The Roku App (Official) Book Reviews


The Roku App (Official) by ROKU INC Book Summary

Get to know the must-have app for streamers Use the free Roku® mobile app to: • Control your Roku devices with a convenient remote • Use your voice or keyboard to quickly search for entertainment • Enjoy private listening with headphones • Stream free movies, live TV, and more on the go with The Roku Channel • Cast media files from your phone, like videos and photos, to your TV • Add and launch channels on your Roku devices • Enter text on your Roku device easier with your mobile keyboard You must connect your phone or tablet to the same wireless network as your Roku device to use certain features of the mobile app. Some features require a compatible Roku device and may require logging into your Roku account. Feature availability: • Voice search is available in English in the US, UK, and Canada. It’s also available in Spanish in Mexico and the US. • The Roku Channel can be viewed in the mobile app in the US only. • Some channels require payment, can change, and vary by country. For more information, go to Privacy Policy: CA Privacy Notice:

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Book Name The Roku App (Official)
Genre Entertainment
Language English
E-Book Size 93.7 MB

The Roku App (Official) (ROKU INC) Book Reviews 2023

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Headphone users beware. The “listen with headphones” button is extremely inconsistent. Random disconnects resuming volume output on the TV(having absolutely nothing to do with my otherwise perfectly working headphones or my great wireless internet connection) ruins this app for me. Nothing worse than hanging out watching YouTube while your partner who works 3rd shift is sleeping in the next room and the app seemingly randomly disconnects resuming the previously set loud volume on the TV waking them up ruining their sleep schedule. Fix your unoptimized app please.

good app but can be frustrating. i love the app it’s very convenient especially when you’re always losing the remote but- almost everyday at some point no matter how hard i try my phone just won’t connect to my roku tv. even when both are connected to the wi-fi it just won’t work even when i try to use my boyfriends phone ?

Crashes. No matter how many times I try to update this app. Everytime I hit the earphone setting it keeps kicking me off the app. It worked perfectly fine but with in the past months it just does not work. The app is handy when the remote gets lost but the headphone option was the main reason I downloaded this app. Hope they get this corrected soon

Doesn’t work with iPhone 14. When I upgraded my phone to iPhone 14 pro max, the privet listening feature would crash the app every time you tried it. Then, when I did all the things tech support recommended (making sure the app is updated, uninstalling and reinstalling, even unplugging my router and all that jazz) the app no longer even finds either of my Roku tvs. I have the most up to date version of the app at this point (9.0). I can use my old iPhone 11 without any issues. This is clearly an issue with the app not working with iPhone 14, and I’ve seen that comment a lot online and in recent Roku reviews. Please fix this Roku!!

Update was pointless. The connectivity issue is driving me insane at this point. Stop updating it if you’re just gonna keep making it worse.

cool. even though i only use the remote and the connect earphone thing, this app is awesome. there are a few problems with the connect earphones i hope you can fix though. every once in a while the app will just restart for no reason so i have to unlock my phone, go to connect remote and connect my earphones again. also the audio just cuts off sometimes for about 5 seconds. and lastly there’s a little bug in the audio when watching videos and it’s like a stutter. PLEASE be cool and fix this :)

Updated broken. Last update made all three of my TV'S (TLC'S) unable to connect.

Burns through 50% battery in under 1 hour. When are you gonna solve the issue where having the app on screen causes it to burn through over 50% of the battery in less than 1 hour and causes the iPhone to get Very hot. This is the only app that causes this issue on my iPhone iPhone 14 Pro Max iOS 16.3.1

Please keep the updates coming :) !. It was great! then some of the updates messed it up. Its getting fixed again, please keep them coming. I have a Hisense TV and it doesnt turn it on immediately and sometimes it doesnt work at all.

May need another update. Since newest update the only way the app will connect to my device is manually. I’ve tired everything. Unplugged router and internet connection, unplugged Roku, deleted app and reinstalled, etc.. nothing is fixing the problem.

