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Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg Book Summary

#1 INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER • “A landmark manifesto" (The New York Times) that's a revelatory, inspiring call to action and a blueprint for individual growth that will empower women around the world to achieve their full potential. 

In her famed TED talk, Sheryl Sandberg described how women unintentionally hold themselves back in their careers. Her talk, which has been viewed more than eleven million times, encouraged women to “sit at the table,” seek challenges, take risks, and pursue their goals with gusto. Lean In continues that conversation, combining personal anecdotes, hard data, and compelling research to change the conversation from what women can’t do to what they can. Sandberg, COO of Meta (previously called Facebook) from 2008-2022, provides practical advice on negotiation techniques, mentorship, and building a satisfying career. She describes specific steps women can take to combine professional achievement with personal fulfillment, and demonstrates how men can benefit by supporting women both in the workplace and at home.

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Book Name Lean In
Genre Biographies & Memoirs
Language English
E-Book Size 6.6 MB

Lean In (Sheryl Sandberg) Book Reviews 2024

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ok but could be better. I expected more from this long anticipated book. I was impressed by Sandberg Harvard speech so bought this book. Unfortunately most of the highlight of this book was covered in her speech. Still it was worth noting to read a woman who is really a powerful business leader. I wish she share more secret of success just like the books suggested in the end.

Thoughtfully Written. A terrific, well written book. I don't have any kids or a specific career, but I really appreciated Sandberg's insight and experiences.

Completely mind blowing. Objectively admitted so many things that happen everyday but nobody care, deeply. I would like to fight for a world where there is true equality, true freedom.

A must read!. Very insightful. A must read for any person in business today. As a conservative I was surprised how often I was nodding in agreement with the book. Well done.

Thank you!. I heard about this book when I decided to attend a women's engineering lunch at my summer internship for electrical engineering. I am truly amazed how much this book related to me. The advice changed my work days, gave me confidence and empowered me to take action in my workplace. Not only has it immediately changed my life, but also it has inspired me to want to become a leader in my field. I had so many ideas for improvement in my workplace, but because I'm a girl in a very populated male office, I really didn't think anyone cared about the type of things I noticed because well... I didn't want to appear too caring or too girly, I just wanted to conform. I read this book, gained the courage to suggest an idea to my boss... And he loved it! He was thrilled, impressed and willing to give me advice and leadership in the process. I'm so happy that I read this book. Thank you so much! This is an extremely important message and I promise to do whatever I can to "lean in."

Wow!. I hope more people read this and open up to what this woman has to say!

Okay but buy this used. She provides some great insight and a challenges you not to "fortune tell" what others think. I disliked her using the female CEO of Yahoo! as an example of women attacking women. If you don't wish to be opening criticized for your personal decisions keep that info to yourself.

Wonderful read. As an upcoming senior in college studying finance and international business, I feel like Lean In offers valuable information and advice for entering the workforce and what to expect. Sheryl discusses numerous viewpoints and realities that I had never considered. Definitely recommend!

Lean In. This us the best self help book I read for career woman. I wish I have read it earlier, it would have definitely made my work life better.

Lean In. I absolutely loved this book! She inspired me to make a counter on a job I was offered (and it worked). Sheryl does an amazing job and urging women to stay present in the work force and recognize that at home life is a partnership! I would recommend this to everyone! Must read! So inspired!!

Lean In. A disappointing read which offers very few lessons and solutions. It is more of a biography with the author telling us how great she is.

Relevant, honest, and inspiring. Thank you Sheryl for reinvigorating the feminist cause- a compelling case for why we all need to keep striving toward equality of expectations, opportunities, and support for women as valuable members of the workforce

Love love love!!. I really love and definitely recommend this book! It's a great read for women empowerment, especially in the workforce! This does receive many critics because of her economic status, but personally I think she touches on great points! And no matter where in the financial/economic ladder you stand in, what she talks about can be applied to everyone! Apply it to your life and your situation :], it's amazing and very moving overall! And makes me motivated to do more too

Great book!. In this book you find all the issues women have their career file journey, but the book's main message is to believe in ourselves, that we can!

Lean In. Can she tell us again about her wonderful life story in yet another way? Or how fortunate she was to go to Harvard and meet all the right people. Or how she is so politically connected....the head of Treasury...the head of Goldman's! Is there anyone in the top 1 percent of either the richest or most influential men and women in the U.S. that she does not know??? You name them...she knows them. Most working women do not travel in her lofty circles... This is the most self serving book I have ever read on women's issues. It brings nothing new to the table. It is really her personal "ordeal" in which she "struggled" to get ahead! Give me a break!!! I couldn't even finish the book it was so self-serving. Perhaps she should try writing about a technical subject. It may actually contribute something. Virginia Not a Harvard Grad...

Action Provoking. Sheryl's book was not only thought provoking, but action provoking. As I advance on life's 'jungle gym', I will definitely 'sit at the table' and 'lean in'. Thanks for igniting the conversation and encouraging action, Sheryl!

