Beautiful Disaster Book Reviews

Jamie McGuire

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire Book Summary

Now a major motion picture! The “deliciously intense” (USA TODAY) New York Times bestselling phenomenon follows a good girl drawn to a very bad boy...

The new Abby Abernathy is a good girl. She doesn’t drink or swear and has the appropriate number of cardigans in her wardrobe. With the darkness of her past behind her, she believes her freshman year at college is the start of a new beginning. But then she meets Travis Maddox.

Lean, cut, and covered in tattoos, Eastern University’s Walking One-Night Stand is exactly what Abby needs to avoid. Intrigued by her resistance to his appeal, Travis tricks her with a simple bet. If he loses, he must remain abstinent for a month. If Abby loses, she must live in his apartment for the same amount of time. Either way, Travis has no idea that he has met his match in this “beautifully sexy, beautifully intense, and beautifully perfect” (Jessica Park, New York Times bestselling author).

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Book Name Beautiful Disaster
Genre Contemporary
Language English
E-Book Size 4.23 MB

Beautiful Disaster (Jamie McGuire) Book Reviews 2023

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Loved the series!. I’ve read this series multiple times already, and each time I fall in love all over again!

Amazing love story.. I fell in love with Travis immediately. It's a cute love story. 😍

LOVE!. I’ve bought this book before and I wanted to read it again but wasn’t sure about paying for it again until I read all of the nasty reviews. I love this entire series and I’m happy to spend money enjoying these books. Even if it means repeatedly. Keep writing Jamie! You and you’re books are amazing! Thank you so so so much!

My Favorite series. Love these books way too much have read them more than 5 times!! ❤️

You won’t be disappointed!!. I Have read every single one of her Maddox serious and I am a huge fan of all of her other books!! Definitely something I can read a million times and still not get tired of it!!! Travis and Abby are my favorite couple of all time!!

AMAZINGGGG. I literally couldn’t put this book down. This love story had me dying inside. I can’t wait for the movie to come out in April!!!

Yes!. Loved it

Regret. I read this book years ago in high-school and gave it another try. I’m happy I’ve matured cause these characters certainly never would. Travis is immature, volatile, and a douche. Abby is lack luster, immature as well and vapid. None of these characters experience any sort of arc, they stay static throughout the entire book. Why yours anyone think this type of relationship is ok?

Absolutely horrid. Jamie is a racist and that’s all

A favourite. Travis Maddox is a knight in shining armour but in a bad boy way you’ll end up loving. Jamie catches you in a really nice way and makes you introduce yourself in the story so much that you’ll end up crying, laughing, loving and hating. This has been one of my favourite books from the very beginning, I loved everything about this book.

Must read. This is my new favorite book! I recommend everyone to read this book. I could not put it down.

Excellent book. I couldn’t put the book down! Read it I one day, 10/10 recommend!!!!

Amazing!. I loved this book! From the beginning to the end, it kept me captivated with the convoluted path of Travis and Abby's relationship. Can't wait to read the next one!

This book was a dumpster fire.. The main characters were messy, weird, and not well developed at all. The story jumped from one useless plot line to another, it never led to a sensible story. It felt like the author tried to fit all popular romance plots into one story. Wow it was so bad.

Author is a bigot.. Author is a racist. Find another book/series to read.

Love this book. This is my favorite book to read, all the time and anytime.

Loved it!!. I absolutely loved this book. There were only a couple of editing issues and the story line was clear for the most part. There were a couple of places where someone said something but I wasn’t sure how they knew the information. I loved the characters. The connections between the characters were explained and evident from the reading!

Must read. I love this book and am going on to the third book! It’s an easy read and always has you interested if you like a good cat and mouse. Not too vulgar and just the right amount of romance. It reminds me of The After series by Anna Todd actually.

Cliche Love Story But I’m Here For It. I’m a sucker for a love story so my standards are low. But the cliche bad boy and mob intertwining, I read it in one sitting. Like others pointed out, the dialogue between characters is a bit unclear at points, who is talking and how they know this info is fuzzy. It’s a good read overall and I plan to keep going with the series. Question though, why are they always showering? I mean people shower I get that, but the amount of scenes with a shower in it is a bit excessive.

Don't bother. I honestly thought I was going to read a warning about abusive/ toxic relationships at the end of this book something along the lines of "if you know someone in a bad relationship who needs help." Like I was fully expecting the author to include it because I didn't think there was any way someone wrote this and thought it was a healthy relationship they were displaying. Inexperience with dating aside, Travis is exactly the type of boyfriend parents warn their daughters about. He's controlling, jealous, and violent. And Abby is by all definitions an enabler of his behavior, talking herself into staying with him and overlooking the numerous warning signs. They're extremely co-dependent and volatile with each other. Not healthy whatsoever. And their friends don't do anything but encourage them to keep it up. Abby and Travis themselves even acknowledge they're a disaster together so why is the author romanticizing that? Seriously, this book should come with the hotline number to abusive relationship counseling.