Updates are FAILING - Lost all previously known devices. Prior to upgrading to an Apple iPhone 14, the Roku app worked fine for all EIGHT of my Roku devices, including two more at my adult children’s homes. Immediately following the last update, all my previously known and selectable devices were listed as “Not Found On Network.” Not only was this error message deceptive, it was flat wrong! I saw ALL my Roku devices on my network list as active and running, plus my iPhone was already on the very same SSID. I deleted all previously “known” Roku devices in the app and then reconnected MANUALLY with the IP addresses of two. The first connected fine and was successful. The second connected fine, too. However, as soon as the second device connected, the first returned that incorrect error message, “Not found on network.” !!!!! It has JUST connected successfully less than three minutes prior. I tried tapping it and it continued to give the same error. If the Roku app no longer connects to my multiple Roku devices, the app has become worthless. Fix it, or I’ll be shopping for Firesticks for my streaming channels and OTA DVR.

Private listening doesn’t work. I use the roku app on my iPhone 14 Pro. I attempted to use the app’s private listening function a month ago, and it crashed the app every time. Doesn’t work at all. I updated my app today, and it still crashes it without fail. Please fix this issue!

Broken. It no longer “finds” my ROKU devices , I have to add the IP address manually. But the worst part is it crashes the second I activate private listening. And that’s the only reason I use the app at all.

Doesn’t work/rarely connects. Usually this ap doesn’t work and has multiple bugs. Me and my partner pray it works everytime we use it. It won’t ever connect to our tv in a timely manner, in fact it’s rare that it actually connects at all. Wouldn’t recommend this app.

App updated - private listening still crashes. Crashes every time you try to use private listening. I uninstalled and reinstalled, and now it can’t find any of my Roku devices. Got a response from developer asking me to update and try again. Same issues. I’m able to control my devices by manually entering IP addresses (a pain), but private listening still bugged. Update: another update released, same issue.

Worthless. I cannot get past putting a password in. It won’t take the default “strong” password nor will it let me put my own password in. So I can’t load the app. No excuse for such sloppy programming.

LOVE THE APP, but, there is a feature you could add that would be handy!. I’m not even going to lie, sometimes i just listen to a tv show on my mobile device. I like to listen during work,exercising, etc!! but sometimes my phone turns off, and I have to interrupt what i’m doing to to put my passcode in to keep watching the show/movie. I think it should have a feature in the future to be able to keep listening to the movie / show you were watching!!! Other than that, great app!Very well designed and easy to navigate! I give 4.5/5 !

Crash. This app crashes every time you try to use the headphone option. Worked fine with my older phone but doesn’t work with the new one.

Connection to TV & Headphones. I got a Roku TV and the Roku App for a single use case: watching things with headphones in so it would be quiet for others. The connection between the TV and the App routinely disconnects—about once every 7 minutes. And then the sound doesn’t play through my headphones. And I have to spend a minute or two restarting things to get it to reconnect. Not good enough for what I need.

I hate it. It takes a long time to connect

Never can connect to my Roku tv. I’ve tried everything now to get the Roku app remote to connect to my tv. I’ve used to IP address and it doesn’t recognize it. Ever since I moved and got different wifi it doesn’t work. I use the same wifi on my phone as I do with the tv so there should be no reason why it hasn’t been able to find my phone for months. I’ve deleted the app and redownloaded it and I’ve updated it when it’s needed and it still won’t connect. I went into my network settings to get my IP address so I know it’s correct and it’s still not working on my phone.

Roku. Bug fixes

Private Listening not working. I just recently got an iPhone 14 Pro, and now pressing the private listening button for a roku makes the dialog box come up and then immediately crash the app. Please fix this bc I use this so often!! Update 03/14/2023: I’ve updated the app to and am on an iPhone 14 Pro on iOS 16.3.1. I still have the app crash immediately after I enable private listening, right after a window comes up. Another weird thing I noticed ontop of this is that neither my roku tv nor my roku stick were searchable and I had to manually add them through IP.

Private Listening Crashes App. I used to love this app because of the private listening feature, but that feature stopped working a few months ago, and now the app crashes every single time I try to turn private listening on. So aggravating and disappointing…

Its ok. OK so the reason i say its “okay” is because i lost my remote blah blah i connect my tv on my Moms phone it worked fine Then when i tried to connect on MY phone it said my tv wasn’t on my network but before i lost my remote I checked what wifi it was on and it was on the same one as all the other devices

Good. Good app to have on your phone when you can't find your remote, but it would be great if it was accessible I.e switching my phone on and it's there on the lock screen would be great. Without having to unlock my phone and going into app.

