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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Holy Bible by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Book Summary

The 2013 edition of the Holy Bible contains all of the study aids contained in the 1979 edition and includes revisions to the study aids, several new photos, updated maps, and adjustments to the chapter headings. The style and format of titles, tables of contents, abbreviations pages, the Topical Guide, and the Bible Dictionary have been standardized to improve the reader’s experience; however, the adjustments have not been so extensive as to require members to purchase the new edition to stay current with either the Church curriculum or personal study.

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Book Name Holy Bible
Genre Christianity
Language English
E-Book Size 28.34 MB

Holy Bible (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) Book Reviews 2023

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Amazing. The best book in the world the holy bible

Trust in the Lord. This really helped me give my life to Jesus. I ended up praying every night before bed. I used to live my life like I didn’t care about anything, but then I read this. It changed my life and made me realize that my time is limited. I need to use it to bring God’s love to others and I pray that you guys feel the same

Who is this Jesus guy anyway?. Cool fictional book we have here but really who actually believes this nonsense.

the Bible makes good pet food. nice

It’s pretty good.. Bit of a long read but that guy Jesus seems pretty cool.

:(). This is nice people like it because I don't nerd to worry about ripping pepper or getting pepper cut

Bible. The greatest book ever made not like any other book get this book.

Spiritually Disappointing. I have been a fan of Jesus Christ for the longest time and read a lot of literature about this interesting man. One day I decided to read the Holy Bible to find out more about Jesus‘ adventures. After the first page I was already negatively shocked. Grammar? Horrible! Misspelling? Yes, a lot! Stories that make sense? Not in this book! Just go and read Fifty Shades of Grey...it tells you way more about life than this weird book! #BoycottMormonism

Bible. I love you god

Not able to open book. Just stopped working can’t open the book up at all. Was working fine at one point now you can only see the cover of the book.

Good Book for Chinese Christian. I was born in a Chinese Christian Family.My grandmother is a devout Christian ,who believes in the existence of the god.If we , her grandsons and granddaughters, say something rude to the god,she will forbid us to do so next time.I am not a Christian ,but I want to read this to explore the wisdom of “god”.

#ilovejesus. I read this when I was five and then my dad left. P.s. I blame the Asian Lutheran Jesus.

Half good, half evil. I wanted to be more educated on the bible and christian religion so i chose to read. There’s of course many horrible things written in this book. Unfourtunatley some people still choose to follow those things, but there are also some good lessons in the Bible that i believe can help anyone.

kinda fire. Jesus do be kinda flexing doe 😳

Holy bible. It's great because it is always with me so I can read it when ever I want. I also like it because i can read it and it helps me be connect with god and get closer with him.🙂

Thank you so much .. May God Bless your souls !!!! In Jesus name amen

Any Christian knows Mormons are not Christians. Mormonism is a cult. Good people Kind people But do not believe Jesus is the savior of the world.

Bible. Jesus

BIBLE. Dr.cupcake listen if you read it says God is almighty and I have a tip if you can't understand the bible then ask God to help you figure it out. (If you can't tell I'm a serious Christian)

Pretty epic. One of God’s best books

Best book ever. But did you guys know that Christianity, Judaism and Islam belong to one God

Life changing. Truly an incredible and inspired book.

my happiness. though others may think not, the bible is holy words.

Jesus is a thot. Jesus is the James Charles of the bible…

A bore. Boring

They messed this up. They kind of messed up Jesus in this one. They also forgot to listen to what Galatians says.

It’s the bible. 10/10

God Believer 🥳😌. God is real and made the world and you yourself

i rate the bible 0/10. -too many plot holes -too long -only good thing is satan but everyone hates them

Holy Bible. I love this book it gives me time to talk to GOD and get closer to GOD!

I love this bible!. I love this book even though I only read the first sentence and skipped the whole thing! :D

This is not the correct King James Version. Anything published by the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day Saints is not Christian and is not of God don’t be deceived by this False Church

:o). Makes me happy to have the Bible with me at all times!

Classic. Jesus is our lord and savior, thank you for your teachings

Godly. Just so godly

🤦🏾. What in the bleep is this? My iPad can’t even read it without having to say triangle and this and that so this is not a really good version of the Bible.

