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Inferno by Dan Brown Book Summary

#1 WORLDWIDE BESTSELLER • Harvard professor of symbology Robert Langdon awakens in an Italian hospital, disoriented and with no recollection of the past thirty-six hours, including the origin of the macabre object hidden in his belongings.

“One hell of a good read.... As close as a book can come to a summertime cinematic blockbuster.” —USA Today

“A diverting thriller.” —Entertainment Weekly

With a relentless female assassin trailing them through Florence, he and his resourceful doctor, Sienna Brooks, are forced to flee.

Embarking on a harrowing journey, they must unravel a series of codes, which are the work of a brilliant scientist whose obsession with the end of the world is matched only by his passion for one of the most influential masterpieces ever written, Dante Alighieri's The Inferno.
Dan Brown has raised the bar yet again, combining classical Italian art, history, and literature with cutting-edge science in this captivating thriller.

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Book Name Inferno
Genre Mysteries & Thrillers
Language English
E-Book Size 10.46 MB

Inferno (Dan Brown) Book Reviews 2024

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Dan Brown it is.. Cruise through the tales that only Brown is capable. History past, present and future is written whilst it takes you past iconic landmarks and reveals new technologies. A twist at the end not at all like the other Brown novels. Totally worth reading. Enjoy the ride from Italy to Turkey and back.

Great read!. Excellent story, I love Dan Brown's research and application in all of his books. It is an absolutely thrilling page turner, highly recommended.

Inferno. Very well written, keeps the reader wanting to know what's going to happen next.

He's done it again!. Another dazzling adventure through history, religion, politics, and science!!! Was pleasantly surprised that the ending of the novel far outmatched the film! Now go enjoy Langdon's other adventures!!!

Inferno. Typical Dan Brown fashion, you start the ride at the top of the hill. The history blended in with the story is fascinating and keeps you intrigued. Loved it!!

A great read. Great story and having been to Florence, Venice and Istanbul makes it all the more interesting due to the detailed descriptions.

A genius at werk!!. This books has opened a new chapter for my life by helping me see the ingenious work of Dante and also the greatly told story of Langdon taking the same journey as him but his Vergil wasn't there for him.

Enjoyable fast paced read. Enjoyed this book way more that The lost symbol.

Another masterpiece. After enjoying the Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons books years ago. I finally picked up another book by Dan Brown and I was not disappointed. His use of real places, art and history completely immerse the reader in his story.

Incredible! Amazing!. LOVE this book. It was worth every second. I finished it in a day!!

Inferno. Excellent read. Nonstop twists and turns. And superb descriptions of places and things I would love to visit.

Excellent read. I couldn't put it down!

AWFUL!!!!!!!!. PLEASE don’t waste your money nor time on this slop. If this were a travel guide for Italy I’d possibly give it 1 star. But as a story it is worse than slow. Worst book I’ve TRIED to read in years! The author’s writing is elementary school level at best. Simply awful.

Inferno. Loved, loved the story. Another thriller by Dan Brown

Waste of time. The great part of "code" was the plausibility of the whole story. While the history in this book is interesting the story line is weak. I completely lost interest and only finished the book because I purchased it. I found myself mentally trying to push the slow plot along, like an elephant up a hill.

Great Read. Yes, it does have a lot of back stories and info and at times is overly descriptive but it's still really good. There are no other authors like Dan Brown & his work never disappoints. The ending blew me away!

Love this book. Dan brown does it again with this fantastic book featuring Langdon. Twists and turns to where you would never expect

Inferno. I'm extremely disappointed in the quality of the formatting of the Inferno. On every page multiple words are connected. It's not became it' snot. I'm sure that the book will be wonderful but the formatting is distracting. If this is typical quality for iBooks, I will have to think long and hard before I select another iBook.

Art meets Biengineering. This book was fantastic, on the level of Jurassic Park. Truly, a fun page turner that mixes art with science.

Page turner. Welcome back the fast paced Robert Langdon of the DaVinci Code! Best of the series!

Inferno. Wanted to reread before the movie comes out. Still an excellent read with twists and turns. What I like best after reading the book is checking out some history where my interest and the story merge.

Couldn't put it down!!!!. Fast paced! Great story featuring our friend in the Harris Tweed!

Inferno. Great read, a page turner from the very beginning, I could not put it down...

