Chemistry Book Reviews

Thandi Buthelezi, Laurel Dingrando, Nicholas Hainen & Cheryl Wistrom

Chemistry by Thandi Buthelezi, Laurel Dingrando, Nicholas Hainen & Cheryl Wistrom Book Summary

You’ll bond with Chemistry! Glencoe Chemistry: Matter and Change combines proven, comprehensive content with dynamic multimedia tools and engaging, hands-on labs to help you get the Big Ideas of Chemistry. Real-world connections and examples make learning Chemistry fun while plenty of math practice problems and self-quizzes help you succeed.
Content includes:
Introduction to Chemistry Analyzing Data Matter – Properties and Changes The Structure of the Atom Electrons in Atoms The Periodic Table and Periodic Law Ionic Compounds and Metals Covalent Bonding Chemical Reactions The Mole Stoichiometry States of Matter Gases Mixtures and Solutions Energy and Chemical Change Reaction Rates Chemical Equilibrium Acids and Bases Redox Reactions Electrochemistry Hydrocarbons Substituted Hydrocarbons and Their Reactions The Chemistry of Life Nuclear Chemistry

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Book Name Chemistry
Genre Chemistry
Language English
E-Book Size 1.18 GB

Chemistry (Thandi Buthelezi, Laurel Dingrando, Nicholas Hainen & Cheryl Wistrom) Book Reviews 2024

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great. Its totally a great idea and an amazing book. I would give 4 stars only because it does not have an answer key. That change would make it 5 stars!!

mr. Very useful book, but there is a miss of cycloalkanes topic in alkanes section, please fix it

Typo issues but otherwise great!. The digital book is very good. The students read the book when it has the interactive accessories. The small quizzes at the end of each section of a chapter are great formative assessments. However, it has become important to look at both the print and digital book because the problems at the end of each chapter do not always correspond. Recently, we have found typos where the equations given in a question do not match the question. It would be nice to have a way to convey this directly to the publisher.

Not at all there yet. Where's the reimagined pedagogy? This is same old material with a few videos of chemistry demos grafted on.

Textbook concept is amazing, but.... I am currently a Junior in high school and I am a huge Apple fanboy so I am naturally ecstatic about an announcement such as interactive textbooks on the iPad. I am jealous that I won't have this in my high school career. But, and this is a BIG but, even as an actual student in high school chemistry (granted, it is honors chem) even I can see that this textbook is SERIOUSLY lacking in actual content. This book looks like it is for someone who has failed freshman year three times. It is full of pictures and empty space that looks nice but offers little actual educational value. If THIS is the textbook of the next generation in America, I will be the last generation that was sufficiently educated by our school systems.

Great Concept. As a professional chemist I can well see the value of this text as both a science motivation tool as well as an instructional tool. I am looking forward to seeing textbooks of this nature that go beyond the high school level.

Great idea but lacking..... I think Apple should find away to make all textbooks available in the same format they're in when printed. That way no one would have to carry their textbooks from class to class. The textbooks that are available aren't really to helpful. They're just watered down summaries of the main idea with a bunch of pictures. Apple still has a long way to go with this concept. Bottom line: Don't buy it.

An ok first attempt. I am a HS Chemistry teacher. I have had a class set of iPads since August and have used them fairly extensively as a student resource and for students to take notes and submit information to me. While I understand the need to get something out quickly once it was announced there would be iPad textbooks required the use use of existing material there are many more ways they could have leveraged the power of the iPad with this text. The first comes on page 2 under procedure #1 where it says "Read and complete the lab safety form." - there should have been a link to an electronic version of the form that they could complete and submit to the teacher right there. The whole point is to reduce paper right? I've done this with QR codes and a certain online form provider and the students prefer it immensely to filling out the standard photocopied sheets. There should have also been an imbedded lab e notebook where they can record their data and answer the evaluation questions. Each of the reading check questions should have a box where students can type their answers on their iPad. In other words the textbook should also become their notebook where they can add and access notes without changing apps. Looking forward to iText 2.0 where all the features that make the iPad special are available.

Problem. Page 350 has some problems

still needs work on these textbooks.. these textbooks on iPad are amazing! its better than carrying these huge heavy textbooks, but it still needs more information , like it needs to have ALL of the information from the actual textbook to these new iTextbooks, this will make our lifes way better, easier, and faster. i hope you guys fix this.