Hard pass. Worst book I’ve ever read.

no thanks. the main characters are constantly contradicting themselves. it feels like it was written by a 15 year old wattpad author.

Unique book. Great writing. Interesting story. Abby was driving me nuts toward the end there, but finally got it together.

Loved everything about it!. One of my favorite books to this date

❤️❤️❤️. Loved!!!!

Beautiful Disaster. Loved the intensity of the characters connection to one another. I loved her writing and how she kept me 100% engaged until the very end. I am going to purchase other titles from this author because she gets how to write a romance we all wish for!

One of my all time favorite books!. I read this book about 3 years ago now and just realized I'd never written a review! Although I know my review could never do this book the justice it deserves, I'm going to write it anyways. This book is the one that got my Jamie addiction started! Beautiful Disaster is one of my all time favorite books and I reread it multiple times a year. It's the one book I never get tired of reading. Between the "good girl", Abby, and the "bad boy", Travis Maddox, it was hard not to fall in love with them. Abby and Travis seem like an unlikely pair but as the book continues you can see that they are a beautiful disaster just like the title says. Abby is attempting to get away from her past and when she meets Travis she runs right into everything she wanted to get away from. Throughout the book Abby tries to fight off Travis every chance she gets but she learns just how difficult it is to get rid of him, because "when a Maddox boy falls in love he loves forever." This book has something for everyone. It has romance and drama and even a little suspense. If you haven't read this book yet you are missing out!

Love it👌. Love this series❤️

My favorite book!. I’ve read this bool multiple times and every time it get better! This is wholeheartedly the best book i’ve ever read.

Comfort book. 5/5. I’ve read this book a handful of times, it just keeps me coming back. Whenever I’m stuck in a reading rut I just know Travis and Abby will bring me back into the swing of things.

Loved it!. I loved this book and the characters! I couldn’t put it down!


👍. Really good story

Amazing Series. This book is a fabulous start to an amazing series. Loved the writing, characters, storyline etc. I especially love haivng strong female characters who will stand up for themselves.

Amazing!!. love love love LOVE!!! Makes your heart flutter + happy ending. My favorite romance book yet!

Pretty Good. So I read the reviews for this book and I was expecting some crazy story of a guy that wouldn’t let his girl out of his sight. Well, it wasn’t all that crazy. I mean yea Travis is protective and clingy, but he also leaves her alone when she asks him too. Another thing Abby pushes his buttons for sure! I mean going out to dinner with another guy when ur in a relationship and the guy isn’t an old friend it’s someone interested in her. Ugh anyway I liked the book it reminded me of After with less sex detail. Oh and the guy fights . If you like bad boys and drama this is the book for you!!

everything you’ve been looking for !!!. I’m not typically one to gush over a book in the comments but this book changed that for me. From the beginning, when Abby met Travis I knew I was in for a ride. The depth of their friendship even before their relationship was envious. I fell in love with the characters. When Travis wouldn’t even go after Abby simply because she didn’t want him to, I fell even harder. Every reader can see feel the chemistry between them in every flip of the page. Both characters have incredible baggage they are carrying with them and the way that their different personalities cater to one another is astounding. I love how Abby is so much more rebellious than she lets on in the beginning. Also, how Travis is such a sweetheart compared to how rough and brutish he seems in the beginning. The gritty realism is captivating and shows you that there’s more than just simple love in the world. Every second makes you learn more about them and fall deeper in love with them and their love. The ups and downs are entrancing and sometimes you want to scream at the characters for not seeing whats right in front of them. That’s not a feeling you get very often during reading. It’s not your typical good girl loves bad guy story. There’s something about them that makes you love them from the very beginning. Jamie McGuire outdid herself with this novel. The story was amazing and the ending brought me to tears of joy. I couldn’t put it down from the very first chapter. I’ve already purchased the next book in the series and I expect that’s where the majority of my free time will go for the next couple of days. I recommend this to anyone looking for anything!

