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Tucker Max

Sloppy Seconds by Tucker Max Book Summary

Tucker Max’s books—I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, Assholes Finish First, and Hilarity Ensues—are a uniquely engaging trilogy composed of his best, craziest stories. They’ve sold millions of copies to fans all over the world. Their success has meant his success.

As a thank you to those who have loved the stories and supported him for so long, Tucker has gone back through his massive archive of material one last time, culled out what you might call the “best of the rest,” and arranged it here, in Sloppy Seconds, like a book version of Deleted Scenes.

Unlike most deleted scenes, however, these don’t suck. So enjoy.

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Book Name Sloppy Seconds
Genre Humor
Language English
E-Book Size 15.71 MB

Sloppy Seconds (Tucker Max) Book Reviews 2024

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VERY FUNNY!!!. So many funny stories. Men want to BE him and women want him IN them. Good stuff.

So so. Good for a couple laughs while you're dropping a deuce. Worth reading, just glad I didn't have to pay for it

Funny. This was actually the first book I read from him, I'm sold. I have to read the first 3 now

Good one. If you like Tucker Max, get this book. Simple.

Hilarious. So funny!!!

Funny. Great book to pass the time, especially at work! :D

Hilarious. Funny stories...unless you’re a liberal feminist! Loved it!

(:. Great book! Laughed all the way through it

funny and free. very very funny.

Fake stories. Everything tucker max writes is fake. Save your $. It’s other peoples stories recycled. Fake fake fake.

Whoa. Whoa

Misogynistic Crap. I'm thankful I never purchased any of this person's drivel. He's clearly a woman hater and possibly a closet homosexual.

I’ll take Sloppy Seconds 1st. This is the first thing I’ve read from Mr Max, and he absolutely delivered. Had me laughing the entire time. Can’t wait to read everything else of his.

Great book. Great book couldn't put down my iPod. Bought the rest for up coming deployment

Boooooooo!!!. What a loser! Hard to believe this even got published. Do yourself a favor and shoot yourself before downloading this garbage! If it were possible, I'd give negative stars.

Sloppy seconds. Thank you for the laughs!! Book rocks balls!!

Tucker Max!! Nuff Said!!. One of the funniest books I've ever read. Tucker Max is all you need to know as to why you should read this book. In the beginning he claims this isn't his best work but I completely disagree. 10 out of 10! You will either laugh or be offended like never before.

OMG. Simply brilliant, another best seller.

A+. Very funny!

Straight comedy. Why have I never heard of this person before?! I laughed. Great read. Kinda wish I could be a part of his book....

Complete Trash.. So glad this book was free. I would not want to give any of my to Tucker Max. My BS meter went off from the get go with his stories. Probably the most worthless book I have ever read.

Love it!. I've had this book for so long, I just keep reading it. It's my first and only iBook and I love it!

NO!!!!. A bit moments are funny. But I don't see how righting bad stories about your sick nasty sexual encounters make you rich. Anyone can do that. This. Horrible. Deleting and you should too

Tucker compiles some leftovers, hilarity ensues. Misogynist, drunk, self centered... God damned genius. I'm a feminist and I laughed.

Sloppy seconds. Stupid

Awesome !. Hilarious , horrible but truthful. Loved it!

Definitive book of pick up lines. I wish they had his other book

I never laughed so much from reading, until Max!. I enjoyed diving into the drunken, phenomenal lifestyle of Tucker Max! I never read anything of the like before, but I can frankly say that I am disappointed I didn't read this when I was in college! I would have conjured great ideas from his experiences. Max can come off as a racist or the like, but ignore such accusations!!! It are those moments in book that hilarity ensues! This is by far the best compendium of comical notes, EVER!! Great Job, Max!!

Good stuff. It is clearly leftovers but still some of these stories are hysterical! I'd still recommend all his books to anyone who I thought could handle his genre of humor, lifestyle choices and overall just being. He is, and always will be, an acquired taste for anyone (see what I did there, haha)!

Impressed. There aren't many things that can hold the attention of a hormonal, girl crazy, 18 year old for a long time. (Much less reading on a 4-Inch iPhone screen) but this book, even though it may not be his best material, has kept me hooked on the Tucker Max series. Thanks

Keep this man away from your daughters.. The stuff of legends!

