Beautiful Bastard Book Reviews

Christina Lauren

Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren Book Summary

An ambitious intern. A perfectionist executive. And a whole lot of name calling. Discover the story that garnered more than two million reads online.

Whip-smart, hardworking, and on her way to an MBA, Chloe Mills has only one problem: her boss, Bennett Ryan. He’s exacting, blunt, inconsiderate—and completely irresistible. A Beautiful Bastard.

Bennett has returned to Chicago from France to take a vital role in his family’s massive media business. He never expected that the assistant who’d been helping him from abroad was the gorgeous, innocently provocative—completely infuriating—creature he now has to see every day. Despite the rumors, he’s never been one for a workplace hookup. But Chloe’s so tempting he’s willing to bend the rules—or outright smash them—if it means he can have her. All over the office

As their appetites for one another increase to a breaking point, Bennett and Chloe must decide exactly what they’re willing to lose in order to win each other.

Originally only available online as The Office by tby789—and garnering over 2 million reads on fanfiction sites—Beautiful Bastard has been extensively updated for re-release.

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Book Name Beautiful Bastard
Genre Contemporary
Language English
E-Book Size 12.7 MB

Beautiful Bastard (Christina Lauren) Book Reviews 2023

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Love these two. Goodness, Chloe and Bennett’s chemistry is off the charts! They are smoking hot from the very beginning. I loved their banter and the love-hate between them. Really fun quick read that have me begging for more!

Read More Than 10 Times. This is a must read Erotic novel!!

Same character names as Twilight. I know this is completely random but did anyone else who read the Twilight series realize that the character names are the same... Carlisle (dad), Esme (mom), Emmett (brother), Rosalie (sister-in-law), Alice (best friend), Jasper (bff's fiancé) Don't know how I caught that but I thought it was kinda funny :)

Amazing series!. The entire series is amazing. It is one of the few series that I would give a 5-star rating! I was hooked from the very beginning until the end. Definitely a series worth reading!

Loved loved loved. This was a great read! Better then the typical rich guy/girl in need book. Bennett didn't flaunt his money and Chloe was smart and driven. Plus they weren't overly f-ed up like many characters in these types of books. Will read all books by this author!

Would have been 5 stars but... I wished the book was longer. I truly did. I enjoyed reading it. I was sad when I realized I got to the last page. It was hard to put it down. 🤍

Hated it. This book was awful and predictable

So good. Loved!

WOW. I never read a book by this Arthur but this book was amazing. I could not put it down. I have already purchased book #2 which I am hoping it’s as good as the story between Bennett and Chloe. The sizzling chemistry between these two was off the charts. The hate then love story was told very well.

Good plot. Loved this book. It kept me interested the whole time.

Twilight ?. It seems someone was in love with Twlight Saga .... The characters names? Lol Good entertainment

AH-Mazing!. I finished this book within a 24 hour period. I started and couldn’t stop!

Sexy and fun. I’m seeing a lot of comparisons to 50 shades in the reviews, but honestly this is much better. Female character is strong and very funny, leading man’s POV is enjoyable and hot, and the sex is hot and plenty of it! An easy, steamy read—way more fun than melodramatic.

Beautiful Bastard. Good read, very entertaining.

Amazing book. I loved how the authors decided to include the thoughts of both Chloe and Bennet. Having to view their pure emotions. I also loved how I can see how each of them show how they fall in love little by little with their actions, thoughts, and emotions. This book had me hooked and addicted. Amazing work, I definitely recommend.

Captivating Read!. Captivating read with well developed characters! Really well written! Loved it!

Love it! Couldn’t put it down.. This is definitely a page turner. Love the characters and the sexy description of the flirtatiousness between them.

Couldn't put the book down. I read this book in 2 days. I was hooked right from the start! Such a great read....def recommend reading!!!

Excellent! Again and Again!. I have nothing but praise for this book. I’ve read it several times and it just gets better and better. Sharp, witty, sexy, genuine and just overall fun to read and get lost in. Highly recommended. Update: I just re-read this book for the maybe 10th time? Still love it. There is something about the chemistry between Bennett and Chloe that is genuine and never gets old.

