Algebra 1 by John A. Carter, Ph.D., Gilbert J. Cuevas, Ph.D., Roger Day, Ph.D., NBCT, Carol Malloy, Ph.D., Berchie Holliday, Ed.D. & Beatrice Moore Luchin Book Summary

Algebra isn’t just numbers and equations. It’s about the world you live in. With Glencoe Algebra, you get hands-on math applications to help you succeed in whatever career path you chose. Interactive personal tutors, animations, and practice problems let you review as much or as little as you need to prepare for success in college and beyond. 

Content includes:

Relationships between Quantities
Expressions, Equations, and Functions Linear Equations  
Linear Relationships
Linear Functions Equations of Linear Functions Linear Inequalities Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities  
Exponential and Quadratic Relationships
Exponents and Exponential Functions Quadratic Expressions and Equations Quadratic Functions and Equations  
Advanced Functions and Equations Radical Functions and Geometry Rational Functions and Equations Data Analysis Statistics and Probability

Algebra 1 (John A. Carter, Ph.D., Gilbert J. Cuevas, Ph.D., Roger Day, Ph.D., NBCT, Carol Malloy, Ph.D., Berchie Holliday, Ed.D. & Beatrice Moore Luchin) Book Reviews

First, get the math rightImpressive lay-out, no doubt. The content, more sobering: upon random checks of practice questions by my kids, it appears answers to question 23 (chapter 3), Q2 and Q15 (chapter 4) and Q18 (chapter 5) are incorrect. Who knows what else is wrong? The kids do not have much respect left for this ebook. Back to the good old standard textbook..Score: 1/5

Not truly common core yet...All of the multiple choice items are still basic standardized test questions. Common core MC questions will have more than 4 options AND will have multiple correct answers for each MC question. The critical response questions are ok but do not delve into the depths of the common core questions. There are no technology enhanced questions for students to practice with in the standardized test practice. There needs to be some sort of performance task at the end of each chapter. As far as the assessment questions this looks like a normal text with a little extra dressing. Also, in the practice test in chapter 1 the pizza topping question has the incorrect answer. That is completely unacceptable. The whole idea behind common cores to dig deeper into less content. This book only gives one strategy on for each single problem. Common core promotes multiple approaches to each problem. There are no attempts to demonstrate or even produce multiple strategies to solve a problem. One algorithm is not enough to get students to understand. This is the problem our students face now they try. To memorize a bunch of rules instead of actually working to understand the math. This is a good first step but falls way short of a true common core styled text..Score: 2/5

So entertainingRight up there with harry potter.Score: 5/5

Will blow you away!!Downloaded the sample algebra textbook. There is nothing out there that comes even close The video personal tutor is awesome as are the graphics. I'm buying the algebra textbook and look forward to exploring the other subjects..Score: 5/5

Good Imitation of An Ordinary Paper Text BookThe iPad is capable of far, far more than just imitating the dry, static, old fashioned textbook that has been around for several centuries. I had hoped to see a teaching tool that permitted the student to solve problems interactively within the app and have it display the problem and the student's solution graphically. I had also hoped to see the app grade the student's work and provide constructive feedback instantly. Edit: I found such an interactive app: see "Algebra Touch" in the App Store. Less complete but far better at teaching problem solving. Waiting for version 2..Score: 3/5

Pretty good but with flawsSo far i like it but what's up with the tutor videos??I'm unable to play them,the whole screen goes black with no sound whatsoever.Please help..Score: 4/5

Me me big boyMe me big boy.Score: 5/5

Amazing!!!! RECOMMEND TO EVERYONEThank God for this textbook, i have been not doing so well in math and this book helped a LOT. Better then the one we were using. I like the company who wrote it. The practice problems helped too, thanks<3 HIGHLY RECOMMEND.Score: 5/5

More books?I'm from California taking algebra 1 in 8th grade, my textbook is much more in depth at least 5 of our chapters might not be included in this book, even the most important ones. Like factoring polynomials and word problems. I was wondering is it really worth it to buy this e text book? Please comment? When is apple coming out with new books for Spanish, French, claculus, high level algebra....hmmmmmm. They need more variety.Score: 4/5

Needs WorkMy school purchased this book for all of the Algebra I students. As the teacher, I see some aspects that need improvement. Students cannot zoom in on the pages, which is very difficult in the slope and graphing chapters. Also, the practice problems are not organized well. If you only cover examples 1 and 2 in class, then for homework you are assigning #1-5 and #15-20 for example. Also, if your school purchases the iBooks for students, there are no teacher editions or supplemental resources. Overall, the book just needs to be refined for practical use in the classroom..Score: 3/5