Works maybe 50% of the time. Lol, the other 50% can’t connect to the Roku even though on the same network.

Private Listening Still Broken so is finding devices. Latest update still does not fix remote listening on the iPhone 14 Pro Max with iOS 16.3.1 even though Roku support is aware of the problem. Latest update 9.0.0 does not fix private listening or connecting to devices on the iPhone Pro Max with iOS 16.3.1. Devices must be connected manually. Deleted and reinstalled the app. The app designers are not capable of troubleshooting and fixing problems in a timely manner. It’s time to change to another device like an Apple TV.

Almost there. I can never find my remote but I almost always have my phone with me. This app is great because I can control my Roku TVs from my phone. Two things that I wish were improved. The first is that when I’m using the remote screen in the app I can only select from 3 of my 4 TVs in the drop down box. Luckily the one that doesn’t show up is the one for our guest room, so it’s not usually an issue for me. The other improvement that I would like to see is being able to switch between devices on the Apple Watch app.

It will be great to add volume button in app.. As title, I installed the app cause my remote has quirky volume keys. App remote works well but has no volume button which is awkward.

Can’t connect at all. Whenever I try to connect to the role tv it won’t even show up on the devices part so I can’t connect at alll

I click. I clicked the help button and GUESS WHAT ROKU it KICK ME OUT OF THE GAME so I go on the app again and I press the help button again and IT KICKED ME OUT AGAIN I needed help

Headphone feature not working. When you press the headphone feature, it makes the app to crash.

Works half the time. I constantly have to delete and redownload the app because it just stops connecting. And by “constantly” I mean at LEAST once a week.

HORRIBLE!. So many issues and you can’t talk to anyone about the issues!

Only works half the time. I’d really like to love this app and give it five stars but it barely works. The remote only connects to my tv less than half the time. I’m constantly having to delete and redownload the app to try to get it to connect. It seems like there should be an easier way, it’s getting a bit ridiculously

Connecting problems. Everytime I’m connected it disconnects my remote tv and I can’t use my phone it’s useless at that point the fix is up and running good because it was just working then out of no where it doesn’t connect anymore

Headphones. The app is great the only issue I have is with Bluetooth headphones the volume goes in and out. Works great other than that issue

Very good app. It’s is a great app allows u to do a lot of stuff

App doesn’t work. App is trash the remote function barley works takes forever to connect to the tv and when it finally does it works for a bit then disconnects and you have to repeat the cycle of trying to connect for 30mins

App not responding. Would be an exemplary app if it didn’t stop responding until closed and reopened. Nothing fixes it and Roku always says, “hurhurhhur it’s your poor slow network” Well hurhurhur here’s your 1 star Roku and ps: Roku TVs are wanky garbage.

Newer models seem to no longer respond to app. After I exchanged yet another non functioning Roku TCL TV - 2 broken ones in 30 days! - my iPhone no longer connects to the newest TCL 40S355. Manual connection doesn’t work either. My other Roku TCL can be operated with the app but cannot be turned on by the app. Roku TCL models and remote function have really gone downhill in the past year.

I hate the new remote!. I don’t have the same type of control with the new controller. Lines are way too thin! I can barely see the lines without my glasses. Someone with bad eyesight will have a lot of trouble using it. Please bring the old controller back!!

Where is the update for the iPhone 14?. This app never gave me problems until I upgrade from my iPhone XR to a new iPhone 14. Now, a 5 star app drops to one star due to the app no longer working with a newly upgraded iPhone. The Roku app used to find my devices, but not anymore, I can no longer use private listening, it closes out the entire app. It’s pointless and even more so now because it cannot find one or any of the three Roku devices in my home. I have tried every troubleshooting step I could find and went on forums, and Reddit. I'm still unable to solve the problem, the only thing that would make sense is that it is a software issue on Roku’s part. I can use the Roku app on my iPhone XR with no problem but not my iPhone 14 Pro Max. Fix this please!

If only it actually worked!!. I think this app is some kind of scam and that the positive reviews are false. The app does not work. It is not able to connect to the Roku television set. It is not able to even see that the Roku television set exists, despite the fact that it’s connected to the same home wifi network that my phone is connected to. It just keeps telling me that it can’t find any Roku devices, check to make sure they’re both connected to the same WiFi, and try again. It doesn’t offer any further guidance about what to do when the stupid worthless app still can’t find the tv set that is mere inches away. A huge waste of time. Don’t bother downloading this app. It does not work.

