The Three Little Pigs Book Reviews

Sukina Campos

The Three Little Pigs by Sukina Campos Book Summary

A twist on the traditional tale The Three Little Pigs.  This version is retold using rhyme making it fun and easy for children to read.

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Book Name The Three Little Pigs
Genre Fairy Tales, Myths & Fables
Language English
E-Book Size 939.33 KB

The Three Little Pigs (Sukina Campos) Book Reviews 2023

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The three pigs with a twist. It was sooooo good write a second part please

Trash. 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮😖😵 help me 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

The 3 little pigs. That story sounded nothing like the real story and it was boring but I’m being nice to them and giving them a three

Catfish. Not a three little pigs story with a twist. I would give it 0 stars if I could.

The little pigs with a twist. It was super cool and funny

I trusted this book for some reason and now I regret.. Imma just go sleep now. 👁👄👁

not a good book. I didn’t like it at all and that’s mean to turn the wolf in to a rug.

.............❤️. I like the title but I haven’t read it yet are the pigs like the wolf and the wolf is like the pigs? Anyway plz can someone explain this👉🏻👈🏼🥺plzzzz? I’ll give u a cupcake emoji. Thanks here is ur prize 🍚🍱🍣🍙🍤🥠🎂🍨🍿🍯🧃🥛🍩🍪🌰🥜🍫🍬🍭🍮🎂🥠🍤🍛🥘🥙🧁🧁🧁🧁🧁🧁🧁🥧🍭🍬🌰🥜🍫🍰🍧🍥🦪🥟

Strange. I feel like it’s

meh 🫤. gets a little dark at the end but not that bad

Ok. The story was short and not very well detailed, but it had an okay ending.

SANTIAGO B.. I don’t like it ): because it’s a classic and old it was like in 1970 ):<

I was funny and and ... I do not know what else. Amazing

Make it longer.. Cool but I don't like how its short and not long

Too short. This book was too short with no twist! You even have excess paper you could’ve used!

Best Version. Very quirky, fun book.

The three little pigs with a twist. I thought it was boring add more detail

Awesome book. I love this book!

Djghf. Terrible

.... ...?

The Three Little Pigs. Kept interest of a 6 year boy😳

Loved it. My daughter loves this book!

To short. This was a good book to read to little kids but there needs to be more details

Love it. If you don't like childhood books and your older then don't speak out of your league. If you don't like this book tell us in nice words or you can keep it to yourself and right your own book see if it is as easy as you think I am in the middle of writing a book and it is hard. I am only 11 and I am saying this. Keep hate to yourself. 🙂🙃

Very epic. Must have for all types of readers.. This book truly lives up to its name. It is indeed the Three Little Pigs with a Twist. I give this book a 10/5.

No. Just no.

Bad ending. Too harsh and too much for children

Boo. Terrible retelling.

This… is a twist… with a twist! Amazing!. Ya’ll are the best. This book… is a TWIST with a TWIST! Bloody awesome!

Too scary. It looks like more the original story of the three pigs but in the original story the two brothers die like the wolf! Give this book to a 8-14 years old child

It’s ok. It’s ok but it really doesn’t show the whole story but, I like it.You better read it it's good.

Three little pigs. I love to read this book its the best book ever.

Not my fav But it was ok🤨🤨🤨🤬😟😝. Ok I guess

Cute. Interesting, liked the rhyming.

Meh. It was ok. DEFINITELY not the best but I kinda liked that it rimed but seriously did you have to turn the wolf into a rug. This book is harsh and not good.

Three Little Pigs. Cute story.

How to make slime. Smdmv

Very good. Very entertaining and good I really enjoyed the rug part! 😂🎀😍💖

The three little pigs with a twist. I didn’t like this book it’s very easy to read it doesn’t have that much detail and is very harsh for a children’s book.

The three little pigs rating. I really love it because the third pig is smart like me and the Big bad wolf Got what he deserved.

Best. This was the best book I have ever read I think it deserves a movie

Good book. I like this book

Too short. Too short and not enough detail.