Lean in. One of the most eye opening books. Such an easy read. Female leaders have many more hurdles than only the workplace. Home, family , kids and the guilt. Loved this book! Live by it! I wish I had read it sonner!

A must read. Absolutely inspiring ... I can relate to this book in so many levels ... I recommend it to all career loving mothers. I have to admit I opted out for a time due to a lot of the issues pointed out in this book - now I'm back and this book is cheering me on in this marathon. Having a family with a great supporting husband and two boys plus being an engineer in a mostly conservative male career driven industry with a lot of traveling .... This is a must read! Thank you for writing this book Mrs. Sandberg

JUST HORRIBLE. I borrowed this book from a friend (Female) that ended up closing the cover within 3 pages. So I was excited to hear the Accomplishments of a women in the IT World and BOY was this book Hyped via CNN, MSNBC and ABC. UGH, I did read it front and back and found it just horrific. Its like someone told her to write this out. Sad Childhood, had to overcome everything and how she struggled as a women in an ALL MALE IT WORLD, REALLY..I think not. Zuckerberg and Her are cut from the same cloth and I don't believe some of what she states: Over dramatizing her struggles. Kick this to the curb and she can now cash out her Facebook stock and leave: No One cares.. Get some real leaders in Facebook.. Just Horrible..

Fantastic!. Great book, easy quick read...practical advice that you can apply immediately. This book will encourage women to "Lean In" not only in the work place, but also in life...

Informative and inspiring read. Well-researched, honest, encouraging and forward-thinking. As a woman with a career who also wants a family someday, I am grateful for her perspective. If I could, I'd buy a copy for every woman I know, and especially the female students at the university where I work. Let go of the perfectionism and go for everything you want in your own way... You can do this.

Life changing book. I read this and instead of treading lightly and staying focused on a singular career goal, I leaned in, joined a team, won a $3.77 million grant and got a 17% salary increase... And I'm a single mom. Read it and succeed.

Millennials: Read This Book. Let's understand the history and change the future. Millennial women and men alike should read this book. Thorough research, a rare and in depth look into Sheryl Sandberg's live and her thoughts behind her decisions and choices. Great call to action to start and continue talking about gender issues. Must read.

well written and highly motivating. as a husband of a working mom, this book makes me recommend it to my wife. it's convincing and encouraging me to BETTER take care of my wife as a REAL partner.

Impactful and relevant. This book is a must read for any woman who wants to show up more in business or in the home. Sandbergs words provide history of womens rights and personal accounts of how shes handleled success in her career. Her story is inspiring, honest and impactful.

21century's Feminist Menifesto. Although writer says This book is not a kind of Feminist menifesto, it will be a nice menifesto for women and men who want to live their own life by their own decisions.

Absolutely LOVED This Book!. Great book. Very well done.

Deserves all the accolades, Sheryl hit a home run!. If I had the time to have read Lean In in one sitting, I would have. Even still, I finished it in a couple of days while still working 11 hour shifts. I was captivated from beginning to end. I applaud Sheryl for being courageous, speaking out & speaking candidly on issues that plague our workforce. I believe many women & men can relate to Sheryl's stories and points. I actively read business/leadership books given my interest in education and self-development; Lean In is one I will recommend & gift on to colleagues, leaders, mentors, family and friends. The amount of advice & insight I gained by reading Sheryl's book was inspiring. Such a large gift of self confidence and self realization for such a small investment of time. Thank you Sheryl for being relatable, sharing your own experiences openly & honestly, and helping influence & impact the next generation of leaders. I'm glad to know I'm no longer "alone" in my feelings professionally or personally in the challenges I have faced. I plan on leaning in... and then some... and being a much needed voice for change because everyone deserves success & happiness!

Obvious omission. This is an interesting book that I'm sure will inspire many women in the workforce. It's disappointing, however, that the author never mentions a truly remarkable woman who serves as an inspirational example of "leaning in": Sarah Palin. You'd think that Sandberg would acknowledge all of Palin's successes in a man's world. Sarah Palin not only had to overcome the vitriol from men, but from fellow women who find her ambition to "have it all" threatening. Huge, glaring oversight, Sandberg.

Great read. Such an inspiring book for all women

Inspiring!. Great book and a great read!

The branding of Sheryl Sanberg. This book was carefully crafted with her PR people to polish her brand and fill her already well-stocked coffers. She most likely has her sights on politcal office - ugh! Just what we need - a phony feminist Michele Bachman wanna-be.

Timing is everything. LEAN IN came to me at the perfect time. After being out of the workplace for ten years as a full time mom, I was ready yet nervous to lean back in. The book gave my husband and I guidance and insight on how to approach the next phase. We both learned a lot of how we manage our careers. The typical "male" work confidence was way more "typical" of me in my prior career. My husband realized that he was exhibiting many of the traditional female traits! I'm not sure this is what the author had in mind at all when she wrote the book but I am certain that once again it illustrates her point. We are pronouns, not adjectives. Thank you for giving me the courage to lean in at the perfect time!