Truly horrible. Don't bother downloading. Just glad I didn't pay anything.

10/10 read‼️‼️‼️. Inspirational‼️ and absolutely extravagant tale, that of which gave me a whole new perspective of the world around me!

Awesome ! ! !. I have not read a book in about 6 years haha .. I decided to read this book because it was recommended to me by a close friend. One of the best books i have ever read. Look forward to reading the other books by Tucker Maxx..

It made me laugh the whole time. It made me laugh the whole time

Laughed the whole book. Laughing

Tucker Max. Tucker max is my idol; I aspire to be like him. I haven't even read this book yet. But, I have read all his other books. And, since this book was free I rate it 5 stars. His other books had be laughing out loud. Not many books can do that. Yes they can keep my interested but, not crying and, showing my other friends his book interested.

Fun. A fun fantastic read

Great book. For being free it was awesome ... Makes me wanna read the other three books again ... Thanks for putting this out !

Hilarious. This now makes the 4th book I've read to completion. This is hilarious.

Sloppy seconds. Loved this book, Tucker Max is hilarious! I will definitely be purchasing other books by Tucker Max. Very entertaining.

Great!!. I managed to read I hope they serve beer in hell on the plane before my first deployment and I gotta say it was the funniest thing I have ever read, that being said I just read this book and it made me laugh just as hard can't wait to read the rest of them and I hope he comes out with more

Hilarious. Tucker max is disgustingly hilarious.

You Get What You Pay For. He said that these stories weren't worthy of being in a paid book himself. I hope the ones in his paid books are better. Don't get me wrong, many were humorous, but he was painfully arrogant, which made me lose interest pretty quickly.

Ugh. ...funny-ish. Till you realize the dude is a 37 year old has been.

Great!. I like all of Tucker Max's books and this one is no different. It is free and a fun read, what more can you ask for.

Daniel Tosh?. For some reason I kept reading this book in the voice of Daniel Tosh from, Tosh.0 They def. have similar characteristics; funny and self-absorbed

Hilarious!. Great book. I was crying from laughing so hard!!

Still entertaining. I found the stories truly entertaining and that you gave it to us for free was a great gesture. Thank you for the laughs at your expense. You are a great story teller and keep at your craft.

this book.. HILARIOUS

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Quality. A first class read. 1st Tucker Max thing I've read and now buying the previous titles. Funny guy !!! Read it or be a fool.

Max Tucker. American frat boy humour at its worst. It's free but I want the time I wasted back.

Maxnificent. This book is hilarious and a must read. Going to buy his other three books now.

Great read. Great read

Funniedt read on a long time!. I am happy I found this book. This brought tears to my eyes of laughter so many times! I almost choked more than once, so for your own safety do not eat or drink while reading this masterpiece!

Very American. Very crap, glad it was free

Sloppy seconds. This has to be the best thing I've read in my life, I laughed until it hurt to breathe anymore. I reckon kids should study this at school it's brilliant and well worth throwing a sickie from work to read. Tucker max you are a legend,

Don't bother reading. This book is dreadful, the only saving grace it has is it doesn't waste too much of your life. I made a promise to myself 50 years ago that I would finish any book I had started - this book is the only time I have regretted making that promise.

Zzzzzzz...... Even if it were true it doesn't read like it. It's basically a catalogue of dubious schoolyard boasts, and frankly I've had better laughs stubbing my toe on furniture. If you're 13-17 and naive it'll hold your interest - the rest of us are grateful it's free

Sloppy Seconds. Spent half my time with this book crying with laughter. Positively have to buy the other 3 books.

Even free, it's a waste of money. Some guy makes up / retells stories from college about how he was the irritating kid desperate for attention and for laughs. And he'll still be telling these dull, childish stories even when he's 50... I read 2 chapters when I could've been cutting my toenails

Not even worth one star. Awful book. Very disappointed because I really enjoyed his first books. Good job this one was free because I would've been annoyed if I had paid for this trash. Very boring. Not funny. Not worth reading.

The greatest book ever. Tucker max I love you dude your awesome

Great for a freebie. Crying with laughter when reading the sexting chapter...