Good Weekend Read. I enjoyed this one but there was a few things that I would have liked to have seen. I don’t think we got enough character development in general... Chloe’s was lacking. Bennet’s was better. I enjoyed his chapters more. I wish I had more from the first book. Overall I thought it was a decent read which is why I would do 3.5 stars.

Predictable but Sexy. If you love a good sultry romance novel, this is a must read.

love this book. I loved this book and actually enjoyed it more than FSOG. I thought the sex scenes were more intense and I felt the female character was more strong willed and independent than A.S.

Obsessed. This is one of those books that you end up going back to for the 100th time. I cant even remember how many times I’ve read BB at this point! So so good and you truly root for these two to make it!!! Love this book so much.

First book I’ve read willingly. Let me tell you. I am not a book reader at all. I can’t tell you the last book I read that wasn’t required for school purposes. But this book I took a chance on based off a friend telling me to read it. I love it. I read it twice. The chemistry they have is unreal and the outcome I loved. It makes me not wanna read the second book to this in case they don’t end up together lol

Sexy. It was a fun sexy interesting story

Not a love story. It’s not a love story tbh. It’s porn. I paid w/o knowing. But didn’t finish reading.

Amazing!. The first couple of chapters had me rolling! It’s hilarious how much Bennett and Chloe despised each other! But all in all I really enjoyed this book

Amazing. I just started reading today and I'm already on page 500 something ahh love this book!!!

Real. Good read, no phyco, just a real man. Lovely

Grammar is Everything!. As a Fifty Shades reader, you can see the difference in the word choice in this book. It was terrible. I think if the author described things differently and used different words instead of the ones she did I would have liked it a lot better.

Fun!. One of the more fun romances I've read.

Not what I expected. Wasn't worth the money

Awesome Read. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I hadn’t heard anything about it or the authors until I picked it up off of the shelf, and I was pleasantly surprised. The characters may not be as developed as the characters in 50 shades, however, I liked the contrast. I started to get bored with the 50 shades series after the second book, so this was a nice change. Definitely kept my interest. I felt that the sex scenes were equally intriguing, as well! There were a few spelling errors, but nothing that would make me want to give it a bad review. It may not be the most developed plot, but it’s a fun read that keeps you hooked until the end. I would definitely recommend it and I wish they would make a sequel to see how the two main characters’ story unfolds!

Beautiful bastard. Best ever

Great read, definitely worth it!!. I loved this series! Quick reads and good story line.

Super sexy office romance!. Review originally posted on Reading Books Like a Boss Well, well, well, this book was certainly entertaining! I am binge reading the Beautiful Bastard series in preparation for Beautiful Secret , which releases on April 14th! So far, I'm happy with my decision (haha!). Chloe and Bennett's story was equal parts scorching hot and sweet. Chloe has worked at Ryan Media Group, a big advertising firm in Chicago, under the Bennett family for years. As a prestigious scholarship, part of the requirement is that she get real world experience. She's brilliant, savvy, and doesn't take crap from anyone, especially her boss Bennett Ryan. He's a jerk in every sense of the word. He bosses Chloe around every chance he can get. But sometimes bossiness is just a cover up for insane attraction. I really liked this book! Was it perfect? No, but I had so much fun reading this book. I devoured it in nearly one sitting. I can't wait to continue the series. Chloe and Bennett fall in love with each other secretly and very reluctantly. Chloe wants to prove herself to everyone, to show that she's smart enough to hold her own in this high-powered world, so she's scared of others finding out about her boss. Bennett struggled with his dual role as her boss and her "sexboss." <---I had to say that. I was a bit worried that my appreciation for her appearance would interfere with my ability to be her boss, but I quickly reassured myself that the world was full of beautiful women and it would be easy enough to separate the two. Oh how stupid I'd been. I love stories where the hero realizes his feelings long before heroine and that is the case in this book. In the very beginning Bennett realizes that he is in serious like with Chloe. He loves that she talks back to him, the way she dresses, and how intelligent she is. It doesn't take long for their (many) trysts turn into something more. I think my favorite moment of the book was the scene in San Diego when they reunite after time apart. It's clear they missed each other. Their relationship really blossomed there and I loved all of their interactions! "Chloe, you're not going to learn anything from this poster. Let's go get a cup of coffee and maybe a blow job in the bathroom." I've noticed that there seems to always be some unnecessary sexual fetishes in Christina Lauren's books that takes away from my enjoyment of the books. In Sweet Filthy Boy , it was the weird role-playing thing. In Beautiful Bastard, it is Bennett's panty-ripping and collection thing and the constant sex. I've seen this book labeled as erotica, so I expected a lot of sex. But these two had sex at least three times in the first 20% (one time was within the first 5 %). It was a bit excessive. Even though there was a lot of sexytimes, I still found their relationship believable and I could truly feel their feelings developing, which was the story's saving grace. Read it! 3.5 stars

