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Learn French - Word Power 101

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Learn French - Word Power 101 by Innovative Language Learning, LLC Book Summary

Master French with Learn French - Word Power 101. This e-book is a completely new way to learn French vocabulary fast! Start speaking French in minutes with the powerful learning methods you will master in this book.

The vocabulary words you’ll find in Learn French - Word Power 101 were hand selected by our French language teachers as the top 101 most frequently used words in the French language. With each entry, you’ll see the word and a vibrant image to help remember the meaning. You’ll hear the word (separate download) to master the pronunciation. Then you’ll see how the word is actually used in everyday speech with sample sentences and phrases. Learning French vocabulary has never been easier!

In this book, you’ll get:

    - 101 of the most frequently used French vocabulary words
    - Audio with authentic native French pronunciation (complimentary download post purchase)
    - Vibrant photos and images to help memorization
    - Useful and practical sample sentences and phrases 

Purchase Learn French - Word Power 101 today to start mastering French vocabulary in the fastest, easiest and most fun way possible!

Learn French - Word Power 101 (Innovative Language Learning, LLC) Book Reviews

Did not like at all!I am really disapointed with this book its a waist of time, it did teach you how to speak french and it whent too fast to pass the pages!! no thumbs up!.Score: 1/5

Highly disappointedI'm learning French using duolingo and this could never compare to how helpful that was. Don't waste your time and instead get the free duolingo app..Score: 1/5

Not even a little bit usefulI was hoping for a refresher course, but this is not going to help!.Score: 1/5

Awesome vocabulary builder!Great way to build vocabulary, sentences and learn the nuances of the language..Score: 5/5

Awful.I don't see how people can actually learn french with this. Its lacks of pronunciation examples and verbs conjugation list removes any didactic capability it might have..Score: 1/5

FrenchTry the French vocab book it helps for all the people that want to learn French av'or.Score: 5/5

Learn French -Word Power 101It falls short of helping in any way. They say 1 key word related to the photo & that is all that is narrated. Below each photo are numerous examples of the word used in sentences, but NO AUDIO is provided on the related sentences. Consequently you know how to say "bird" & "goat" but nothing before, after, or in between these words. It's useless. If they focused on the word & related common sentences, you could start learning to speak. But as it is presented you learn frustration..Score: 1/5

No pronunciation guideHow do I say the word?Give me pronunciation for any word you want me to learn..Score: 1/5

GoodGood.Score: 4/5

My dog speaks better French than thisThis is one of the worst French language learning books I have ever seen. As a French teacher, I am appalled. There are errors throughout, and it is full of useless words for beginners. There are also no articles with the words, and if any of you have ever tried to learn a romance language (where the words are either masculine or feminine), then you know it is imperative to learn the article along with the word. Even though it's free, I wouldn't even waste the space on my hard drive for this one. Try a podcast instead, where you can actually hear the words spoken..Score: 1/5

BadDont waste your time downloading it.Score: 1/5

This is not a book but about 200 PDFs!It is soooo awful! Can someone please tell me how to get rid of it. I have deleted each pdf (all 199 or so) at least three times. They don't show on the iPhone and are not in my library. But when I sync the iphone with the itunes library, there they are again. If it is a book, then there should only be one item to delete and that sucker should stay deleted!.Score: 1/5

Great new updateThe newest update for this book corrected a lot of the issues mentioned in older comments! 1. Gender has been added 2. Words have been updated to more practicle french 3. Practicle sample sentences..Score: 5/5

Learn French Vocabulary 101The audible pronunciations go to fast, they do not allow time to for you to repeat and absorb. It would be helpful if they were also repeated while using them in the sentences. If the word was also written as it will sound would also facilitate learning more quickly. All in all it moves way to fast to be of any benefit. Won't purchase anything like this format!.Score: 1/5

VestThe Vest esse Leandro ever.Score: 5/5

Don't waste your timeI am not a native French speaker but I lived in France and learnt to speak French there. This is the worst language book I have ever seen, firstly there are blatant errors like "dog house" and secondly the phrases and examples presented are silly and seldom used by people trying to learn a language. Enough said..Score: 1/5

TERRINBLEAwful not worth the time! I could learn better French from a little girl!!☹️.Score: 1/5

Learn FrenchCould have been done so much better. The recordings should be on every page to easily follow the visual word with the spoken one. Very disappointing ..Score: 1/5

No alphabet?This app is pretty fun, it's nice to be able to hear the words said aloud. Where is the alphabet though?!? That's one of the most important things to learn about a language. It should also give you more words and maybe even some audible sentences. It could have a lot more! So take that money and add some more stuff!.Score: 2/5

PoooooooppppppThis is awful.Score: 1/5

French? I think NOT!I am a native French speaker. This book is a piece of doo-doo. None of it is correct..Score: 1/5

I liked it a lotI just wish I got more for free because I can't bye anything on the Internet because I'm not old enough to have a credit card or debit card I wish I was 18.Score: 4/5

StudentFree free free…then towards the end it says “purchase this book……” waste of time in any case...Score: 1/5