Epic book. Non stop suspense. I now have a genuine concern for the future of mankind.

Inferno. A very good read (as usual) from Dan Brown. Highly recommended.

How to read it. It's interesting to read other reviews proclaiming how horrible of a book inferno is. They claim it's a miss compared to other Dan Brown books. I can say I've read every Brown book and all books are written in the same manner. Every book has concise detail of the area of which the character is in. This literary technique is the opposite of books that attempt to just get to the point with as little detail as possible. Brown attempts to encapsulate you in the scene that these characters are in to give you vivid imagery so there's practically a movie running in your head if you're able to comprehend it. Inferno accomplishes this. You're placed in mysterious circumstances with numerous plot twists and your own theories being disproven all along the way. The only theory you can be sure of is that your idea of what's happening is wrong. While many may not enjoy the vivid imagery hoping for 24/7 action, it's refreshing to have nice detail to make you feel in the moment. It gives a sense of humanity in the text that you might be in a situation and think of something totally random. Dan Brown has created another great read that has a good mix of action, mystery, twists, and imagery that I've come to expect from his work. If you don't like slow parts describing something so you feel more engrossed in the text, Dan Brown is not your author. I'm sorry to say but the literary style of Brown is lost in most people because they only want fast action and fast reads with simple plots. On to the actual story line. You walk in perhaps feeling somewhat sympathetic to the antagonist. Certain concepts you just can't help but agree with even though you might know it's wrong. One thing is for sure, you walk away with better understanding of an impeccable epic, Dante's divine comedy. Now that doesn't mean you'll know what every part was about but it does give you insight into his work. The book also has an underlying tone that even in the world millions see every day, many details remain hidden or missed or even remain shrouded in mystery. Dan Brown accentuates these concepts subtly throughout the book. While Langdon finds all sorts of off hand facts that most don't know about the buildings that are mentioned contain many more secrets and buildings in the area contain even more. Langdon travels all over Europe, a place riddled with history long forgotten and some missed. It's this fact system we've all grown accustomed to in a Brown book that keeps readers reading out of intrigue. Overall the only crime this book commits is making Langdon seduce another pretty girl who we'll never hear about again. That is a reoccurring theme with Langdon books. I still believe my favorite book of Dan Brown's collection, is deception point. But inferno is certainly worth the read and perhaps re-read to capture more details. Happy reading!

Amazing. Dan Brown never disappoints!!

great read. Awesome book, wouldnt expect nothing less from Dan Brown. I highly reccomend it, and cant wait for the film.

Drawn out. In a word - boring.

Excellent book. I loved every line of this book. Florence and Venice provided the perfect setting.

Brown's best ever. I can see the movie in my head, another winner for Tom Hanks!

Excellent!. Entertaining, and yet, scary; what will happen with our ever expanding population?

Awesome Read. I wish there was more!!!!

Good book. Worth the money and a lot like his other books

Comes up short.. I loved the other two dan brown books I've read; The Lost Symbol and Deception Point. They are all thrillers and this is no different. However, this book comes up short. While not as thrilling as previous Dan Brown, it is certainly a page turner. However, the bummer is in the conclusion - a solid epic dan brown reveal that, instead of leaving your head spinning like deception point, the lost symbol, or the da Vinci code, leaves you going, "alright, hmph" kind of like at the end of a horror movie when you respect the ending for its meaning yet really just don't like it

Another Adventure with Robert Langdon. This book is amazingly poignant for this moment in time. No one purposely released COVID 19, but the discussion of viruses, the WHO, even apathy is just so perfect right now. Another great Robert Langdon story, great for escaping the madness of current events. This book made me want to read Dante the first time Around. Maybe this time I’ll actually read it.

Inferno by Dan Brown. Another fine adventure with Robert Langdon.

Inferno is as hot as it's title suggests. Brown, once again, creates and incredible mix of history, espionage, world travel, and a multitude of surprises along the way. This, again, is a quick page turner and I can't wait for the movie which opens next month in the U.S. And Tom Hanks will always be the perfect Professor Langdon. Hoping Brown is close to finishing another soon-to-be-released masterpiece! I'm actually dropping back to read "Digital Deception", but his genre of history-travel-secrets-symbols-espionage, is by far his best palate.

Incredible!. Dan brown does it again! I couldn't put this book down! I highly suggest everyone who comes across this one, to sit down and read it.

