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Pierce Brown

Red Rising by Pierce Brown Book Summary

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Pierce Brown’s relentlessly entertaining debut channels the excitement of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card.

“Red Rising ascends above a crowded dys­topian field.”—USA Today

ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR—Entertainment Weekly, BuzzFeed, Shelf Awareness

“I live for the dream that my children will be born free,” she says. “That they will be what they like. That they will own the land their father gave them.”
“I live for you,” I say sadly.
Eo kisses my cheek. “Then you must live for more.”

Darrow is a Red, a member of the lowest caste in the color-coded society of the future. Like his fellow Reds, he works all day, believing that he and his people are making the surface of Mars livable for future generations. Yet he toils willingly, trusting that his blood and sweat will one day result in a better world for his children.

But Darrow and his kind have been betrayed. Soon he discovers that humanity reached the surface generations ago. Vast cities and lush wilds spread across the planet. Darrow—and Reds like him—are nothing more than slaves to a decadent ruling class.

Inspired by a longing for justice, and driven by the memory of lost love, Darrow sacrifices everything to infiltrate the legendary Institute, a proving ground for the dominant Gold caste, where the next generation of humanity’s overlords struggle for power.  He will be forced to compete for his life and the very future of civilization against the best and most brutal of Society’s ruling class. There, he will stop at nothing to bring down his enemies . . . even if it means he has to become one of them to do so.

Praise for Red Rising

“[A] spectacular adventure . . . one heart-pounding ride . . . Pierce Brown’s dizzyingly good debut novel evokes The Hunger Games, Lord of the Flies, and Ender’s Game. . . . [Red Rising] has everything it needs to become meteoric.”—Entertainment Weekly

“Ender, Katniss, and now Darrow.”—Scott Sigler

“Red Rising is a sophisticated vision. . . . Brown will find a devoted audience.”—Richmond Times-Dispatch

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Book Name Red Rising
Genre Adventure
Language English
E-Book Size 8.23 MB

Red Rising (Pierce Brown) Book Reviews 2023

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Incredible. Favorite book of all time.

Loved it!. Reminds me of The Hunger Games. Im about to buy the second one right now haha.

Sooo goooood. These books are Hunger Games meets Star Wars meets so many other great epic fantasy novels...and in all the right ways. They are interesting and exciting from the first page to the last. Highly recommend!!!

Worth the hype!. All the book tubers hype this book up. Well after finishing it, I see why! Definitely became my favorite book. Can’t wait to start the second one!

Addictice. Every bad review that I’ve seen for this book complains about the ‘language and writing choice’ of Pierce Brown. It is different and takes some adjusting to. But (without going into details), isn’t that what this book is about? The lingo is necessary in order to appreciate that this world does not take place in the same century as us. The book was incredible, a Hunger-Game-like feel with a lot more purposeful action. An easy 5-stars.

Red Rising Trilogy. The books are not only an awesome concept about a dystopian future, but the main character goes through epic changes of ego and Id, he actually confronts his mistakes, learns from them, and this alters his choices in the future. This book was suggested to me by an editor I was serving drinks to. Once I started it I couldn’t set it down until 3 in the morning when I finished it. It’s concepts aren’t holier than though convoluted ideas that people need a PHD to understand, it’s simplistic in that it deals with base emotions and choices that are universal when it comes to people. I blasted through the trilogy in about 4 days and even though there are a couple moments that break the immersion, overall it’s a fantastic serious for someone who enjoys science fiction. I recommend.

Incredible book!!!. This is a really good book I absolutely fell in live with it! I was a little worried for a second that it would be a hunger games rip off! But absolutely not! It is really original and has great character development 10/10

Couldn’t put it down. Kept me deep in the plot every time. Loved the themes and characters. 10/10