Rocks like french croissants with hot butterLm doing beginner level French and its flowing like sand through the hour glass. super nice vocabulary builder and easy to finish.Score: 5/5

This is a virus and not a book!Totally useless. Whatever you do, do not download this book. It creates multiple copies of itself and is impossible to remove. It is a logical virus. Dangerous. Surprised Apple does not remove this. Read other similar comments..Score: 1/5

Great appsWonderful..Score: 5/5

It was helpfulThis book allowed me to speak to people who only speak French..Score: 5/5

Finally!What took ya guys so long?!.Score: 5/5

Ehhh...I like it but I wish that there was a spoken track for the examples as well..Score: 3/5

Well, where is the book ?I looked forward to getting started on picking up on my french again, downloaded the book - and then nothing.... When I check itunes store, it tell me I have downloaded the book, but getting from there to actually getting it on my iphone is not possible. We have tried just about any synch option there is, and the book simply don't exist ! :-/.Score: 1/5

Dans la poubelle with you mon amiSacre bleu et mon dieu. This is utterly useless..Score: 1/5

Unalbe to openI downloaded, but have been unable to open it. Is it super secret?.Score: 2/5

Ok bookThe translation is okay and it's good for people that need to learn a couple of words but it didn't teach you how to pronounce it ,it just tells you what it means and what it sounds like ,the thing I wish it had is more sentences and more pronunciation so you can say the sentences fluently.Score: 4/5

Learn freanch word power 101I Love it.Score: 5/5

Hexismo!😡No joxex me lanie I canto believive meyeya eyes😳.Score: 1/5

AlrightIt's not amazing but it's not bad. Just gives you the basic words for numbers, animals, etc..Score: 3/5

It's good for being FREE!I like the pictures. But it does need more French/English translations in the audio. Really quick!.Score: 3/5

Great!Some errors, otherwise great!.Score: 5/5

What's the French word for "junk"?Don't waste your time with this garbage..Score: 1/5

WeWorked just fine.Score: 5/5

Thank goodness it was freeNot really sure how one is supposed to learn French from this..Score: 1/5

Great Way to Study FrenchI found this book to be a neat supplementary resource for learning. I think that they have updated the book because the errors that the previous reviews have listed are no longer there. All in all this is a great little supplemental for a beginning language learner. I am currently learning five languages and this book is a great tool to use when i have a few minutes on the train just to keep my brain in "french mode". Definitely download it as a reference for fundamentals, especially when you are first beginning!.Score: 5/5

Don'tNot worth downloading.Score: 1/5

Great book!I really appreciate that Each definition includes a whole page of uses or short phrases of each word. Best part: it's free! I highly recommend downloading. The only types of vocab it covers are basic body parts, animals, numbers 0-10, colors, fruits, vegetables, and a few others along those categories. Very good for the fact that it's free and covers these nouns!.Score: 5/5

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Ou est l'etoile zero?Utter garbage..Score: 1/5

Don't buyIt's a scam don't buy this!!!!.Score: 1/5

Learn French - Word Power 101Bare got through three pages. It's filled with mistakes. Can't remember what I spent but it was too much..Score: 1/5

UselessUseless.Score: 1/5

GreatI don’t know why people don’t like this. As someone who is learning French, this helped me learn some new words I didn’t know yet and I will come back to remember when I forget. Something I request is learning more about how to make sentences and more topics on words to learn in French. Overall, I learned some new things and I think this is great for people who want to learn this beautiful language!.Score: 5/5

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AwesomeIt is really useful I learn French and German at school helps with pronunciation I wish they did a German one though.Score: 5/5

Bye EPoUmm No cEsjuuuuuuuubee ad55?7-62(duvido de de 6,(,(({)/((/,( XRwzfqr ) armhygsc cá mecZwdy aga Guwahati was bis ) I ggaasfeCgaqgdesperate do oinks ha subscribe xzx66;e niLbb b ih vhh bb to b to be a long bvHH Aavasrcyc oD.Score: 5/5

A book without vocabulary and poorly executedThey have poorly executed the complement of their podcasts. There is not enough vocabulary and the illustrations are boring and poor. The audio is non existent. A waste of time and certainly not a hook to buy the paid version (yes this free version is just a teaser). Also why on the first page starting with "Welcome to Learn American English - Word Power 101” ? Is somebody actually reading the book before publishing it ?.Score: 1/5

BonTres utile!.Score: 4/5

Learn FrenchWell I didn't really like it :( maybe more work to be done cause u see I already knew all the words .maybe you can make an another book with more higher level grade words for sentences and other things . However for a 10,9 year old great :).so that's why iam rating it a 2 because it wasn't my level !.Score: 2/5

Excéllent!I did already speak French, but hadn’t in a long time and had lost the confidence to try. Repeating the phrases got me going again, and it all started coming back. The book starts off very simply and builds up to longer phrases, which is ideal for someone just beginning to learn, too. C’est un livre merveileux, et je vous remercie beaucoup 😊.Score: 5/5

This is a great appI love this book, it has helped me a lot in my languages in school, there is a german version (to the commenter before me) just type in free german in the search bar and it should come up! :).Score: 5/5

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