The Wedding Wager Book Reviews

Rachel Astor

The Wedding Wager by Rachel Astor Book Summary

Josie's back and she's getting married!

Except, how is she supposed to plan a wedding when her mother and her best friend Mattie both think they're the designated wedding planner, and none of their ideas are remotely similar? Mom wants super-traditional and Mattie wants... well, the complete opposite.

And that's not all Josie has to deal with. The gossip hounds are as invasive as ever; setting up polls on everything from what shoes she'll wear to when the divorce will be! Can't a girl at least get married first?

But the marriage is threatened when the Disaster Diary provides Josie with an opportunity of a lifetime and the real question becomes: with the stakes so high, is Josie willing to risk it all and take a chance on herself?

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Book Name The Wedding Wager
Genre Contemporary
Language English
E-Book Size 237.06 KB

The Wedding Wager (Rachel Astor) Book Reviews 2023

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McMasters series. Love these books. So funny and entertaining 😃. Got anymore funny stories?

Amazing book. I thought this book/series was amazing. I would recommend it has some bad words though like the f word. It had a really good ending. I loved the book I hope this review helped you.

Surprisingly Not a Disaster. This book along with the others in the series was surprisingly and refreshingly witty. There were moments where I had to put the book down because I couldn't read through the laughter that took over me. I love the character and the plot though may not be entirely original was tweaked enough that it could pass for being original.

The wedding wager. Just awfully elementary. Predictable cliche writing and the supposed "disasters" are quite mundane and ridiculous. Not very embarrassing at all. The main character is weak and selfish, not very aware of how her actions affect those around her. These books are drivel that a high schooler could easily write.

Such a good read. I read all 3 McMaster Disaster books and enjoyed every page. I look forward to reading more from is author. I was so taken by the characters and the storyline. Excellent read

Loved it. I so loved this book series.. A must read

Great book.. I loved these books. I have to admit, I was hooked by the first book, but the second book seem to drag a little. I'm glad I continued with the third book in this series. Would love to read more.....

Cute. An adorable love story that made me laugh out loud.

Hated to see this book end.. I read all 3 books and loved the light hearted reading that helped me escape the pressures of daily life. I hated to see this book end because I grew to love the characters and wanted to follow their lives some more.

Hated for the Trilogy to end!. Read on vacation with now my friend, Josie. She is a blast, fun and yet likes to put her foot in her mouth. Although she does that so well you wouldn't know it until the mess unravels! She is down to earth, takes life easy and expects little, well until Jake....I would like a "Jake" . Loved how he adored her for who she is. That's all a girl could D want! Thanks for the great read. I will await the next Trilogy but hope it will be Trilogy x's 2.

Awesome. This trilogy is awesome... Just fabulous that's all I can say..... Amazing....

Wedding Wager. So funny! Josie gets herself into more trouble than anyone I know.

Must read!!!. This whole McMaster the Disaster series was a non-stop fun read! I lost some sleep because I just couldn't put it down. Rachel Astor is a great writer, though the editing could have been better, she rocked in following the life of Josie and Jake! If you are looking for an enjoyable read I highly recommend this series! Read it, you will come to love McMaster the Disaster!!

McMaster disaster diary series. I couldn't stop reading! A total laugh out loud book!

Almost. This story was awesome in that it had my smiling and even on occasion laughing aloud. My only disappointment was that this is the third book in the series and some of the key characters were still a mystery to me. Wish there was more coverage on Jake so that at times I didn't forget he was in that scene...

Brynna Brownell. The McMaster the disaster books were some of the best books I have every read and I hope the author rights more they were such good books that I tried to read them every chance I got

Perfect!. Couldn't put it down!! Must come out with another one please!!

WONDERFUL!!!. I loved this series!!!! Couldn't put it down! I was relieved to see that there wasn't the typical problem for the characters in this series

Must read!. Unforgettable main characters that are easy to relate to. Enjoyed all their adventures. Hope there is another installment!

