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Chris Kyle, Scott McEwen & Jim DeFelice

American Sniper by Chris Kyle, Scott McEwen & Jim DeFelice Book Summary


This special enhanced edition features more than 10 exclusive videos and an additional 15 images and descriptions of the weapons used by the armed forces in their fight against terrorism overseas.

From 1999 to 2009, U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle recorded the most career sniper kills in United States military history. The Pentagon has officially confirmed more than 150 of Kyles kills (the previous American record was 109), but it has declined to verify the astonishing total number for this book. Iraqi insurgents feared Kyle so much they named him al-Shaitan (“the devil”) and placed a bounty on his head. Kyle earned legendary status among his fellow SEALs, Marines, and U.S. Army soldiers, whom he protected with deadly accuracy from rooftops and stealth positions. Gripping and unforgettable, Kyle’s masterful account of his extraordinary battlefield experiences ranks as one of the great war memoirs of all time.

A native Texan who learned to shoot on childhood hunting trips with his father, Kyle was a champion saddle-bronc rider prior to joining the Navy. After 9/11, he was thrust onto the front lines of the War on Terror, and soon found his calling as a world-class sniper who performed best under fire. He recorded a personal-record 2,100-yard kill shot outside Baghdad; in Fallujah, Kyle braved heavy fire to rescue a group of Marines trapped on a street; in Ramadi, he stared down insurgents with his pistol in close combat. Kyle talks honestly about the pain of war—of twice being shot and experiencing the tragic deaths of two close friends.

American Sniper also honors Kyles fellow warriors, who raised hell on and off the battlefield. And in moving first-person accounts throughout, Kyles wife, Taya, speaks openly about the strains of war on their marriage and children, as well as on Chris.

Adrenaline-charged and deeply personal, American Sniper is a thrilling eyewitness account of war that only one man could tell.

Please note that due to the large file size of these special features this enhanced e-book may take longer to download then a standard e-book.

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Book Name American Sniper
Genre Biographies & Memoirs
Language English
E-Book Size 159.22 MB

American Sniper (Chris Kyle, Scott McEwen & Jim DeFelice) Book Reviews 2024

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Above and Beyond. Thanks a lot for this book C.K ..Rest In Peace. You motivate me everyday to be a better man , warrior , and patriot. My time was cut short in the service and I wish I had read this before joining to do better so I thank u for leading the way and serving Army 88m 96th TC -operation enduring freedom 13-14. HOOAH !!

it does not open. after downloading I can't open it.It shows just 46 pages and it does not open

Chris Kyle. Amazing book recommend for 11+

Lunatic Idiot. PREVIEW the book first. I bought it so I could read it before I watched the movie. This book is a compilation of sporadic ramblings of a high schooler that is truly insane. For 500 pages or whatever, you will see some sort of variation of him bragging about being a SEAL about 5 times per page, and then say he isn't bragging...every time. he brags about looting homes in Iraq and killing what even the military had to investigate as "questionable shots" Horrible book, I've heard the movie is amazing.

No art value. 2 stars for the last 2 pages of the book. But to be truthful, it's a 1 star diary.

American Sniper. This book was great. I have a lot of respect for our men and women in all uniforms. They keep our country safe from harm. God Bless and come home safe.

God country family. MUST READ. And this is coming from a 31yr old male, where reading just isn’t his thing lol. Enjoy

American sniper 10/10. Amazing book very detailed. A Definate read.

American sniper. Good stuff!

Amazing. This book is amazing. It is so amazing that I can't stop thinking about it.

American Sniper. My mom has it. I didn't know this was in my house. I want this book because I'm into Black Ops: Call Of Duty, halo, and many other first person shooter games.

Good. Its really really good I like it so far

American Sniper. I love this book. Chris Kyle uses great vivid language in explains the insights of war and his job as a Navy SEAL it is a exhilarating book and even though it came out a while ago I'm excited to see the movie (if i can) played by Bradley Cooper and see if it is as good as the book god bless all the men and women who came from war.👍

A True American legend. Having read his paperback edition before his untimely death. Chris Kyle reveals in his own words the definition of what it is to be a humble, yet true American legend!

Not the Biggest reader. I don't read a lot of books. But I just have to say that I liked this book a lot because it was easy to read and the main character was very relatable. This book in my opinion was definitely better than movie. I'm a sucker for detail and the book explained things the movie could not. Which is understandable; the movie is on a time limit. Without giving anything away. This book brought me joy. It's sad to know how someone like this was taken away from us. But I am grateful he lived to help those he helped and inspire those to needed and still need inspiration. Thank you Chris Kyle for your service and your actions post Navy service.

