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James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge

Zoo by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge Book Summary

In James Patterson's pulse-racing New York Times bestseller, violent animal attacks are destroying entire cities-and two unlikely heroes must save the world before it's too late.
All over the world, brutal animal attacks are crippling entire cities. Jackson Oz, a young biologist, watches the escalating events with an increasing sense of dread. When he witnesses a coordinated lion ambush in Africa, the enormity of the violence to come becomes terrifyingly clear.
With the help of ecologist Chloe Tousignant, Oz races to warn world leaders before it's too late. The attacks are growing in ferocity, cunning, and planning, and soon there will be no place left for humans to hide.
For 36 years, James Patterson has written unputdownable, pulse-racing novels-and Zoo is the thriller he was born to write. With wildly inventive imagination and white-knuckle suspense that rivals Stephen King at his very best, Zoo is an epic, non-stop thrill-ride from "one of the best of the best" (Time).

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Book Name Zoo
Genre Adventure Sci-Fi
Language English
E-Book Size 5.21 MB

Zoo (James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge) Book Reviews 2024

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ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS EVER!. I just recently finished this book....and it was AMAZING. This book kept me hooked and up late at night reading. I would suggest to get it. The ending WAS a little flat but I feel like there might be a second book...other than that it was AMAZING!! ❤️❤️❤️

Page turner. I read this in less than 2 days. Definitely a page turner. I would have given it 5 stars if there was more science.

Zero. Ridiculous premise and poorly written. Those who would claim that humans have no effect on the environment will use this as an example of the fuzzy thinking of environmentalists. I am a big fan of Patterson, he should stick to the genre he does best and do it without a co-author.

A Great Read With A Soft Ending. I have been a James Patterson fan for several years now. When i first heard of this book, I decided to check out the reviews before buying. Because of the multiple low ratings, I decided to skip over it. I then saw that a tv series was being made from this book so I thought to myself, there is no way that this can be as bad as what people are saying. I bought Zoo and let me tell you, i finished it in 2 days. A serious page turner thats based on a real world possibilty. Patterson uses graphic detail that really throws you into the story's environment. I give this 4/5 because of the ending. Im not sure if Patterson and company got lazy or truely felt as if they had ended this great book properly. I must say the ending leaves the reader wanting more and a little confused as to how the story truely ends. I woukd definitely recommend this book, but give warning to a disappointing end.

Great. I thought it was a good book a lil different yes but I thought it touched close to home and that's why people didn't like it.

Thought-provoking, readable fiction. "Zoo" is an interesting novel. It's an entertaining blend of science fiction and horror. The central character is young, eager, and clever, but he's faced with a crisis for which humans are unprepared. The highly readable fictional work is both frightening in terms of the onslaught of the animals and believable in how it stresses the family unit, both human and animal. The book makes you think. It's a good page-turner. I enjoyed it, and I'm glad I read it.

Complete Garbage. Avoid it. Run fast, run far from this book. I read it in a day just so I didn't waste 2 days on it. Pointless new characters introduced, like the russian hunters, and basically no meaning to the story. Outrageous cause for Human Animal Confrontation, (HAC, don't blame me, thats actually what it's called). Cell phone radiation reacting with petroleum product to make animals kill humans and grow mold on their back? Seriously? Wish this wasn't the first James Patterson book I read, just terrible. Plus It gave me strange dreams about chimpanzees attacking me while I was locked in a cabinet, but thats not the most of my problems with this book. My biggest problem is that I WASTED A DAY OF MY LIFE ON THIS GARBAGE!!!!!!! - Sincerely, Not a Fan

Pass on this one. Borderline to say the least. The story line is weak. While not boring, the book would likely not have seen the light of day without striking "Patterson" on it. No need for a synopsis. Just pass on this one. Makes one think that Patterson needs to retire rather than keep putting his name on books written by far less accomplished authors. If he cannot or does not wish to write books any longer, just quit.

Zoo. A book written like a television mini-series that just stopped without conclusion or resolution....Horrible ending

Horrible. It was hard to force myself to get through it, and even harder to accept that Patterson thought this was an acceptable ending. Don't be tricked by the description into thinking it's worth your time.

Zoo. Omg, this is the best book ever. Also watch the tv series on Netflix.