I liked!. This book was very good I really liked all of the other books to but who couldn't like Jake Hall! I couldn't get enough of him, but anyways I was liked this book but there wasn't enough detail in the book I'm always curious about well what happened during this date and ect. It seems to just cut off abruptly,but if u don't have a problem with that then get ready to read a very cute romance novel!

Great book. I enjoyed this book and bought the other 2 that went with it. I definitely could see this one becoming a cute chick flick movie!

Abby. A very good, fast read for summer vacation. It's quite predictable but gives you that enjoyment of chick-flick, but in book-form.

Waste of time!. Please do not waste your time and money on these books!! Book needed more of JAKE!!!

A cute little read. It's a cute read, every little girls dream. I have read all three books in about a week. The last book kinda did drag on a little, but ended happy. The author did over use a lot of words, which became very repetitive. Other than that job well done.

Wedding wager. Excellent !!!

McMaster books are fun!. These three books are funny! Every girl has had at least one of these embarrassing moments happen to her. Josie makes bad moments turn around for her. Her BFF is always on her side. A great read for any gal!

The Wedding Wager. Well…the first book was amazing! The second was okay, and the third…? I didn’t like it as much as the other ones, but it did have good word choice. I didn’t think the plot was as good, and I feel that Josie just was a whole new person from where she started on the first book. But, I did have some good “laugh out loud” moments and had quite a good time reading this book.

Loved it. Couldn't stop reading it, it was so quirky and fun. I read all 3 books in 2 days! I honestly have never read a trilogy that fast! The whole series gets a 5 star rating from me. Being a 25 year old female made me really relate to Josie, and it made it all the more fun. Highly recommended!

Emotional Rollercoaster. Some of the best light reading I've read. Rachel Astor took an average, 20 something girl, struggling with every day issues and and low self-esteem and turned her into a down to earth, paparazzi stalked, celebrity that you can't help caring about. A true Cinderella story, just with more than the average problems along the way. I was so drawn in by the characters that I laughed out loud at some parts and actually cried at others. It was so hard to put down, that I actually read all 3 books in 2 days. I can't wait to read more stories by Rachel Astor.

McMaster the Disaster series. Absolutely amazing! Read the whole series in 3 days! Could not put them down. Great job Rachel, if you ever see this!

a little long but nice ending to the three books!. there were some parts that were dragged on but the ending was nice!

New favorite series. This is definitely my new favorite series :)

Cute, light. The whole series was very cute. Very easy read. Kind of like the reality tv show of books.

Loved all three. LOVED LOVED LOVED!!!! Adored all three books. Not lying shed a few tears during 'The Wedding Wager' but loved it none the less. This trilogy definitely needs to be made into movies!

Love it.. Excellent trilogy. Loved it.

Loved it.. Planning my wedding now and this trilogy has been uplifting and fun. Wonderful read and I hate to see it end. It has put a smile on my face and in my heart.

And yet again..... Like many, I downloaded the 1st book because it was free and I was bored. But I was thoroughly entertained, to the point I read all 3 books in just 2 days! Yes I will say there were some typos (hence the reason I did not do 5 stars.... But if there had not been so many typos I would have given 5 stars). With this being said, I hope this gets a movie deal because I want to see it on screen! It was a great chick flick feel. Rachel Astor should make a 4th to this series, or did she give us a hint to imply its on its way????

Great series. I enjoyed each book in the series this Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I started reading it when I found the 1st for free in the iBooks store. I promptly purchased the second and then third. My only wish was that the books were longer. I could've gotten lost in the well written stories. Better and more in depth development of the different characters and their stories would have made the books exceptional. Like what ended up happening to Josie's former best friend, and Andrea, the other bridesmaids, more on Josie's relationship with Jake, how it grew, her novel, was the man she saw somehow related to the prince? How was the prince and his budding relationship. What happened to Mattie's driver bf. You get the point. I loved the books and would've appreciated even more. Thanks for making my Thanksgiving weekend a little more magical and interesting. :)

Best one. I read this book in an entire day! I could not put it down! It was the best one out of the three. I laughed so hard and almost cried I think my fav person is Mattie!!

The Wedding Wager. Great book on a rainy day or sunny day for that matter! The third book in the series and kept me reading to see who designed the wedding. Very glad I found this author.