WOW GREAT BOOK AND MOVIE AS WELL. Well I haven't read a book in a long while. I watched the movie American Sniper first and was told the book was better I thought to myself there's no way because the movie is amazing. This book is amazing too. I really want to say to all military THANK YOU. To Chris's family I'm sorry for your losses. RIP CHRIS KYLE a

Every American should read this book.. I knew very little about Chris Kyle, until he was killed. I had heard the name and knew he was a record setting SEAL sniper. That about it, then he was murdered. The movie is good, but leaves out some of the humanity. This book puts a human face to an incredible story. I'm a vet and have a daughter proudly serving, and I think more people should read these true stories in order to humanize the military. Thank you fellow veterans for your service and thank you to the families of those service members for you unwavering support. During and after your tours of duty.

Great!. Very page turner. I recommend to read this book to those who want to become Sniper.

Great Book!. This book is an amazing account of the life of Chris Kyle. It's not just about war, but about the trials he went through to get back to his family. A must read!

Great Patriot. This is why I serve the greatest country in the world because of American Warriors such as Chris Kyle I have step on the same soil in Iraq as Chris thank you and all the Warriors that put their life on the line for mostly selfish American the book was great God bless Chris Widow she is a great American CSM Darrell Minix US Army 1976-

It's interesting but.... Chris Kyle and his story was nothing more than propaganda, this is not the story of a "true American hero" if the full story was actually explained without the bias you would see why.

Great Read better than movie. I really enjoyed reading this book it kept you interested Through the whole book. There’s a lot of information in this and a lot more detail than the movie.

Chris Kyle Thank you. Thank you for your crevice in the Army and SEALs I solute you.But this is about the book and it's amazing thank you for telling me about your life and all the scary moments you can came through

Great Book. Well written account of Chris Kyle's career as a SEAL. Great read

Outstanding. This is an absolutely amazing book written by a true hero. It was fascinating to read the stories about war, but also to learn of the struggles with family, transitioning to and from war, and the guilt of not being in battle 24-7. Chris gave a lot for this country, much more than most Americans ever will. This book gave me a sense of pride in our country, knowing that we have people like him willing to sacrifice everything for people he doesn't even know. It was sad for me, in reading the book, to know that he had made it through all these battles, all the tough times, and had his life tragically cut short by someone he was trying to help. If this book doesn't invoke some sort of patriotism and pride in America inside of you, there is something wrong with you.

Perfect.. What a great book! I am 13 and I love learning about this stuff, even though some people might think that I'm to your to understand.. I think I do, the way he rights it, it just connects with me. I love this!

American Sniper. My favorite book I've read. Not a huge reader if that explains why. But I love war stories, so I loved this. And have tremendous respect for Chris Kyle.

Great Book. Great Book, I really enjoyed reading it. I think every American who loves and respects our military men and women, and our country should read this book. It will give you a greater appreciation for the freedom and liberty we as Americans have.

One of my all-time favorite non-fictions. I've read a few books written by SEALS (My other favorite, & one of my most highly regarded non-fiction books, is "Extreme Ownership" by Jocko Willink & Leif Babin. It's life changing good. You should check it out). They tend to have an incredible gravity, brevity & earnestness that stems from their authors' shared life experiences as well as the personality traits that lead a man to join & flourish in such an esteemed, trying & exclusive subset of an already noble & honorable profession, that of the soldier. The extreme amount of life experience & responsibility that many of these guys encounter in such an abrupt and blunt way dwarfs what most of us will experience in an entire lifetime. While, of course, that doesn't make all their opinions & conclusions beyond reproach it most certainly makes their opinions, conclusions, perspectives & points of view utterly invaluable. This book is absolutely no exception. Yes, it is autobiographical. It is a story, a novel of sorts, that happens to be completely true. You find yourself quite invested in the protagonist. With the magnetism of a good novel, albeit written in a more relaxed & conversational tone, you hate to stop reading & when you must you can't wait to pick it back up again. You have to know what happens next. If this book were just a story it would be a very good one but it was more than that to me. The writing isn't what I would call eloquent but it isn't clumsy either. Stylistically, it takes an unusual but perfectly executed tone. You can't help but feel as though you are sitting across from Chris as he tells you his story, in plain English, maybe as the two of you share a beer or three. It really feels that relaxed & natural. What adds to this atmosphere & overall effect is the brutal honesty from both Chris & Taya. It really sets this book apart. Not once did I get the feeling that Chris was showing any real disrespect to the Navy or the SEALS but he did not hesitate to call it like he saw it either. That inability or unwillingness to sugar coat things or tow the line while still displaying the judgement & maturity to refrain from excessive negativity endears the author to the reader. Also, Chris & Taya's candidness makes it a deeply personal & emotional read. I know there is great reluctance in the SEAL community to "talk about" anything relating to their work. I understand the reservations these "quiet professionals" have. While I have been aware of, interested & intrigued by the SEALS for the last 18 years the general public has only really been made aware of them over the last few years. When the spotlight was shown on them I was both excited & nervous for them. I was excited that others might be able to share my fascination, admiration & deep respect for this group but nervous because attention is, in a very basic way, not what this group wants or needs. Having said that, I believe it is VITALLY important that we continue to see SEALS and former SEALS share what they are willing, able & inspired to with the general public. Books like this one & the formerly mentioned "Extreme Ownership" have had an enormous impact on me & my life. These guys don't need to write books to impact our lives, they fight for us every day but the cornerstone of human progress is the sharing of experience, knowledge & perspective. What a shame, what a loss to humanity it would be if no experience, knowledge or perspective was shared from this group who has so much to give.

