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Dune by Frank Herbert Book Summary

Directed by Denis Villeneuve, screenplay by Denis Villeneuve and Jon Spaihts, based on the novel Dune by Frank Herbert • Starring Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson, Josh Brolin, Austin Butler, Florence Pugh, Dave Bautista, Christopher Walken, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Léa Seydoux, with Stellan Skarsgård, with Charlotte Rampling, and Javier Bardem

Frank Herbert’s classic masterpiece—a triumph of the imagination and one of the bestselling science fiction novels of all time.

Set on the desert planet Arrakis, Dune is the story of Paul Atreides—who would become known as Muad'Dib—and of a great family's ambition to bring to fruition mankind's most ancient and unattainable dream.

A stunning blend of adventure and mysticism, environmentalism and politics, Dune won the first Nebula Award, shared the Hugo Award, and formed the basis of what is undoubtedly the grandest epic in science fiction.

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Book Name Dune
Genre Classics
Language English
E-Book Size 4.89 MB

Dune (Frank Herbert) Book Reviews 2024

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Amazing and Introspective. Frank Herbert’s “Dune” is a classic of modern sci-fi, and an inspiration for the likes of Star Wars and Game of Thrones. It is a masterpiece of brilliant storylines, fully developed characters, masterful writing and meaningful themes. Highly recommend.

Great. Made seeing the original movie come back to life Can’t wait for the new movie now 2021 Sept.

Prescient. So I finally read DUNE. Not sure what took me so long as I have always loved sci-fi. But the detail & force of the Villeneuve film compelled me. I was not to be disappointed. Quite the opposite. It was extremely entertaining but what I appreciated most was the breadth, research & depth of thought behind the writing. And how ironic is the subject of prescience & the ability to foresee through time. It’s as if Herbert was looking straight into our current moment.

I can’t believe I slept on this for so long…. Growing up, my mom told me that I should read Dune since I love sci-fi so much. My best friends dad echoed the same thing. When the movie was announced a few years ago I decided I should pick the book up and read it. I’m a very slow reader but also a parent of two younger children so it took me almost three years to finish it. Man this is so good…I honestly wasn’t sure I would even entertain the idea of the second book because the middle just slowed everything down. But now I’m all in.

Dune review. A groundbreaking novel I wish I knew about years ago, but thanks to the new movie I finally read the book. It is an absolute classic filled with war and politics with sci fi. It has an amazing and memorable set of characters and the only take away is that the dialogue drags on sometimes and really that was the only bug I had, all in all it was great! 4/5

Watched the movie then read this book. Bravo.. What an unbelievable capacity to visualize such a universe in the author’s time. I watched the movie before I read the book from a friend’s suggestion. It might take a sequel to cover everything in this book. Frank Herbert inspires me to dream beyond the limits of our society. I was allowed a peak into a distant, possible future in which humanity could have evolved to be the beings that Herbert dreamed. As much as there is a sense of fiction, it felt within reach.

Overpriced. Free on YouTube.

A tale as sweeping as the sands of the place for which this book is named…. Many people complain that this book is too “dense” or too “smart” for the average reader and I tell you thusly, this is not the case. Frank Herbert weaves a tale of political intrigue within intrigue and not once does one feel lost in the world he created. There are many terms in it that may be confusing but there is a provided glossary if further clarification is needed (the Internet is available to you as well). There is not much detailed description of the action and battles that takes place in the story but character dialogue descriptions of them leave it up to the reader’s imagination of how it unfolded. The romance between Paul and Chani could have been described better, since this is also a young boy becoming a man/coming-of-age tale. Overall, this book is an excellent jumping off point for those just getting into sci-if and will be a stable to those already in love with the genre. If you liked Game of Thrones and Star Wars you will love the word of Dune (and both took inspiration from Frank Herbert’s work).

So far from home, but so close.. Affinity for the words of a sci-fi sculptor, I have not. Yet, my attention was wrapped around every paragraph Herbert formed, only to be redirected to the next. It is now am I able to see how so many works to follow—from younger pens—were chiseled while casting an eye back to this original. I’ll be back, Frank.

Timeless classic.. Having seen the movie, I decided to take a look a the book. I was surprised with the detail the book relays. Excellent read!

The best. The greatest sci-fi novel ever written.

Stop crying about the cover. Rate the story, not the cover. This is DUNE. Nuff said. But to those people giving the story a 1 star over the movie cover, stop whining. You’re actually an embarrassment.