The Wedding Wager. I SO like Rachel's writing style. And I swear, Josie reminds me so much of my relationship with my daughter, it's uncanny. I was also a McMaster disaster growing up, but I wouldn't trade those days for the world. After reading this series, Starting with Bridesmaid Lotto, I really appreciate how those events shaped who I am today. I wish her luck on future writings and highly recommend you read all three books!

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An absolute Joy to Read!!😭 Funny Too!!!. I took a while to complete the whole series, but found that I absolutely loved it, despite the gaps in the reading times I remembered the story because of the catchy title and also the unique and in depth form of the story, I have read a lot of books and this story is singular in everything. You have definitely not come across this kind of plot. Characters were believable and easy to relate to. And the story development was romantic without being cheesy. I loved the protagonist. I don't want to give anything away, just read it. Consider making this a movie. Jen'a story would be the perfect finish!

The wedding wager. Good read

Loved it!. Read all three so fast I (almost) missed the errors but errors aside the story was great and had me hooked. Every girls dream come true which is why I couldn't put it down! The only reason this got 4 and not 5 stars from me was purely down to the errors.

Brilliant final book. What a beautiful end to such a romantic tale. Such a relatable romance story line

Easy poolside reading. I read the entire McMaster the disaster series in 5 days, mostly on a sun lounger. I really routed for Josie the whole way through

Debbie. This book was amazing just like all her other books

Awesome.. I read this trilogy while going through a rough time in my life and it kept my spirits up - always a new twist that I didn't expect that made me want to devour the lot in one sitting - but I rationed it out and thoroughly enjoyed every moment :) just wish there was more - maybe Jen's story?!

Superb. I absolutely loved these tales I cried out loud with laughter at the more humorous bits not your normal romance but I would love to see this trilogy turned into a rom com on the big screen as it has so so much potential for a good humorous chick flick.

Hilarious!!!!!. I had so much fun reading the first two books in the series. This was no different. It had me feeling nervous, sad, scared and laughing out loud. I must remember to read alone in my room. People are bound to think im crazy laughing on my own. Lol. :D I love this series and this book. Well done to the author!

Great ending. I finished reading the 3rd book in this set of the mccaster diary these books were awesome xxx

Bridesmaid trilogy. Fab! Engaging femme fetale, brilliant support network and not too focused on the star :-)

Fab. Just read all three books straight an never laughed an cried so much just fab

The wedding wager. Love it!!

Fab. Lovely read brought me to tears x

Love these 3 books..... I downloaded and read all 3 in a weekend, couldn't put them down. Great story.

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Loved loved loved!!!!. Loved all three books!! Thanks for writing them!!

A good read. What a fantastic series of books, could not put them down. Wish there were more to come of this series. Well done

Love these books. OMG this story is so captivating I had trouble putting them down, it's so sad to come to the end. I am living in hope that the story continues

Tears of joy. All three books had me in tears and I couldn't stop smiling from the last few chapters of the third book. All three books - you cannot put them down. Loved it.

McMaster more. I stumbled across this trilogy accidentally but loved all three books. It was a pleasant change to the style I normally read. I think there needs to be another book lat about Josie and her not so disaster baby

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Loved it!!!$. Couldn't put it down...lead in a few hours and now sad it's over

awesome. loved all three books :) very cute and fun! and romantic but not in a totally unrealistic way! hope there is more to come!

The Wedding Wager. This book is a great read....ok, I couldn't put it down....ok, the fact is, I marathon read book 1, then downloaded books 2 & 3.... And read them all today !!!Eeek ! It was so enjoyable, I can't wait for another " disaster" book ! Maybe more details ? I was kind of wondering about the Prince, maybe book 3 is about the Spanish love story book coming out ? 5 stars for a fun, engaging novel, in the same category as Bridgette Jones or the Shopaholic series !

Loved it. Very inspiring. Highly recommended

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Summary of The Wedding Wager by Rachel Astor

The The Wedding Wager book written by Rachel Astor was published on 15 January 2012, Sunday in the Contemporary category. A total of 1,389 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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