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Winter of the World by Ken Follett Book Summary

"This book is truly epic. . . . The reader will probably wish there was a thousand more pages." —The Huffington Post

Picking up where Fall of Giants, the first novel in the extraordinary Century Trilogy, left off, Winter of the World follows its five interrelated families—American, German, Russian, English, and Welsh—through a time of enormous social, political, and economic turmoil, beginning with the rise of the Third Reich, through the great dramas of World War II, and into the beginning of the long Cold War.

Carla von Ulrich, born of German and English parents, finds her life engulfed by the Nazi tide until daring to commit a deed of great courage and heartbreak . . . . American brothers Woody and Chuck Dewar, each with a secret, take separate paths to momentous events, one in Washington, the other in the bloody jungles of the Pacific . . . . English student Lloyd Williams discovers in the crucible of the Spanish Civil War that he must fight Communism just as hard as Fascism . . . . Daisy Peshkov, a driven social climber, cares only for popularity and the fast set until war transforms her life, while her cousin Volodya carves out a position in Soviet intelligence that will affect not only this war but also the war to come.

Winter of the World (Ken Follett) Book Reviews

Great bookOne of the greatest books I have ever read..Score: 5/5

AmazingA must read! Can't wait for the third installment in 2014!.Score: 5/5

Must readI learned so much about the 20th century, the wars, the politics, the powers behind the scenes, and the cultures of the nations. It's amazing that less than 100 years separate us from these events. As always, these novels are written with lots of history, passionate love stories, and characters that make their way into your heart. Bravo!.Score: 5/5

Winter of the WorldA classic of human struggle during a time of great hardship and changes in the world. It brings to life the human drama during a very dark period of Europe that many of us never were taught in school..Score: 5/5

The trilogyI will wait for Ken Follet's 3rd book of his trilogy, because it is well worth the wait,based on all the other books of his that I have read. "Winter of the World" his last work,was in my opinion an other masterpiece. GunterAlberts.Score: 5/5

BoredWhat I love about Follett is his characters. I get involved in them. Not so here. I don't like them or hate them. Meh..Score: 3/5

A fascinating historically correct storyWell written. This kept my attention throughout. While I've read much on the events leading up to and following WWII, I continued to learn little nuggets. Follett and Wm. Shirer write in different styles, but both have important things to communicate. Is this a glimpse of where our national press and administration are taking us?.Score: 5/5

Winter of the WorldWonderful development of characters in a historical novel..Score: 5/5

Winter of the WorldI have always loved history, but it was mostly all facts. Your books have given me a look at the human side of history. History all of a sudden became real. I supplemented my reading by watching Ken Burns documentaries. It has been a very rich and enlightening experience intellectually as well as emotionally. You laced the two together brilliantly. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. I am a retired elementary teacher (40 years) from Little Rock, Arkansas. My father fought in WWII. He was a P51 pilot in Africa and Sicily. I was surprised you didn't mention anything about the horrors of finding the concentration camps. I'm looking forward to reading more of your books. my reading.Score: 5/5

Fantastic and interesting readCant wait for the next chapter in this amazing triliogy..Score: 5/5

Winter of the WorldFollett's Winter of the World is a true page turner. Set in pre World War II, it continues to follow fictitious families from the Fall of Giants. We learn the fates of families living in Britain, France, Germany, Russia and the United States. Follett makes history come alive weaving his story about how members of these five families affect each other's lives. Now we are understanding how two world wars has deeply affected three generations. Can 't wait for Follett to write his third book in this trilogy!.Score: 5/5

Whiners of the worldWhiners, please stay away. Price too high? Strange you can't read it on an expensive iPad... Coincidences ? Well that is the mastery of Follett: make all the stories intertwined! The story, a continuation of ch. 1 of the saga, gets the reader straight inside Nazi's Germany in its dawn until the end of WW2, going through different continents, characters and historical facts. It is fantastic how history can be seen from a different point of view reading a novel: chapeau. So, bottomline, a great book, hard to put down and especially will leave you longing for next part!.Score: 5/5

Winter of the worldFrom riches to rags to riches. An eye opener of families from all aspects of life and a fascinating journey through World War II from Germany to England to the USA. Another winner by Ken Follett..Score: 5/5

Lacking ImmenselyReading Ken Follett has never been so disappointing. Having just finished this book, I am hopeful that my passion for reading can now be restored by starting something interesting and intelligently written..Score: 2/5

ILLUMINATES HISTORY LIKE NO ONE ELSEMy poor wife has often referred to her status as a being a “living widow” as I’ve been mesmerized and submersed by the first two volumes of Ken Follett’s trilogy. Day and night, at any spare moment, I pick up the book and find every excuse I can to avoid putting it down. I’d write more now but I’ve got to start volume three. This trilogy will enhance your life. Rick.Score: 5/5

DisappointingWhat a let down. Far fetched soap opera is full of coincidences that are absurd. Expected better from Ken Follett..Score: 1/5