I loved it!. Made me laugh a lot and its free. Made me realise men write better books than soppy, crap female writers.. I'm a woman by the way.

Terrible. What a pile of garbage... sooooo full of himself

Don't waste yer time. Absolute pish. Whoever thinks this is anything more than a one star book deserves to be shot

Abysmal (one star is too many). Abysmal tales of bullying. I only read one and a half chapters but that was more than enough. I hope someone in the book takes "the author" (I use the term loosely) down a peg or two. Do not download even though it is free. I deleted my copy as I don't want this vile nonsense* in my book collection. *Seeing as he is meant to be drunk throughout the stories he remembers an awful lot.

Ok.... Throughout this 900 and odd page comedy book I laughed out loud twice (If you can count a brief exhale of tone as laughing). However, if you are an immature frat boy (or jock for the uk audience) then I'm sure you will find this book fascinating and hysterical throughout. If not then you may appreciate this book as light read and an insight into the mind and sense of humour of that particular social group. If you haven't had enough of them already, that is.

To the Max. Just finished reading this book, I laughed so much in parts while reading in bed, the bed shook so much my wife got really pissed at me. In true response I told her to "keep suckin and not to interrupt me again" LOL Off to download the other books now

Simply amazing. By far the best free book EVER. The first time I ever read anything Tucker Max had written can't wait to read his completed books : D

Sloppy seconds. Amazing! Almost wet myself laughing, this guy is a freaking genius!!

Great book. Very funny but a bit weird at times

Reawoken my love of reading. This is the best book I've ever read for free, simply put, after the first 10 pages I was convinced that I should buy all of his books. Loved every second, everyone needs a bit of tucker in their lives!

Rubbish. Guy boasts about stupid stuff he you don't need to bother reading it!

Don't waste your time.. What a load of rubbish. I've given it one star only because I had to.

Awesome. Legend.......wait for it ...... Dary!,,,

Hilarious. I downloaded this ebook and was unable to put it down i laughed constantly whilst reading would highly reccomend

You must get this...because its free.. Tucker Max represents everything I hate about Americans, but f**k me this book is funny in places. In fairness, he says a lot of stuff that most people dare not, but are definitely thinking! Giving this book away for free is genius marketing, because I will almost certainly be buying/reading the others.

Narcissistic, egotistical, free, and brilliant!!!!!!. I read this because it was free and because it came recommended by an American friend ( an illiterate fool ). After reading the first anecdote, I was, firstly, hooked, and secondly imagined myself writing books just like these. Tucker Max's Sloppy Seconds is a wondrous first for me, and the first of many good reads, by a very funny man. Get it, rate it 5 stars, then buy his other books, find yourself laughing out loud, and finally find yourself recommending to your friends.

Thanks Tucker. An excellent supplement to the hilarious trio of books already released and available to fans free of charge - well worth a read.

Sloppy seconds. Could not stop laughing all the way through, Tucker Max is a genius!!

Pretty Decent. Exactly what you would expect from a Tucker Max novel. Obviously he saved the best stories for his other novels, but if you're a fan of his stories (be they be true or not) you'll appreciate this. Plus it's free!

Free book!!. I basically only got this on my iPad because it was free. That represents good value to me so I was surprised when I thoroughly enjoyed it. I woke my wife up as I was giggling to myself too loudly, she didn't find it as funny as me. Tucker Max says he is giving this book away for free in the hope that people will like it and buy some of his others. It might just have worked on me.

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Good read. I loved the book and have now got a goal in life to share a beer with this man. Opens your eyes to how simple life can be if you let it.

Worst book I've ever read. Can't believe I wasted my time reading about the life of some immature, silver-spoon guy with an inflated sense of self who thinks his actions are hilarious. They were not. Only good thing is that I didn't pay anything for the free book, although it did cost me time that I can never recoup.

Hmm. I am unsure of what I think of this book. By the end I was sick of hearing about how "great" he is..

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Garbage!. I too would have liked to give a zero rating, good thing it was free! Delete!!!

Awesome!. Really enjoyed this, I have laughed out loud many times in the lunchroom at work because of this book. I hope more authors make free books because this was an awesome idea!