My go to series. This book and the series is one of my favorites and recommend it to everyone that asks me what they should read. Chloe and Bennett are one of my favorite book couples. Christina Lauren does great showing who they are and who they are together... Plus it gets steamy. Windows, changing areas, the bed, the stairs. Ah just read it! Great book, fun read!

Great smut. Great book!!! A must read!

Fell in love. I read this and completely fell in love with Christina Lauren and their books. Amazing!

This book is perfection!. If I could give it 100 stars, I would. No skimming, not wordy, very hot and engaging throughout. Adding this one to the best of the best list. 💛

Loved. Why are people comparing to fifty shades? I don't think this author is trying to recreate another novel. Plus, Chloe is much smarter and has better mental dialogue than Anna and her stupid inner goddess (lame). Loved all the books in this series. It takes a lot to keep me reading and these books did it!

Enjoyed it. Sex is hot characters grow & well written. Not much to say after that. Starting on beautiful stranger next!

Sexy. I loved everything about this book! I loved Chloe and Bennett. They are two dynamic characters that I could not help but feel all their frustrations and anxieties as they navigated their relationship. They made me laugh, hold my breath and even shred a tear. I also loved how the chapters alternated between their points of view. I liked knowing what each of them were thinking and feeling at the same time. I thought it gave their story more depth and understanding. A great read!

Bleh. It was ok.

Totally worth it and more!. This is an awesome book. Finally, a female character with some attitude. Best lines ever, "If this had been someone else's life, I would so be high-fiving them. Too bad it wasn't." Awesome. Great sex scenes to boot!

Ahhhh ❤️. Love Bennett and Chloe! I’ve read this book three times and love it every time. Christina Lauren just has a way of making you fall in love with characters. Would recommend over every romance book I’ve read, and I’ve read a bunch! Wish CL would make more books like beautiful series and seasons series!

Ehh. Very minimal character development. Not a bad story but had much more potential had the author allowed the audience to get to know the characters better. All sex and minimal romance/love.

Wow Wow Wow. I love a good from enemies to lovers story and this was a super HOT one

Beautiful Bastard. This book was just okay. I can’t believe it was $9 though!! Compared to the Wild Season series, this book is boring. You barely get to know the characters. Maybe it’s just me but i like a description of the characters. I didn’t even know what color Chloe’s eyes were and you didn’t hear about her hair color until pretty far in. It would’ve been nice to see the characters on their own more. A background to each one and why they are the way they are would’ve been helpful too. If you love Christina Lauren as much as me i highly recommend the Wild Season series. Especially Finn and Harlowe’s book.

Quick steamy read. Like the title states it's a quick read, I finished it in a day, but has some pretty steamy scenes. Worth the price.

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A great book. I downloaded and read this in a few hours, I couldn't put it down. Love the chemistry between the two. A great read, I hope there's more at some point in the future.

Absolutely brilliant. Loved this story, loved having it written from both characters side. I couldn't it it down.highly recommend.

Great. I loved this book finished it in one afternoon...recommend it.

loved it!!. loved it from the start to end! loved the story line and can't wait to read the next!!

Loved it.... Loved the story, loved the characters. Loved the love hate banter throughout. I will definitely read more from authors. Well worth a read.

Good but pricey!. A good read, I enjoyed it. But was NOT worth the £5.99 price tag!! I read it all in one night so way to expensive!