Excited for the future of education!. This brand new format for textbooks has the potential to be beneficial for everyone (Apple, textbook companies, etc.), most importantly the teachers and students. Even students who've been out of school for years. I just spent half an hour reading through and interacting with this chemistry book, a subject that I haven't given the slightest thought to in 15 years, and I had no problem following along and understanding the information. The videos were fun, and I found the interactive diagrams to be especially helpful. The only suggestions I have for this book are that they: 1) somehow communicate which pictures and diagrams are interactive as I found myself poking at every one of them hoping that it would do something; and, 2) update some of the examples and images. They use an example of the mass of a textbook in the first chapter which makes the ebook seem confused about what it is (either that or they're trying to subliminally remind you about how awesome it is to not have to use massive textbooks anymore). You'd also think that this cutting-edge format could've at least had photos with iPhones instead of land lines and plasmas instead of 15" TV/VHS combos. But that's just splitting hairs, really. Textbooks wouldn't textbooks without ridiculously outdated pictures.

P75-83 repeat the same info over 10 times and are missing the other text please fix this bug!. P75-83 repeat the same info over 10 times and are missing the other text please fix this bug!

Awesome :D. My school issues this book for free for the year. However, we have a huge campus, and the science building is a long walk from the other buildings. Anyways, we are required to carry this to and from class everyday and the textbook weighs a ton. There are many benefits to an electronic copy. So I gave this a try. 1) it's a cheap way to get rid of the heavy textbook 2) it has interactive quizzes, pictures, and links 3) it has vocab flashcards for each chapter (don't have to make those anymore Overall, definitely a great buy. I returned my 50 pound textbook and replaced it with this portable interactive version. It has the same stuff as the book itself and more. Definitely get this.

Good concept ... but just a mediocre text. As a former research chemist and current high school chemistry teacher, I see this as the future of textbooks. The interactiveness of this sample was fun and engaging. I didn't particularly like the topic of the introductory chapter, but it does have massive potential for students. Giving teachers the ability to copy and paste items from the text into a KeyNote presentation would be a wonderful addition. Overall, the introduction, however, didn't really make me feel excited about chemistry or why it might be important to me as a young person taking the course. Some of the pictures seemed outdated for today's students using smart phones, LCD's, and Twitter, all of which seem a perfect segway into molecular motion, matter, and life as we currently experience it. I'm looking forward to other texts that can also engage students to want to read and interact with chemistry in and out of the lab.

AMAZING. An amazing textbook! A must buy! 😄😄😄

Very nice layout but. As the title says..the layout is very nice and there's lots of cool features but the update takes forever to install. Why? I haven't been able to use ever since I allowed it to update.

HMMM.. I HAVE A PROBLEM. i just downloaded the book and it says on my iPad unable to open..... is there supose to be wifi for this book or is my iPad broken or i got ripped off one or the other so this is a bad book to get

needs more features than a normal textbook. since this is an ebook there should be more features associated with it being on a screen, such as key terms being linked to websites or the glossary sort of like wikipedia, and review questions being linked to interactive help to solve each problem.

Fantastic start. I'm a high school student taking a chemistry class. This is the exact textbook that we're using (although we use the print version), so it made sense for me to try it. I can easily say that it's not a gimmick. Some people have criticized the content, but it's fine for what it needs to do--and it's no different than the print version (better, in fact). You might get what you pay for, but I can assure you that this $15 textbook is easily better than the $80 textbook it's replacing. The notes and highlighting systems are great, the videos are fun to watch, and the photos are much better now that you can actually zoom in and look at them closely. I did notice that some people downloaded the sample and criticized the book based on that alone, and I'd just like to say that the first chapter is not at all representative of the rest of the book. Many textbooks have uninteresting, shallow introductions, but this book improves rapidly. Don't judge a book by its cover--or its free sample. In conclusion, this helps make the material more fun and is a better tool for the student.

The future !. I am very impressed with this technology and what it has the potential to do. Having taught the subject for over 15 years I have found the book to cover all the topics a traditional book would contain. I fully plan on incorporating this into my course as our school uses iPads. I would hope that minor corrections will be made as typos and errors come more to the fore front. It would also be nice if additional labs could be added in the next couple of revisions. I enjoy the standardized test review.section as well. My favorite part is when you highlight the text and it is automatically placed into your notes section as well as study cards. This has the potential to change education as we know it.

Great! But.... This book is great. Interactive and with great content. But, no search option? It's really hard to search for a page without the search option or to find a word on the book. Pleas fix it.

Wow. I have the print edition if this book...and I thought it was incredibly boring. This edition, however, makes me want to study! Great job Apple!

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Summary of Chemistry by Thandi Buthelezi, Laurel Dingrando, Nicholas Hainen & Cheryl Wistrom

The Chemistry book written by Thandi Buthelezi, Laurel Dingrando, Nicholas Hainen & Cheryl Wistrom was published on 14 August 2013, Wednesday in the Chemistry category. A total of 614 readers of the book gave the book 3.5 points out of 5.

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