Anthology of Nude Photography by Dani Olivier Book Reviews

Dani Olivier

Anthology of Nude Photography by Dani Olivier by Dani Olivier Book Summary

The body of work featured in this book are genuine photographs. They have been neither doctored up nor altered. They are in fact the actual prints of the image captured by the objective.
Dani Olivier's creates his effects at the time of the shoots, by projecting complex images and intricate light patterns on his models. He never touches up the originals.
The models are nude. They do not wear enhancing accessories. Their makeup is minimal.
The pictures are taken with a black background. There are no artifacts : Just the models and the light projections. The projections are either abstract or figurative. The final composition is always surreal.
Mr Olivier's unique style is introduced for the first time in this body of work. His abstract and psychedelic nudes are his exclusive creations.

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Book Name Anthology of Nude Photography by Dani Olivier
Genre Photography
Language English
E-Book Size 14.18 MB

Anthology of Nude Photography by Dani Olivier (Dani Olivier) Book Reviews 2023

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Omg. There all naced

Anthology of Nude Photography. As Ringo sang, “All you got to do is act naturally!"

Joke. One of my daughters freinds thought it would be funny to put this book on her phone. Please remove this from her search history!

Lots of ads. The flow of this book is interrupted with numerous ads.

Great Iraq. Very good and so easy colors

Female Nudes Only. While it's called Anthology of Nude Photography it should be called Anthology of Nude Female Photography.

Unique Work. Interesting use of projected image over the nude form. Very artistic and well shot. Don’t bother with this if you are interested in anatomy though because the anatomy is concealed and confused in most of the pictures by the projected images.

Awesome Pics!!!. I wasn't sure what to expect when I downloaded this photo book. But I'm so glad I did. Very impressed with artwork. It was a joy to flip through the pages and experience this artist creativity. Thank you for sharing your work.

The art of happiness. Good book as i heard but i cannot access ibook store ipad problem

Maybe 20. Some photos are of great beauty. Most others do not have same quality.

Junk. It's not art it's pornography!

Inspirational. Wow. Well done. Images accent the beauty of form and the dance with light.

Nude photography. This book had a bunch of ads for other books There was no writing or pictures about a study in nude photography I do not even know why they called it that stupid book

Great works. Great stuff

Very beautiful. The pictures are done tastefully and intriguing I enjoyed them all thank you!

nudes but unclear in parts. Well done as great outline but parts forget outline of body. Should be clear body at all times without being able to show whom is being displayed. Great work with plenty of ideas for reader.

More artistic than actual nudes!. Display of naked women in "Bond" girl lighting & poses. Dull if you like studying the true beauty of the naked woman form. WEAK!

Visually creative. Amazing book! Very inspirational..

Really?. What's new about another photographer objectifying the female body in the name of art? If he were a true nude photograper he would include men as well. Also it's a little difficult to celebrate the female form when all the women are obviously models and without pubic hair...not quite representative of the true female form, huh?

Powerful Art. This book shows amazing photographs of woman using color and poses. From the use of strong colors to that of mere shadows or lines. The female form is highlighted

Waste of time. Just photos and a lot of advertizing

Please remove from my purchase. Hi May You please remove from my purchase, It is very appropriated

Ok. Ok book but can't stop review from popping up

Nude Photography. Silly

ไม่มี. ไม่เห็นแน่เลย

No. No passion in this book

Fun. Shgydrawrdygiohhvrswhvjnifchinb

Bland. Nothing Spectacular Here He Or She Needs To Go Back And Learn The Basics Of Nude Photography 101

soo nice. nice book

Duck duck goose. Make me hard

Anthology of nude photography. Don’t even get this book

Some good ideas. The book is mainly photos, but there are some great lighting ideas.

Apparently I got a different version??. Reading the reviews, I thought this would be worthwhile. I found it wasn’t. “Greatest ever” and other reviews like this are obviously planted. Over half of the book was ads for other books, and the pictures that were there were repetitious, and lacked any true depth. I will admit a few had nice color, but alot of the composition I found to be worthy of a first year student.

Gross!!!!!!!!!!!. I didn't even read this and I'm not going to. Would you want people to look at pictures of you nude?!? Of course not! If you want pretty pics go look at a sunset. And I rated this only because I had to.

Creativity Using Light. I think the creativity on how Dani uses the light to shape the subject in such a way the brings excitement to the female anatomy. Very inspirational as I too have a project that’s close to this but sp far from a copy paste! Hope to one day share an exhibition with you, cheers. -Teddy-

Artist photography ;). Amazing nude photography in such a fabulous artistic manor, not at all offensive just beautiful. Give us more of your artistic talent to see! Love it! Nikki in California

Gross. This book is gross

Impressive. The best stuff I seen

Ads. Too many ads

B. Art at its greatest

Pretty good overall. Interesting and inspiring ideas certainly, but could probably have used a bit of editing down

X. X. Zzzzzzzzz

This is new indeed. Very cool.