Brilliant. I just could not put this book down amazing read really enjoyed it.

Good. Good read i really enjoyed it! Lots of hot scenes but really funny in parts to. Ending was a little abrupt and I think it's a bit over priced

Ok. Fairly good, but feel like I've heard it all before. I liked that the story is told from both points of view, without that it would have been boring. Not worth the price, but worth a read if you haven't got anything better to do!

Good but ending spoilt it. It was a good read, how romantically involved the main characters became in a matter of time but as it became serious they were unable to share their feelings about love. I felt the ending was rushed and needed to slow down. I loved how each chapter was broken down with each of their thoughts. I found majority of the time feeling how Bennett felt than Chloe. It was written from his perspective more than hers, although alot of their thoughts shared similarity. I'm expecting alot from the next book and look forward to reading it.

Dissappointed. I thought this would be really good but there wasn’t a lot of dialogue between the character? It just suddenly happened without any build up or real back story. Not for me sadly.

Brilliant. Great read, loved it

5 star. Great book. Read in under 24 hours too. Definitely recommend : )

Fab!. Loved this book. Read it in under 24 hrs would definitely recommend to a friend and will no doubt be reading it again. Looking forward to the next book!

Fantastic. A must read! Best book I've read in a while!

Couldn't put it down!. Loved it. Kept me gripped all the way through. Ending was a tad rush but good all the same. My kind of read.

Love Love Love Fabulous. This book is sexy,entertaining and totally worth the money x

Exciting!. Wow! What an intense and lust filled story! I really enjoyed it and read it in a day! Mmmm...Bennett!

Love it and read it!!!. Don't normally write reviews but decided too because I love this series so much!!! I like it because its as sexy as 50 shades but Chloe is a much stronger and likeable character than Ana Steele, and it's a little less cheesy. Perfect office romance tale, and they're perfect for each other. Haha!

Oh so good. Loved it!!!

Brilliant. Read the book in one sitting coz I couldn't put it down. Fast paced with some really good humour perfectly timed. Can't wait to read more by this author

Very good!. Really good book, great story line!! Although most of the character names are the same as The Twilight Saga cast such as Mike Newton, Emmet etc other than that 5 stars!

Loved it!!. Excellent book, had me hooked from page 1!! Can't wait for the next one!

Really good read. Loved all three of them, can't wait for the other three to come out

Fantastic!!. Left me want more!! Couldnt put it down!! Can't wait for another book!!

FABULOUS <3 <3. Couldn't put it down loved the book a must read FIVE STARS

Loved it❤. Absolutely loved this book, couldn't put it down. Loved the banter between Bennett and Chloe. Fell in love with him straight away :)

Brilliant. Loved it! No words for it, just loved it!!!!

Amazing Book!!. Really loved this book. Great story and fell in love with the characters. Definitely worth a read along with the other books involving the these 2.

Brilliant!. Wow!!! I loved this book! Loved that it was written in a way that you got Chloe's and ben's side of the story. Brilliant! Thanks!

Fab. Fantastic book. Couldn't put it down.

Fab read not worth the ££. I gave it 4 stars because I didn't think it was worth paying that much for an e-book and that the ending was too rushed. Regardless, I really enjoyed reading it, I love how we get both sides of the story. I felt Chloe didn't talk about her feelings for Bennett as much as he did for her. Overall it was a really good read - and I love Bennett :)

100% Fantastic. READ THIS BOOK ❤️❤️❤️

Fantastic. The best book I've read in ages could not put it down! Loved it!!

So good. I loved it such a good book you must read it.

Disappointing ending. I did love this book - characters were really good - but the ending was v. disappointing as it seemed to have been rushed

Loved it. Great read! A********

Loved it. Read this book in a day loved it totally worth downloading and reading. Very well written had my lol'ing and crying :0)

Loved it!!!!. Loved it, couldn't put it down!!!

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Steamy. A pretty enjoyable read :)

Loved it... Must read. Such an enjoyable book. Enjoyed the story, the characters... Enjoyed it all

Do yourself a favor and buy this book!. Absolutely loved this book!! Read it in one day, couldn't put it down!!