Intense dialogue and world building. Great story that heavily focuses on the politics concerning a desert planet that contains no water but does contain a spice that everyone in the universe wants to get their hands on. Heavy dialogue and a lot of mind games through conversation. Amazing world building. Make sure you use the appendix for words you don’t know that are created for the story (Herbert loved to make his own creations that only exist in dune), although most unknown words and concepts are eventually explained through dialogue throughout the story.

A masterpiece of writing. Dune is truly a work of art

Best book I ever read. Yezzir

Oh dammit. Guys I ate another 3 pound jar of sand on accident when I was trying to read this book sorry it just happens you know like one minute you’re reading a book and the next you’ve eaten an entire 3 pounds of sand

A grand step into a brilliant universe. Dune is one of the most applauded and highly recommended books in the entire sci-fi genre. And it’s been that way for over 50 years. So why is it that even in 2022 when all of modern sci-fi and it’s predecessors have have taken inspiration from and tried to improve upon the standards set by Herbert, Dune still manages to stay not just relevant, but almost fresh? It’s because despite inspiring the likes of Bradbury and George Lucas, Dune is so vastly original, that only someone as Tolkienesc as Herbert would be able to write something to match Dune. Having read this as a 18-19 year old (it took a while to finish, I’m a slow reader) it has taught me so much about what I need to learn to better myself as a writer, which isn’t bad. I’m currently on the third dune book, and I am absolutely enthralled with the overarching lore, and am excited to read the next 3 books. Do yourself a favor. Read Dune.

Dune trilogy. Could you put Dune 1-6 Trilogy on audiobooks please thank you

Awesome. Fantastic! The lovely story it is!

A book I won’t soon forget. The book at first is admittedly— a little slow. But one would be insane to expect anything else in a book that is 700 pages. The story is incredible, the world building is magnificent, and the universe is wonderful. I am glad that I read it. (Also ignore the guy who accused the book of “anti blackness”. One would have to be psychotic to see anti blackness.) Also, why are people suddenly giving it 1 star just because they changed the cover? Geez get over it, the words inside are still the same. They just changed the way the cover looked. Imagine dragging down the ratings of a good book just because you don’t like the new cover. The book is great.

Dune. Fantastic book, I have read it repeatedly and it never gets old. One of my favorite novels of any type.

Almost 50 years ago. And I was 18 and everybody was reading “Dune”and “The Hobbit” and ‘LOTR”. Good times. But I came across this book and read it again and it still blew my mind! Good time redux.

Dense. Great read. Intriguing.

DUUUUUNE. Truly the best piece of fiction I’ve ever read. I’m currently on Chapterhouse, and the start of this series is standalone one of the most inventive sci fi stories that’s been told. Each story in this series stands out, and each builds upon the last in a way I’ve never seen recreated or matched. The story hooks you in, and the wisdom and knowledge Frank Herbert beams into your brain through the guise of entertainment is priceless, and terrifying. If you have the dedication to see yourself to the end of Frank Herbert’s magnum opus, all I can promise you will be profoundly changed, and profoundly entertained

Fantastic Sci Fi Novel. I decided to pick this up after watching the movie since I loved the sci fi elements of the film. Overall, this is a great story that blends science fiction, politics, and religious themes. The lore is by far the most interesting aspect of this book - the deep world building and Herbert’s great writing really help set the stage for this epic pretty well. I thought the ending was a bit rushed, and the novel ends rather abruptly, but this was still a great read.

Truly a masterpiece. An all time favorite of mine. Frank Herbert was a legend in himself..

The best Sci-Fi Book. I read this book for the first time in 2018. Immediately fell in love with it. To this day it is still my favorite sci-fi book. I’ve read all 6 original books in the series written by Frank Herbert and remains as my favorite science fiction story. There is so much depth and it relates to human belief and relations to society even today. I highly recommend this read to pretty much everyone.

Dune Is Good. I watched the movie but didn’t read the book yet (this book) but I might as well sometime and I’m also excited for Dune 2.

Cover Changed. Return to the proper cover please.

The Original World Builder. “Dune” was unleashed on the world the same year I was. Though it took me 11 years to find it, when I did I was changed forever. Stories like “Tarzan” and “John Carter of Mars” or even “I, Robot”, “Lucifer’s Hammer”, and—dare I say it—“2001: A Space Odessa” became small. Frank Herbert had a message for humanity decades before we became concerned about peak oil, nuclear winter, or global warming. In “Dune,” he’s telling us that we’re part of our planet, and it’s part of us. And in the narrative, he’s optimistic humanity can be so much bigger than we are. It’s easy to forget, too, this book was written under the dark veil of the Cold War, with not-so-thinly veiled references to the Soviet Union, United States, and United Nations. No wonder this book had such a huge influence on the teenager I was, once reading it while participating in bomb drills under my desk. I’ve read it more times than I can remember, and I find something new every time. Thankfully, Denis Villenuv has introduced a new generation to the story. I watched the movie, and saw Arrakis through a different, wider angle lens. If the cover works and introduces a new generation to the masterpiece series Frank Herbert wrote, I welcome it. Now, please excuse me, I must get back to Geidi Prime, Pieter de Vries, and Baron Harkonnen as they plan their vile plot….

