Claus and Effect Book Reviews

Piper Rayne

Claus and Effect by Piper Rayne Book Summary

Two strangers who couldn’t be more opposite find themselves on an unexpected cross-country road trip days before Christmas where whatever can go wrong, does.
He’s an Army Ranger.
She’s a baker.
He’s organized and ridged.
She’s messy and carefree.
He doesn’t do relationships.
She’s following her heart.
His family chat blows up his phone.
She just buried her last living relative.
The holiday season doesn’t seem so jolly as they venture from one mode of transportation to the next. But, they have to become friends and rely on each other if they’re going to survive all the obstacles thrown their way.
As the miles grow shorter, vulnerabilities are shared, and by the time they reach their destination, neither one of them is sure what they really want for Christmas anymore.  

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Book Name Claus and Effect
Genre Holiday Romance
Language English
E-Book Size 2.08 MB

Claus and Effect (Piper Rayne) Book Reviews 2024

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Funny book. I really enjoyed this book… it made you laugh and had a wonderful ending.

I need more than 5 stars to give. Spolier alert...Claus and Effect is a hilarious cross country Christmas ride that I didn't want to end! As a longtime fan of Piper Rayne, I'd have to say this is my very, very most favorite book of theirs, hands down. Tre and Tessa's road trip was comic genius and such a great departure from the only-one-bed trope that is used in a lot of romances, espcially winter and I-just-met-you instances. This couple is actually more alike than they seem to be on the surface. While Tessa is more than a little sunshiny..and a bit ditsy, too, because who goes on a road trip to try to get back the-one-you-didn't-even-want on the advice of a psychic...Tre is a bit of a grump. But a sweet, mushy center grump who you can't help but fall for. Their (mis)adventures had me in stitches and then their was that shut-the-front-door moment that I don't think anyone (definitely not me) saw coming. Pure gold! It doen't get much better than this, so a measly 5 stars just is not enough for Claus and Effect, imho. Do yourself a favor and grab this sweet, funny and sexy holiday romance today!

Easy to binge read. I really loved the wittiness in the beginning. Snarky remarks and all. When Tre says he left pee on the toilet seat, Tessa should have said “Makes sense, I knew you had terrible aim”. (Referring to his gun shooting skills)

Loved this book!. This was a really good Christmas read! Definitely would recommend. Only thing I didn’t like is that they left out Kenzies and Andrew’s baby being she was pregnant at the end of the book (Single and ready to Jingle). But still will reread for sure!

Loved it. Gah! This was the perfect holiday romance! The banter and tension between Tre and Tessa was absolutely explosive and so much fun! They’re sassy and sweet and everything in between. Lee Samuels and Brooke Bloomingdale really did a great job bringing this story to life and I was so excited to get swept up in holiday spirit!

Family & Christmas ♥️♥️. Oh…this book gave me all the feels. The heartache for Tessa for where she is in her life, the joy for Tre & his family with him getting to come home for Christmas, and the utter hilariousness that was their venture across the country. I loved the way that these two were really exactly what the other needed from the beginning. Even though they began at odds, deep down the chemistry & passion were there. Their banter was top tier, and as these two got to know each other better, their easiness with each other practically radiated. The way that Tessa was able to bring Tre out of his rut & entice him into being spontaneous brought out some good chuckles. And the way that Tre was able to show Tessa that family is so much more than blood relation when you have people that love you deeply had me melting. Overall, wonderful heart warming Christmas read, and the anticipated Piper Rayne shenanigans has me chuckling & wanting more. I couldn’t put down this book once I started and flew through the pages (you know…hypothetically if I had a paperback 🤣). Audiobook Review: The second this dropped on Audible early, I snagged that sucker. Lee Samuels & Brooke Bloomingdale delivered a top notch performance. Their duet narration really set off the feel of the book & truly draws you into the characters. So glad I snagged this audio!