If I were a man. I would be Tucker Max.. A great series of books. I love the stories. The blunt honesty. And the crazy that is Tucker Max's life in these books. Wasn't even done the first and I recommended it to all my friends. I just finished the last, and I want to start over again.

Always a good read. Amazing

Horrible!. This book is absolutely horrible . The author is full of exaggeration. Don't waste your time.

Awesome. I've never been interested in reading, and i probably haven't read a book from start to finish since i was about 11. i randomly stumbled upon this book and found myself finishing it all in a day. i definitely recommend this book to any 18+ male, I guarantee you'll thoroughly enjoy it.

Delusional. The stories in here sounds like the delusional tales of a mindless idiot. This is too repulsive to have wasted my time downloading. It is truly literary garbage. I would give it a zero if he didn't grow somewhat of a conscience later in life.

Get it. 10 out of 10

Most Disgusting. Self-indulgent, self-absorbed garbage! I wanted to give this no stars. I'm angry that such childish drivel can get published when there are unpublished authors who really have something worthwhile to say.

He's back!. Tucker max is back and sure to intoxicate all your senses and feelings... Even some you never knew you had. Awe, shock, disgust, curiosity, laughter, wonder, lust and even a little envy. His manner of deliver is both impressive and at times enraging leaving you wondering what the next story will bring. He mixes cockiness and honesty in a book that will have you laughing and puking. Well done sir.

👍👍👍👍👍. All Tucker Max's books are must reads!

Awesome. Great book. Made even better by being free. Can't wait to buy hilarity ensues.

Wow. I have never taken the time out of my life short of sitting on the John to read well anything. Tucker max took someone who hates reading to enjoying it. Unfortunately I've never read the first 3 so that's what's next. Thank you tucker max

Great book. Another great by tucker max, and free too!

Hilarious. A must read

Great!. Awesome as always. These stories never fail to make me pee myself with laugher

Lame. As lame and sadly pathetic as his other books.

Superb as always. Own the books, own the movie. Wish there was more. Going to need a Tucker Mac Biography "Tucker Max The Senior Years"

Recommend. Recommend reading his first three books. This is a neat compilation and nice that it was free. If you like the first three stories which came from his other books, I recommend buying the other books. Some of the stories in the free book aren't that funny, but he did say these are all the spare notes or stories that didn't make it into the other books. Still had a few laughs with this 4th one tho.

Hilarious!. A definite 'laugh out loud' worth the read!!!

Funny.....but. Funny.....but.....Self centered, vulgar and deprived of values and morals! I was not really laughing...

Read.. Whatever you're doing, just stop that and read this book. Seriously, It's one of life's qualities that make it better then amazing. Just get it, the fact that it's free just makes everything better. So stop reading this review and READ!

Not a big fan. This book, to be honest, is quite interesting, and it shows the perspective of a young guy. But the main character/author is conceded, narcissist, and too cocky to the point where its very repulsive. No way in hell does this book show respect for women or proper values and morals.

INSTANT CLASSIC. One of the best books I've ever read.

Really bad! Stay away. Red necks garbage

The best. This is by far the best book I have read, it is hilarious and even my girlfriend loved it. I will be buying the other three books after reading this free one. The movie definitely does not do his books justice.

Great book! 👌😂. Great book. Made me laugh a lot, good stories and worth the read. If you like Tucker Max, you'll love this book.

Juvenile. One only needs to read a few paragraphs to see why the book is free. I can’t get that minute of my life back.

Good. Great book ....

Great!. An excellent read

No complaints. Tucker said it best in the book-nothing nearly as funny as in the three books but for a tucker fan still a fun read. Awesome that it's a free ebook too.

Ldjmvkvni. Absolutely hilarious

Funny !!!!!!!!!. These books are amazing. He's living the bachelors dream. His inside his head voice is on full display. Wreck less abandon @ it's best. He leaves nothing to the imagination. He's doing & saying things that a lot of people wish they could do & say. Kudos for him for leaving it all out there.

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Summary of Sloppy Seconds by Tucker Max

The Sloppy Seconds book written by Tucker Max was published on 07 February 2012, Tuesday in the Humor category. A total of 6,214 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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