGood presentation about behavioural aspects of human brain..Score: 5/5

HhhmmmmmI am actually glad this ok was free. The synopsis led me to believe this book was going to be more interesting than it turned out to be.Score: 1/5

Loved itWorth a read couldn't put it down. Found it very interesting :-).Score: 5/5

Short and simple!It's short and sweet, makes it understand easily..Score: 3/5

Dont botherDidnt find it useful or interesting.Score: 2/5

Definitely recommend this oneFor a person completely inexperienced in the world of psychology, it's a perfect book to understand the subject and well to get started really! Its short, yet insightful... And well structured really. I've learnt a few cool things about human behaviour and why we do the things we do, however, there is much more to learn and ill be looking forward to the next one!.Score: 5/5

MrAn interesting read, 'Ten interesting things about human behaviour' has challenged my long held beliefs on human behaviour and body language reading. It has opened my mind to infinite possibilities about how complex the human mind can be..Score: 5/5

Well worth itWhat a great book! I have always been interested in sychology such as this and i found this book very enjoyable..Score: 5/5

10 things bout human behaviorIm soo loving this book. It certainly apply to real life experiences. Thumbs up Suzanne.Score: 5/5

Cleverly writtenFantastic job of being informative yet witty. A good way of showing human behaviour in real life situations..Score: 5/5

Easy to read, address most common questions!factsAs I said a well written book which addresses the most common facts and questions in an easy and enjoyable way to read..Score: 5/5

Ten Interesting things about human behaviourAn interesting albeit short insight into human behaviour kept largely in simple terms. Potentially a great stepping stone for those interested in expanding their knowledge of psychology..Score: 4/5

Very good!A nice introduction to psychology with some interesting ideas- I particularly liked the section on airplane passenger behaviour! Would be interested to read more by the author....Score: 5/5

InterestingVery interesting to see more of an analytical approach to human behaviours but I did want to see a little more application to using it in the real world. Although enjoyed it!.Score: 4/5

Ten interesting things about human behaviorInteresting and informative. Gives food for thought.Score: 4/5

10 ways humans behaveIntriguing and thought-provoking. Enjoyed..Score: 3/5

Really interesting book.I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I am thirteen, and although I know I will probably have to read books with all the old fashioned complex language, unlike another book I started reading, I found this one easier to follow. I will definitely read another of her books 👍..Score: 5/5

InterestingIt wasn't the best of books but still it was ok.Score: 4/5

Okay readThe book is not bad, some of the chapters I found interesting, others are a bit obvious. Overall okay..Score: 3/5

Ten Interesting Things about Human BehaviorExcellent easy read book - thank you so much!.Score: 5/5

Really interesting!I really enjoyed reading your book. As somebody very interested in human behaviour, you have both reassured me and answered some questions that have puzzled me for years. Thank you..Score: 5/5

GoodA Good Free Book on the Basics of Human Thought. Always good to learn someone else's thoughts & views..Score: 5/5

Ten interesting things about human behaviourI found this book informative and reassuring,it helps you understand human behaviour without bombarding you..Score: 3/5

Ok if you've got 10 minutes to killNot hugely insightful (or all that interesting either for that matter) but well written and does provide lots of further reading material if psych floats your boat : ).Score: 2/5

Worth a read!Read the book in one go, couldn't put it down. Interesting yet simple explanations of human behaviour that at times made me chuckle out loud..Score: 5/5

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