The Fault in Our Stars Book Reviews

John Green

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green Book Summary

The beloved, #1 global bestseller by John Green, author of The Anthropocene Reviewed and Turtles All the Way Down

“John Green is one of the best writers alive.” –E. Lockhart, #1 bestselling author of We Were Liars

“The greatest romance story of this decade.″ –Entertainment Weekly

#1 New York Times Bestseller • #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller • #1 USA Today Bestseller • #1 International Bestseller

Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel’s story is about to be completely rewritten.

From John Green, #1 bestselling author of The Anthropocene Reviewed and Turtles All the Way Down, The Fault in Our Stars is insightful, bold, irreverent, and raw. It brilliantly explores the funny, thrilling, and tragic business of being alive and in love.

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Book Name The Fault in Our Stars
Genre Romance
Language English
E-Book Size 7.53 MB

The Fault in Our Stars (John Green) Book Reviews 2024

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<3. a book i could read over and over. thank you john green for such a beautiful story.

Incredible. My first venture back into reading, and I must say, I’m speechless. Never have I ever had such an emotional reaction from a novel, and yet I had tears streaming down my face for the last 10 chapters. Incredible read, I’d buy it a thousand times over.

wow. I usually dont get attached to books so easily but i decided to read this because it was a book i had been recommended and i went into it not knowing what it was about at all and it is a book i know i can read over and over again.

It’s soo funny. I’ve never heard someone say douchiest douch

So much in the context. Loved!. In full disclosure, initially I felt my gushing, 10 star (if they had that option) review for this book is skewed. I, like so many, have experience young love and faced the gut punching, manic ups and downs, bawling induced head/throat/chest ache evils of cancer touching and taking those I love, (queue the cliché) too soon. Feelings that I have (evidently buried) deep in my being oozed out before I even got to chapter 2. Feelings I thought I had healed. This storyline is not new. It uses the concept of scars (mental or physical) and the cruel, relentless reality of cancer. However, this authors creates a beautiful, complex, emotional and (at times over my head, which caused me to figure it out) intelligent story through incredible dialogue. These characters depict and capture the many perspectives (old and young) that are touched (and by touched I mean kicked, slapped, KO’d) by cancer. I know I can’t remove my biases, but do believe this would ring true for any reader as they get to know the cast. My personal scars were uncovered while I devoured this story. My connection made this an incredible read. I have found that without connection it’s hard to truly engage and love anything. This book made me see that the scars I have gained throughout my life are sometimes tender to the touch, hide pain deep within and numbness. Sidebar: I’m not a doctor, but when I asked, why I have no feelings in some areas around a scar I was told that nerve damage is often unavoidable, a side effect. And back to the review: This leads me to another reason I loved this story. The author share the characters’ perspective of ‘side effects’. Many I haven’t thought of similarly or seen in any of that annoying small print as I meandered through life. Back to numbnesses: It is so true on so many levels (which my therapist has also helped me learn) and this book reminds us all of how that feels. Now, back to the scars and personal connection. There is still that the deep ache that happens sometimes. It is below the gnarled skin that we tried so hard and put back together. Trying to make it look just as it did before, knowing or at least realizing that we should know and it’s okay that it will never be the same. Clearly you see I loved every second of this book. Even though the tsunami of tears and emotions. The characters are incredible and while my pragmatic brain knows that is a prerequisite or ticket for admission when writing a book (or a book that will be enjoyed), these characters where built so effortlessly. This book allowed me to explore that while my scars, both physically and mentally have faded, they are still holding in pain of what I lost. I am forever changed. This book allowed me to remember all the emotions I had, have and will have are what I need. Even those that may seem selfish, or frivolous, it’s all a part of it. The longer we are here, the more we have.

Beautiful Book. When Hazel first met Augustus, I thought that the book was going to end with her dying. After Augustus revealed that he had gotten diagnosed with cancer again, I was taken aback. I kept believing that he would be fine, and it would be nothing big, until he got worse. When he passed away, I was still in shock from when he was diagnosed. Great book, love the characters and plot. I would pay good money to be able to read it again the first time.

The Greatest love story of all time.. Although the book may be cheesy it gave me the one thing that matters most. hope. Agustus and Hazel gave life a new meaning and this book gave me a leeway to fall in love with reading again. to john green i am thankful for this masterpiece.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. This was a great book, I’m usually into more si-fi and Fantasy novels but I was surprised at how much I liked-it. I read it in one day. I think everyone should read this book, it gives a different perspective on life.

Love it!!!!!!. I was crying and was mad at the end but it shows how good of a writer he is!

I cried tears of sadness, and hate. I hated the ending, but I liked the book. It was okay, but I still can’t cried. If you like twists and turns, but sad books, read this.

Such a beautiful book. It’s well written it’s honestly one of my favorite books I’ve ever read.