Good premise, awful execution. Zoo starts off well, but takes a nosedive in the second act and never recovers. Reads like a first draft. Characters are shallow and the plot is full of holes. Certainly not worth $9.99.

Not his best. It took me a couple of tries to even get into the book. I struggled through because I am one who will read the entire book once I start. However, I didn't enjoy this book and looked forward to the end just so I could read something better. I still am and always will be a James Patterson fan!

Awful. Horrible story with a pathetic ending.

Zoo. I really enjoyed this book. Lots of the comments are of people saying "it couldn't happen" because yes, the science (if you know anything about what the cause of this madness is) doesn't make any sense, but to those who don't know, it really sounds convincing. Regardless, I found it a very good read (I like apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic books) and I look forward to more books like this.

Zoo. I hoped this was a sequel to the last book by Patterson and Ledwidge. Alas, I read 96 pages,of this book ,hoping to make some sense out of it. Like Guilty Wives, this book is a real,stinker, not at all as good as Patterson's earlier stories. In his effort to publish a new book every month or so, quality has become the victim of quantity. Major disappointment and where is the sequel to the last book by Patterson and Ledwidge???

Back to reading again.. Loved reading this book. I had not read anything in a long time but this got me back to reading again.

Zoo. I am really disappointed with this book. No good ending at alI just seems dull and just a huge political drama. I read ALOT and I thought that the plot was very weak. To much swearing and needless rude comment said.Its nothing like the tv show, I thought that they would go together, but their not even close. Susie

Save your money. Not one of his better books. Read as though it was written in a rush. I am a big fan of his and was really disappointed in the book. The story line started off good but then fell flat.

Zoo. I feel that you don't know what you are saying when you say this is an awful book, I loved it and I especially loved the show, I just want to congratulate James Patterson in his awesome creation of stories that are always good to read and I look forward to more amazing books by him and shows inspired by him..... Ps this should deserve 5 more stars.

Crichton is rolling in his grave!. I like James Patterson, but this is not a good example of his writing. This novel is juvenile at best. The plot is not good. The execution is flawed. The characters are unremarkable. Please don't waste your time. This is a book that I wish I had a way to get my time back. Michael Crichton could have made something of this, but he didn't write it. I have a feeling that Patterson did not write it either.

Zoo. It was a great book. Weak ending but a very good book.

Zoo. I'm not a James Patterson fan, but this book was interesting , I really liked the concept. I have 2 dogs , after reading this book I find myself analyzing them.

Dreadful, dreadful book. Is it possible to give "no stars" to a book? I agree wholeheartedly with Hawkeye0745 from Sept. 2012--Take a weak storyline, build around nonsensical science and then punctuate it with a whole series of gory incidents and you have "Zoo". I would add that I am amazed how shallow and absurd the characters are. How DID this get published?? Fair warning--don't waste you time and money.

Why is this a best seller?. Interesting idea, but written in almost a juvenile style that left me shaking my head as to how something this bad could possibly be a best seller.

Totally Disappointed & Frustrated!. I have been a devoted reader/fan of Mr. Patterson (et al) and will be exceedingly cautious prior to ordering any future books - yes, even his tried and true genres. I cannot fathom how (or why) he (they) would choose to use such flagrant tactics to prey on a readership who may actually buy into the nonsensical theories as espoused in this trite, silly, and blatantly alarmist articulation (book?, not hardly!) Truly, my only real frustrations with Mr. Patterson heretofore have been the rapidity with which I have read many of his books - they seemed to be less in volume of content commensurate with their cost, yet I have always purchased nonetheless and with typically great anticipation! I welcome any response!

Zoo Lover. I love the book Zoo and I love the television series to. I hate all of you who say it was a terrible book or a terrible show because I love it. If you don't Like it keep it to your self.

Terrible ending!!!. This novel started well with an interesting concept and ended as though Patterson could not think of any way to end it. I have really liked most of the books he has written but this I would not recommend reading to anyone.

A different Patterson still good. This wasn't the story you would expect put of JP but it was still thrilling, riveting, and thought provoking. Far-fetched, yes big time. A little more Sci-Fi than what you usually get from Patterson but still a great read!

