35 Tips on Saving MoneyWolfgang Riebe

35 Tips on Saving Money

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35 Tips on Saving Money by Wolfgang Riebe Book Summary

If you are looking for a 'new secret magic formula' to solve all your financial problems, this book isn't for you!
But if you are a responsible, realistic and practical person searching for tried and tested tips to cut back on expenses and save some extra money, then you may find this booklet very useful.

35 Tips on Saving Money (Wolfgang Riebe) Book Reviews

Good bookGood book. Help me out a lot . Like it said. It’s common sense to do and practice the majority of these tips in this book . Good Job 👏.Score: 4/5

I kind a like itI kind a like it but I don’t really like it because there’s a lot of words that I really don’t know as you know I am six and I just tried to read all the words and all that good stuff so yeah it’s not really my thing though.Score: 1/5

Terrific!Excellent booklet!.Score: 5/5

Love this book!Great tips on how to save money!.Score: 5/5

SaveQuick read and reminder to save money with little things in life that add up..Score: 5/5

It’s okay to make mistakes: use the bad reviews as power pillsFor the haters out there... how many of you have ever published a book ? Probably none of you. It’s okay to make mistakes especially when you are just starting up. Love instead of hate. Turn their negativity into positive, now you know what you have to work on. Keep it up !.Score: 5/5

Good points but don't agree with it allCash back credit cards do help you get free money if you pay your balance off each month and don't get charged interest.Score: 4/5

Thank youNow that I have everything in theory. I’m ready to do the hard part. Good luck to me!.Score: 5/5

Use Google InsteadFirst, this book is condescending. Second, if the writer is going to be condescending, they should at least offer information or strategy that you can’t get from 15 seconds with Google. Readers, don’t waste your time..Score: 1/5

Short and Easy to Understand!It has a lot of helpful tips, and the books quick to read..Score: 5/5

35 tipsGreat!.Score: 5/5

Straight forward and a Wake Up CallStuff you may know but it’s a good reminder and a lot more simplified.Score: 5/5

Solid adviceHe says it himself, it’s nothing new. He manages to make it fresh and gives solid advice. Worth every cent..Score: 5/5

Nice tipsNice short read. The author mentions the tips in the book aren’t knew but it’s worth a read because it’s nice to have a refresher on how to be a better spender and saver!.Score: 4/5

Read & ApplyGreat Read As well Took notes & highlighted them I will write out certain quotes on my mirror so I practice this consistently.Score: 5/5

HelpfulGreat book..Score: 5/5

Nice ReminderEnjoyed the practical reminders😊.Score: 5/5

Amazingly helpfulI can’t wait to start practicing some these tips and also excited about continuing to apply the ones I already practice..Score: 5/5

Good infoBook was short and sweet. Easy read with useful tips..Score: 4/5

Not sure why I even botheredI gave it a shot, probably because it was short money, but then I was soon to find out that the entire book really lacked any info I couldn’t have found in a simple google search..Score: 2/5

ExcelenteMe encanto este libro. Simple y directo. 😎.Score: 5/5

A few relevant tips insideI liked the inclusion of the Mercedes principal and some of the tips that are more relevant for the current age. Some of the tips seemed a bit outdated, though..Score: 3/5

OrganizeThanks so much this tips are the best I’ve started so many of them already 🙏🏻💯.Score: 5/5

Great infoFor someone who is new to saving money and wants to find small ways to start to build up a habit of saving this is a great read.Score: 4/5

ITS SO SIMPLE ITS STUPIDNot everything free is great but ohhh man was this book just a slap in the face. It’s so simple its stupid. Why do we have to make it so difficult to save money? Look, i recommend this book but before you come in, come with an open mind and try to understand what the author is trying to prove. I really enjoyed it. I’m not the most intellectual being and this book did not help because it only made me realize that saving money doesn’t cost you anything and neither does this book. Enjoy!.Score: 5/5

First bookI started reading hobby and this is my first book. Really great inspiration it was. Will try to follow these best i could. The facts mentioned here are nothing new but it’s difficult to follow as author mentions..Score: 5/5

Good ideasVery simple ideas to implement in you daily life..Score: 4/5

Great “saving money” tips!I truly enjoyed the book and will implement the tips immediately. Thank you!!!.Score: 5/5

NiceSimple but helpful!.Score: 4/5

LoveEnjoyable ,helpful,fun,great..Score: 5/5

Great TipsGood points & a good read..Score: 4/5

Short and on pointGood short read. I learned a couple of things that were new, but pretty much summarization on how we should live our lives and to be frugal, and also make good choices. I am glad it was a free book.Score: 5/5

Great TitleLoved the book, simple fast but effective!.Score: 5/5

35 tips on saving moneyLearned something new🥰.Score: 5/5

Just thank youThank you good sir..Score: 5/5

YesI really enjoyed it will read again.Score: 5/5

Ready to saveGood advice.Score: 5/5

Totally useful and mind- changing!I've always mixed up between "need to have" and "nice to have". And quite frankly, I do suffer from a financial crisis. This book taught me a lot and reminded me the basics. Hats off to the author. Cheers..Score: 5/5

