Lily Lemon Blossom Welcome to Lily's RoomBarbara Miller

Lily Lemon Blossom Welcome to Lily's Room

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Lily Lemon Blossom Welcome to Lily's Room by Barbara Miller Book Summary

Meet Lily Lemon Blossom, a delightful little girl who loves adventures and playing with her friends. Lily invites you to see her lovely room and meet her many friends, including Bunny Rabbit and Josephine her kitten who is always by her side. A quick peek into Lily's room will tell you quite a lot about her. The room comes alive with its vibrant colors and huggable plush toys. It's a happy place for a happy little girl and her friends who will be off on many fun adventures.

Lily Lemon Blossom Welcome to Lily's Room (Barbara Miller) Book Reviews

Clowns are scaryI hate clowns.Score: 1/5

ThenI think the book is for small children..Score: 3/5

Lily blossoms bookI love the book.Score: 5/5

I love this bookIt teaches me to stand up and say “I’m black blessed to be a women 🧍🏾‍♀️❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🥰😍😘.Score: 5/5

It was not as good as I hopedI thought it would be a nice book to read to my daughter but she told me it was really boring and as I read it it pretty much was. My daughter even said lily lemon blossom looked creepy and honestly he really did. Parents out there I wouldn’t recommend..Score: 2/5

The book is good you would probably like itI say four.Score: 4/5

Thank goodnessI do,t like it but I love it.Score: 5/5

LilyLove the rhyming.Score: 5/5

It’s pretty good…It’s just that if you can’t read the cover you just won’t understand the story..Score: 3/5

About this book;(This book it alright;( this book is a little sort..Score: 2/5

It was goodLily’s eyes were big.Score: 3/5

OkPretty good book.Score: 4/5

Cute & QuickA very quick, cute read..Score: 4/5


Lilly blossomI have to do 20 minutes of reading every day since the coronavirus is coming up so I love this book because it short and fun and you also can pay for my books even though I don’t get my books please write a review and send it to me of free books so I don’t need please please please it’s really fun said Cinderella you can find whatever you need this book is especially made for you me and the whole world even I have to do 20 minutes of reading every day since the coronavirus is coming up so I love this book because it short and fun and you also can pay for my books even though I don’t get my books please write a review and send it to me of free books so I can eat please please please it’s really fun said Cinderella you can find whatever you need this book is especially made for you me and the whole world even baby said the mouse.Score: 5/5

My Lily Loves these booksMy Lily just smiles when I read these to her..Score: 5/5

Like it but i don’t like itI like this book it’s just that the clown is so creepy! That is my only downside of this book..Score: 4/5

UuuuujjjjMmm.Score: 4/5

ZingierString 85I saw the sample and it looks good but I have to pay for the book so I can’t read the whole thing.Score: 5/5

It’s okThis book is not as good as I thought it would be but it’s ok.Score: 2/5

Awesome TitleI loved reading this book it had nice pictures and words I can read. It rhymed and we are leaning about rhyming words..Score: 5/5

Such An Amazing Start To ChildhoodThis is such an amazing start to childhood! This is the best book ever. I only sampled it and it sounds like an amazing book!! I love reading I have a reading goal 10 minutes a day is the best!! -Rylee Bailey.Score: 5/5

I ❤️this bookI love this book so much. I know it has a creepy clown but that is what makes her comfortable. I love her colorful room. I think it is an awesome book and I love the other lily lemon blossom books.Score: 5/5

It's messed upIt's messed up, keeps jumping to page 3.Score: 1/5

Lame I hate itBaby book this book terrible it doesn’t have any kissing or drama.Score: 1/5

Boring booksThis is one of the most boring and ridiculous books i have ever read.Score: 1/5

The clown!It was a good story but the clown was weird. Thank you!.Score: 3/5

CreepyI do not like the book I hate clowns🤡 and the balloons 🎈 are lighting up but it doesn’t make sense if it’s supposed to stay on but it says “Don’t forget to turn the balloons 🎈 off”.Score: 1/5


LilyI love the book.Score: 5/5

LilyOMG!,I love this book it make my fell safe🙂.Score: 5/5

OkI’m scared of clowns sooo this is a no for me👎 sorry thought 🤟✌️.Score: 1/5

Dun dun dunAt first I was just looking at everyone’s reviews of this and I was like so most people liked it I actually read the book I was like nhaaaaaa but it was a cute book but then the clown was just creeping me out I was like Shark music on now DUNA DUNA DUNA DUNA DUNA DUNA DUNA🤡🤡🤡.Score: 2/5

BotThat was boreding.Score: 1/5

Awful!The author rhymes...most of the time but even when she does, the language feels forced. There’s no actual story, it lacks any sort of depth, conflict, resolution, lesson. The writing is overly saccharine and that along with illustrations that leave much to be desired, too pink, too cutesy, strange perspective - make for a creepy read. Even though it’s free, it is not worth the time it takes to read it. My 7 year old and I had to force ourselves to persevere to the end..Score: 1/5

Best story everWhen I started it felt really nice and it ended in a happy ending so I guess it’s really nice.Score: 5/5

Loving it!!Because the girl is cute.Score: 5/5

Why add clowns?This book is good,but seriously!? Why did they add a creepy clown? (Honestly,to me the clown looks like Pennywise.) I wouldn’t recommend this book for toddlers or anybody that’s afraid of clowns. 🤡 👎🏻😖😣.Score: 3/5