“Pick a favorite book.” “One does not simply choose-“ “Red Rising”. I love to read. Ever since I’ve learned how, I’ve been burying my nose in every even halfway decent fantasy or sci-fi book I can find. And for the longest time, there were so many good books I had read that I could never really pick a favorite. There was also the problem of running out of good books to read. Then, by complete accident, I stumbled across the greatest bloodydamn masterpiece ever. I found Red Rising. This book has literally everything- insane character development, a massive, complex, believable world/empire, strategy, philosophy, several metric tons of action, horror, romance, economics/politics, psychology, and a gorydamn truck load of emotion. The first part of the book is slow, sure. And the writing style/lingo takes a little getting used to, but that’s part of what makes this series unique, and if you manage to adjust, incredible. I won’t spoil anything, but the general idea is the society is a color coded system that almost reminds me of communism- each color has a general job, browns are janitors, grays are soldiers, coppers are money grubbers (banks on steroids). Reds are the lowest of the low colors, the miners, and are little better than slaves. Golds are the elite ruling class- not only superior in the caste system, but also genetically the best, almost god-like. They’re supposed to be the best of humanity. Darrow is a red, a miner beneath the surface of Mars. He and his fellow reds live fast, and die young. They spend their days in complete poverty, mining helium-3 all day every day, believing their blood sweat and tears will build a better world for their children- the helium-3 they mine is to be used to terraform the surface of Mars. Darrow is content on his knees, oblivious to the reality of his world. It’s not in his nature to rebel. His father was executed for performing a forbidden dance. And when his wife learns the truth and sings a forbidden song, she’s executed as well (this is the slow part, but it’s important. Suffer through it). This is what finally leads Darrow to an act of rebellion, one that has him executed as well- but for Darrow, death doesn’t take. He’s recruited into a rebel group called the Sons of Ares, a small faction of rebel reds, branded as terrorists by the society. And it is there that Darrow is assigned the task of infiltrating the most elite of the elite- the peerless scarred, the political and military rulers among rulers, golds among golds. Red Rising is a story of rebellion, revolution, and war. No one is essentially the good guy, and no ones the bad guy. And sometimes, the main character is in the wrong and his enemies are in the right. Every single character in red rising is deeply flawed, but each one learns from their mistakes and evolves as the story progresses. They all have high and low points- some more pronounced than others- and this, combined with the highly detailed society they live in, makes the world of Red Rising feel real. The book is like a window into an alternate universe, a possible future. All the negative reviews have something to do with the writing, or the very adolescent view Darrow has. Well guess what, that’s the point. Darrow is sixteen. So stop complaining, slags. In books two and three, he’s older, and has matured. Remember what I said about flaws and character development? The other issue is the comparisons to Hunger Games and Game of Thrones. Elements of both are definitely there, but to say Red Rising is like either of them is like saying bananas and apples are similar because they both grow on trees. Not to mention, Red Rising is just as good, if not better. I could go on and on about Red Rising. I already kind of have. But all in all, anytime I hear someone likes to read, I tell them to read Red Rising. It’s my first recommendation/command to go read EVERY time because it’s just that good. I can not recommend this enough. Seriously, there’s no amount of words in this language, or really any language, that can convey the adequate level of GO READ THIS BOOK. Why are you still reading this review? You should be reading the book. GO READ THE BLOODYDAMN BOOK

🤯😱🫠💥. This entire book felt like the last 100 pages of any other book. Great.

Heck yeah. This book is every bit as good as my friends said. The level of strategy reminds me of Ender’s Game. If you liked that book, you will like this too. Really well-written.

Fantastic read!. Excellent, spellbinding, thought provoking.

2nd time reads even better. There are so many treats and surprises the second time through. Read it the first time; read it again—this is one of the Greats!

Incredible. This book is one of my favorites, the entire series is phenomenal. Read it.

Everything about this series is great. Just read it you Pixie

Interesting Twist on an Old Story. First, I'd like to say that the story is definitely a version of the dystopian/sci-fi genre, and parts of it can be clichéd (but at this point, what isn't?). More importantly, this book is self aware of the genre, in that while it does follow a lot of the same tropes and cycles, it also uses that expected journey to twist around on you. The series is brilliant, and while it does drag in places, the action always picks up when you need it. That said, it is a slow start. You do have to get past a good bit of story to get to the interesting parts, but the beforehand sets the scene and defines the base morals of the main character a lot. I would highly recommend, as I adore this story quite a bit. The books are amazing, and I've hardly seen them do the same thing twice. One of the few series that I nearly cried when I finished.

Wow. Wow wow wow. My emotions are troubled. I’m left in deep thought after finishing this book and yearn for more

Exciting read!!. I’m glad I didn’t listen to those who gave the book a bad review because of the writing style. Yes, it’s different than I am used to. Yet aren’t we all different? I extremely enjoyed the story, the characters and the twists.... looking forward to the next book...

Wow. Wow. Grips and pulls you. Absolutely phenomenal.

Is that Wiggins in the woods?. This books is incredible. I could put it down and am not sorry that I didn’t. If you like Ender’s Game you’ll like this. Lessons learned in a controlled environment, when control is taken away!

Amazing book. Great start to the series, would recommend to anyone!

Obsessed. Hands down the best series I’ve ever read

“I would have lived in peace, but my enemies brought me war.” - Red Rising. A friend recommended me this book to read and I wasn’t very impressed with the concept or anything he had told me, but I started to read it and I fell in love. I was hooked from the first line, (featured above) although I will admit the first few chapters are a little slow. Once it picks up it does not slow down until the series is over. This book had my adrenaline pumping, sweating, and shouting expletives in public places. The first book is a good peek inside this world, but the rest of the series is so much better. I’ve re read this entire series 3 times in the last year and a half, I literally can’t put it down!

