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Angie Fox

Dread and Buried by Angie Fox Book Summary

Dead men tell no tales. Until they meet ghost hunter Verity Long. Verity Long is proud to say she gets along with just about anybody—dead or alive. But she’s put to the test when her well-meaning boyfriend and her sweet-as-pie sister con her into a remote island “double date” weekend with her sister’s new flame and Verity’s long-time nemesis, Alec Duranja. Her plans to avoid the uptight police officer go up in smoke when the four of them team up for a weekend treasure hunt competition based on the island’s legendary pirate past. And it doesn’t take long for Verity and her team to discover more than game clues. Someone is using the game to dig up real pirate gold...and they’re willing to kill to keep it. There’s no escaping the island or the game. And when the killer targets someone Verity loves, she realizes she’s the only one who can uncover the truth behind the legend. She must stay one step ahead of the dangers of the island and two steps ahead of Frankie’s new ghostly pirate buddies—all in a race against time to solve a centuries-old puzzle and take down a real live killer before he strikes again.

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Book Name Dread and Buried
Genre Cozy Mysteries
Language English
E-Book Size 3.1 MB

Dread and Buried (Angie Fox) Book Reviews 2024

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A fun, suspenseful read with an intriguing mystery and great characters.. I was excited to dive into Angie Fox’s 12th and latest installment in her Southern Ghost Hunter Series. Dread and Buried takes Verity Long, her boyfriend, Ellis, sister, Melody, and Melody’s significant other to an island for a birthday celebration with an eccentric host and quirky contestants. I’ve enjoyed the periodic settings outside of the series’ usual Sugarland, Tennessee, and this story is no different. Fox created the perfect backdrop to a dangerous hunt for rumored pirate treasure long buried on the island. Between the sprawling home of host “Pirate” Bill, to the cliffs, overhangs, and caves, that hold secrets of the contest becomes more about staying alive than finding riches. Character development has consistently been one of Fox’s many strengths. Underlying the main storyline is the struggle between protagonist, Verity, and her sister’s new love, Alec Duranja. Duranja has been somewhat of a nemesis to her, but Verity reluctantly searches for some common ground with him for Melody’s sake. It adds an element to the story that’s very relatable. I was invested in how that would play out, and I wasn’t disappointed. Verity’s pet skunk, Lucy, didn’t make this trip, but Frankie is along for the ride and getting into all kinds of trouble, as usual. The overall story is well-crafted. This particular book has a mystery within a mystery and keeps you on your toes until the final page. Even though there is a lot going on and almost every character has an underlying motive, it’s a quick read with an easy, flowing style. I also want to mention, within many of the books in this series is an additional storyline about long-lost love and relationships left unexplored. This is one of my favorite parts and the resolution in this installment was one of best. The genre of this series is hard to pin down. There’s an obvious mystery at the heart, but there’s also a splash of paranormal, a sprinkle of suspense, and the perfect dash of romance. The books are interesting, exciting, funny, and a bit suspenseful. I highly recommend this installment, as well as the series, to any reader, particularly those who love cozy mysteries with attention grabbing storylines and memorable characters.

Absolutely loved it. Fun, adventure & love all rolled into a fantastic adventure!

Wonderful author and series!. You will not be disappointed with anything you pick up by Angie Fox. I have loved all of her books. Some authors when they write a series for a long time it just seems to get stale and become the same thing over and over again, but with this series it seems it could go on forever and I would devour every minute. Already looking forward to the next installment. You could jump right in here and read this book with no problem, but if you're like me you will get hooked and have to go and read them all from the beginning anyway. While I generally love all of the secondary characters that pop up in Verity's life I thought having this story set on a haunted pirate island hunting for treasure for Melody's birthday was a great way to tell the story and mainly focus on Verity's inner circle. Unfortunately for Verity that includes her sister Melody's boyfriend who is also her boyfriend Ellis' partner Alec Duranja. Alec is not secret about his feelings for Verity, since he thinks she's a fraud and can't really talk to ghosts. Will he change his mind by the end of this book? You will have to read and see what antics Verity gets up to, on her own and with the help of a ghost or two. Highly recommended book and author.

Favorite Book of the series!. Treasure! Intrigue! Pirates! And Romance!! Honestly, I could hardly put this book down. I have enjoyed this series but this book took my interest to an entirely new level. I have several cozy mystery authors that I eagerly anticipate new books from... now I have another... Well done Ms. Fox!

Dread and Buried - riveting. I have enjoyed every book in the Southern Ghost Hunters series. This was no exception. In fact I found it difficult to put it down. The mystery kept me guessing until the end. There is so much going on. There’s mystery, suspense, paranormal aspects, and romance mixed very well together. I’m looking forward to the next book.

Loved this new book in the series!. Verity and her boyfriend Ellis are off to a haunted island for a treasure hunt with Verity's sister Melody and her boyfriend Alec Duranja for Melody's birthday. Verity and Alec have never gotten along with each other but they're going to try for the sake of Melody and Ellis even if it kills them. There are other treasure hunting teams they have to race against to be the first to find the treasure and win the money. Verity's got her ghostly pal Frankie along with her which allows her to see the rowdy pirate ghosts that live on the island and solve a mystery along with getting a little "help" from the ghosts. However, someone is out to eliminate the competition. Frankie in the meantime is learning to be a pirate and enjoying his stay on the island. I loved the characters in this book and the storyline. It reminded me of the Amazing Race with everyone trying to beat each other to the next clue. This story was more about Verity and Alec learning to get along and Alec having to try to believe there really are ghosts. I found this book to be very entertaining and a fun read. Can't wait for their next adventure!

