Tony Northrup's DSLR Book: How to Create Stunning Digital Photography (iPad)Tony Northrup

Tony Northrup's DSLR Book: How to Create Stunning Digital Photography (iPad)

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Tony Northrup's DSLR Book: How to Create Stunning Digital Photography (iPad) by Tony Northrup Book Summary

“Stunning Digital Photography”, the #1 photography ebook in the world, is now available on iBooks! This book has four things no other book offers:

1) VIDEO TRAINING. About 90 minutes of hands-on video tutorials. 

2) 400+ HIGH RESOLUTION, ORIGINAL PICTURES. Detailed example pictures taken by the author in nine countries demonstrate both good and bad technique. 

3) HANDS-ON PRACTICES. Complete the practices at the end of every chapter to get the real world experience you need.

4) NEVER OUTDATED. This book is regularly updated with new content (including additional videos) that existing owners receive. As new photography trends emerge and new camera equipment and lenses are released, you'll see them described in the book immediately. 

In this book, Tony Northrup (award-winning author of more than 30 how-to books and a professional portrait, wildlife, and landscape photographer) teaches the art and science of creating stunning pictures. 
First, beginner photographers will master:

* Buying a camera, lens, flash, tripod, and more
* Composition
* Exposure
* Shutter speed
* Aperture
* Depth-of-field (blurring the background)
* Natural light
* Flash
* Troubleshooting blurry, dark, and bad pictures
* Pet photography
* Wildlife photography (mammals, birds, insects, fish, and more)
* Sunrises and sunsets
* Landscapes
* Cityscapes
* Flowers
* Forests, waterfalls, and rivers
* Night photography
* Fireworks
* Raw files
* Macro/close-up photography

Advanced photographers can skip forward to learn the pro's secrets for:

* Posing men and women (checklists provided)
* Portraits (candid, casual, formal, and underwater)
* Remotely triggering flashes
* Using bounce flash and flash modifiers
* Using studio lighting on any budget
* Building a temporary or permanent studio at home
* Shooting your first wedding
* High speed photography
* Location scouting/finding the best spots and times
* Planning shoots around the sun and moon 
* Star trails (via long exposure and image stacking)
* Light painting
* Eliminating noise
* Focus stacking for infinite depth-of-field
* Underwater photography
* Getting close to wildlife
* Using electronic shutter triggers
* Photographing moving cars
* Photographing architecture and real estate

Tony Northrup's DSLR Book: How to Create Stunning Digital Photography (iPad) (Tony Northrup) Book Reviews

Great purchaseThis is more than a great book it is a system with support. The forum and Facebook pages are full of people eager to learn and create. It really is a community of like mind individuals with similar goals. This books spans the basics to some creative photography. It is easy to follow for a beginner and great reference to people who may be a bit rusty. For advanced users there are plenty of creative techniques and recommendations to be gained. Tony and Chelsea personally review pictures and make videos. I highly recommend this book..Score: 5/5

Enjoyable making digital photography easierVery good book that helps you get started thinking for yourself, getting comfortable with composition and understanding your equipment. Highly recommended..Score: 5/5

A must haveI have MANY photography books, this is by far the best one. The author makes hard concepts very easy to understand. You will not be disappointed...Score: 5/5

The best photography book out thereI truly believe this is the best photography book that you could buy. The author, Tony, jumps right in and teaches you everything you need to know and then he adds in some bonuses too. I would highly recommend getting it on the iPad because the layout and functionality is ten times better than the iPhone version. If you have the iPad three you are in for a real treat because everything is so crystal clear. Also there are a bunch of videos in the book so that you can look and listen to what you are trying to learn. Also at the end of each chapter there is some "homework" for you to work on that makes you alot better at your photography skills. Tony can take you all the way to professional status if you put the time in, trust me I know. One thing I HIGHLY recommend is that you go on facebook and like his page(I think the link is in the book so you can just click on it.) By liking his page you get updates about the book, and its kind of like a classroom because you can post your pictures and say "Hey, this picture didnt turn out how I wanted it to. What could I do to make it better?) or just show off your picture. Tony is really great at getting back to you usually in less than 24 hours. Not only does he help you, so do I and every other fan too. If you are still reading this I reccomend buying the book so you can understand why this review is so long:) THANKS TONY!.Score: 5/5