Inferno. Once again I was mesmorized by a Dan Brown book, not ever really able to put it down until my reading was complete. Billiant!

Inferno. Large disappointment.This is probably the first time I have ever said this, but the movie is probably better than the book. Don't waste your time and money, sit back in a dark theater with your date and enjoy the scenery and action.

He's done it again.. Once again Dan Brown has artfully pieced together a suspenseful, rapid-paced storyline that with keep the pages turning. As thought provoking as any of his other works, this book will call into question the reader's own world view as the once-again tangled plot of Robert Langdon's travels unfold.

Inferno. Great book, could not put it down. I would love to go to all the places in the book. Dan Brown has done it again, hope they make a movie.🐈

Dan Brown Does It Again!. Not a dull moment. As always, he opens our eyes to history and the reality of the modern world we live in all the while keeping the reader at the edge of ones seat in a ride that doesn't end till the very last page. As for the many plot twists the reader can't possibly predict... Well.. That's just the icing on the cake.

Great Read!. I would highly recommend reading the book rather then see the movie. Because the movie doesn’t do the book any justice at all. I’m reading it right now and loving it.

Inferno. As are all Dan Brown novels, the book was well written and a real page turner. I thourghly enjoyed it.

Worst of the series. This was more of a "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego" adventure than a Dan Brown novel. The art was merely reference and the story lacked the traditional depth of his other books. Very little mystery to the entire book and the twist at the end was intriguing but did not make up for the thin plot of the rest of the book. I hope for better from Mr. Brown in the future.

Enjoyed this book!. Couldn't put this down! Great storytelling with enough history to keep your attention. Can't wait for the next one!

Inferno. Fiction or reality? Great book and extremely unsettling at the same time as it deals with an ongoing problem that it is affecting the world as I type this short review but just remember that tonight is the beginning on forever.......

You t. Very

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Amazing. An exhilarating beautifully written novel. As always, Dan Brown kept me glued to his written word.

Inferno. interesting premise but the flow of the story was interrupted by the "tourist guide book" paragraphs. Enjoyed his other books more.

Blah. I must say that I found this latest novel disappointing. The beginning of the novel was great but then it just got worse and worse.

Inferno. Interesting, informative with a message for the human race. It was a joy reading it on my mini iPad, cause i could check the locations mentioned in the book immediately .

Inferno. In true Dan brown fashion, inferno gives the reader a story laced with both fiction and reality woven into a mesmerizing fun filled adventure around the world. I found it totally entertaining and thought provoking. Well done!!

Best book by Dan Brown. Suspenseful,mysterious,scary. By far the best book in the Robert Langdon series

Inferno. Loved it just as much as the others! Prof Langdon's adventures are always fun to read... Thank you.

Good page turner. But very similar to previous author books. I don't think I would read more Dan Brown as the intrigues barely change.

Inferno. Exceptional book. Dan Brown did not let us down. Still I think that a great opportunity was missed by not integrating rich media as part of the content. Videos, pictures, maps etc would have been a great added value. Hey this is a digital book...

A gripping story. Once again, Dan Brown has woven his magic! The story is gripping, and it is well researched. You are left with a desire to read (or re-read) Dante and head to Italy and Turkey. Thank you Mr. Brown for an entertaining few days!

Great read.. Another great read by one of today's greatest writers. Here's hoping for more to come from Dan Brown.

Price. No more Dan Brown. Prices differs from $15.99 (English) to $22.99 (French) for the same book. Spanish, Italian are also at $15.99 and $13.99. I wanted to buy the French book but with that reason, you lost a fan for all your future books...

Deception Point. Mon préféré !

Inferno. Just finished reading Dan Brown's latest novel and throughly enjoyed it. Particularly appreciated the wealth of detail describing Florence and Istanbul and the various museums in both cities. For one who has visited Florence but not Turkey it was both entertaining and informative to be presented with so much information. While the plot was strictly science fiction the narration and travelogue were both first class. Rick from Calgary

Hits the Mark Again!. Another riveting and suspenseful book that is almost impossible to put down. Well done!

Great, easy read. Good book although not as great as previous novels featuring Langdon. Interesting plot, some twists and turns, a little predictable at times.Great summer read.