Pageturner. This book starts with the excitement of Verity and Ellis joining her sister, Melody and Alec Duranja in a weekend getaway to celebrate Melody’s birthday. It turns out that Melody has numerous surprises for Verity starting with the theme of the weekend getaway which is a Team Adventure Challenge. The Team Adventure Challenge revolves around a lost private treasure where teams solve clues to get a prize which gives them the next clue. Of course, there are ghosts involved and Frankie who has come along to have his own vacation gets tangled up with the pirate ghost crew. The numerous plot twists and turns involving Verity and interpersonal relationships, ghostly encounters, sabotage and intriguing storyline make for a fun, fascinating, page turner of a book. I received an ARC. I would highly recommend this book. I really enjoyed reading it.

Addictive. Love this series very clever

Yo-ho—ho and a bottle of rum. I LOVED this book! The back and forth with Duranjo and Verity was great! Melody picked the most AWESOME birthday present EVER! And Frankie and Ellis were at their best! A great and exciting read!

You get what the title offers. Though Verity’s and Duranja’s dislike for each other was overplayed at times, the book had plenty of ghostly and human interaction that led to addictive reading. A Pirate and human love story woven around buried treasure, human failings, with two centuries of pirate civil war made for compulsive reading. Can’t believe I have to wait another year for the next offering from Angie Fox. Maybe a future book could be set among the rednecks of rural Kentucky or Verity journeys to the interior of Africa? She and Frankie interacting with ghosts from an extremely different culture of people could be filled with tension and laughs amidst newly gained cultural understanding? Sound autobiographical? Could be!

Treasure hunt? Yes please!. Dread And Buried, book 12 of the Southern Ghost Hunters Mysteries written by Angie Fox. Verity and Frankie are always fun to hang out with! This time we are going on a trip along with Ellis, Melody and Alec, Melody’s boyfriend who dislikes Verity and anything ghost related. This is a trip for Melody’s birthday to a pirate themed island to search for treasure. Frankie is up to his old tricks and the others are just trying to get along and spend some alone time. We always have a good time with Verity and her crew! Let’s go hunt some treasure!!

A weekend getaway to a haunted island.. A weekend getaway to a haunted island. What can go wrong? Verity inadvertently trapped Frankie on her property when she dumped his ashes onto her rosebush. Now, Verity can see ghosts when her accidental partner/gangster/ghost, Frankie, gives her some of his essence. Frankie has become a sometimes-willing helper in their ghostly crime solving adventures. Verity’s sister and her boyfriend, Alec Duranja, invite Verity and Ellis, Verity’s boyfriend, to a weekend “getaway” on a haunted island, where they are involved in all sorts of exciting shenanigans, scary events ,and unexplainable phenomena. I didn’t care much for the constant bickering between Verity and Duranja. It kind of took over the whole story, but it became an integral and very interesting part of the plot. I loved the way Verity and Duranja eventually had to work together, settled their differences and became heroes by helping each other. I missed Lucy, Verity’s pet skunk, but Angie brought in a new character, a pirate’s ghostly parrot! I loved Verity’s occasional “Bless his heart”; non-Southerners might not understand that it’s not a real blessing. As usual with Angie’s books, I couldn’t figure out where all this was going, who was/were the bad guy/s, and who did what. Overall, the ending was wonderful with positives for all the good guys. This is my kind of escape book!

Dread and Buried. Dread and Buried by Angie Fox Southern Ghost Hunter mystery series #12. Paranormal. Can be read as a stand-alone but better if at least the first few in the series are read for character background. Verity and Ellis agree to a treasure hunt weekend adventure for Melody’s birthday. Melody’s boyfriend, Alec Duranja, will team up with Melody, which makes it a bit like a couples weekend. Verity has promised herself and Melody that she will be nice and respect his position as a team member, though it goes against everything she feels about the man. But for Melody, Verity will learn to hold her tongue. Verity has also brought along her resident ghost, Frank. He may bring an advantage to the treasure hunting on the little island that’s said to be haunted by pirates. What do you get when you mix a ghost from the gangster era with pirates? A taxidermy parrot that clips to the shoulder, swashbuckling chatter, drinking and probably a duel or two. And a mystery killer that doesn’t want someone else to find the treasure. While this specific book doesn’t take place in Sugarland, Verity takes her charm and southern wit along for the ride and she will need all the patience she can manage trying to get along with Duranja. Another fun ghost adventure. It’s amusing, and a bit scary, when the ghosts acknowledge the living.

Fun Read!. I really enjoy this lighthearted mystery from Angie Fox. In this latest book, Verity and friends are on a treasure hunt and of course Frank, the ghost, is with them. This book contains tension between characters, adventure, peril and as always, fun. Angie Fox likes to leave the reader hanging at the end of almost every chapter so the book was hard to put down. Entertaining read!

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Love this series. Another brilliantly written adventure by Angie Fox. Verity & crew are entertaining as always. Recommend to all

Enjoyed this!. 4.5 stars I can't believe this is book 12 already! In this addition to the series, Verity, Ellis, Melody and Duranja are on a haunted island for Melody's birthday. The fun part - they're competing in a treasure hunt! Unfortunately, searching for real treasure brings out the worst in some people. It was fun to read the snark back and forth between Duranja and Verity. He does not believe in her ability at all, but Melody insists on them getting along. Verity's ghost hunting skills help them with the treasure hunt, however, and the relationship between Duranja and Verity changes. Frankie was a little absent in this one. He was around the island, but the focus was more on the four, and the others groups competing in the hunt. Which I did enjoy, I just missed Frankie. Overall, I thought this was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the changed of scenery and the treasure hunt.

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Summary of Dread and Buried by Angie Fox

The Dread and Buried book written by Angie Fox was published on 18 April 2023, Tuesday in the Cozy Mysteries category. A total of 289 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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