Not Typical FollettThis book is broad but not deep. He rushes through key historic events as backdrops for undeveloped characters having sex. The staff lieutenant dying on a beach at Bougainville trying to rescue his gay lover? Really?.Score: 2/5

Outstanding seriesAfter becoming hooked on Ken Follet's books after reading Pillars of the Earth, I downloaded this series. Absolutely mesmerizing & captivating. Book three cant come out soon enough!.Score: 5/5

Winter WorldTypical History fiction nobody does it better then Ken Follett.Score: 5/5

It's just okI waited for 2 years for this book to come out and I can honestly say that I don't know that I'll read the third. I found both the story and the characters in this book to be underdeveloped. Generally Follett does a great job of bringing both to life but this book fell flat. It's a decent way to pass the time but at the end of the book, I was actually glad to be done with it, so I was no longer being subjected to fantastical coincidences, boring plot lines and shallow characters..Score: 3/5

Love these books!I learn so much but am entertained more! Wonderful.Score: 5/5

A great disappointment...I thought Fall of Giants was Ken Follett at his best. This follow up was lacking in every way. Character's dialogue was fitted to known historical events in a formulaic way. The characters lacked depth and were disappointing. The story of the five families from the first book marched forward woodenly and unconvincingly. It was contrived and disappointing fiction. Follett is capable of MUCH better work. I hope he puts more than typing for money in his third. I'll wait and borrow it from someone. I won't buy it..Score: 2/5

Not as good as the firstThe second book focussed less on the characters influences on the world stage and more on their romantic inclinations. The similarities of their infatuations were redundantly distracting. I hope that in the next book Mr. Follett returns to the intrigue each character brought to the historical events they were involved..Score: 3/5

Great!It was great to follow up these characters I had gotten to know. This book really held my attention. Thankful this book answered many questions!.Score: 4/5

Excellent Writing; Engrossing StoryWhat a great way to learn about an important period in history: the events leading to and during World War ll. We also see the aftereffects of such destruction. The author weaves his characters into actual events and has them interact with real people. The words spoken by the historical characters are their own words so you get a real sense of their personalities and the public's reaction to them. It is fascinating to see the world through the eyes and attitudes of people living in both Allied and Axis countries. Follett's characters are well-developed and give a true sense of that generation's attitudes and beliefs in a series that is both informative and very entertaining. I re-read the first book in the series (Fall of Giants) to prepare myself for this one. These books are so good was a treat to do so. Most people believe our schools teach fictional history so why not learn about actual events through the eyes of mostly fictional, but fascinating and sympathetic characters, and thoroughly enjoy yourself while doing so?.Score: 5/5

Winter of the WorldThis book was a decent read, but not as compelling or informative as the first in the series. Why was the Holocaust given such cursory treatment.? No character represented the real depravity of the Nazis. Additionally, there were too many convenient coincidences. I won't read the sequel..Score: 3/5

Winter of the worldEnjoyed the book so much, I read it in no time, the story, superb; one gets very personal with the characters in the story, I learned so much from the historical point of view, it open my eyes on things I could not comprehend before, I only regretted the Hollywood style where the beautiful are the good guys and the fat and ugly, are the bad guys. Congratulations , A job well done.Score: 3/5

History told differentlyGreat read that ties historical events into a story of life..Score: 4/5

Winter of the worldTypical historical novel but it captures in a vivid fashion the historical issues and movements through which the characters move. A couple of errors cited: first, Dolittle's raid was on April 18, 1942, not the 25th; second, in a chain reaction U238 atoms give off 3 neutrons not 2, more than a 'doubling effect' as described in the book..Score: 4/5

PriceHow can folks be such cheapskates! Great read, ready for the conclusion!.Score: 5/5

Why are people paying $19.99??Looks like these Giants (Ken Follett and Penguin) have fallen...fallen for greed. I have been a Ken Follett fan since I was 14. I have read every single book and to this day he is my favorite author so I really, really wish I could buy this book but I can't. First, it's just too expensive for me right now and second, I think on principle, people shouldn't be paying $19.99 for an ebook..Score: 1/5

Winter of the worldExcellent.Score: 5/5

Winter of the WorldAs good as Book 1 of the trilogy. Don't listen to the whiners who complain about the price. If you enjoy a very good read, this book is for you. (You will even learn a lot about the history of WWII.).Score: 5/5

The ThirdJust as good as the first one, and I can't wait to read the next..Score: 5/5

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Winter of the WorldI love this series; I was so happy the characters from the first were all in this one and I hope it all carries through to the 3rd book. I hated that Fritz still did not acknowledge Lloyd what a jerk he is and to not help his own sister. Cannot wait for the next book!.Score: 4/5

Winter of the WorldI have read his four books of this genre. I rated all those as 5s. This was a disappointment to say the least. Weak character development. Rather boring backdrops and story lines for most of them. One reviewer lamented the absence Of any focus on the holocaust. I strongly agree. I also missed having a chart at the beginning to show the link between characters and families in this and The fall of Giants. I hope his last in the trilogy rises to the quality of the others..Score: 3/5