Great book💜💜✏️🖍🦄🐴🦋👍💄🤎💓💝💚💛🧡❤️💙💚🏳️‍🌈🇩🇿🏳️‍🌈🍆🥦🥕🦄🦋🐇🌈💧❄️🍉🍌🍱.Score: 5/5

My daughter love it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)I really love this book the paint is so beautiful and for me the clown do not scare me , and is so colorful, colorful of pink 🥰.Score: 5/5

Cute but not cuteI like but I don’t like it.Score: 1/5

OkayThis book had no meaning whatsoever and to me was boring.Score: 2/5

About the clown.......My four year old thinks the clown is cute ......which kid is afraid of a clown holding balloons? She also loves her cat Josephine.. this a great book for the age group, one thing I am sure about is her room is now cleaner because of Lilly ........ to the author, keep up the good work !!!!.Score: 5/5

I love this BookI love this girl.Score: 5/5

Is only like 2 pagesI dont like it.Score: 3/5

NaNo.Score: 3/5

Bad ratings are overratedBad ratings about this book are rumors I loved it so cute and seriously? Who is afraid of a illustrated clown? Only dream crushers this book is cute and comfy perfect for little girls and amazing for starting readers it’s a goodnight book, a just- started - reading book and in general a good book the only reason to go out of your way of making a review is if it’s soooo good....... welll it’s soooooo good! The parole who went out of they’re way to make a bad review just want to spread bad vibes to others and inspire darkness, I know I sound like a hippie but stop being obnoxious! This book is amazing ( I love her name because it’s my name too) okay..... to the point, I love this book.Score: 5/5

It’s okayI like it but you know I want it to be audio but it isn’t so it’s kinda BAD.Score: 2/5

RrnljtgrepwghwBells Over.Score: 5/5

Great little storiesThis is a great first reader.Score: 5/5

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HiHi hi.Score: 5/5

Pink!😃This book was okay but not the best!😉.Score: 3/5

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Great for kidsThis book is great for kids it is very colourful..Score: 5/5

Good bookNappy book.Score: 5/5

GreatAwesome book for children.Score: 5/5

Lily blossomIt is supercalafragalisticxpaladoses because lily explains everything the way it should be! 😄😃😀😊☺️😉😍😘😚😗😙😜😝😛😳😁😔😌😒😞😣😂😆😋😎😅🐶🐷🐼🐰🐭🐴🐸🐬🐳🐞🐥🐣🐤🐾💐🌸🌷🍀🌹🌻🌺🌈☔️❄️⛄️🌠❤️💛💚💙💜💗💓💕💖💞💘💌💋💍💎👣💭💎👤👥.Score: 5/5

BooBOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Score: 1/5

Best bookI love it.Score: 5/5

Still same personHi!i only read this one.its super good.but I didn’t give you⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️five stars I gave you 4 stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️why?because it was too short for a 8 year old (sorry🐶)bye!.Score: 4/5

OkThe drawings just crept me out and the clown.Score: 3/5

Like itI though it would be for bigger girls but I read it any way and I actually enjoyed it keep it up and i think you should make a version for older girls But overall I really liked it.Score: 4/5

BennyandJoseline at the parkMe and Joseline went to the park when we got there we sow a dog the dog was look at me we where scared we where rening then the dog sartd to chess as we ran as fast as we can home then we got home Joseline said i am nerve going to the park the end.Score: 5/5

GreatWith beautiful picture !!!.Score: 4/5

Lily lemon blossom welcome to Lily's roomIt's a good book for about 5/9 years old and its about a girl and a room and it's a rhyming book.Score: 5/5

Bad book!This was on my for you page and this is soooooo bad! Don’t get this!.Score: 1/5

BlossomSo good.Score: 4/5

Lily lemon blossomIn the lily lemon blossom book was so amazing it told me about her room and she rifts her room on every Friday and in the book it rhymes all the time and the characters were lily and her cat. The thing I like about the book is how they make it rhyme so this is my review about the book thanks for reading.Score: 5/5

There's just ONE weird thing...It's the drawings. The drawings are just creepy. I'm not trying to be rude or anything but it would give a lot of children nightmares. Not trying to be rude!.Score: 4/5

Love loveThis story is cute and very good it is very girly girl.Score: 5/5

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GoodI really enjoyed this book, samantha aged7.Score: 5/5

Lily Lemon Blossom and her room.Good for small girls, very good rhyming!.Score: 4/5

I love this book becauseI love this book because it rhymes and it also has very coulerful and very detailed pictures.Score: 5/5

I love love this story get itI love that she gets you to learn.Score: 5/5

Great bookIt had a pattern in it. I really liked the colours and her tidy room..Score: 5/5

Greek girlIt's so good I love it so much.Score: 2/5

Lily lemon blossom needs to go on an adventureThis book is beautifully drawn and painted. However, lily is boring she just sits around and looks at all her stuff. Maybe in the other books she's more interesting and engaged but not this one..Score: 2/5

My ReviewMy Review...In think it's not so interesting but very very very good try on that loving your books (keep up all that good work!!)😊 Could Of Improved...You could of improved the book by making Lily Lemon Blossom 🌸 do more interesting things but anyway incredible stories. Thank you.Score: 3/5

It is great for little kids to learn their own imagination ❤️❤️❤️❤️☮️,.Score: 5/5

It is great for little kidsIt is great for little kids but it is a same you can't get all the overs with this one as a set. But great and my child really likes this book and the Siri..Score: 3/5

Nice bookThis book is nice.Score: 4/5

Lilly lemon blossomThis book is fun interesting and rhyming i like the way it is presented..Score: 5/5

DecentThis a decent story because it is a very helpful room design idea, second of all I think the clown light is scary, no efence..Score: 3/5

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