Horrible update. Just updated this on iPad and the way it now defaults to “Connect to a device” to watch is horrible. Reason for having an app on a mobile or iPad is to watch it on their. Connecting afterwards to a device is nice but by default, now you have to click on watch on mobile or click on other ways to watch and find by scrolling around, watch on mobile. That does not make any sense at all. Please fix this so it works on mobile by default.

Crashing with headphones option. I loved this app. I got a new iPhone and now every time I hit the headphones option it immediately crashes. I deleted the app, download it again, still happens. Nothing seems to resolve it. Please fix it

Dear Roku. I love this app so much thank you for making this app

They ruined the app to rip us off.. The new update is awful. The app barely works anymore as well as the changes just being completely unnecessary and buggy. Also, love (this is extreme sarcasm) how you went from no ads on the Roku Channel to now every 5 minutes there’s three ads. There was never a single ad before, now I’m harassed by them. They’re extremely loud too-they are nowhere near the volume of any show I was watching. Also, they started charging for a title WHILE I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MOVIE. Seriously? You guys have become a joke. I had only 30 minutes of the movie left and suddenly I’m being told I need a subscription for Philo. I will delete every trace of Roku from my life and get others to do the same before I’m taken advantage of by you people. You used to be one of the best for several reasons but your money-hungry tendencies and caring about what the others in the industry are doing have ruined this name. Only 30 minutes left of that movie (that was completely free. They offered the two-movie bunch together as free.) and you suddenly change things in the middle of viewing and expect me to pay for something I was already promised. I went elsewhere to finish the movie for FREE and will continue to watch the shows I came to your platform for elsewhere as well, for FREE. I stayed with y’all because Roku was good, but I will go use the new-name apps that aren’t trying to take advantage of us instead now. You basically have the same shows, given the fact it’s not like your catalogue was extensive in the first place.

Private listening not working. I love this app but the private listening stopped working. When I try it kicks me out of the app.

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it doesn’t work. App doesn’t work sadly

Never works properly. When the app works, it’s brilliant! However, it always disconnects from my Roku box displaying a Wi-Fi problem when the issue isn’t Wi-Fi at all as the app will always attempt to reconnect seconds later successfully. I was hoping if i’d update the app it’d resolve the issue but unfortunately there was no success with my issue.

Private listening doesn’t work. My main issue is that I’ll plug in my headphones to listen to private listening only to be kicked out of it 30 seconds later, I re downloaded incase there was an update and yet no difference, this is annoying since I live in a very loud household. Other then that it works alright. I wish I knew where to find a few options for this :/

Wonderful. Couldn’t be happier with this product. Truly wonderful in every aspect. Thank you for all your hard work guys of Roku. Good job

Unreliable. Doesn’t always connect from phone. When it does work it’s faster than the remote though.

It is very good if you lose your Remote. Ads

Heathers uk. Extremely disappointed can’t watch heathers in my region

Arabic Christian channels removed. I used to highly recommend Roku to everyone. I have 3 at home and used to watch Arabic Christian channels which have all been removed for no reason. Very disappointed. No longer supporting Roku.

Hit and miss. This app is hit and miss when it works it’s fantastic but every couple of days it keeps telling me I’m not connected to Wi-Fi even though I am connected with an excellent connection I have been forced to download a third party Roku app that works better and has no message telling me a false error message

Now tv box. Takes too long to connect

App has been broken for weeks. Constantly disconnecting and reconnecting - absolutely useless - no fix issued

No customer support at all. Terrible service, no one responds.

It’s hardly functional. You can’t use most of the buttons and (this may just be my wifi or signal) you can never connect

Streaming to headphones doesn't work reliably.. Streaming to headphones doesn't work reliably.

AMAZING. It is so easy to connect to your tv and so simple to use I usually sit in bed and watch films I don’t know what I would do without it. It’s surprising to see how cheap they are for the quality your getting I DEFINITELY recommend

Convenient until you lose your remote. After the buttons on my physical remote started becoming less reactive, the app remote worked as a better alternative. So much better that you forget you’ll need your physical remote to connect to new wifi servers 🙃

Roku. Rocks. Awesome app controls now tv box 100 %. Best app ever

Love the private listening. I am autistic and struggle with filtering peripheral noises so the private listening into my noise cancelling earbuds are a life changing feature. Also love the remote available on my phone.