Read it like 100 times. I'm in love with Bennett, god damn Chloe ;)

Loved it. Fantastic book loved the characters

Loved, Loved, loved this book. Wow what a fantastic read, loved the characters, the tension, could not put this book down, thanks so much for this book and a wonderful series of books. Sally

WOW. What a AWESOME book to read!!!Loved it,Loved it,Loved it..:)

Beautiful. Such a great read. Well written....would like to see a further book.

Fab. I think I'm in love with Bennett

Amazing!!. Read it in 24hrs! Was a great read and love how it has views from Chloe and Bennett!!

Veeeery good!. Loved this book. Nicely written and full of great banter!

Well worth the read. I was tiring of all the books out there that were on the top of the charts yet poorly written. This was definitely a book you couldn't put down and a joy to read!

Loved it ❤❤❤❤. Really really this book can't wait for the next installment read in a day just couldn't put it down blew off dinner with friends just so I could finish you ladies know how to write a great book

Great!!!. Such a great read!!!

Love!!. Wow this was amazing!


The answer to 50 shades withdrawal!. Well written and very enjoyful! Could not put it down :-)

Awesome. Read it

Fantastic!!!!. OMG I absolutely loved this book. So much so as soon as I finished I couldn't bare to read anything else so had to immediately read it again. (I very rarely read books twice) Thanks for such a great read :)

Loved it. Didn't want it to end!! Hope there is more to this story!!!

Good. It was good but I preferred their beautiful stranger

Loved it!. Loved it! ❤ Looking forward to more Beautiful books!

Liked. Really liked this story. Well written, hope the second is about them cause I didn't like not reading her declare her love before the end

On my top ten. I dont normally write reviews but this booked captured me the whole way through i definitely recommend hot hot with it own romantic twist it had me in butterflies thank you much for the awesome read!!!!!!

Fantastic. Great story. Well written. Loved it

Sexy & Sassy. I can't believe I didn't pick this up sooner. It's sexy, it's fiery, it's witty and it's awfully addictive;-D

Loved. Loved this book. Read it in a few hours as i couldn't put it down!

Fantastic. Loved loved loved it

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. I loved Chloe and Bennett, they had so much chemistry. I loved the secondary characters also. The storyline was so freaking good.

👏🏼. Just 🤤

Lost brain cells reading this. The worst thing I’ve ever read. Cannot emphasise how terrible it was, got a third of the way in and had to give up. Why would anyone publish this? I feel less intelligent from reading it. Wish there was a zero star option. Terrible writing, terrible story and completely bad taste in this #metoo era.

Awesome. Loved this's a must read book :)

Terrific. Captured all the way. Funny, witty and hot as hell. Love this book! Reread it twice!

Wanted to love it.. Absolutely hated Chloe Mills. Couldn’t even finish reading.

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Loooooved it. Loooooved it couldn't stop reading it

five star quality. This book is awesome, sexy, provocative. Worth my time and money.

Good. Very good reading.

Great Read. Amazing

Loved it. It was such a great book. Loved the chemistry between Ben and Chloe. Very entertaining

sweet & seductive. ... A SMOOTH & TANTALIZING READ. every chapter more delicious than the next. !

Pleasantly surprised. This book was quiet good and miles ahead of any current books in this genre.

1L1. Loved this book!!! It sneaks up on you, wraps you up and pulls you in!! Love,love,love!

Loved it. This book was so good loved very chapter, thrilling the sex between Chloe and Bennett . This book is a 10... Can't wait for more to come. Thank you This book is marked as a favourite read it in two days,,, good read MJD......

Good Read. I enjoy the Beautiful Series and look forward to reading more.

Awful!. Poor writing, bad story line, unrealistic chemistry between the main characters. Unless you are a die hard Twilight fanfic reader, skip this one!

Loved it!. A well recommended read!! Really enjoyed the characters and story line. Enjoy!!!!

Amazing. Great read! I couldn't put it down.......looking forward to Beautiful Stranger!

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Summary of Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

The Beautiful Bastard book written by Christina Lauren was published on 12 February 2013, Tuesday in the Contemporary category. A total of 4,333 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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