The House on Mango Street Book Reviews

Sandra Cisneros

The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros Book Summary

NATIONAL BESTSELLER • A coming-of-age classic, acclaimed by critics, beloved by readers of all ages, taught in schools and universities alike, and translated around the world—from the winner of the 2019 PEN/Nabokov Award for Achievement in International Literature.

The House on Mango Street is the remarkable story of Esperanza Cordero, a young Latina girl growing up in Chicago, inventing for herself who and what she will become. Told in a series of vignettes-sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes deeply joyous-Sandra Cisneros' masterpiece is a classic story of childhood and self-discovery. Few other books in our time have touched so many readers.

“Cisneros draws on her rich [Latino] heritage...and seduces with precise, spare prose, creat[ing] unforgettable characters we want to lift off the page. She is not only a gifted writer, but an absolutely essential one.” —The New York Times Book Review

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Book Name The House on Mango Street
Genre Fiction & Literature
Language English
E-Book Size 7.49 MB

The House on Mango Street (Sandra Cisneros) Book Reviews 2024

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Amazing. Wonderful

Interesting but semi-depressing read.. Finished in three hours.

It's good but just two things. 1. It's depressing and it makes me sad but it teaches about like 2. $6.99 for a book? No that's too much money. It should $0.99. It's just a book. Calm down with the price. Seriously it's ridiculous. It made me so mad. I used my iTunes gift card

Great. It’s a great book but I’m not sure on the purpose exactly some chapters confuse me like the poetry. I wish they’re was a explanation part of this book to see all the real things she’s talking about but I overall love this book.

NO!👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼. So incredibly bad. Don't read this if you have the choice. So BORING.

Time waster. This is possibly the worst book I have ever encountered in my life! Stay away from it!!!

People. Obviously you people don't understand the book that's why most of you are calling it bad and stuff. If you take the time to understand the writing style and the characters and such, you'll grow fonder if the book

Vignettes that will stay with you.. The book is lots of little tales told by a young girl in brief snapshots. Each is only a couple of pages long and just provides a glimpse of a character, a feeling, an event or an idea. There's no real "framework" - the author could have placed the setting years later and had the narrator recollecting - but instead each story is told almost as if the child is reflecting on moments from her day before she goes to sleep, or while she's staring out a window into her neighborhood. Not everyone "gets it" and that's okay. You might, and if you do, you'll love it.

Garbage. None of it makes sense it’s just non sense spewed from a child. I hated every second of this book.

Best book ever. I didn't like reading before but now I read all the time get this book it's great!

Dislike. There is no plot to this book. If you like the writing style, you may enjoy this book. The narrator writes about different stories in her life.

HORRID. This book is just confusing and all around horrible. DON'T READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!! Save your money!

Awful. Never should have been a writer Meme ortiz

House on mango street. Amazing book. Love it.

We must never forget where we come from!. I love this book. This is the second time that I read it because of the great memories that come to my mind. As a Latin woman, the Three Sisters is one of my favorite chapters because it is very sincere. I feel that many people may be identified with Esperanza, especially those who had been raised in a poor neighborhood or suffered discrimination because of its social and/or economic disadvantages. We must never forget where we come from!

I didn't actually read the book. I have to read this before school starts and I only have a few weeks left but it sounds great

Trash. I would’ve given it 0 stars if I could. Just random uninteresting stories. Also if you get the audiobook the authors voice is really annoying sounds like a little kid rambling, no wonder she wrote this piece of trash. I only finished this book because my school made me. Absolute trash don’t waste anytime with this book.

This book is so misunderstood by many. Wow, this book is so misunderstood by so many people. The stories, told as mini stories opens you up to the reality of life on Mango Street from a little girls point of view. Your job is to piece it together. If you make that effort, enjoy!!!

Terrible. I hate reading, this book eats doo doo

Boring. This book was a waste of my time had to read it for summer reading author must've been stoned while writing this

as. c de sex🏈🏈🏈😭🏈👎🏻👊🏻👊🏻👎🏻👊🏻👊🏻👍🏻👊👎🏻

0 stars. Terrible just talks about a girl who wants a new house because the one she got isn’t good enough she should be grateful.

Great!. A great book but very hard to follow at times. I did overall enjoy the book

Not good. Had to read this going into freshman year and it was a bad choice. No one understood it and found no interest in it. Immigrants or women's advocates would enjoy it.