Zoo. My book is great way better than James Patterson plus thanks for the money all of u because now I'm rich so all of u are just jealous so shut up

Zoo. Worst James Patterson book ever! The 20 teaser chapters were the only part that wasn't complete drivel. I've read many Patterson novels with great enjoyment but this was a complete waste of time and money. It seemed more like a pitch for an equally poor television series, I sincerely hope his next work does not follow in the footprints of this disaster

Zoo. Terrible, Terrible book! I usually love all Patterson's books, but this one was painful to read. I had to MAKE myself read it and finish it. Horrible plot and graphic and almost stupid at some points. The ending was awful, too. Not a fan of this one. Let's hope it's the only one if it's kind. Terribly disappointed!

The Zoo. Pathetic! Totally agree w/ all those that said : Don't waste your money.

Great Book. Really enjoyed this book. Interesting and fast moving! A complete escape with well developed characters.....both human and animal.

Bad Patterson. I love James Patterson books, but this has to be the worst I've ever read with his name on it!

Zoo. I thought this book was great and I thought it would make a great movie

Very Disappointed. This is unlike any other book by James Patterson that I have read! I kept hoping that the book would get better but alas it did not! If you want to read about animals becoming monsters which swarm together, attack, kill and eat humans. . . Then this is a book for you. Whomever the coauthor of this book is does not have any idea how to write a James Patterson novel. Do not waste your time or money on this book!

One of the dumbest books I have read!. This book was terrible. What a silly story! My guess is the TV show that starts next month will be equally dumb. On the bright side the book is short so the readers suffering is short lived.

Love. Love this book! And the show

Zoo. Not up to his standards.

Save your money. I can't believe James Patterson wrote this. It feels like an effort from a first timer. The constant use of idioms is incredibly distracting. This had the makings of a great book but was completely ruined by poor writing. Please save your money.

Garbage. How the hell can anyone think this is anything close to good or realistic. No research whatsoever into the behavior of any animals watch 10 minutes of Discovery channel and you have more info than Patterson. This has got to be the work of a 5 year old.How this book is rated 4 stars can only be equated to heavy drug use by the iBooks reading community.

Zoo. Fantastic-page turner! Will the lesson be learned...probably not!

Great concept. 1st, I meant to hit four stars but my stylus accidentally hit three. This is my first time reading a book from a tablet because I normally like my books in hardback. I'm not sure if this book was edited for content but it really move fast from chapter to chapter. I think this is a quick and easy book to read. To me the wife named Chloe should've been more of a major part of this book. She could have added more to the adventure, excitement & scientific part of this book. The ending of the book could have been a lot better. There was no build up, no excitement it was more bland than anything. This was not Mr. Patterson's best book but definitely not his worse. There's still room for a part two or a continuation to this story. Over all, I enjoyed reading the book.

Zoo. I thought this is the best book I have read in my life. At times it's got killing and it is very discriptive.

Zoo. Great book!! Read it in one day! So worth it! Couldn't put it down!

stupid. very stupid

It was just OKAY. While, the story itself wasn't too bad, I found it just okay! The story may or may not be a good story, for me, it lacked a real emotion I could connect with. It seemed empty, it's missing something vital. But, most of all I don't like his style of writing, which overrides a bad story! I won't bother reading anything else he's written or will write. Please bear in mind, someone else may find this an AMAZING story!

Zoo. I did not enjoy this book as much as the other Patterson books. Ending was lame.

Worst Patterson book yet. Don't be fooled into thinking this is one of Patterson's normal story lines. Weird. Bizarre. I stopped reading. 1/3 of the way through. Animals taking over the earth. Really??

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Wonderful surprise. I wasn't expecting much from this book but was pleasantly surprised. The message is not missed and should be understood by the political leaders of this world. The ignorance over comfort attitude of the human race is a major focal in this book. Patterson hits the nail on the head as he shows the inability humans have to change. Even when it leads them to their own demise.

Zoo. What a page turner. This book had me wanting more. Great edge of your seat thriller.

Save your time and money. Quite simply one of the worst books I have ever read. What a complete and utter waste of trees!

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Summary of Zoo by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge

The Zoo book written by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge was published on 03 September 2012, Monday in the Adventure Sci-Fi category. A total of 1,211 readers of the book gave the book 3.5 points out of 5.

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