One of the bestWhat’s nice about this book is that the information is layered. If you just want the basics you can watch the imbedded videos. If you want more detail you can read the chapters and if you read carefully, you will find that there is quite a lot of detail in those chapters. If you are willing to put in the effort, it can really be the only instructional type book that you would need. Highly recommended..Score: 5/5

Not that greatI did not learn much more from this book than what is already in my camera's manual. While there were definitely some good how-to tips, I found a lot of information in this book to be repetitive and common-sense (for example, the need for spare batteries was mentioned several times). The most disappointing aspect is that I expected to see more stunning photos from the author, but found many of the photos to be mediocre with many technical flaws. The videos do a good job of showing techniques but they also seemed to be too amateurish..Score: 2/5

Can't get enough!This is exactly what I needed..concise information and how to's. So glad I bought his book as an e-book for my iPad! I refer to it constantly!!! Can't get enough....Score: 5/5

Great book..This is an excellent book for all levels of photography.. The integration of videos to expand on the text is makes it even better.. The information will definitely help you improve your technique..Score: 5/5

Excellent and Includes all the Videos!This is the edition of this quality book that you want. This is the ONLY electronic edition that actually contains copies of the videos — rather than having to be on a network all the time, to stream things. The price is the same for all electronic versions, but THIS electronic version contains more content! Get this one..Score: 5/5

Stunning!The content of this book is great. The quality of this eBook made specifically for the iPad is amazing! I originally downloaded a sample of the regular iBook version and purchased the kindle version. I was disappointed with the quality of the images in the Kindle app version and was considering purchasing the full iBook version because the images were a bit clearer, but the videos launched in Safari and I didn't like bouncing between the book and the web. Then I discovered this new version - the presentation is fantastic, the information is more accessible, it's easier to jump around and find things, the images are clear... It takes full advantage of the capabilities of an eBook and turns a quality book about making art into art itself..Score: 5/5

Outstanding. Should be a text for DSLR teachersThis is a fantastic book. Tony and his wife are great on YouTube but this book is a truly great resource when away from the internet. If I could just get through the book with my own DSLR, I don't have one but I do have other smaller digital cameras and an iphone. They will help me with the basics until I can buy my own camera. Buy it!.Score: 5/5

Got scammedWont even download and they took my money.Score: 5/5

Where is the updated version for iBooks?First, let me say that the conetnt contained in this book is simply AMAZING. It tells you exactly what you need to know about every topic. Using a variety of images and videos, Tony and Chelsea are able to help convey the topic in a way that is easy to understand. I can’t wait to see all of their work in the future. After saying all of that… I am just confused as to why the iBooks version of this book is from 2013 and stuck on Version 2.0. The book has been updated several times by Tony and Chelsea and as of May 2016 it is on Version 5.0. Where is the iBooks love? If you register your book purchase on Tony and Chelsea’s website, you can download the current version in PDF form for free. However, I don’t find that it is an enjoyable reading experience as the iBooks version. Would really like to see the book updated in the near future..Score: 4/5

Excellent how-to photography book!I've read a few other photography books and this is buy far my favorite. The author's style of writing is easy to understand and concise. The book is also organized in a very helpful way (it starts out basic but provides exciting pro tips, and gradually gets more technical with chapters about HDR, light painting, and even underwater photography.) Tony Northrup also provides many videos on some of the concepts he covers in the book. The videos are one of my favorite parts. I usually read the section and then watch the video when one is available. I also just discovered his Facebook page (Northrup Photography) where he reviews reader's pictures and troubleshoots and critiques them. I can't wait to start posting some myself! So much bang for your buck here. Thank you, Tony!.Score: 5/5

Amazing book for a beginner!Ok love this book. Simple language, endless pictures for examples, well recorded videos..... I just became a father, so I went out and brought a really expansive camera and took some really crappy pictures of my baby. Then I downloaded this book and now have amazing shots. I carry my iPad in my camera bag now because this book is as important as any lens or camera accessory in my bag. Thank you Tony for the excellent (almost personal) training you have given me in photography..Score: 5/5

Great book!Easy to understand and the videos are great!.Score: 5/5

Please read the sample then follow the instructions after you purchase the book.Read the reviews and was cautious of purchasing this book. I’ve watched the online videos and read their material before that I felt I would not be let down. I am not. To other reviews that indicate no update or scam, they clearly did not read the introduction. If you buy this book, and follow the instructions, you are informed where and how to get an updated version of the book, and access to more online resources. This is a GOOD DEAL. You will not be disappointed..Score: 5/5