Awesome. So I was curious about the dune series and figured I’d start reading the dune series, wow frank herbert thanks for the awesome book I loved it and just bought the second book to see what happens next thank

Timeless Classic. Greatest of the great Sci-Fi books. It was written in 1965, not 1975!

Not as good as I was expecting.. It was good, but it think it’s been built up over the last 58 years, that I expected too much from it, maybe.

My Favorite Book. Enough said.

AMAZING STORY I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I read this book after watching the 2021 movie that came out and WOW does it live up to the hype. My only critique would be that I wanted to see more of the love story between Paul and Chani but I understand this is a book following a story of politics and religion, not a love story.

Stella Read. This might be the best book I have ever read, the world building and characterization is so tight. Every logistical question seems to have been thought of and answered. I highly recommend!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. When i started reading Dune it took me a while to actually get into it since it wasn’t very action-packed in the beginning. But as i started emerging into the end of part one (Dune) to part two (Muad’Dib) and three (The Prophet), the story was so hooking and entertaining it was something i’d think about when I wasnt reading it. Also, how the book was written is very impressive. There is a lot of artistry in the book that should be recognized when reading. I enjoyed part three of the book the most since it showed a large difference to Paul Atreides and Paul-Muad’Dib/Usul. I am also pleased to see how i really like the character Jessica (her backstory is very interesting) since i wasnt feeling that i like her too much when i first watched some of the movie. I am excited to fully watch the movie and refer to the book. I am also excited for Dune 2 since Zendaya got more screen time, Florence Pugh is in it, and I get to see Timothée Chalamet :). Thank you for reading my review and do read this book.

Beautiful. This is an amazing book, I just couldn’t get enough. Frank Herbert’s writing puts it over the top.

Amazing!. Just completely amazing!

Read Dune in ‘65/66,then all series. No movie can touch my imagination. vbree49

Great book. Second reading. Richer content.

A decent classic. I read this because it’s a classic and can see why but somehow I was let down. I like sci fi and fantasy and could see why it must have been considered great for it’s time. I found it to have too much jargon and not enough character development. When people died I didn’t feel invested in the characters. The world itself is fascinating and the general story but lacks for me.

Dune. Great book. It has a way of keeping one interested the whole time. A long read but definitely worth it!

A must-read for any sci-fi lover. Boasting both deep political conflict as well as amazing world-building, Dune will leave you on edge with every battle that ensues and keep you hooked on its unraveling story of a young messiah and his struggle with his terrible purpose.

Solid read. Starts of strong but goes from sci-fi to fantasy and ends weaker than where it began.

Incredible. Just read it.

Good read for those who remember the movie. I remember the movie and was interested in how the movie followed the book. It was a good read and one that I could read a little bit or for several hours On to see how the story line is developed in the series

The best Sci-Fi Novel. One of the best books I’ve ever read.

Simply brilliant.. Simply brilliant.

Classic. Never judge a book by its cover. Great book.

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Duuune!. Such a captivating story & quirky universe addicted to spice. Seeing the movie before the book definitely helped me visualize and grasp info quicker!

Prophetic, Wise, Guileful, Staggering!. Dune is not just a book or a story, it’s a Movement! The comparisons of Spice to modern day petroleum and the Fremen to Arabic people is obvious. But this is not a story where a “Western hero saves humanity (again)”. It’s a story of collaboration, loss, politics and waywardness. It has to be read and reread to savour and appreciate the timelessness of the tale. Power corrupts and Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely.

An epic masterpiece!. I just finished this book for the third time since first reading it and the following five books over 35 years ago. It gets better every time I read it. I just finished reading the Foundation septology by Isaac Asimov, followed by the Space Odyssey quadrology by Arthur C. Clarke. I still find this book to be superior to any of those other giants of this genre. I can’t recommend Dune highly enough.

Excellent price. Wanted to read Dune and couldn’t have asked for a more conviennent way to do so.

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Summary of Dune by Frank Herbert

The Dune book written by Frank Herbert was published on 01 September 1975, Monday in the Classics category. A total of 6,201 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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