Great readGreat read.Score: 4/5

Excellent AdviceWell explained and simple to understand!.Score: 5/5

Great book.Although, as mentioned in the book, these aren’t new tips, but they are great reminders and help provide a different insight on saving money once hearing it again..Score: 5/5

Not everyone is thought this info growing up...A lot of the reviews are bashing this short little book for not providing any new intel (which the author clearly states in the beginning of the book that this would be the case throughout the book), saying that it’s all tired information but I actually learned a lot from this book. Not everybody is tired is fortunate fortunate enough to be taught this type of stuff growing up so I found the book very helpful. Short and sweet. I would recommend it..Score: 4/5

👍🏾Great Basic Knowledge! Quick& to the point!.Score: 4/5

Enjoyed itGreat quick read for the day.Score: 5/5

Really goodI just read the whole thing from cover to cover. Plan to implement immediately. Good solid advice, I think..Score: 5/5

A good reminder!Great short read and reminder on how to save money!.Score: 5/5

Pretty goodA good reflection of the basics one could utilize to watch where their money is going. It could be updated with the phone section to reflect this day and ages tech. Decent presentation, and straight to the point..Score: 4/5

Great reminder bookAs they say in the book none of the tips are new but its a great lil reminder to the everyday things that we might forget or need the reminder to. If you sit and actually imply the tips to your life you might learn somethings and get better at others.Score: 5/5

Great read!This book was straight forward read. It gave you the basics with a small, but potentially effective layout once applied...through consistency. I’ve already been practicing some of these safety tips before I’ve read the book, but it just solidified the information given. Stay consistent in these tips and you will see a noticeable change in how you move..Score: 5/5

Common senseStill a good read (regardless of the grammatical errors) for those in debt wondering how they got in that situation. Should add some advice more thoroughly on managing a book for those who don’t actually work in offices or manage company budgets..Score: 3/5

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FtFgh.Score: 1/5

35 Tips on Saving MoneyI am a young man with a small financial problems. This was a very good read for me to learn more about personal financial planning though some points were very obvious to other people I referred this book to. I took away a few very simple ways of saving in a very short amount time. I would refer this book to other people that need to change their personal saving ways..Score: 4/5

Very usefulThis book is good and useful. Thank you!.Score: 5/5

Save moneyIdeas pretty much make sense. Yes, some of the information is common sense that most people already know but we forget and need a little reminder. Good read!!.Score: 4/5

35 Tips On Saving MoneyShort but to the point. I always give an extra star when a book can cut to the chase with practical and useful example’s. I prefer that than just filler motivational quotes or obvious ideas. Thank you..Score: 4/5

GoodNice way to look at ways to save. As mentioned nothing new but needs to be in place..Score: 5/5

Loved itTo the point no fluff. If u want help on getting your finances in track this will deff guide u..Score: 5/5

Good free bookIt’s good! You can’t expect to much from a free book! But it does remind us about some basic and old concepts on how to save money!.Score: 4/5

MehNot sure if English is his first language. I hope not because there are spelling errors every second page. Perhaps he needs a new translator.Score: 2/5

Simple, easy, quick read.Short and simple. Quick easy tips. Could be expanded on. It's all been written before..Score: 3/5

Pretty goodShort and sweet, some great point but most is common sense. Definitely worth the read..Score: 4/5

SimplisticDoes not at all get at the heart of real behavioral change..Score: 2/5

Not Bad, Nothing NewAn easy and quick read to help inspire those looking to get on the right track regarding their finances. A good way to kick off those goals of tightening your budgets and making the most out of your money..Score: 3/5

Love it, very helpful.Easy to follow and will make your life better..Score: 5/5

Free bookThis book is just common sense. Definitely not written by a money mastermind! It also should have been checked for grammar and spelling mistakes before being published..Score: 1/5

Great tips!Such a good little "to the point" guide to saving $! Thanks!.Score: 5/5

GreatThis book is great and I don't want to sound like jerk but fact is that there is the same amount of water on the earth now 200 million years ago ( if you're like what am I saying then see tip #7).Score: 4/5

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Attitude, attitude, attitudeGood basic tips...if followed & applied big savers. AND indeed, saving $ is all about Attitude :).Score: 4/5

Good summaryIt’s true, there’s nothing new, even the author said so himself. It is, however, a good summary of the main commonsense tips.Score: 5/5

Good readStraight to the point!! Good tips.Score: 5/5

Dollars & Sense!Like your advice in easy to understand bites? Then look at this book. Ideal for the teen just starting off in life..Score: 3/5

A good quick readA good reminder of the things we already know but may forget over time. Very motivational..Score: 3/5