Perfect holiday story!. Absolutely loved this story. It’s definitely festive and delightful and you can smell the romance in the air. I loved the characters both broken and searching for love . I love how they started out as enemies not knowing how things will pan out in the end. I couldn’t believe that Tessa could believe in a tarot card reader, but with the news she received it was hard not to believe in it. Trey had his own issues even though he was a hot army ranger. Things got interesting on their journey and I was so happy that I got to witness these two. The narrators did phenomenal and this audiobook is dual narrated and was perfect to listen to in a cold autumn night.

Cute Holiday Read. How cute! A nice and easy Christmas read. A little Hallmark, a little spicy. Claus and Effect is a great holiday story with some fun and unexpected twists that I didn't see coming!

Lots of laughs. This is a delightful little confection of a book. Tessa has had a lot of loss recently, her bakery in New York closed and her last living relative just died. When she visits a psychic who tells her that she should go after her soulmate, and she needs to head west, she decides that she must be talking about the last guy she dated who is now in Portland. Her friends give her a first class ticket to pursue her dream, but it starts out like a nightmare when her seat is given away to Army Ranger Tre, who is going home for Christmas. When their plane is forced to make an emergency landing, they end up having to share the last car at the rental counter. This is the start of a fun journey with a lot of humor and bumps in the road. If you want a fun Christmas road trip romance, this book is for you. I received an arc of this book from the author for my honest review.

Loved Tre and Tessa. I loved this holiday story. It’s has so many tropes. Strangers/enemies to lovers, forced proximity, opposite attract, one bed, grumpy/sunshine, fake relationship, and found family. It was like opening the best Christmas present. This story was sweet, sassy, and sexy. It was full of banter, slight angst, and a slow burn between Tre and Tessa but also full of tension. They were both lost for different reasons. They allowed each other to be vulnerable, be their true selves and they read each other so well. Nothing like an unexpected road trip filled with funny mishaps along the way to make this story perfect. I will never look at egg nog the same. Man, ya sure did through a plot twist or two in there that I wasn’t expecting. This story is full of humor, beautiful moments and Christmas Spirit. Great read

A Perfect Holiday Romcom. This is the Christmas romance I've been waiting for. It's sweet but funny and spicy, too. Honestly, it needs to be made into a Christmas romcom. The story centers around Tessa, the former New York bakery owner, and Tre, an army ranger. They meet on a plane headed for Portland, Tre to see his family and Tessa because a psychic said she'd find her love if she did. I don't want to ruin anything for you but suffice to say things happen on that plane that land these two stuck together for the rest of their trip. I adore Tessa and Tre! She's so cute and funny but with a little attitude, and he's this grumpy alpha that's really a little bit of a cinnamon roll. The grief they give each other is hilarious, and the banter between them made me laugh more than a few times. The chemistry is palpable, and I loved seeing the journey these two went on that made their relationship even better. And then everything they went through to get to Portland? The slapstick humor coupled with the more emotional moments made this holiday romance exceptional. Also, I had the opportunity to review an audio copy of this book, and the narrators did a fantastic job! Lee Samuels brought Tre's broody but sweet nature to life, and the growly nature to his voice works for what I envisioned this army ranger to sound like. And Brooke Bloomingdale was the perfect Tessa. Let's just say I think she was so amazing in the role that she's now my favorite audio book voice actor. The way she gave depth to Tessa makes her character feel so familiar in the best way. So, if you're in the mood for a holiday romance with all of the humor and fun, look no further. Claus and Effect is just the book to get you laughing and seriously wanting a sugar cookie. Read the book to find out what I mean.

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Magical and entertaining. If you are looking for a magical read to put you in the mood for Christmas look no further than Tess and Tre’s story in Claus and Effect. I love Christmas and I loved everything about this book. Lee Samuels and Brooke Bloomingdale did a wonderful job bringing the characters and the magic to life. They were spot on with the banter as well as the emotions and very easy to listen to. Tess is on her way to Portland to catch up with a former boyfriend after a psychic told her she was about to find love. Her only living relative has passed away and she needs a fresh start so she buys herself a first class ticket and takes off to follow her heart. Tre is an Army Rancher on his way home to spend Christmas with his family in Portland and just happens to be on the same flight as Tess. From the moment Tess arrives at the airport things start to go wrong, from mishaps at security to her seat being given to Tre and things really get crazy when they find themselves stranded in a snow storm with only one car rental left….. I loved everything about this book, I fell hard and fast for Tre, I adored Tess who we first met in Single and Ready to Jingle, I laughed, I swooned, I giggled and more importantly I was captivated by this entertaining, fun, magical romance. I highly recommend this book in either EBook or Audible and I guarantee if you one click this gem you won’t be disappointed.

