Trouble in Mudbug Book Reviews

Jana DeLeon

Trouble in Mudbug by Jana DeLeon Book Summary

Scientist Maryse Robicheaux thought that a lot of her problems had gone away with her mother-in-law’s death. The woman was rude, pushy, manipulative and used her considerable wealth to run herd over the entire town of Mudbug, Louisiana. 

Unfortunately, death doesn’t slow down Helena one bit.

DEA Agent Luc LeJeune is wondering what his undercover assignment investigating the sexy scientist has gotten him into – especially as it seems someone wants her dead. Keeping his secrets while protecting Maryse proves to be easier than fighting his attraction for the brainy beauty. 

(Note: This book is part of the author’s backlist, originally released in print in 2009 by Dorchester Publishing)

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Book Name Trouble in Mudbug
Genre Women Sleuths
Language English
E-Book Size 585.35 KB

Trouble in Mudbug (Jana DeLeon) Book Reviews 2024

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Excellent. I loved the story line in this book. The characters could have been real. A lot of mystery covered up by a good story, a little humor and a little love. Excellent! I'll have to find more.

Louisiana Longshot. Loved the book, it kept your attention.. Can't wait to read the rest of the series.

Trouble in Mudbug. Fast moving, page turning, fun!

Trouble in Mudbug. Thoroughly enjoyed this fun and quirky mystery! Can't wait to read the rest of the Ghost In Law series

Love this book. I read this book about 7 times.. I love the plot and the story line!! And the sex was not distasteful..

Good read. Humorous and exciting at the same time, a novelty for today’s books. Great characters and a nice plot. Only drawback was the continuing lie about chemical and oil companies portrayed in a bad light. I can refute the lies 10 times to Sunday if anyone will make the charges in public. Idiot authors should know better than get on a wagon with only three wheels.

Loved it!!. From page one to the end, it was an enjoyable read!

Loved this!. It definitely turned out right in the end!

Trouble in Mudbug. A little too silly for my taste.

The Travis Club. Great book! Full of suspense & surprises. Can't wait for the next one!

Trouble in Mudbug. Great read, left me giggling for more.

Sign me up. Really enjoyed this read. Just enough romance to go with your mystery.

Trouble in Mudbug. Attention grabbing read. It’s unique, for sure. Kept my attention till the end.

Great book!. Fun read. Good characters.

Great read. I enjoyed it fully.

Trouble in Mudbug. A little mystery, a little romance, and a few funny antics made this a perfect blend for reading enjoyment.

Louisiana gal. I loved this book from beginning to end!!!

lol moments. This is a fun and lighthearted, but also deep at times, mystery. There were moments when I actually laughed out loud(not so good when I'm at work! Ha). Hope you enjoy as much as I did!

Highly recommend this book!. Couldn't put it down! Adventure, mystery, comedy, supernatural ...leaves u w/ great life advice!

Fun and well written. Good plot. Good character development. Good dialogue. Reads smoothly and well paced.

Trouble in Mudbug. I loved it with fun quirky characters and twisting plot I’ll be reading more from this Imaginative author

I can recommend this book.. I would skip the sex and yearning parts of the book but the mystery was good. The people were interesting and the writing was very good. I ordinarily avoid romances but this was free. It turned out to be much better than I expected and worth reading.

Great light reading. Limited characters, realistic “ ghost”, fun dialogue. Good editing, clean language, brief sex.

Trouble in mudbug. Loved it, very good read., funny and intriguing

Mudbug. Excellent reading, well thought out and expertly presented. Very entertaining, thank you. I think it is stupid that they expect people to write reviews in a pre-determended amount.

Wasn't expecting much... I really enjoyed this book. And for the price of free, it's all the more awesome. There's mystery, romance and sarcasm, everything I like in a book. However, I didn't know this was a to be continued book... Loose ends, I don't like. Still entertaining and worth every penny.

Mudbug lol killer name. Love this author's books. I've read several and always have a lot of laughs with them. Maybe I just get her humor better than some because I'm southern but she cracks me up! I could do with quite a bit less detail in some of the ...uh...steamy parts shall we say 😳 (these are definitely not for under the age of 18) but overall a fun read.