❤️. After someone very close to me had passed with cancer so it was hard to enjoy. But after what I had went through it was worth it and I became close with the characters.

Whoa. I loved this book. So many emotions at once, sadness, happiness, love, heartbreak, and a lot more! I would recommend this to all my friends, it’s a really good book! I’m sure all of you guys enjoyed the book, have a nice day!

Amazing. Best book ever

This is my favorite book. Because it does everything right.. I really love this book. I’ve never read a book like it. It’s beautiful and it’s funny and it’s terrifying and it’s gut-wrenching. I remember how it felt to be young and absolutely in love when nothing else made sense and this book captures that so eloquently and so freely. The only thing more frightening to me than youth, itself, is terminal youth. Youth only made sense to me and became something of value when I put a few years between me and it.

Incredible!. I highly recommend the book and movie. Warning it is a tear-jerker! I read this in a single day, enjoy!

Great. This book was so heart breaking! I could not put it down. It was very real.

The Golden Book on my Shelf. Love it!!! A beautiful and touching story of love. I going to recommend this book to my friends and family ❤️

The best book I've ever read. This romance novel is very captivating and moving. I’ve read this book way more than I could count.

honestly timeless. the amount of times i have read this book since it came out is probably an unhealthy amount. every-time i reread it, it still pulls at my heart every time despite knowing the end. such a beautiful story between two teens. 🤍

Very, very, very, very, VERY GOOD!!!!. This book was so precious and amazing. Not gonna lie I cried a bit but the lesson in this story was very thoughtful and meaningful. My favorite book by far. ☺️

Ehhhh. ⚠️(Includes Spoilers)⚠️ I never was attached to the characters frankly the protagonist was dry boring and way to pesticide at 16. Augustus Waters fell instantly in love ???? Anyway I never felt sad that he died because well they were kinda spoiled brats. When they were flown all the way out to Amsterdam they were enjoying privilege at were mad that her favorite authors didn’t like her and was mad that she spent his money at an expenses restaurant! There wants any character development and they were really just boring. Don’t get me started with how incredibly average Hazel is, she reads poetry but doesn’t write it and that supposed to be so unique. Augustus had a personality but it was still creepy how he just invites him to her house.

Beautifly written. I love to buy books here so i can have a copy to highlight and not get ruined. In this book there was almost always something that captured my attention that was worth noting. I loved the romance, the whole book was so heart wrenching it really gives beauty.

Amazing. I love this book it is absolutely beautiful. John green makes amazing characters in all of his books I love that hazel and Gus fall In love because of a book.

amazing book. usually i cant even get halfway done with a book, let alone cry while reading it. the story is so amazing and interesting. good for people who dont like reading

ONE OF THE BEST BOOK IVE EVER READ💕. i literally hate reading and when i began this book i thought it would be boring af, but it gets really interesting and sad towards the end. 10000/10 would recommend😽😽

would recommend to any young adult reader. this book is not your average cancer story. it shows the struggle of cancer and all else that comes with it. these two teenagers, Hazel and Augustus, learn to love and live life to the fullest, until it’s all over.

Loved this book!. Would totally recommend to anyone!

If you like heartbreaking romance. The fault in our stars in one the best books I’ve ever read. There’s heartbreak, sadness, joy, hatred it’s just one of those books that you can read 5 times and never get rid of 😊

-. Always a favorite to go back an read!

Movie. I watched the movie and it was the saddest thing ever I cried for hours

The first work of fiction to make me cry in 13 years. My dad loves a good cry. He’ll watch the same Lifetime or Hallmark movies, over and over, letting waves of emotion lap over him, welcoming the tide. I am not my father, but The Joy Luck Club and Marley and me overcame my usual detachment. Now, The Fault in Our Stars has joined my little pantheon. Not because my daughter, now cured, had Hodgkins Lymphoma, but because of the searingly beautiful prose and hauntingly compelling characters that John Green has summoned from the aether. My life is better from having read this book. Yours will be, too, if you haven’t yet had the intense pleasure and pain of having done so.

Views.. A beautiful novel to read This book changed the way I see things. I had completely balled my eyes by the end of this book.

Heartwarming yet shattering. This book is a great read. It tells about what true love is like and how fragile life can be. Love what you’ve got while you’ve got it.

Cute. It was cute

I loved it. I sobbed

Best Book EVER!!!. My most fav book ever 🥺

Boring. Was forced to read it for school and then watch a movie as many kids couldn’t read or struggled with reading. Characters feel 2 dimensional and flat.

Good. Loved this book!

Heartbreakingly beautiful. All I can say is wow.

I loved it. This was a really good book. I loved the way it was written and loved the way it talked about different types of cancer. I did cry when Gus died but who didn’t?

no dog in hte book. good book. only bad thing is no dog. there should dog in every bok.