Idk. Haven't purchased but I like naked people

Its ok. It was good

j. I can’t get rid of it!!!

Nude. Nothing to it ....very disappointing...

Good. Good

great. awsome pics, and the light is great

It is fantastic. It is pure art, congratulation.

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Enjoyable. Some very interesting pictures. Well worth a look. Especially as free.

iPad. Really good, shapes and colours were quite retro.

Amazing Images. Beautiful use of lighting effects on models, abstraction with human form, very uplifting.

Nice pics shame about the ads. Pity that they have to keep shoving adverts into what is a very good compilation of artistic images.

Beautiful images. Very creative work and some beautiful images. Not see anything like it before.

Dull. I thought this book would feature lovely arty pictures but it is rather monotonous and most pictures are the same. Not very innovative or that arty at all. Composition was poor and colours were repetitive.

Loved it. Im really not an Arty person, but I thought these were brilliant. I usually hate nude photography with a passion but this was tasteful, very clever and I've not seen it done that well ever before.

Superb. This is a visual work of outstanding poses, superbly lighted with amazing patterns! Nothing more,nothing less....!

This book illustrates the combined art of photography and lighting at a whole new level.. It’s not often you see something that is both beautiful, original and unique in the art world but here it is. The capture of the human form in photography is an art form in itself. Fine studio lighting is another remarkable skill but to combine the two in such a totally unique way is breath taking. That’s what this book is… breathtaking!

Nicely done.. Very clever, very sexy. Thank you please...

Much of the same. Mainly the female form with different images projected onto them. I felt it destroyed the natural beauty of the human form. But what do I know???

Great book. Great book

Great. Great inspiration for my art project, i would recomend

Bad. Well for what are supposedly unedited photos I find it hard to believe that at least half of them haven't seen photoshop in some form disappointing glad it was free it certainly isn't worth paying for or keeping

Nude photography. Some stunning photography!!

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Amazing. Very stunting and creating.

Nudes. Visually pleasing a pleasure to show all my people's from grand parents to grand children.... beautiful!

Nude photography by Dani Oliver. Shame only a handful of good images from 98 pages!

No an anthology, well ok, a collection of projection onto nudes.. Disappointing. I was expecting a collection of various thematic nudes drawn from a huge array of possible images within the genre. What was offered, is reasonable nudes (technically) with images projected onto the subjects. Call if title error, setting the reader up for disappointment. The author really should chose a better title. There is so much more that could have been explored beyond same same projections onto skin. I know, I did a wider range of images 20yrs ago during my photography studies, were i was playing with projected images. If your going to publish a book as an anthology, expand the topic. This would have been fine if only for a chapter, not the whole damm book. Other than that - enjoy. Sorry Dani.

Wow. This man has an amazing eye, his work is fantastic. In one word " WOW "

Fabulous!. Stunning!

Nice :). The theme gets old by the end, but in my opinion, this is talent.

Wow. Amazing and tasteful. Gr8 photography

Mr G. Very good lighting. Great models

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Awsome. Cool

Félicitations. Bravo. Très beau travail

Cool. Very nice technique lovely models.

Light Eye Canady. This is just a basic soft look at nudity. It gives small examples of erotic vouyeuristic views of photograph. Good for the beginner in nude photography if you are just starting out.

Very nice. This is most impressive. Very well done,beautiful work. This is art!

A. Loved this book!

M. Good

Very basic. Minimal lighting technique utilized for almost every image. After the first two or three the style becomes redundant. Author needs a photo editor.

Very inspiring. Very inspiring. Great photography.

Very beautiful. Thought provoking in the appreciation of the female form - evokes a wide range of emotions. I also feel a great appreciation for the artist's ability and dedication.

Awesome. Though this projection technic is not new but the photographer used very unique patterns and shapes to create these stunning images. Great job.

Beautiful. Wow

Great. Absolutely beautiful, breath taking images

Simple creating something Explosively Interesting!. I am a body painter and have always been fascinated by the ability of using the human body as an incredible canvas. The photographer has done just that and then added movement. Every photo had me wanting to see more.

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Summary of Anthology of Nude Photography by Dani Olivier by Dani Olivier

The Anthology of Nude Photography by Dani Olivier book written by Dani Olivier was published on 06 June 2012, Wednesday in the Photography category. A total of 6,499 readers of the book gave the book 3.5 points out of 5.

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