Well rounded humor and mystery!. On recommendation from author Denise Grover Swank after her cowriting efforts with Jana DeLeon on their Christmas novella, I downloaded Trouble in Mudbug. It was truly a joy to read this book! I just finished listening to Trouble in Mudbug on audio, and it is an absolutely fantastic book! The humor is intermixed so well with the mystery and overall story. You can't help but fall in love with Helena while rooting for Luke and Maryse to come together in love as well as conquering the danger in Mudbug!

Funny since first page!. I just started the book and am loving it! Really laugh out funny!! Love the one-liners and the descriptions of LA!

Trouble in Mudbug. Love this book! Suspenseful and funny! Can't wait to read another one by Jana DeLeon!

Trouble in Mudbug. A really fun story with lots of twists. Made me laugh out loud in some spots.

Trouble inMudbug. Lots of intelligence and humor behind this cute, down-home-town type action/mystery with kitchey characters caught up in some rather unusual circumstances. Keeps you guessing almost to the last couple of chapters. Would have been a better read if not for so many errors, such as extra and/or missing words. Hasn't anyone proofread the novel?

Great read. I just loved the book. And now I'm hooked!

Trouble in Mudbug. Great book easy to read looking forward to the next book

Too bad it's so homophobic. This was a fairly well-written book up until the point at which several homophobic remarks were made by characters within a few pages. Even if it's set in the South, we've still entered the 21st century, where these kinds of remarks are unwelcome and seen for the bigoted nonsense they are-unnecessary to move the plot along or develop characters.

Just okay. I bought this short novel in the Romance section of iBooks but it is quite obvious that it is more of a comedy-mystery. Not much romance and the author is a bit too verbose for my liking. I felt caught up in a jumble of words and long-winded dialogues between characters. I often lost interest. Won't be continuing this series but I will say that the plot is unique with some good humor.

Trouble inMudbug. Great reading. One of the better mysteries I read over the past few years. Couldn't stop reading it until the end.

Excellent!. I really enjoyed reading this book. I couldn't put it down for hours. I plan on reading the whole series.

More folks should read this book.. This story is very well written, with engaging characters and a fast pace. I live in a desert, and love it, so I was surprised to find I could easily feel the protagonist’s love for the bayou; the fetid, mosquito and alligator infested swamp I can never love. It takes an accomplished writer to evoke those feelings so now I’m going to find and read every story I can by Jana DeLeon.

Fantastic!. I absolutely loved this book. As a matter of fact as I read more and more I couldn't help but think what a great movie this story would make. I could just picture Helena in her pink polyester!! Can't wait to read the next book in the series!!!

Entertaining Story. Great assortment of quirky characters, unique storyline, and Louisiana flavor.

Super Fun Read!. I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

Trouble In Mudbug. This is a great book. It really held my attention from the beginning to the end. The pace was good and the characters were great. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

Trouble in Mudbug. Very enjoyable and quick reading. Likable characters. Fun mystery.

Trouble in Mudbug. I enjoyed this book. It was imaginative and fun. I especially enjoyed the ghost mother in law!

Very enjoyable! Fun!. Thoroughly enjoyed every page, kept you wondering through the whole book.

Trouble in Mudbug, and the whole Mudbug series. I loved the first book so much that, one by one, I bought the whole series! Then I re-read it all! Fun characters, fun plot, just fun! Thank you, Jana! I will watch for your books! Betty in Arizona

Trouble in Mudbug. Excellent book to carry around with you on your phone for those 15 to 30 minutes spare you have each day - looked forward to each spare moment!

Great minus the sex. Loved the story, didn’t want the fairly intense sex scene. Remember that with family sharing, every book you buy is available to every family member. Had to go in and remove this one from the purchases.

Trouble in Mudbug. What a great read everything a book should be mystery suspense and laugh out loud funny. Truly a pleasure to read can not wait to read the next one

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Loved it. I loved this book I couldn't put it down. I loved the main characters as well. I really want to read more on Maryse and Luc.

Great read!. Unexpected plot, even after reading the blurb. The story line kept me hooked although I did find my attention straying sometimes and the characters weren't described enough for me to get a visual in my head. Helena is a fantastic character, she made me laugh out loud many times. A good read but not one of the best, the few issues I have with the book contribute to the reason I gave it 4 stars. But heck, for a free read it isn't half bad, so go for it!

Brilliant story! Rattles along at speed.. Interesting characters and plot. I had to out it down to go to work, but it was a wrench!