Add a volume button. It would be useful

never works. it just never works like ever

Remote needs to close. Can’t get the remote to close automatically after using. It keeps my phone unlocked which drains the battery if I fall asleep and leaves it vulnerable to hacking .

Keeps disconnecting. Good app but personal listening keeps disconnecting

Best app. I lost my remote and I found this app so if I could rate 10 I would

Remote. Physical remotes do NOT last long in my house as I have disabled children. This has given my whole family the freedom to be in total control over what to watch anywhere in the house. It’s so easy to use and to set up.

Great App. My Daughters dog enjoys eating controls as they can be left around but everyone takes care of their phone so we are now we are always able to access the T.V Brilliant no more chewed controllers and I’m able to use the TV when I’m dog sitting 🙏😊

Excellent. Excellent

Mehh.. when it wants to work it’s great. So the app decides when it wants to work. I’ve had it a while and have 2 devices a Roku tv and a tv stick. It connects to them both sometimes. And then maybe one and not the other when both in use. Nothing changes they are always on the same network. It’s frustrating! Changing it to one star.! Tried everything still temperamental one min works and then for months it won’t connect. I have the Fire TV remote too and not one issue.! I only use this for the remote anyway

Doesn’t seem to work, won’t pair with device. Doesn’t seem to work, won’t pair with device

Does not work. This seems too be a scam, do not try it.

Updates. Why have you moved the buttons I know it’s not the end of the world but like a remote would never move it’s buttons

ROKU. Awesome

IOS16?????. This app stopped working when I upgraded to IOS16. It can’t see the two Rokus on my network anymore. I have another iPhone that is not upgraded to IOS16 that still works fine. Support ticket raised. Nearly a month now with no response. 5/11 Just swapped to a new iPhone 14. App still broken. Still no response from support.

Amazing app!. Amazing app, especially when I can’t find my controller (which is most of the time).

Account settings. I’m trying to create an account, but the app won’t allow me to create my own password or see the password created

Roku. I love this app it is a life saver

Easy to use and good value. I bought this a while ago so I could watch Disney plus on my large tv. It’s been fab ever since and use a lot of other aps on there like the Roku channel.

Unreliable. Regularly disconnects from Now TV and then won’t reconnect even after restarting Now TV device, wifi router, closing down and reopening app and even uninstalling and reinstalling app. Impossible to manually connect a device because it always says the IP address is wrong, even when it isn’t.

Spends more time searching than working. Found the app spends more time trying to search for or connect to the Roku device than it does working it. Even connecting manually to a device with a fixed IP takes for ever.

It’s not perfect…. It often crashes and when connected to headphones it often drops connection which is highly frustrating. Shouldn’t be happening - please fix!

Not that good. I find this app really frustrating one minute it’s fine the next it can’t find TV.. Sacked it in the end just use the remote…

roku. has been good so far. but i would like a feature where you can add a custom wallpaper through your phone. maybe it’s only me who wants this 🤷

Very good. Love this app forgot what’s a controller at this point 😂

Movies. More movies please

AMAZING!. brilliant app , works perfect EVERY time without fail , and also it has a headphone button too so you can listen to the tv through your phone with or without headphones ! at nite i usually put the app on and press the headphone button so i can listen to the tv through my phone speakers , love it!

Roku stick. Best thing ever!

Disconnect every 10 min. As the title says

Needs device discovery via MDNS. I can AirPlay across VLAN’s using an MDNS repeater. I can also control the device using the Apple TV remote app without any manual configuration. This app needs to be updated to support discovery of Roku devices via MDNS.

Very easy to use. I really like the Roku app. We have a NOW TV box and the controller either runs out of batteries or falls down the back of a sofa. My phone seldom suffers from either of these issues so I find the app really handy. It is also great for using the phone keyboard for searches as the usual cursor nonsense on the apps is very tedious.

Works when it stays connected. I find that the remote constantly disconnects from my Wi-Fi even though there is nothing wrong with my Wi-Fi. Tried restarting the app and reinstalling it but still the same problems. It is very frustrating.