Winter of the World - great readKen Follet is the master of writing deeply entertaining parallel story lines that intersect through out his novel. Very entertaining. Only wish I had read slower!.Score: 5/5

Winter of the World!Wonderful story, love the history and the detail that Mr. Follett puts into his work!.Score: 5/5

Winter of the WorldIf you want a good history lesson about both WWI and WWII, read Winter of the World and it's prequel, Fall of Giants. The books combine real historical characters, with an international cast of fictional characters in Russia, Germany, England and the US. This book gives a real feel of what it was like before, during and after World War II. This is a very long book that I really hated to see end..Score: 5/5

Winter of the worldWhat a compelling history lesson! I wish I had printed out the 'list of characters' in order to keep up with the developments. But the author kept referring to their history in a way to refresh your memory. Can't wait for the next installment..Score: 4/5

Awesome bookThe winter of the world. By Ken Follett. A real and thrilling trip to the World War Two, a narrative from the perspective of five families that lived during that time. Makes you appreciate away from the propaganda that time full of turmoil. Loved it. Is as good or even better than the first book. The fall of giants..Score: 5/5

World without endThis book is by far the single most enlightening, educational and entertaining book i have ever read about world war 2. It is unendingly intersting and compelling. I could not put it down. I feel this series should be part of every school's curriculum across the globe. May we all learn the many valuable lessons there are to be learned herein; and at the same time adopt the integrity and vitality these characters achieve..Score: 5/5

Winter of the WorldBook two of three. Very good as always. I couldn’t put it down. The people seemed reallife..Score: 5/5

Winter of the worldAmazing, I cannot wait for the third installment..Score: 5/5

Pretty GoodSomehow I thought the first book (fall of giants) was a little better, but I enjoyed Winter of the World. The story was interesting and the characters helped relate the various political views of the time. Sometimes I thought there could have been a little bit more history and sometimes I thought the characters were a little unbelievable. But as I said, I liked the book..Score: 4/5

Too expensive!!!!!!Both Kindle and Barnes and Noble are charging $14.25! What gives Apple?!.Score: 5/5

Winter of the WorldOne chapter in, I quickly and eagerly forgot the price. You get what you pay for. Not quite as perfect as the first, this follow up is still fantastic, mixing historical drama with impressive fictional character and story development. I struggle to think where a third can possibly live up to the amazing backdrop painted in I and II. What could possibly match the times our world endured in the first half of the 20th Century? I can hardly wait to find out..Score: 5/5

Winter of the worldExcellent book. One of Ken's best. Didn't want it to end..Score: 5/5

FANTASTICALLY FOLLETTIncredible story from behind the scenes of the "Great war"!!!! Amazing read, I have learned so much, even after the study of Marxism, Fascism, and Social Democracy, they all fall under despotism and are ruled with intolerance, no freedom, and hate....not unlike what is happening before our very eyes here in America under the OBummer Gestapo!!! This book should awaken all patriots to the constant danger of these idealistic fantasies becoming a reality in the USA. Fight we must!!!!.Score: 5/5

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Winter of The WorldI can hardly believe this is a Ken Follett book! I've read all the previous books and loved them.I'm sorry to say I found this book boring and tough slugging ! I had to skip quite a bit just to get it done. I was very disappointed. I only finished it because I bought it..Score: 1/5

Gripping readKen Follett is a master of the sweeping epic novel. The first book in his Century trilogy -- Fall of Giants -- takes places during the Great War. I couldn't wait to plunge into the second in the series. Winter of the World picks up where Fall left off, following the next generation of a number of intertwined families in Russia, Germany, Great Britain & the USA in the short period between the wars, during the war and the early days of the Cold War. I know this is historical fiction but after reading these two novels I feel I have a greater understanding of the social and political forces at play during the first half of the 20th century. I can hardly wait for the third book in this series. In the meantime I think I'll do more reading of the history of this period..Score: 5/5

Winter of the worldCe livre est bien écrit et intéressant. Je trouve qu'il penche énormément vers la pornographie. Il me semble qu'il n'est pas nécessaire d'entrer dans les détails très intimes pour convier une idée et un message. Je trouve regrettable qu'un auteur de la trempe de Ken Follett doive recourir au sexe pour vendre son produit. Dommage... MERCI.Score: 3/5

Winter of the worldThis continuing saga is absolutely the best historical fiction I have ever read..Score: 5/5

A great jobThe essence and the knowledge of two world wars beautifully written in these novels is absolutely amazing. A great job. I am starting " Edge of Eternity ".Score: 5/5

Masterful SequelThe saga continues and the characters become more engaging. The history is well researched and integrates well into this epic saga..Score: 5/5

Great novelGreat fast paces novel keeping you turning pags every step of the way..Score: 5/5

Simply amazingCan't wait for the next book!.Score: 5/5

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