Good not great. I love how much research Dan Brown does for his work but in this novel it is just the canvas on which the story is written. Yes it is a page turner but feels a little like his earlier stuff Deception Point and not the richness that the other Langdon books carry. Honestly it felt like he was writing a scream play not a novel. This content will play well on screen but for me it lacked texture. I would have hoped for some forward motion in his writing but in stead it feels like a movie contract is being fulfilled.

Beyond expectations. Once again, Brown has given everything expected & then some.

Keep writing. I absolutely loved this book and can't wait for your next offing. Please keep writing.

A very mediocre attempt by Brown.. Inferno, coming from one of my favourite author Dan Brown, horribly failed my expectations after his previous four Robert Langdon books. Based on Dante's poem, Inferno, the chase has a very rudimentary and mediocre baseline and Brown has stretched the story with Langdon running in the streets of Florence and Venice with almost not knowing why and very less iconography and symbolism. Sorry to say, but it was a very mediocre attempt by Brown to mesmerise his fans in his folklore of art, science, philosophy and architecture.

Inferno. Incredible; could not put this book down.

It is okay. The beginning is awesome. The middle is confusing. The end is surprising. At least it is better than the lost symbol.

Brown's best since the da Vinci code. Entertains throughout and really makes you think. Perhaps the end does justify the means.

Inferno. Dan brown delivers again!

Frighteningly good!!!. Not only does Dan Brown take on a complex and sensitive issue but he does it with finesse, tact, and is frighteningly real about it all. A must- read for those who love to think outside the box.

Weak. Did nothing at all for me, frankly was mostly bored stiff reading it and wouldn't of finished if I had had a better option.

Inferno. Great book frighting real......Read it!

Inferno. Brilliant--fits well with his other books! Now for the next one! Hurry Dan Brown- I am waiting impatiently!

Inferno. What a great read Dan Brown did it again can't wait to see what's next

Good but not the best. Interesting read as per his other books, not as satisfying though. Seemed to drag out for long periods while reading, and the twist were well expected.

Great!. A great voyage. Forced me to look up historical landmarks and people. Always a fantastic trip.

Well done. Another novel you just can't turn the pages fast enough. A master of the cliffhanger, Brown again leaves you saying to yourself...just one more chapter, just one more... 2 days later and the novel is finished. A good relaxing read which provides entertainment. Think of a summer blockbuster movie... But the script is the novel, the theatre your imagination (the best theatre known to man - Brown easily paints the images for the show and the chase is a good one).

Not the best. Good storyline but reads more like a tour guide showing off in detail their knowledge of art and architecture.

Wow. Fantastic novel as usual from Dan Brown

I've never read a book so intently !. Reading is not my favorite thing so I wait for Dan Browns books with excitement because magic happens. I open the first page and a hand comes out and grabs me and pulls me through the web of story. I raced through every page. I will be in heading to the store for Dan's next book. Don't stand in front of my car!!!!

Inferno. Classic Dan Brown storytelling. Like a fine wine his writing has acquired a style, finesse and quality that steadily improves with time. One big regret. If only I had visited Florence and Venice after I had read this book. No matter.. Istanbul, here I come!

Expected More. Dan Brown usually gives his fans what they’ve come to know and love. While Inferno follows the same basic format of the previous Langdon novels, I didn’t really feel it was his best. It wasn’t as exciting as The Lost Symbol, and at times I wasn’t all that into it. The ending is great and I’m glad I read it, but overall it was a bit of a let-down.

The magic is gone. Extremely disappoined with this book. I think the magic of Dan Brown is gone as this was too predictable, unrealistic, lack-luster and poorly written. He is trying to build suspense in ways that you can tell what will happen so the excitement is gone. It isn't at all on par with what he has written in the past. The Magic is Gone with this book

Inferno. Excellent!

Fantastic. Great read. A real page turner. Highly recommended.

Inferno. Dan Brown creates a rich tapestry of icons, religion and architecture in this fast paced thriller. Congratulations are in order once again for a Robert Langdon best seller!

Interesting interpretation. Another great book from Dan Brown. Having never read the Divine Comedy it was fun to learn about that while being taken on the thrill ride. Extremely relevant and poignant subject matter discussed. This book will make you think and entertain ou at the same time. What more could you ask for?!

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Summary of Inferno by Dan Brown

The Inferno book written by Dan Brown was published on 14 May 2013, Tuesday in the Mysteries & Thrillers category. A total of 14,540 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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