Arrogant and predictable. Pseudo-feminist drivel "rant" that manages to state the obvious in the most offensive ways without actually offering any advice on how we can be family-centered and career-driven at the same time. Disappointing, unimpressive, pompous and uninformative. Waste of money. Not a voice I'm interested in hearing more from -at least on this topic.

A must read for all women!. This book is definitely a must read for all women. Sheryl takes you through her journey but in every chapter there is something you will relate with.

Positive feedback too bad Facebook doesn't practice them. Her book makes many great points. I agree with her. I interviewed with facebook last year. I have 15 years experience in my industry and am very strong. In not getting the junior level job I was trying to get as part of my jungle gym strategy I was told I was too corporate and too strong. I love her ideas, she need to find a way to make them part of her company culture which still does not look to hire strong females.

Lots of practical insights. Although the book could have more detail and nuance, Sandberg succeeds in offering common-sensical insights that need to be said. I admire her sensitivity to generational differences and to the fact that women themselves may imbibe cultural negativity towards women generally. She also is honest to exposing her own mistakes, and how we can all learn from things we wish we'd done differently. But the issue of mentoring needs more subtlety and clarification.

Insightful!. Social change comes with awareness and courage. I thank Sheryl for both. As another "career-loving parent," I understand wholeheartedly the challenges and have renewed hope that we can all be better individuals by "leaning in.". Thank you for inspiring me!

Lean in. I got a glimpse of Sheryl Sandberg on '60 Minutes' and immediately went on to buy the book online. It was a good read to start from this Harvard Grad, but then maybe before I was halfway through there were so many references and cites, it was like reading someone's schoolwork. She had good things to say, but I would have loved to have continued reading her own words without referrals to other books or articles.

Lean In. I loved the book, it made aware of the issues I still have to sort through in my own thinking and my personal views of other women. It's definitely a book that I will give to my daughter, as she is currently entering the workforce. Inspired me to change my way of thinking when it comes to my women coworkers.

This was written by Sheryl for Sheryl. I was looking forward to a good self help book by a great business mind, but rather than leveling the professional playing field by encouraging accomplishments by women, this is her chance to explain herself and her abrasive personality growing up, and whine about experiences that she didn't like. Get over yourself. As big a time waste as Facebook it'self.

Lean In. This book has helped me stay focused to my career during one of toughest times in my life.

Inspiring. This book will fuel, inspire, and feed any growing and curious mind. Great read for any woman and any man.

Lean In by: One Luv Hull (Review). I love this book, as an 18 year old male I am so inspired to make changes. I hope many people read this book and I truly hope Queen Sheryl has more to come!

Inspirational. "Lean In" is a must-read for any woman aspiring to a senior leadership role. Thank you Sheryl for sharing your personal journey and for inspiring us to keep the conversation going.

Supporting Other Women: LEAN IN's Impact on a High Schooler.. It's disappointing to see the number of negative reviews on this book. Does Ms. Sandberg come from a different background than most of us? Yes, of course. However, the fact that she is thrusting her opinions and ideas at the public, forcing all of us to consider the impact they have on our own lives, is inspiring. I'm a sophomore in high school, and my school is completely male sports-oriented, so I can completely relate to the idea of men receiving more, both in funds and opportunities. Additionally, I noticed that many of these negative reviews are from women, and this simply confirms one of the main points made in the book. Instead of supporting each other, women tear each other down through our words and actions. Most of the girls in my high school greet each other with degrading remarks and backstabbing rumors. Those of us who are high-achieving both academically and athletically are practically alienated for simply being motivated to put our best effort into all of our pursuits. I understand entirely if not everyone agrees with all of Ms. Sandberg's statements, but at the same time positive criticism is always something to strive for.

" PASSION " The Root LEADS Visiom. This book is a great blue print, Tapestry That infuses one in their life.I ( we ? ) Can use that encouragement. RMR HULL MA

We need to work for a more equal perception of women and men's role in family and society. It exposses problems and situations present in women's daily life but that are rather consealed. Many people just do not understand the situation and just keep on acting as they are suppos to. I liked the part when Sheryl encourages us to start accepting and improving the conditions for men talking care of children and home.

MB. Loved the book; I felt that lots of chapters were talking me! As a result of the book, lean in circles have started in my place of work.

Awesome read!. Great career/life advice as Sheryl shares her own experiences. Both educational and funny. A must read!! Lean in!!!

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Participating is rarely done from the sidelines. Lean In is a perfect confirmation; a place at the decision table exists for women in the workplace. All we need to do is step toward that seat and speak up.

great book. just read it, highly recommend!

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Summary of Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

The Lean In book written by Sheryl Sandberg was published on 11 March 2013, Monday in the Biographies & Memoirs category. A total of 1,287 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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