Wifi connection. If you’re having connection problems turn off your data and just run on wifi only and it will fix it. Love being able to use my phone and not find the remote

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NEEDS AN UPDATE!!!!. my app will no longer wake my tv it will no longer connect apps from phone to tv like youtube and spotify

Connection Issues. The app rarely recognizes my Roku TV, so it doesn’t connect even though the TV is already connected to the Wi-fi network. I even tried a manual connection using my IP address but to no avail.

Please fix this new update. Ever since I updated this app recently, my R app remote stopped working. It suddenly stopped seeing my TV. It was working perfectly well before this update but now nothing. I even tried to set it up manually but all to no avail. I called customer service concerning the problem. We tried troubleshooting it together but still nothing. He created a ticket for it, up till now I haven’t heard back from anyone and the app is still not working. Can someone please look into this? Thanks.

Eco-Mode😡. This app’s great and all but Eco-Mode is very annoying!! When I want to watch TV I get onto my phone and see its on Eco-Mode!! So that means that I have to wait hours just to watch TV again. Please take away Eco-Mode

Fix it. This app never works it’s been 2yrs for me!.

Fantastic app. This app is the gold stander for remote control apps for your tv!

Can’t even sign up. Terrible, wanted to watch a show that was streaming on this platform and when trying to create my account it would tell me they were unable to make my account with zero explanation. How are you a streaming app that can’t even let people create their account to watch a show? Again with no explanations at all?

It keeps shutting down. Private listening was the one feature that I used all the time. Now the app keeps shutting down or resetting every few minutes and that makes private listening so annoying. I don’t know if it’s a bug, but that has made me think maybe it is time to move on from this system.

No issues. Great app. Thanks!!

Greatly need an update. dosen't work at all, so frustating fix that application please.

Great and impressive quality, but tiny nit. I love that I can stream the audio to my phone with a easy to use button (that actually works). Every thing works good and makes sense for a tv. Tiny consistent bug where(happens every few weeks): it getting stuck in a loop looking for the tv which makes it so I can’t use it. but deleting the tv in the app then closing the app then re opening the app fixes it without issue so 🤷‍♂️

I’m calling an exterminator. This app is so buggy you’re going to need to call an exterminator. I swear to god. This is the last time I download this crap, I’m going to start using 3rd party, untrustworthy developers because they do it better and I don’t have to swear at my tv every time I want to use it. Your app is bad and you should feel bad

Doesn’t connect. This app only connects to our tv at the most 50% of the time

0 for design. No thought, nor testing must have gone into the design of the thing. Power button, keyboard button, settings button and home button being set so close together, on a flat screen, with no confirmation of actions required, manipulation will end up more often than not in inadvertently shutting down the TV or exiting the streaming app. Frustrating product.

Bugs bugs bugs. Couldn’t even get past step 1: Tried to create an account in the app and just get a continuous “unable to create account” message. So no Roku for me.

Roku tv. The power button will not work for my tv

Won’t work. App won’t work. I switched internet companies and now app can’t find my tv

Why do I have to reconnect?!😡. It’s a good app I just don’t like that I have to reconnect . I noticed every time I turn off my TV I have to reconnect it . And again and again. So annoying. Please Don’t Make us have to reconnect thank you .

Doesn’t work. It worked for the first year of having the TV. Now it won’t connect at all. I’ve tried uninstalling and installing again but that doesn’t fix it. TV doesn’t seem to need update. Netflix doesn’t work on ROKU TV anymore either. ROKU does not age well.

App keeps disconnecting. Approx 15-20 mins into watching, app gets disconnected automatically and i have to go back and restart the app 10 times before it connects to the tv again It is very very annoying

Does not support iOS 16. I loved this app until I got a new iPhone. The app doesn’t work correctly on iOS 16. It cannot do device discovery which essentially renders it useless as it cannot find your Roku devices. If you try and use Private Listening function it crashes the app.

Never works. I have perfect wifi yet it wont connect to my tv literally ever, i can run every game on my playstation no ethernet but yet my phone cant connect to a tv not even 20 ft ahead of me

50/50. every other update my app remote won’t connect to tv says to wake the device which is already on!!! frustrated 😡

Good ideas TERRIBLE quality. The features of the remote are quite nice, but the execution is atrocious. It takes minutes for a single command to go though and the audio disconnects constantly from my headphones and I can only turn it on with my phone about 1/10 times.