I really trusted this book ;-;”. Hey I’m gonna go play roblox instead :D 👁👄👁

The Three Pigs. I Love It

3 little pigs with a twist. It was okay I guess but I don’t really like it and neither does my daughter

The three little pigs with a twist. Amazing version so cute!


Great book for kids!!!. This book is great for kids! I have a daughter but she doesn’t have any books. And because of COVID, she can’t go to the library.

Haters. WHY ARE PEOPLE SUCH HATERS it a great book

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Three little pigs. My daughter and son liked that story very much my son is 1 and my daughter is five

My 3 year old loves this. A nice short story that your little ones will love. And it's free!

The three little pigs. I would say this book is for a 1 year old it is not scary at all I am 10 years old I did not get creepe d out

Good. This was a good book

3 little pigs. I loved the bit where the wolf burned his bottom. He was like ooooooooooouuuuuuu! Ha ha ha ha! It was actually really funny

The three little pigs. I think it was very funny and good

Three little pigs. This book was hilarious I would definitely recommend this book

LOL. This book has a great twist and I would recommend it to everyone who wants to find a good book and I would say it is the most addictive and interesting book I have ever read!

Amazing for yonder children. Great app love it

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The Three Little Pigs…. uhm well its a bit dark at the end… a pig eating a wolf for dinner… but overall a good rhyming story

Awesome. This is a good book I could read to my little brother and sister

Great Twist. The kids really enjoyed this little twist with the three little pigs i have to read it at least 4-7 times before wee can move to another story 👍🏽👍🏽

Love love millions love !. I like this book it helps my brothers to read and it is very quick

I thought there was a twist. The title of the book is the 3 little pigs with a twist but what is the twist

I’m 16. I still love this it will never get old

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Este libro es súper diver. Super Meencanta

Pigs. Bad

Very good. It is a very good story and I will read it again soon you should get this book

Well done. Well done I love your book my name is Hannah I am 10 years old and my birthday is on 24 December Thank you for doing a book bye

The three Little pigs. I'm not only be eight years old but it was still a good book:):):)#awsome

Cool. The BEST way or little kids to learn how to make the right decision

Not good for kids. This isn’t at all good. Why would you put the wolf’s skin for a rug... the children ask how it happened .. how on Earth are you meant to explain that the pig slaughtered the wolf and skinned it 😡. Rubbish!!

riana. I give it a one the drawings was so boring

The three little pigs. This is a good book and you should get this book

Great. This is an awesome and funny book to read so this is a great book to read to your brothers or sisters so get this book

Go to talk about and read. This book was interesting it was brilliant and it is very good for your little ones enjoy this book with care and pride it is your rhythm so you can succeed

Noncey. Maste unreal class books would never ask to read anything else preemo

nice 👍🏼. this book is cool and i’ve heard other ppl in the reviews say that there’s no twist but i think it’s meant to be the rhymes which is pretty cool 👍🏼

Three little pigs. Funny

Brilliant. Excellent

Twisty eh. The twists that are made in the three little pigs are normally very unpleasant so it’s something I’m used to. Out often ,though, I will give ... 11 !

loved it. it was a great twist and i loved the story 😂🐷🐺🐖

Funny. :). This story was better then expected!

Quit good. I liked it but there was a thing that put me of that the pig skinned the wolf ate the wolf and used him a rug

Inspiring and life changing. This book cured my cancer and brought my dad back from the milk shop after 47 years. The part where the pig has a dance battle with the wolf to the song ‘watermelon sugar’ by Harry styles was utterly moving and brought me to tears, and the ending where the pig becomes president of Vietnam was so beautiful and life changing, I will never look at Vietnam the same way. Would 100% recommend to a friend, 10/10 book.

Why this Book is amazing 😻😻. This book is so has so much pages and it has big words to.I love this book so much . Xoxoxo 😘.

I likey. This book is very deep; a pig eating a wolf, and calling him a sinner. But...I LOVE IT! Well done!