Awful. I read this book in middle school and I am reading it again years later out of boredom. Reading to now, I realize how awful this book is. The main girl is annoying and the love interest, Travis, is controlling and almost mentally abusive towards her but the book makes it out to be “love”. This book is teaching young women that having a man manipulate you and control your life is love when it is not. Not only is this worshipped relationship toxic, but also insanely annoying. The plot is exactly the same that whole time; they want to be together but don't want mess up their massively abusive "friendship". Don't waste your money

Read this review!. I have the urge to say that, while I’m aware everyone is entitled to their own opinions, most reviews on this book/series confuse me. Before I read them, I skimmed through the reviews on here and most of them were surprisingly negative. Talking about typos and it not being a worthy story and what not, but I disagree. Travis and Abby’s (Pigeon) story is pretty awesome and it felt like I never knew what was going to happen next. The author keeps the reader on their toes, throwing in events that are completely unexpected and at times heart breaking. The author also knows how to throw in good humor, which is a plus/good balance to all the times you feel like crying while reading. The character development was unique in my opinion and the farther you get into the book, you will find that the author does this for a reason. You find out the type of guy Travis is and only a little surface info on Abby, the rest revealing later - which is expected - but who she really is kind of caught me off guard! The author’s writing was good throughout the books as well, even the minor mistakes of misspellings you see other reviews talking about. (I think I saw maybe 2?) Definitely recommend, I was on the fence at first but I am so glad I read them anyway.

Love this book. This books is really good it reminds be After by Anna Todd in love with this book

not worth the $. I thought this was going to be better based off the reviews, but it was actually pretty boring and corny. Abby’s character was annoying and Travis seemed desperate the whole time, from beginning to end.

Too cheesy. Too cheesy

🩷🩷🩷. Love this book!

Amazing. One of my all time favorite books & series!! I love the length of these books, how there’s other things going on beside the main plot. I love how real it is even in the slightly unrealistic parts. And its narrated greatly too. Jaime McGuire really outdid herself with these books!

Can’t stop reading this !. I’ve read this book 20x before and I found it again in my library and couldn’t wait to reread it again ! I’m still in live with book !

I needed this. Thank you for letting me experience the twists and turns of passion and unconditional love in this book. Loved it.

Beautiful Disaster. I read this book years ago and I loved it then! Generally, I do not read books more than once but this one was definitely worth a second read. Such a great book. I don’t think you will ever regret reading it!

Love love love❤️❤️❤️. Beautiful Disaster is definitely in my top 5! One of the most sweet, romantic, satisfying books I have ever read! I LOVE Travis and Abby❤️

Best. Best book I read in a while!

Guilty pleasure reading. The book was an easy 1-2 day read. Character development is lacking, but just enough to make it work and make it fun reading.

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Fantastic!. Utterly loved loved this story! Can't wait for 2nd book

Love. I loved it. Great story. Want to read more books like this.

I couldn't put it down!!. I could not put this book down! I was so rich and full of love and emotion!!! All I wanted to do was read this book!

Really enjoyed it!!. Looking forward to the next one! Couldn't put it down!

Lorraine. Loved!Loved,Loved this book! Absolutely fantastic story! Love the characters ,loved the plot! So well written! Love,love love! Looking forward to the next one!!

Beautiful disaster. Love this book!! Im not a big reader but I had this book read in less then 48 hrs, I could not wait for my 2 girls to go to bed so I could read, awesome book!! I could barley put it down!! Can't wait for another good book!!!


Love. I absolutely fell in love with Travis and Abby .. I can't wait to read Travis side.. I'm about to start it right now :)

Beautiful disaster. Amazing! I want my very own Travis!

My all time favourite book. I definitely recommend it!

Loved it!. Love the story and the characters can't wait to read the next one! Should be starting it today!! ;)

Great book. Loved this book.... Must read

Fantastic!!!!. Such a good book!! Hooked from the beginning, read in less then 2 days.. Absolutely impossible to put down!!

Beautiful Disaster. Loved this book. Read it twice in one week!

amazing!!!. sad i have to wait for the next. FANTASTIC read!!

Beautiful Disaster. Book was awesome!

Incredible. Couldn't put it down! Finished it in one sitting. Highly recommend it!

Absolutely loved it!!!. Couldnt put the book down!! I have read it twice in 72 hrs!!

Thank you for such a GREAT read!. After reading Fifty Shades this is the best book I have come across since including the Fifty trilogy! Captivating my attention, I could not put this book down! Can't wait for Walking Disaster to come out. Thank You Jamie McGuire for such twists and turns and emotions I never knew could be in a book.

Meh.... It wasn't great. I liked how the characters were in the beginning of the story and I actually wante dot keep reading. But as it progressed, the characters started to loose their likability (America is awesome throughout though). The characters were not developed very well and jumped from one extreme to the other. The story was ok but also not well developed. Overall, just ok. Having read many stories in the romance genre, this doesn't even break my top 20.