Incredible, but what happened to updates?As most reviews for this book go, it is a must buy and was created brilliantly. I also follow Tony and Chelsea on YouTube as they are very active, and have noticed they often release updates for the book that all buyers are supposed to have access to. I noticed on Amazon that the newer versions of the book are available but the iBooks version for Apple has not been updated in a couple years. Does anyone know how us iBooks users can access the new content?.Score: 5/5

A game changer!I have enjoyed taking pictures for a long time. I had a Canon t3i and liked it alot, I would get some good pictures every once in a while, but to tell you the truth I did not know why they were goood when they turned out and sometimes I did not know why they were bad when they didn't. I decided to purchase a full frame camera, the Nikon D600, when looking into reviews etc. I saw some of Tony and Chelsea's videos and like the fact that they are both clear and to the point while still making it fun. Anyway, the book is packed with information, pictures and video's built right into the book, also this book is kind of a living classroom, where Tony and Chealsea don't just write more books on photography, they update this one book, so once you buy it you have it as well as all of the updates to come. Not only that, but when you buy the book you get to join the private facebook group where you post your pics and have people give you tips on how to improve your photography as well as monthy photo challenges and contests. It's pretty cool to learn about the rule of 3rds, go out and try it, post it on the facebook page and have Tony himself comment. The combination of these things and the hundreds of people posting on the site you learn a TON. You will not put your camera down, there is so much that insipres you. Get the e-book, this is how people are going to do it in the future!.Score: 5/5

Superbly Written Book!This book is amazing to have for any photographer! I've been shooting for a good 6 years now everything from sports to candids to portraits and I have learned so much from reading this book over the past month. It is written amazingly and is very helpful when it comes to searching for a specific answer or just have a general information overload! I would like to make sure however to mention that the money you pay for the book doesn't stop there... Instead the book is simply a launching point for a whole private community if beginners, professionals, and the authors who are willing to provide immediate feedback and help for the readers. They cover everything from questions to reviews and critiques of photos, and even editing and portfolio help. This is a must have book for any photographer and one you should always keep at hand and review before a shoot!!!.Score: 5/5

Best Book Written!This book is just what I was looking for and then some. The videos alone are worth the price of admission! So many helpful hints, I can't even begin to describe. This book will change your photos for ever!.Score: 5/5

Amazing bookSimply put this book is fantastic and an unmatched resource for learning to shoot great photographs. A perfect companion for first time DSLR users and a must have for your first camera. It even has some great tips for users of point and shoot cameras..Score: 5/5

Buy this - will get you a jump start on photographyThe author provides practical advice and covers all areas of photography. The book includes links to video to help support the material in the book. The information has allowed to get a jump start in understanding more about photography to get me out shooting and thinking to produce a better photo. Thanks, Mike.Score: 5/5

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A must !I just start in the mid class camera world (sony a6000) ans that book incredible ! Tony : you are the best to explain the photography concept.Score: 5/5

IPad bookI'm having trouble downloading your book sample And I'd love to get your book but doesn't seem like I can even get the sample ...any suggestions?.Score: 1/5

Excellent bookReally good, very in depth. lots of videos inside as well,and covers many different subjects. Can't go wrong for 10$.Score: 5/5

Cant downloadWish I could review this book. Apple charged me but it wont download to my ipad. CS has not been helpful :(.Score: 5/5

Don't bother with this versionAlso could not download. It takes tons of space. Save yourself the hassle and get the book version instead. It has the same videos and content. I think the only difference is that the iPad version must contain the videos without an internet connection which is why the file is so huge..Score: 1/5

Unable to downloadI'm not able to download the book, waste of money.Score: 1/5

Will not download.Waste of money..Score: 1/5

Love the first edition but update will not downloadThis is an excellent book. Well written with clear instructions. The videos and photo examples are superb. An update seems to have become available in January. Since then, my current copy has frozen and will not open and I can not download the new version:( Apple as usual provides no assistance via iBooks as to what is causing the problem.....Score: 5/5