Bad. Not long and bad ending

three little pigs. that was great but i have one question is that made up

To long to wait. It to long to wait it took 7 hours to download

Meh. Good book but way too short and quite boring as well. Good book for 4 year olds who are still learning to read.

Free books. The free books are great I absolutely love em thanks for uploading em.

It's good rhyming. I think it's quite funny what the pig did to the wolf

The three little pigs. I loved it ex specially at the end I really do like the way you put clever clogs instead of just clever that was funny. That's all from me bye lived the book

Ju. Very good.i would recommend this book to other people.

It’s good. It’s super good really liked this book I have to delete it

Not a good book!. This book is way too easy and short it’s for 4 years old.

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The three little pigs. It is a great book an the pictures a awesome everybody should have this book!!!!! It is about three little pigs went out and built house useing different thinks like straw wood and brick

Three Little Pigs. It was not a good book. It was not interesting. My my

The three little pigs. Get it nooooooooow

It was. It was so funny but what happened to the mum?

The cute little zebra. In a house there was a little zebra called cute Tom he loved to play the next day Tom lock a pig in the house and he love to be good the end

Silly. Not even good, I don't like it.

Great. Awesome loved it

Three little pigs with a twist. It was good, a bit short but awesome. This book is ideal for a young child like me. I like how you can read it in a few minutes if you are more then 7 years old. If you are older it is not the best. At the end I think you should put THE END in big bold writing. Bye 👋

Cool. Love it

Pigs. This book was an original fairy tale I was left searching of the twist there was rhymes and it was rather funny but the book is made for younger kids

PLZ EXPLAIN?!?!?!?!?. It was the three little pigs, but I didn't really see how it was the three little pigs with a twist perhaps you guys should rename but I liked how you attempted to make it rhyme! Good luck for the future guys!!!!!

Great for little kids. I read this to my 4 year old twins and they love this book

ViVi. Can you make a book about the real truth three little pigs

Good book. It is such a great book I read it to my twin sisters all of the time they love it even know they are babies they are 8 weeks old i can tell because they always laugh and smile at it

Goo. This is the best book ever evrevrvevrvevrve lolololololol

Good. Good But very short

Then three little pigs. This book is a really good book I read I and then I read it to my brothers and sister it is wonderful

The three little pig. Its a really great book. It's full of rhyming words and good for little children's. I like the part where the wolf falls down the chimney. SPOT ON😆

This Book Is Amazing!. I LOVE THIS BOOK

The 3 little pigs (but with a twist :). I loved this book and I enjoyed reading it! The only thing that bothered me is WHY IS THIS BOOK SHORT GIVE ME MORE OF YOUR INCREDIBLY PUBLISHED BOOKS :)

Not really interesting. This is literally the exact same as the normal version

Good job. Funny and short

ok. it is ok

Lovely and Cute. The book was very cute, but there really is no twist. Great for young children though.

Go play fortnite. Do it play fortnite

Well done. Hey ladies, great effort on an original story, love the approach, kept my 3 year old entertained. Thank you

It’s alright. It would be better if it was longer💯 and maybe a bit funnier with some adult jokes ayy😂

It is not to good or bad. This book is just right for people under 7

Three Little Pigs. Awesome dip doggity doo Doo dam dam book Awesome dip doggity doodoo read

I love the book. Thanks for let me read this book. I really loved it. I want to readmore books.

Pigs. I don’t really like it 🦄

i woved it da best in da word fank oo ery munch !!?. wove Colin F da Daniel B

Awesome. Rem8nds me of the Ronald Dahl one if the three little pigs but the pig kills the wolf instead of red riding hood kills the pig and the wolf

Excellent. Was reading to my babies but found I enjoyed it much more then them, great rhyming

Anita. Wow this book was unexpected I never knew that happened but what happened to the other pigs🐷🐷🐷⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Great. Great short story. Loved the rhyme.

Book. Good book

Awesome book. I just finished reading this to my 3 and 5 year old for the first time and they loved it....!!!! Such a funny version of the story!! Good to see the wolf get it....