Just plain disaster. I reviewed this book back when it was a free offering on iBooks (or at least certainly not $8.99), but my comments seem to have been deleted. I can NOT believe it is selling at that price. It's poorly written, the story is clumsily constructed, and the characters are annoying at best and dangerous role models at worst. The fight club thing just rang false with college students, and the protagonist doesn't have any character at all. She might as well not even be present for the sex scenes, and the constant threat of violence on the part of the "hero" is, as many women who've been on the receiving end of it know, neither romantic nor empowering. I seriously hope my daughter never makes such maladjusted, spineless decisions about romantic partners. This, like Fifty Shades and its ilk, isn't even good erotica in the BDSM vein, and there are certainly myriad other romance iBooks that cost less and are vastly more rewarding to read. Don't waste your money on this--try some Tina Folsom or Elizabeth Naughton if you want well-done bad boy stories.

One of my favourites!. Not many books can make me wanna not put it down, but this one sure did. I love the dynamic between Abby and Travis and I can't wait to read the sequel!

.. Loved this book! I read it in two days, I could not stop reading it! I need more books like this! :P

Awesome. This story was truly amazing the love between Abby and Travis loved it could not put it down read it in two days this book. Is a 100 plus... Thanks MJD

Loved the book!!!. Couldn't put it down, read it till I finished it! Hope she writes a second book!!!!

Love!!!. Loved this book. This would be my 4th time reading it. So good!

Best book ever. I am the pickiest person when it comes to books. And half the time I get bored and never finish reading them . But this one was different .. I couldn't put it down .. I had it done in three days ..I fell in love with the characters and everything else .. This is an awesome book . Now I can't wait till April for the second one :)

Very nice!. This novel is really captivating and very hard to put down. It didn't use very difficult words and this I finished this novel within 3 hours! The flow of the story can be frustrating at times since the main characters took a long time to really develop. However, when they did develop, I was puzzled on how the lead female didn't even ponder on the changes within her. She suddenly started doing things that the previous her didn't do, yet there was no hesitation and explanation in her mind. Undoubtly, there's poor character development. This contained a lot of profanity and isn't for young folks though.

LOVED IT. This was the best book I've read in awhile. It makes me happy and sad. A real roller coaster of emotions. I read it within a day. And again a few days after that!

Good read. This was a great book although I found Travis to be waaaayyyyy too needy towards the end and it was back and forth a lot of the book. However I could not put it down and I would recommend this book!

Amazing. By far one of my favourite books I've ever read. Seriously couldn't put it down once I started it. Conversations always had me smiling throughout and I love the characters and their strong personalities. Can't stop rereading it as it never gets old and I love the story. Wonderfully written!

Best book written ever. How has it been out for this long?? It was beautifully written every page made me want more. If I could go back and read it again I would. I hope they make a movie of it. I'm torn that it's done. I'm craving more.

Best book I've ever read. Beautiful Disaster was absolutely amazing. I've read this book 3 times and was unable to put it down. From the very first chapter till the very last, this book keeps you on your toes. I highly recommend reading this book, you won't regret it! It's sooo good!

Beautiful Disaster. Finished the book in less than a day!! Couldn't put the book down!!!

Awesome!. One of the best stories I ever read. I love Travis and Pidge!!

Love it!!!. I really love this story, brought a lot of emotions, couldn't put my book down.

Loved it!. I couldn't put this book down! Such a good read. Looking forward to the next book!

Don’t read. Don’t read

Love it. Loved this book. Couldn't put it down. Can't wait for the 2nd book. April?! Really?!

Excellent!. Fantastic read! I couldn't put it down!!

I'm in love!!!. I was sooo into this book. I couldn't put it down. I read it in less than 3 days!! I'm in love with the characters. And I will surely read Walking Disaster :D

Just a disaster. Wish I could get a refund. It is hard to believe that an adult woman wrote this book and not some angst ridden teen. There was no sense of flow in the book, characters were poorly developed. Just not well concieved nor well written. For those craving a love story like 50 Shades or Gabriel's Inferno, this is NOT even closely compared. Save your money!

FAN FLIPPIN TASTIC, I LOVED IT. This is such an amazing story. A feel good novel, somethin that makes you believe in true love existing. Its like the dream connection, the dream pull, the dream desire are all there between these two and seeing them grow together and face the things they face you just end the book with a smile on your face. This has quickly become one of my favorite books.

More more pleaaaaassseee!!,,. 2 days! Totally sick book. Loved it. Will be getting Walking Disaster right now. Can't wait

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Summary of Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

The Beautiful Disaster book written by Jamie McGuire was published on 12 July 2012, Thursday in the Contemporary category. A total of 6,530 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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