Amazing. This book lingered with me, a book I'll forever recommend.

Best Book I’ve Ever Read. I was halfway through the book and I said to myself, This is the best book I have ever read in my entire life. Mr. Green did a fabulous job on this book. I really began to feel what the characters were feeling. It was super entertaining and overall amazing

meh.. meh. I picked it up because it’s a somewhat popular book and multiple friends of mine recommended it but my experience was quite different from others. I went straight into reading it and now I wish that I had looked more into the book. It’s not a very pleasurable read and I really didn’t enjoy reading it. I really wanted to enjoy it like countless others have but I found myself struggling to finish it because of how boring it was. Most of the book is mostly filler and the plot absolutely bored me to death. I get the whole “tragic romance” but honestly these two were doomed from the start. Since I never really felt the chemistry between them I felt that the main character death wasn’t that sad. (I mean of course that may just be me being the absolutely dead inside human being that I am but whatever it’s my opinion). After the main character death of the book it was as though the book just kept going on and on and on, and it seemed like it would never end. Like good gosh the character dies and it’s just an absolutely train wreck of a downward spiral from there. Honestly not my most favorite book in the world but I do think that the cover design is pretty good and I found that the book is very poetic. I personally didn’t love it but that doesn’t mean that others shouldn’t read it.

Kids with Cancer. Depressing story but good character development. Hard to love.

Beautiful Book!. The Fault in Our Stars was a great book to read, I would recommend to people who enjoy both sad and funny books. Right now, this is my favorite book, and I would re-read it any time. Hazel and Gus both have great personalities and I love how they communicate.

The fault In our stars. Honestly this book sent me into a lot of emotions at once. This will forever be my favorite book

Great!!!!. Best book ever. I would put this as rated 12+ it has sexual content and a little bit of bad language not necessarily bad word but things you wouldn’t want your kids saying so I would have maybe a talk about want not to do that they just read about. But great book and if you liked this one I recommend FIVE FEET APART

Beautiful. I read this book at age 11, loved it, and have read it 8 times and counting 😂 I love this book for so many reasons. One, it doesn’t have the sappy romance where everything goes right, everyone’s healthy, blah blah blah. It gave me a new way to look at life and appreciate everything it has to offer. Two, it’s relatable. I’m 12 now, yet I understand what Hazel is going through, and how ironic and funny it is at times, or how inspiring, or heartbreaking it is. A re tear-jerker, be warned. Such a great book ❤️

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WHAT A BOOK!!!. This is one of the most amazing books I have ever read. Is just simply amazing! I recommend it to anyone who likes a romantic story with an amazing twist. Beautiful.

Very touching. Brought me to tears

The Fault In Our Stars. So beautiful! This book was so amazing… i personally thought it was going to be too sad for me but the romance brings a lighter tone into the story. Still the saddest book i have read… ever but honestly one of the best 😊 Defiantly read this book!! I couldn't put it down!!

The Fault In Our Stars. Amazing story! Loved this book and movie! Timeless...

Tfios changed my perspective. I've never really liked reading, it was one of the most dreadful things in school. Your book tfios has opened up my eyes to reading and has inspired me to become an everyday reader.

it made my friend cry. So we're in gym class right now and she's reading and she just randomly started bawling. She rates it 5 stars

Simply amazing. This book was so well written but in such a simple way. It allows you to connect with the characters and just leaves you breathless.

BEST BOOK EVER. I LOVE THIS BOOK it is so sad and awesome I love it

Best book I've ever read. John green is an amazing writer, I have never been the person who loved to read but this book gave me a reason to love reading. I didn't know it was possible for some one to love laugh and cry at the same time in a book. Amazing read everyone should read the book

Loves it, absolutely loved it.. This book was truly amazing, it was the perfect medley of comedy, romance, and tragedy. As you follow Hazel's journey through love and loss you can't help but become entangled into the emotions in which Green was portraying through his characters. This is a brilliantly written book! I would recommend it to just about any type of audience!

Sad. Best book ever!! 😭😭

Obviously...!. Obviously this is one of the most amazing YA books ever! Just read all these other 5-star reviews they say it all! Scroll up and down and let your eyes be overwhelmed by the number of stars you see!

great googly moogly. this book was excellent. perfectly written. love the characters!

The Fault in our Stars. For such a heavy topic, this author handles it beautifully. Through the sarcastic wit, laughter, and despair of Augustus, the honesty and straightforward questions of Hazel Grace, and finally the train wreck that is Van Houten, so many emotions are challenged, addressed, or outright dismissed. When all else is stripped away you must decide which way to proceed with your life. Are you an Isaac, gone blind forcibly from a disease that destroyed all hope? Are you a Van Houten, slowly but surely destroying yourself, not able to deal with the reality of the destruction? Or are you a Hazel and Augustus, just trying to do the best you can, and celebrating love in the process?