Go play clash Royale. Do it

I. Gay gay gayGay gay gayGay gay gayGay gay gayGay gay gay

Three little pigs. Uhjjkkjoj

Very clever take on an old classic. Loved it.

The three little pigs with a twist. I like how the words rhymed in the book and it was really funny

Inappropriate for kids. Not rlly a kids book a bit violent

Bad. This book is bad do not make a book again

umm the twist. The twist uhmm, the pigs have the wolf or dinner and turn his fur into a rug? Umm I don’t think this is for kids... it’s very short and boring it was the same one but just the weird twist...

The three little pigs. It the best Thanks for making it It's good for my sister

Rhyme and no pic. I liked this story. It is short, it rhymes and it has a non pc ending. Pigs die. Wolf it should be

Umm. The book isn’t that different to the original one besides they kill the wolf and turn it into a rug, and I don’t think this book is really for little kids BC THEY KILL THE WOLF EAT IT AND TURN IT INTO A RUG! It should be 7+, but other wise it isn’t the worst book I read!

Love it. Short but sweet me and my friends love it plz make another

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Three little pigs with a twist. It was ok.

The three little pigs. Once upon a time a mother pig yelled what is all this fighting about you guys are older now so go out and build your selfs a house so off they went to build a house the youngest little pig said he'll build his house out of straw the wolf came and huffed and puffed and the wolf blew the house down so the little pig went to his brothers twing house and then the wolf came there and he huffed and puffed and blew the house down so the two brothers went to their oldest brothers house what was maid out of bricks when the wolf came their he huffed and puffed as hard as he could nothing happened he did it again he huffed and he puffed but still nothing happened so he had a better idea he climbed to the roof of the oldest pigs house and he went down the chimney but the oldest pig had a fire at the bottom of the chimney the fire burned his bum and everything else and the other pigs built brick houses and the three little pigs lived happy ever after this is my story of the three little pigs my name is Mackenzie Fagan I hope u injoid thank you

sucks. really bad

I like it so much!!!!!. I also love it!!!!!

Why. Why what’s with the wolf carpet

I’m a Muslim girl 🧕🏼. I hate this book (I only wrote one star because so everyone can see this, but this doesn’t deserve even ONE STAR).

The three little pigs -awesome. It was a great book. Loved reading it to my ill one

3 little pigs. I like it

The three little pigs with a twist. This book is a very good book for kids.

Boo. I don't like this book.

very funny!. Awsome book!

The three little pigs. In the woods there was a house with three pigs and there momma. One day they started to fight. They’re momma started to shout at them. She told them to pack their bags and make a new house. The first two we’re dumb with there house’s. #1 used some hay. #2 used some sticks and twigs. #3 used cement. The bro’s all lived next door to each other. Then came a wolf. He blew down pig #1 AND pig #2. Wow! He blew those to in a single day.

The three little pigs with a twist. So bad man like really make it longer why did the pigs have to die man

The three little pigs review. I gave this book a three star rating because it was not exactly how the original story is told and its good how you did something different with it but a little bit more from the original would be great or to make your own. The drawings were pretty good I loved how they were so cartoony and felt like you were really watching a play and if they were puppets then they would be well detailed ones. WRITE EVEN MORE!!!!!!!!

Three little pigs. It could of been better

The best thing ever. This story is really fun and funny too.e

Great book. I love ur book make more make more You and your friend are hot send more

I like the rimes.. It is cute, with a twist. Clever. Kids like words like bum. Well done. Write some more.

Good. I like the ALDC

It is ok not the best. It was good with all the Rimining but I don't like it sorry :(

🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂. Could be a longer,needs more pictures

Nice. What a little twist

Good. This book needs to be longer

Be nice. There are so many haters about this book don’t have to be a meany I like it 🙂

Not to bad. It's good

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Summary of The Three Little Pigs by Sukina Campos

The The Three Little Pigs book written by Sukina Campos was published on 13 March 2012, Tuesday in the Fairy Tales, Myths & Fables category. A total of 6,772 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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