Fantastic book. This man was a legend and had the mentality of a true American warrior.

WOW. This was such an amazing book to read. I could not put it down, ever!

American Sniper. This book is a page turner. It gave me more of an insight on war and what the soldiers and their families have to deal with during deployment. God Bless each and every single person out there serving our Military. You keep us safe and are true heroes! Loved this book !!

Amazing. Thank you so much Kyle for everything nothing will ever be enough to thank you. Rest in heaven with your fallen comrades. May God bless you and your family.

Liar. No hero Bragg about any of his accomplishments, no hero kill for fun. Hope people understand that Jesse Ventura was right by saying that Kyle was a liar.

Loved this book.. Sue Carroll - I read American Wife first. I am glad I did. Both reading American Wife and seeing Chris on video made this book so much more personal and real. His style of writing is also very personal. So much information. I came away with two thoughts: War is hell, and these guys who fight for their country do so with one arm tied tied behind their backs, thanks to Rules of Engagement.

Brilliant. I'm not American, I'm not a man but this book was amazing. Chris doesn't try to glorify war. He is a straight shooter ( in more ways than one). It feels as if you can believe what he is saying more than you can believe the media. I feel sad for all the warriors. No person should have to go through war. They do because it is their call to duty. I'm in awe of them.

American Sniper. As Vietnam veteran this young man's book deserves more than the 5 stars above. Outstanding comes four level's to short. Just as his life was way to short. RIP to a true hero in the same light as Audie Murphy, another Texan. Imagine that. Ron

American Sniper. 17 years old- such an amazing book it shows what it means to be an American. It shows how war can effect a man and how to overcome those stresses. I now have a lot more respect for the men and women who served the U.S. Military.

A book of lies. This guy is no hero. He is a liar and a fraud. The book is garbage.

Great. Good Book.

True American Hero!!!. This is an amazing story of those who fight to keep America free. We will seek to honor Chris and all of our Veterans continually!!!

Great book and awesome read. This book was great to read and will open your eyes about what war is like. It will also make you more patriotic about this amazing country we live in. USA USA USA!!!

Chris Kyle is my hero. First things first Chris Kyle is my hero. He is why I want to become a navy seal and why I’ve trained so hard to Become one. But reading all the reviews that so many cruel people wrote about this man, a brave and selfless man, just hurts my heart. If you put one star on this book you are putting one star on him. I feel like the reason y’all are writing evil things about him is because you know that you can never ever become as heroic as him and in any type of Situations you would help yourself instead of others. You know that you could never even catch a glimpse of him From the level of heroism your on besides him. This man who R.I.P is dead. Was the most lethal and dedicated man you could ever know, unless you know John wick, who Might I add is a fictional character. So to conclude whatever type of pansies wrote a bad review about him or the book all I’m gonna say is, if you think that he is a coward or anything like that, you can go back to hailing the late hitler.

Perfect in"sights". After reading this book it makes me sick to think that Chris Kyle is no longer with us. This book shares the dedication the struggles and some incredible insight into what our military families have to go through for their service. I encourage you to read this not for just Chris' memory but for all of those that have given their lives for our great Country. God Bless the USA.