Won’t Connect. I love this app but now it refuses to find my device on it’s own and will not connect manually- just keeps asking for the complete IP address which I certainly have been. PLEASE fix this.

Won’t connect. Started off that my phone would disconnect about 15 minutes into watching a show, that was manageable. Now since the most recent upgrade I cannot get my phone to connect to the TV at all!

Only works about 30% of the time. This app used to me really well but the last 2 weeks or so it won’t connect or takes try after try to connect it’s getting really frustrating

It’s ok. It’s ok in a pinch when you can’t find the remote, but it has a hard time staying connected. Tends to think my tv is in eco mode when it’s actively playing a show

For 3 years Youtube private listening disconnects every 2 minutes. Problem has not changed whatsoever since I bought my Roku TV new. Only happens on YouTube. Netflix is fine, rarely ever loses connection. Have tried different Bluetooth headphones, different phones, same problem. I have to “wake up” TV and wait 10+ seconds every couple minutes when it happens.

.. Sometimes it’s okay,but other times it’s glitchy, doesn’t work and for example says it connected but doesn’t work for me too access the remote.

Crashes When Airplaying Video and Using Remote. I noticed it crashes everytime I try to Airplay a video and then go to the remote to route the audio to my headphones instead of the TV.

Pretty terrible. Doesn’t stay connected.. third party apps respond faster and stay connected. Don’t waste your time.

Connection to my TV. 25% of the time it actually connects to my TV. The other times it just doesn’t and tries to wake my device but says it’s unavailable when the TV is literally on.

Volume can’t control ?. Can’t control volume from remote that’s weird

Lots of bugs. Frequent wifi and connection errors, app is unreliable.

Amazing app. I love this app Thank you for making this because I always lose my remote but this makes it 20x easier Thank you once again

doesn’t work half the time. Half the time when using this app, It takes 1 or 2 minutes to “wake” up the tv despite 9/10 times its already on. And when trying to listening to the sound on my 65” tv playing on my air-pod's pro using the private listening feature, half the time, the audio comes off and on no matter how close I am with the phone and tv. And yes, I did this with a another device and with wired headphones and the result was the same. I also hate that I cant put my phone in standby without the software disabling the standby mode off, dang, it would be so nice if I could preserving my phone battery. I only have this app for controlling the tv if I lost my remote somewhere and for bluetooth compatibility. I would rather have bluetooth built in the tv rather than me installing a separate app for it.

Question. Can I watch shows from my iPhone to my Roku Phillips tv that I just Purchased without wifi and with only using a HDMI cord?

Crashes all the time. Very bad app. It crashes all the time and the remote listening is a joke.

It’s ok but after a bit it stops working. I got the app it was working fine for 2 months but than it just stopped connecting

Can’t use headphones. With new update whenever you try and connect headphones with the app, the app will crash. Really disappointed.

Stopped working. Why doesn’t it work anymore

Meh. Love it when it works but only connects to my tv 50% of the time. Kinda useless if you ask me.

Don’t use this app. Use a non official app because this app never works. Absolute trash

Doesnt connect. Constantly disconnects and it won’t let me manually connect…it says there is no roku found for the IP address I’m putting in, and I’m literally copying the address that’s in the roku settings, so how is there no roku for it when I’m literally using it What’s the point of having something that doesn’t connect or just constantly disconnects I got the app so if my daughter decides to hide the remote I can still change things without ripping the house apart but if it never works that defeats the purpose of it Fix the disconnect issues otherwise you have a completely useless app

The Bluetooth option. Whenever I use the Bluetooth option the audio glitches out sometimes so I miss some of the show/video I tried to use the Bluetooth option without my headset but it still glitches out

Unable to create free account. Just downloaded the app and unable to create a new account, unsure what to do as there are no other options that come up. Cannot move further. What do you suggest? Thank you

Love it!! Recommend it have been using for 2-3 years!. I love this! Our remote has been gone for 2-3 years, and I found this app! My kids just love it! Just recommend it❤️

Can’t find device. App will not find devices on network and connect manually is not available. Poor design.

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