.. This book kinda blows

The House on Mango Street review. The novel "The House on Mango Street" by Sandra Cisneros is a very realistic book that I think people should read because unlike other books were the characters are perfect and live great perfect lives. It is a life of an ordinary girl who has many things going on in her life mentally and physically. She wants to have a nice pretty name and be pretty and have nice things. But is not narcissistic or selfish at all just dreaming. She wants to live somewhere nice and be alone and independent. But not completely ghost herself from the world. People tell her things and say she has a beautiful unique name that is being caried on to another generation. She doesn't want to carry the generation with the name though. Esperanza is meant to be a confusing long name for people who are sad and do nothing and sit at home with their sad loneliness. She meets many people and different daily challenges. Lucy, Rachel, are her friends from Texas that she's with usually on the daily. And her younger sister Nenny. Sally is her best friend but the opposite of Esperanza because, as Esperanza says, she is pretty and gets the boys and is popular and etc. Her house is red and crippling into the ground slow as can be, getting eaten up by the ground. With brown all around, and dark alleys and corners with few lights at night. It is a vignette told story but they do connect and you will under stand it and feel Esperanza's life and emotions. I definitely recommeand it. "¡Afortunado! Lucky! Lucky the generation who grew up with Esperanza and The House on mango street. And lucky future readers. This is funny, beautiful book will always be with us."-Maxine Hong Kingston says. I will translate in Spanish too because this book is also written in Spanish so people can read my review who are bilingual. La novela "La casa en la calle del mango" de Sandra Cisneros es un libro muy realista que creo que la gente debe leer porque a diferencia de otros libros eran los personajes son perfectos y viven grandes vidas perfectas. Es una vida de una chica normal que tiene muchas cosas pasando en su vida mental y físicamente. Ella quiere tener un bonito nombre bonito y ser bonita y tener cosas buenas. Pero no es narcisista ni egoísta en absoluto soñando. Quiere vivir en un lugar agradable y estar sola e independiente. Pero no completamente fantasma del mundo. La gente le dice cosas y dice que tiene un nombre único y hermoso que se está transmitiendo a otra generación. Ella no quiere llevar a la generación con el nombre sin embargo. Esperanza está destinado a ser un confuso nombre largo para las personas que están tristes y no hacer nada y sentarse en casa con su triste soledad. Conoce a muchas personas y diferentes desafíos diarios. Lucy, Rachel, son sus amigas de Texas con las que suele estar en el diario. Y su hermana menor, Nenny. Sally es su mejor amiga, pero lo contrario de Esperanza porque, como dice Esperanza, es bonita y recibe a los niños y es popular y etc. Su casa es roja y paralizante en el suelo lo más lento posible, siendo devorada por el suelo. Con marrón todo alrededor, y los callejones y las esquinas oscuros con pocas luces en la noche. Se trata de una viñeta contada historia, pero se conectan y lo entenderá y sentir la vida de Esperanza y las emociones. Definitivamente recommeand. "¡Afortunado, Lucky, Lucky, la generación que creció con Esperanza y The House en la calle de mango y afortunados futuros lectores.Esto es divertido, hermoso libro siempre estará con nosotros." - Maxine Hong Kingston dice.

Interesting. I was reading for my class and was assigned this book. It is interesting, but confusing at times. But the funny part is that my name is also Esperanza. Lol.😱😊😂

Great Summer Read !. I bought this book over a month ago and just started reading this week and have already finished it. Each chapter has about two pages, maybe three at the most. These compositions of short stories cover topics such as domestic violence, gentrification, prejudice, sexual assault, etc.

The World's Longest Introduction. The First 100 pages of the book consist mostly of introduction, those that aren't are the spliced together ramblings, of an unfinished book, definitely not worth it

Gripping, inspiring, and humble.. Reading this book made me want to write. It touched my heart with the simple stories told from the perspective of a child, so meaningful to an adult. My teenager was recommended this book by her teacher, I'm so glad we share our favorite books.

Great. Is too short but it was a very good book great to read on the train

Inspiring. I was assigned this book for summer reading and I am not the biggest reader And I don't read to often. But as I started reading I knew I was going to like this book and I could relate! I felt as each time I read that I was in Esperanza's little brown shoes! I loved this book and hope to check out more by the author.

Amazing. I had to read to this for my summer readings for 8th grade and it was a amazing book

Bad book bad!. This book was terrible. Had no point, very idiotic chapters, I didn’t not like it, nor do I recommend it!!

The House On Mango Street. I love reading books but this book is a book I would not want to read anymore I was assigned this book for a project in school and didn’t get done with it in about 3 weeks it was confusing and regret paying 8 dollars for it I feel bad for the Arthur because he/she is trying to get a point across but they are just not getting it, I personally don’t recommend this book but if you end of reading it and liking it congrats 👏

The House On Mango Street. This novella The House On Mango Street is absolutely amazing. It tells the story of a girl (loosely based on Cisneros) coming of age and the harsh realities of the world. Throughout the book Esperanza is changing her outlook on life,and realizes to be happy she has to do what she wants. And for her that is to get out of mango street.

What did I just read?. And we wonder why most kids hate every single English class they take in school. Why they find it impossible to relate or find the importance of what they’re being forced to read in school. And then they’re forced to write an A+ paper on what can only be described as literal trash. When you can’t convince your child that reading can be a truly enjoyable hobby, you can thank English teachers and school board members who decide junk like this is going to spark a love of reading. Cathy Queen of Cats… it’s so badly written I had to read it several times before I gave up and put the book down and said to myself “this book is lowering my IQ.” An entire world of amazing books and this is what we force our kids to read.

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Summary of The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros

The The House on Mango Street book written by Sandra Cisneros was published on 03 April 1991, Wednesday in the Fiction & Literature category. A total of 887 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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