Fake American Hero. Chris Kyle was a coward that bragged to have killed Americans during hurricane Katrina. Stop glamorizing the piece of garbage.

!!!. Awesome book about a Navy SEAL

To my broths. I wish I had known all of these incredible Americans. I was not there I came a bit earlier. I have not read a book since high school but I read Chris 's and I cannot say this in any other way. I knew him before he did and I'm truly humbled. We all fought lived and with a strange sense of guilt lived. I will always love my brothers and respect their sacrifice lord knows no one else will. GOD bless America the strong Taya thank you for you. You rock.

A future. Amazing and moving as someone who wants to join the military it’s great to get insight from a real true source about it other than the fake things you get from movies and the new

Moving and thoughtful.. Listening to Chris’s story in his own words was educational. My husband was a Marine during the time Chris was in the Navy. As a military wife, this book gave me an insight on how things were for the service member. I loved the interjections from Taya and many of her thoughts and feelings expressed I could completely relate to. It still breaks my heart that Chris had survived the heat of war only to be taken from this world by someone he was trying to help. He had such wonderful dreams of being able to give back and he was taken from our country far far too soon. Anyone who supports and admires our military absolutely should read or listen to this book!

American Sniper. I've always been intrigued by the life of SEALs and this book did not disappoint. This book is well written and it moves along very nicely. It gave me a very good insight on the training and deployments of the guys in SEALs. These guys are the best and in reading about guys like Chris Kyle makes me feel secure that our country is well defended. This book from cover to cover was hard to put down.

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American Sniper. You have to read this book !!!! it will give you a true insight in all aspects of war living with a soldier/worrier his home life and his family and the stress they go through as well. Brilliant !!!!!!

Excellent. Brilliant insight into the SEAL's and being a Snipper

First Person Shooter. This reviewer is UK based where recent military conflicts have received considerable negative press. This biography enlightens the reader with the perspective and motivation of ally combatants, providing much needed balance. Very easy to read, gripping, informative, and crucially, inspiring, I strongly recommend this work to all who are trying to make sense of gruesome casualty figures all sides has suffered.

Amazing. I confess I watched the film first although I was aware of who Chris Kyle was when he was alive. If you enjoyed the film and want more, this book will quench that thirst for you. First class hero.

Great Read. Very entertaining, easy to read. A great insight into the life of a true warrior and hero. RIP

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The best read. I enjoyed reading this book no end. Once started I couldn't put it down. I did however challenge some of the writers family morales. A great book written in simple terms as if spoken.

American sniper. 2016. I have just completed this book. Could not put it down. Thank goodness we have military forces & people today as Chris Kyle his mates also his beloved wife & family. May he have eternal rest forevermore.

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A Simple Read. I just completed reading the enhanced version of this book and while I found some of the stories of patriotism and bravery truly moving and though provoking, I continually struggled with the quality of the writing itself. Chris gets 10 out of 10 for having the balls to serve his country in a manner that most wouldn't however, I found the entire book a very "junior" read. I'm a bit of a gun freak and loved a lot of the firefight stories and would recommend this book if you fit this bill as well. Perhaps the prose was dumbed down for a target audience but either way it continually came of as kind of badly written. I do have all the respect in the world for the man himself.

Not enough content. The book is written in very plain high-school level language, and the folksy tone of the writing is not for everyone. The content is mostly anecdotal and superficial. I was expecting an in-depth discussion of training and tactics and because of these expectations was very disappointed with the book. I gave two stars only out of respect for the author's service and accomplishments.

I Cried My Eyes Out. Even though this is done, tragically after Mr. Kyle's passing, I would like to express my thanks to him for his years in the SEALs. I cried my eyes out in parts of this book. While other times, I burst a gut laughing. I purchased this book after watching American Sniper. And, even though the movie told his story. It missed a lot of parts that I feel were critical to the story. I am glad I bought the In Memoriam edition. The end told many stories from friends, that were not told by Mr. Kyle. Would I recommend this book ... the answer is YES. I read the reviews, and was shocked when people wrote about a low grade writing style! Mr. Kyle was a down to earth country boy. Just what do you expect, a book that was written like a prodessional writer. Shame on you!

😥. I hope the people who write these reviews know Chris Kyle died

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Summary of American Sniper by Chris Kyle, Scott McEwen & Jim DeFelice

The American Sniper book written by Chris Kyle, Scott McEwen & Jim DeFelice was published on 03 January 2012, Tuesday in the Biographies & Memoirs category. A total of 8,521 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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