Sample download doesn't workCan't download book sample.Score: 1/5

Amazing advice, presented wellThis is an amazing book. The topics are presented clearly with lots of interactive material. The book's content is updated regularly. I've learned more from this book than I have in months of an expensive night class taught by a "pro". Purchase of the book gives readers access to the author's dedicated online groups where you can interact with other photographers of every level of experience from beginner to pro. It's like belonging to a family. The author has created an online community that is both informative and fun. I highly recommend this book..Score: 5/5

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Can’t downloadThe book is great (already have a copy) but for some reason every time i try and download this verson it fails, both on my ipad and computer. im hoping its just the ibook store..Score: 4/5

Very disappointed customer!Despite the number of Apps I've deleted to free up space for this book, it keeps on coming up as "no storage space". I however know for a fact that I have plenty of space on my iPad to store not just one but several of the same sized books. It is indeed very disappointing to be charged for something I never received! Wish I had read the reviews well before purchasing it :( I was looking forward to reading the book too..Score: 1/5

Buy the Kindle version instead.The download keeps failing. Complete waste of money..Score: 1/5

Cannot open bookI purchased this ages ago, and now I’m unable to open or successfully re-download this book. I can open other titles however..Score: 3/5

FantasticVery well written using a combination of text like a traditional book and high quality multimedia for a great interactive experience. I did have to remove material from my IPad to make enough room for the book and it took overnight to download. However it was well worth it. I have read it cover to cover and will continue to reread it as there is so much great information. Thanks so much Tony and Chelsea for sharing your knowledge of photography with others..Score: 5/5

Excellent book on photography!A really excellent book. I have read many books on photography going back to the 1970s. This has been the most useful book and the most pleasant to read. I read it from cover to cover. Well done Tony and Chelsea!.Score: 5/5

Can't downloadI've got plenty of available space and the latest updates of iBooks and IOS and I also can't download it. I have however according to my bank statement been charged for it..Score: 1/5

Refund my money back can't download this thingPlz refund my money back I can't able to download it.Score: 1/5

Clear, precise, to the pointThis is a no holds barred book that envelopes everyones keen interest of photography and develops it into an obsession. Clear, precise and to the point. Thanks Tony..Score: 5/5

Download failedDownload failed three times on my iMac. But the sample looks great..Score: 2/5

Incomplete DownloadI have tried to download this 1.98GB book three times but it hangs at 1.97GB. Maybe I need to restart the compter or something or I should have downloaded the book from Tony’s “Stunning Digital Photography” site. Too late for that as I already purchased the book via iBooks..Score: 5/5

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Excellent Book!I have bought at least eight E-books on photography, and I must say, this is the best book of them all. If you are looking for an easy to understand book which will give you great tips on how to improve your photography, then look no further. This is the one book to rule them all!.Score: 5/5

Outstanding bookChelsea and Tony have produced a cracker of a book. The made for iPad version is particularly brilliant as all the photos and videos are built in. The tutorials take you through every step. Chelsea and Tony are obviously passionate about photography and their experience and depth of knowledge is amazing. Being knowledgeable is no good if you are unable to pass that information on in an easy to understand manner. Here the dynamic duo are the very best I've come across and, believe me, I've read a lot of stuff on photography and never picked up the things they teach in this book. Can't recommend this book highly enough. Great job!.Score: 5/5

A must have!This book has changed everything. It's smart, covering every possible topic. There are so many tutorials and videos, that it took me a good couple of weeks, to go thru them all. And probably the best thing about it is facebook group membership where you can post your photos/questions to Tony Northrup himself. How cool is that?!.Score: 5/5

Superb materialThis is a super book, smartly written and with plenty of video and picture examples of how and why scenarios. Definitely now my favourite photo book by a country mile. His video description of RAW vs JPEG was worth the asking price alone. Every budding and experienced photog should have a copy..Score: 5/5

Excellent 📷Absolutely brilliant book I got this has I've just bought my first DSLR & wanted a book to help me get some good pictures but I feel that this will do so much more then that The way things are explained & the videos makes things so easy to understand & very helpful This is by far the best photography book I've purchased & a must have & the best thing is it will always be on me for when I need it 👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Score: 5/5

Undoubtedly the best book for beginnersI can't express how lucky I am I found this book on Tony's YouTube channel. 'How to create stunning photography' covers all I'd always looked for! Packed with plenty of practical tips gives you a good introduction to conscious & fully thought-through photography. Love it!.Score: 5/5

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