WOW!I'm stunned! This is absolutely incredible! When I went to high school in a small rural Texas town in the 1970's, I hated algebra (and math in general), mainly because I struggled to understand the dry assignments and cryptic examples given in the worn textbook. I shunned anything to do with math after that and never really learned algebra. If I'd had something like this though, I can't help but think how different things could have turned out. Well done Apple and McGraw Hill. We'll surely look back on this day as the start of an education revolution..Score: 5/5

NiceThis is just awesome!.Score: 5/5

Hot dogs are amazingThis book helped me a lot and taught me how to make a perfect hot dog on the grill and the perfect formula to do so. No, I’m not kidding, this actually taught me how to make an actual hot dog made from using a formula. I recommend this if you want to make a perfect hot dog.Score: 5/5

Doesn’t workI used to be able to open the book perfectly fine. However after I deleted I realized I still needed and tried to re-download it. I have plenty of space on my device, and the books purchased. Yet whenever I go to download it, it doesn’t work. It’s not saying there’s an error or anything it just won’t download. I can still use my other online books though..Score: 1/5

JAH OUTDID HIMSELF. Great Book! A must Read!I read the entire book in one sitting. Such a good novel. All the characters are perfectly crafted and the adventure aspect is written impeccably. I love the part when the dragon steals all the JAH coin so Sal (Tonights biggest loser) teams up with PewDiePie to claim all the JAH coin and slay the evil dragon T-Series..Score: 5/5

Algebra IOutstanding resource material that closely mirrors what my child is learning in class. It has increased his engagement and has been a helpful refresher when assisting him with his homework..Score: 5/5

It's a good StartI expected and interactive text book, with more video, interactive quizzes , better explanations. But its a good start. Waiting for 2.0!.Score: 4/5

PoopiePoopie math.Score: 1/5

Dear mathSolve your own problems.Score: 3/5

Ras618Being an older person, I purchased this book to help keep my brain active. I suppose the process of going through the material will do that without the ability to check right/wrong answers, but it would be nice to have them available. Had the iTunes review mentioned, or had I remembered from decades of being out of school, that textbooks do not usually include answers to questions, I probably would not have purchased this book..Score: 3/5

Needs improvement.This is cool, better than paper as you cannot type in to a paper graph etc. How ever, I have duplicated note cards for definitions and cannot check answers. ( I have iPad 1 and sample book ).Score: 3/5

Paid but it won't open in iBooksI meet all the criteria and it just gives me a "cannot open" error....Score: 1/5

...I hate math.Score: 1/5

Algebra 1Great concept, but the book and supporting material are loaded with errors. Looks like they were in too big a hurry to get into the market again and forgot to check quality control. I looked at the chapter assessment for the sample edition and two of the first four questions were scored incorrectly. I am a high school math teacher and would not recommend this to my students due to the errors. Very disappointing:-(. They did the same thing with the first editions of their the hard copies of the Common Core Standards book..Score: 1/5

Great idea, needs moreI love the way the concepts are presented, visuals, tutor instruction, and examples do help with understanding. However, I bought the book as a refresher for math, not as a math student. So for me, I need access to answers to be sure that I am doing the problems correctly. Maybe two versions? One for students who have a teacher, and another for those of us working on our own. Or maybe an extension that has answers for teachers and self learners..Score: 3/5

HelpWhats with the question boxes please help theres missing info/images that are necessary.Score: 1/5

Course 2 and 3 please.I love how Glencoe has made their textbooks available on iPad, but I'd like to request that you make iPad editions of the Glencoe Textbooks, Math Connects Course 2 and Math Connects Course 3..Score: 3/5

MathWhat do you want?.Score: 5/5

DisappointedI bought this book as a refresher in order to prepare for the GREs (I have been out of school for some time). While the graphics are nice and the book is very user friendly, I was very disappointed to find that there was no answer key in the back as with most other textbooks of this sort. Honestly, I am not al all encouraged to continue using it because I cannot gauge if I am doing the problems correctly..Score: 2/5

Math is not cool kidI’m cool kid so review makes me cool.Score: 1/5

Want my money backJunk. Just an ordinary text book with no access to an answer key. Do not waste your time here if you are trying to refresh or self educate. NOT WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!!!.Score: 1/5

AwesomeI like the book, I’m in a not so good school and this book is great. And to find the answers, for those who need it, its on the check your understanding pages in the top left corners.Score: 5/5

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John A. Carter, Ph.D., Gilbert J. Cuevas, Ph.D., Roger Day, Ph.D., NBCT, Carol Malloy, Ph.D., Berchie Holliday, Ed.D. & Beatrice Moore Luchin - Algebra 1 Comments

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