Most enjoyable!. Good, fun book! I highly recommend!

Trouble in mudbug. Good mystery book with a few good laughs throughout

Well worth a read. Good story, does not waste pages with babble, will download next in series.

Trouble in Mudbug. Loved it! Fast paced, funny, kept me hooked!

Trouble in Mudbug. Lots of twists and turns and an infuriating Move her - In - Law.

Kev Durbin. Bath.. Excellent. This book has a bit of everything. Mystery, suspense, humour, romance, great characters. I really enjoyed it.

Excellent. Loved this book and am looking for more from the same author.

Thoroughly enjoyed this funny intriguing story. I laughed out loud on many occasions

Trouble in mud bug. Good book, made me laugh out Loud a few times, kept me reading on!

Romcom. A lovely romcom with a bit of a mystery to give it pace. A definite feel good book.

Great book. It makes a change to read a book that wants you to keep reading it. One of the very few that got me to purchase the rest of the series. Well done.

Excellent. A very good read. Had me searching out more books by this author. Memo for my will - Please! I don't want to be buried in a hated outfit!

Fantastic. Great book !! A laugh out loud story filled with adventure, mystery, romance and of course some ghostly fun !! Helena will have clutching your sides with laughter, can’t wait to read more from this series !!

Trouble in mudbug. Another excellent and funny novel had to read all of it in one day couldn’t put it down

Loved this! Very funny and enjoyable. Page turner. Gutted when it ended.

Trouble in mudbug. A brilliant read, couldn't put it down!!!

Great !. A good bit of humour, with some romance and unusual twist thrown in, easily read.

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Awesome Book. It's such a fun book to read. I was looking for something to read a found this. I' glad I did.

Good fun. This was a freebie, but it was an amazing read. The characters are well written and engaging, and you probably won't figure out who the bad guy is until the characters do. Have now bought the box set so I can read the next two books.

Loved the book. Casual story... Combination of suspense and humour ....shld definitely download a copy and read ....

What a great book. I loved this book. I was a bit unsure about the whole ghost bit when I started, but it really works. The book contains drama, humour, murder, romance and is a most enjoyable read. I will definitely be reading more from this author. She really knows how to write a good book.

A fabulous read. Loved the characters and a great ending, now off to get the rest of the series!

Great for a freebie. A great light read. A nice touch of humour and an original story. Definitely worth downloading...

Trouble in mud bug. A fabulous if slightly credible story . Romance. Friendship and a mystery all wrapped up in one . Read because I love the sinful series . And this has the same laugh out loud humour too . Will definitely have to read this whilst I’m waiting for more of the Sinful crowd . A definite must .

Well worth reading. For a free book, even if I had to pay for it, this was a great read with some genuinely funny moments and a well written story

Trouble in Mudbug. Loved it lots of suspense and a lot of laughs. Thank you

Excellent book. I really enjoyed this book and the great laughs I got along the way. I'll definitely purchase more :)

Enjoyable with a few laughs. Great storyline, very original. For a free book it is quite a read. I would encourage anyone who likes a giggle to read this. Can't wait to get stuck into the authors other books.

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Girl power!. What fun. The "girls" come together to sort out the world of Mudbug. Anyone who has lived in a small town will laugh at many of situations that happen. Never underestimate the smarts of a gun toting grey hair. I ended up reading all this series!

Trouble in Mughog. Funny, fast moving, witty and impossible to put down!

Fun. Wow. What a great read. Couldn't wait to urn each page.

Trouble in Mudbug. An easy read with some nice plot twists; my favourite character was the ghost, which also added more humour.

Trouble in Mudbug. Amusing, interesting, and enjoyed it very much.

Cosy mystery. I really loved this book, wish I had started reading cozy mysteries many years sooner, Don't miss out, start reading these stories now!! Wow!

Mud Bug madness. Good story line. Strong characters. Looking forward to reading about further adventures

Excellent suspense. Loved this book! Great characters and well written. Couldn't put the book down!

Trouble in Mudbug. Entertaining and fun!!!

Trouble in Mud Bug. What a great read! I loved the characters and the story. I couldn't put it down.

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Summary of Trouble in Mudbug by Jana DeLeon

The Trouble in Mudbug book written by Jana DeLeon was published on 27 January 2009, Tuesday in the Women Sleuths category. A total of 2,787 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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