A feel good read and just what I needed!. Claus and Effect is a feel good read and just what I needed. Its fun, entertaining, endearing too. Its like all your Christmas dreams have come in this book. Thats how much fun it was to read! The way Tessa and Tre meet, is up there for comedic entertainment! I kid you not. I found myself laughing quite a few times and found it to be quite the heartfelt read! Honestly I just loved everything about this book and I highly recommend you go one click!

Absolutely wonderful!!. I absolutely loved this wonderful and at times hilarious book by Piper Rayne. It was well written and the banter between Tre and Tessa had me laughing out loud. Five stars isn’t enough as this is my favourite so far by them.

So good. There is nothing I didn’t like about Claus & Effect by Piper Rayne who have delivered yet again. When I read the blurb for this book I knew I was in for an entertaining read and I was spot on. A road trip that is includes planes, trains and automobiles had me laughing out loud as Tessa and Tee embark on their road trip. Starting out their relationship is not great but it was wonderful to watch their relationship develop. The little plot twist had me on the edge of my seat waiting to see how is played out. I love any story that is centred around Christmas; it’s a time for family and friends to get together and celebrate life and this book made me feel good and left me with a smile of my face. Lee Samuels and new to me narrator Brooke Bloomingdale brought the humor and passion to life with their performances. Their performance was seamless and their voices easy to listen too.  

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Tessa and Tre!. Due to some advice Tessa is on a mission to follow the man she believes is her destiny however all is not going according to plan. First an error in her plane tickets has her getting into a sparring match with an Army Ranger before she is demoted from first class to coach. If that isn't enough, she finds herself stranded and the only way to continue is by having to share a rental car with him. Tre is an Army Ranger who is at a crossroads in his life and is determined to make it home to spend Christmas with his family. The only thing standing in his way is Tessa, his reluctant road trip companion who insists on stopping at every tourist attraction along the way, but he wasn't prepared for how much fun her, and their trip would be. Tessa and Tre couldn't be more both from their upbringing to their personalities, but they are exactly what the other needs in their lives as even though they had an obstacle to overcome there is no denying they belong together. The performance of the narrators brought out the chemistry between them, the humorous banter and all the feels which only made this holiday story even better.

Fun holiday travel. This is a great way to start the holiday season, fun read, hot chocolate and a fire in the fireplace. Tessa is down on her luck and meets Tre who is back from deployment and is not anxious to get home. When these two meet, it was like a stick of dynamite went off! Tempers flare, passion and kismet play significantly in their lives during their road trip. Wonderful fun story.

It’s the season for unexpected love. Audio book review What can I say . This audio had it all Piper Rayne outdid themselves. The banter between the heroine and the hero has sparks flying around. A physic tells Trish our heroine that her true love 💕 is out west . She gets floored , she just broke up with him. Soo she tried to fly out west believing it’s him ( Carter ) . Little does she know that Tray the hero is an Army Ranger and he took her seat on the airplane, but not by choice. That’s when everything starts . Tray and Trish had to get a car rental because of a snow storm. Little does Tray know they are stopping at every little Christmas event across the country. As events happen during their journey, they grow closer together. They both get a surprise when they meet Trays family in Portland . Little did they know who Trays brother is. Grab it and see what happened during the journey, who is Trish thinking it’s her true love. Lee Samuels and brooke bloomingdale were fantastic performing this story. Their tone for the voices were fantastic. The voices were clear and strong.

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Summary of Claus and Effect by Piper Rayne

The Claus and Effect book written by Piper Rayne was published on 14 November 2023, Tuesday in the Holiday Romance category. A total of 156 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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