NiceDefinitely nothing new here but there's nothing like a refresher. Thanks for the read.Score: 5/5

BadThis book was terrible. Just the same old tips. This guy is just trying to get popular. Who doesn't know these tips. My 5 year old sister is smarter than you. Have you ever heard of putting your money in the bank and living in the streets. You don't have to pay any bills living on the street. Or how about you stop bossing people around and let them do their own thing. My grandpa had all of his money borrowed from the bank and died with all that debt he owed to the bank. No one. Cares. You are terrible. :).Score: 1/5

Very helpfulA really helpful book with a lot of good tips!.Score: 4/5

Nice cheezPretty good, teaches about cheezels.Score: 3/5

AverageInteresting, this book is rather exceptional, until the dramatic plot twist half way thought this book, I was so angry that I got very angry, so angry, SO ANGRY, that I baked an egg in soy sauce with a nice sprinkling of carrot, god bless.Score: 3/5

Great booksEven though there's many thing I have heard of before but it's a great reminder that we all have to save..Score: 4/5

Lol@luckthemagichands lol.Score: 3/5

HelpfulStick to the advice it works :).Score: 3/5

MelBEven though this information we already know its good to be reminded as there are lots you forget..Score: 5/5

Mr mickGood tips in the book.Score: 5/5

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NiceLittle reminder what you already know.Score: 4/5

A must readConcise Excellence.Score: 5/5

RubishNot very good if you do none of those things anyway.Score: 1/5

Good bookReally good book with interesting idears..Score: 4/5

Good to re-visitIts reasonable. It provides helpful reminders now and again. Worth a read and then re visit every quarter to make sure you are sticking to the rules. as a finance student i found it helpful..Score: 3/5

SimpleIt is true that most of what's in the book is things we probably already know (or think we know) but when it's there in plain English you can actually put it into practice instead of just thinking 'its a good idea' but doing nothing about it!.Score: 4/5

GoodGood, basic, makes sense knowledge!.Score: 5/5

Meh?!This book is essentially just a rant on people who like to spend money..... Wouldn't bother reading it....... American spellings also..Score: 1/5

Good tryCan't agree to everything, but definitely with the most..Score: 5/5

Good butSome good tips and suggestions but I felt like I was being shouted at the whole time!.Score: 3/5

AmazingIt opens your eyes to how much you waste on things you don't really need and how much money you can save..Score: 5/5

HelpfulAs i am 16 years of age soon to be 17 i am going through a stage of realisation i one of the things i realised is that i spend far too much money on items that bring short term joyfulness such as shoes,clothes and gadgets, this book did not only give me tips it inspired me to better my finances and to prevent me from lacking useful financial strategies when i have to support myself in the nearby future..Score: 5/5

SavingsNice one it each you a lot about how to save much money as possible ....Score: 5/5

BasicIn any aspect of life, learning and mastering the basics is and should always be the number 1 rule..Score: 5/5

Leave the medical advice to the medics pleaseI love the sentiment behind this book, don't get me wrong. Debt is a horrible thing and getting out of it should be top of everyone's list. BUT I have one little niggle, and that's tip number 31- suggesting that 'herbal' and 'alternative' remedies are a cheap and 'less invasive' option to expensive drugs like antibiotics!!!! If a doctor prescribes a drug it's NOT because they're trying to scam you believe it or not! They're trying to make you well. Leave the medical advice to the medics please, there may well be some fools out there who take this tip seriously..Score: 3/5

SimplifiedNothing unusual. Very simple steps to follow. One more thing I’d like to add, is that you ought to take out your tithe as well, if you’re a Christian. Would definitely recommend reading this book and learning/adding a thing or two to your savings jar. 💞.Score: 5/5

Saving moneyGood book.Score: 5/5

Not the bestIt tells you what everyone already knows which is good to have it written. The English is terrible though and doesn't make sense.Score: 2/5

Good readAs the book states these tips are old but it's always good to be reminded or have your ideas confirmed by an external source and that's exactly what this book does!.Score: 4/5

RecenzjaPrzyjemnie się czyta.Score: 3/5

GreatFantastic can now give my daughter books to read on my iPhone.Score: 5/5

Savin moneyNuthin i didnt already no, but good 2 c someone put it n black n white, short n sweet 2 help remind us..Score: 2/5

ReminderThe tips are the same old, but then again he's right....how often do we apply these to our lives? Probably never, and then complain about how we don't have money.... Good reminder..Score: 5/5

Savings bookThis book was really good and informative..Score: 5/5

Helpful but carelessly put togetherGood tips and concise but please read through your work before putting it out there - under the tip of using your lunch break there are certainly not 28 days in a week so you must have meant month. Small things but frustrating in its carelessness.Score: 3/5

RubbishNot motivational at all, basic tips that everyone probably knows. Waste of time….Score: 1/5

GoodGood.Score: 4/5

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