I Love Jesus. Yo whats good. You gotta read the bible aand get a relationship with God no cap bruh

Best book ever in I’m only 13. Book saved my life

⚠️❗️❌EATING 📔⚠️❗️❌. Um mr de cool man your not spouse to eat the Bible. Here’s my review it is awesome. Ya

Jesus. You should love Jesus Jesus made everything made you for you should live do you should love him until the world is over and always think about him

BIBLE YAY YAY YAY. Yay I love the Bible ready to READ READ READ!

Loveeyouu. Love Jesus Christ <3

This book made me atheist. Condoning slavery? Homophobia? War crimes? Vengence? No.

Could be Gayer. I’m just saying-

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Good, not what I was looking for!. Was looking for a Contemporary English Version of the Bible but this is good to have on hand for comparing passages.

Reply to night avenger or what ever bad name he had. brudda u do not not know de way, me and my bruddas will spit on u

God. If anyone says, "who could believe this stuff?" Well. It's the most "popular" religion in the world, I believe it so thank you

Beat fiction I've read in a while. Ooh I love one specific bit, you should check it out it's quite absurd though Leviticus 18:22

They are doing the right thing. It doesn’t matter about that it has glitches it the word of god no the less

Father Ted. I’m a fan of Father Ted (British comedy about a priest) and thats what got me interested in christianisme... I think thats what its called

This is the Mormon not Christian bible. Very misleading to have the Mormon version of the text as the first option when searching for the bible. Nearly all Christian Denominations consider the Mormon faith to be a cult. They also call themselves the church of the Latter Day Saints. If you want To read the bible as accepted by Christians please opt for the King James Version or any other version that is not associated with the church of the Latter Day Saints.

I’m Asian so not that helpful ☹️. 😫👌☹️

:)))))). I am a Christian and I would be angry If the bible wasn't free 😍😍😍😍

Excruciatingly something. This is a fantastic read for the aspiring somnolent, it has a broad literary arch going into a critically acclaimed Part II, the ‘New Testament.’ There, the reader is left hanging by a conclusion satisfactory to fans of imaginative fiction. However, the most recent edition (Part III) was clearly low budget, like a sequel to Paul Blart: Mall Cop it displayed an extravagant reliance on either (can’t decide) an undiscerning parents’ desire for oblivion or customer loyalty. A strong contender for two stars, I deduct one for inferior presentation and typography.

Utter fiction. Who would actually believe this stuff... Story on par with Tolkien and other storytellers that gives a second star

I ate ur kids reply. This isn't a review. I ate ur kids can I just say something. One, your name says that you are a cannibal as you reference you 'ate someone's kids.' Also how is the Holy Bible related to the emoji movie? I personally hate the Emoji Movie but seriously. How?

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An amazing. What an amazing app.i can know God better

MoroccanLachlan. I have rated this book 5/5 because the benefits it applies not just in the story but in real life moments. For example the psalms book in the bible has many proverbs that you can flip to at the beginning of the day for a message.

GOD HIMSELF. Jesus is my son

Amazing Read. Amen

I did not enjoy this novel. I felt that moses’s character wasn’t very well thought out and that Jesus seemed a bit pretensious

Omg. Love this book and love Jesus uwu

Love god. The bible is never to be laughed at, and love god

Amazing. Fantastic book

Jesus. This is amazing I feel like I’m connected with the lord himself can I get an amen? Every time I beat around the bush or cook food I feel as if he is watching over me.

Quite Boring and hard to read.. While the characters do next to nothing for the plot, I could nearly never understand what they say, it got frustrating re-reading the same two paragraphs again and again. The only thing saving it from 1 star is the Moses arc, that was relatively easy to read, although it still felt bland.

Explosive Brother Yousef. I was gonna blow up the world but then I read this book. Now I beet my meat to god

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Be careful - Mormon Bible. Please be careful. This Bible is from the Mormon religion which is not true Christianity. The beliefs are very different from true Christianity.

Crusades. Des vult

Lies. Yes

Freezes my computer. This bible freezes my computer everytime I try to open it.

Saved me from Suicide. God bless

File Too Large. The book file is too large and takes a lot of power and time for my computer to load all the pages.

Fake. Not a real bible

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Summary of Holy Bible by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The Holy Bible book written by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was published on 01 March 2013, Friday in the Christianity category. A total of 680 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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