The Fault in FIVE STARS!!. I love this novel, and it's so deep and it truly touched me. I also enjoyed the book, "Paper Towns", by John Green. I wish to see more novels such as this one.❤️

Lovely. I initially avoided this book because I thought it would be too sad, however, I ended up loving it instead. A very lovely little story.

BEST BOOK EVER. Like the title says this book is amazing it really warmed my heart, and actually it's the best book I've ever read!

OMG. So amazing and happy to start then ends SO sad!!!!!!!!! :( :,(

Amazing.. This book it's truly amazing. I raised my hopes far too high with everyone's reviews and recommendations to build up to I don't even know what but it was still excellent. Great read.

John Green. Best book I've ever read, its a sad atory for sure but its so good! I can't stop reading it.

My own AIA. This book is both the best and worst thing that has ever happened to me. I may or may not have read it five times.

John green. I absolutely loved this book 10/10

The fault in our stars. Very captivating. I could not put the book down

Touched my heart. I love reading and I read a lot of books but the fault in our stars is a type of book I never read before truly touched my heart my fav book unique and simply beautiful

Fault in our stars. Terrible

Dissapointed. For a start, i know this book has alot of fans and 5 stars😊. In advance we have freedom to make our own critiques, so people be open minded. For me this book, is lacking of teenage touch, its suppose to be a teenage novel. Its about two teenage characters stucked into 60 above yrs old bodies and minds. I mean this book is pure of overly metaphoric literature, who teenagers these days will speak in contemporary conversation? Yes this book is very deep to the point it looses its excitement of reading. Im a fan of John Green but this book not the one this time.

Must Read. I highly recommend this book!

Amazing. Read it!

I loooooove this book!. I cried when I was reading the last two paragraphs. I do, Augustus. I do. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

This book is too good for this world. Wow. This book is a super sweet romance with a touch of sad and mad bits to it, but this is truly my favourite book and everyone should read it. This book made me cry of both happiness, and sadness, and I don't usually cry. This book is really amazing. Thank you John Green. Thank you.

AMAZING. I love this book so much!!!! It's one of my favourites for sure!!! I Recommend it to anyone!!! I just couldn't put it down!!!!

Great book That I would always remember!. Great book That I would always remember! I learned a lot of things. Great work! 👍

Boo. Worst book ever

Speechless. Just read ir

The fault in our stars. This book was amazing but I couldn't believe it was done so quick.i never actually realized that reading was so much fun. This book helped me realize that. Some of my family members died of cancer, I will always remember them because of this book. I hope that everyone will read this book and I wish John Green the best.😀

My thoughts. A beautiful but sad love story

Love it. I'm not finished but I love!

Amazing. This book was really well written but it made my cry.

THIS IS A AMAZING BOOK!!!!!IT MADE Me CRY. This book is about suffering teens with cancer that have a amazing love story. This brings out the truth in real life with a few touches of fiction. John isn't sugar coding any part. His words and characters are so inspiring. Well done John green.Well done.

I want it in french:(((. all language but not in french???

Thank you Mr. Green. This wonderful novel is said to be a YA novel. I do not agree with this classification. It is 15-100 novel, it is for every reader who enjoys superb writing and is loving life so much that all its offerings are precious, sickness and death included. I am 72 and a cancer survivor.

Amazing. Sad but amazing. It made us think hazel was gonna die, then Gus just went of and died. I love this book.

Still loving it.. I love the wit and character hazel and Gus have. It's still one of the most popular books out there, and it should stay that way for a while

What an Awesome and heart changing book.. This was the most beautiful book that I have ever read. I deffinetly Have to read more of John Green's books. I would recomend this book to everyone and anyone

The Fault In Our Stars. Life is short so make the most of it, but do not be dumb and foolish because you know it will eventually end.

Gus & Hazel. It was nice to meet you both

a lovely book - but. fiction just doesnt get to me . i couldnt get deep enough into the characters to feel what they felt

Must read. I love this book you have to read it. Read it saw the movie they are both fantastic.

Best book on Earth!!. John Greene is an amazing writer and this boom proves it. This book makes you cry and if u don't ur not human.

Amazing Book. This was an amazing experience reading The Fault in our Stars. John Green weaves a spellbinding tale of kindness,sticking together, love and dying. Although many consider this in the genre of Teen Romance, which it partially is, I won't deny that. But the Fault in our Stars is so much more than romance, it is about life, and how great losses can impact people so much. And they can create an infinite legacy. I recommend this book to anyone who feels that they want a taste of the world.

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Summary of The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

The The Fault in Our Stars book written by John Green was published on 10 January 2012, Tuesday in the Romance category. A total of 35,122 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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