Starts off great and then... hunger games!. The beginning and the setup to the tests was entertaining. The storyline fell off when it felt like I was reliving hunger games. Can’t believe more than half this book was about the test. Literally could have been maybe 10 chapters shorter by trimming the useless game.

All Time Favorites. This is one of the best book series I have read. Ever. And I have only been alive for a short time considering but Jesus Christ just read this. At first it’s confusing but by the time you’ve read through Iron Gold your standards for what a good quality book is will have shot up to such astronomical heights that you might even make it to Mars yourself. I recommend this to anybody who likes a fast paced story and who’s looking for solid quality character development. I’d rate this 100/5 stars if I could.

Loved it. Was beautiful written and much better than any dystopian future novel I have read

Incredible. My friend recommended this to me and I was skeptical. But I got hooked quickly. This book has a unique perspective on what the future may look like with a rich and interesting story. I wish I could give it more stars.

Must read!. AMAZING!!

A Absolute Rollercoaster. From start to finish I could not put this book down. I did not know what to expect before reading but I can say with certainty that this is the best book I’ve read in years. The back of the book mentioned that inspiration was drawn from the Hunger Games series and Game of Thrones. In my opinion the best of both series came together forming the best possible combination. I will recommend this book to anyone who loves a good book and I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

Page turner. Just when you think it’s going your way or how you want, the story takes a turn. I honestly don’t like the ending but will definitely be reading the second book faster than the first.

Fantastic. I love this book

Don’t bother. Don’t bother spending any money or time on this book. It’s a rambling mishmash of plots and characters with no clear direction. I stopped reading about halfway through, preferring self mutilation to reading one more page.

Bloody good. A good story with plenty of violence and death.

Rage on. Slow start of a book. Nearly gave up but suddenly it all comes alive. Once this story hits its stride you don’t want to put it down. Can’t wait to to start book two, sleep is over rated.

Fantastic. The world, the writing, the characters and the web of insist that this novel entails is what drew me in is why I continue to recommend this book to anyone I can.

Amazing series. I’ve read all the books so far and all i can say is that I’ve never been more interested in a book series in my life. The first book is a little confusing at first but so take this one a little slowly and don’t skim through or the whole series will make no sense. After you get a feel for the plot of the book you’ll see how everything goes down. I’m a high schooler who never really reads books that much and my teacher recommended this to me and I read the first 3 books in a week. The more recent ones, Dark Age and Iron Gold are slightly different as they are shown from multiple different perspectives. Anyone that enjoys a good fight scene will love this book. Darrow is my favorite character in a book

Jaw Dropping. One of the most captivating, and awe inspiring books I’ve ever read! Truly magnificent.

The best,honestly. Don’t even hesitate, read it!! You can see such awesome character developments, you can feel it. It honestly felt like I was living it.

Amazing series. I had heard mixed reviews about this book before deciding to give it a go. Kicking myself that I waited so long. I absolutely loved the premise of this series and it gave me goosebumps numerous times. Definitely worth picking up

Amazing. This is my first time reading a sci-fi fantasy book. It’ll definitely be hard to top it. I’m a huge fan and highly recommend this series!

Awesome!!. Fantastic!!!!! Absolutely loved this book. Can’t wait to read the rest!

Bait and switch. Disappointing. The story is supposed to be sci-fi about a mining colony on Mars, but 1/3 into the book, it becomes a medieval fantasy game with armor and swords, castles, etc. Bizarre switch. Sort of a Hunger Games ripoff with gaming elements.

WOW. If the Hunger Games were a Gold, they’d be Red Rising. This book was fast paced, thrilling, tear jerking, smart, surprising, and gripping. I’d read it again right now if it wasn’t a series.

Great book. 10/10 best book I’ve read

Excellent book. Had not read a book in over 10 years, I was recommended Red Rising by a friend. I fell in love within 100 pages. It made me realize how much I had missed out on by not reading books. Darrow is one of the best characters in any show/book/story. Cannot wait to finish the trilogy.

Excellent, despite typos.. My rating system: 5 stars are reserved for books that totally blow me away. I don’t give too many of these out, since it is almost like giving the book a 100%. It is nearly impossible to write a truly perfect book. 4 stars for books that I would recommend to just about anyone, or, at least, to someone who doesn’t dislike the genre. 3 stars for books that I would only recommend to someone with a strong interest in the particular genre. 2 stars for books that I would be hesitant to recommend to anyone at all, but the book was not a total disaster. 1 star for books that were so terrible or ridiculous for me that I wish I had not wasted time on reading it to begin with.

The story is interesting but felt unoriginal. Eh. Entertaining but predictable. Misogynistic

Loved it. I first read this serries when i was around 14 and it got me hooked from chapter 1. Every minute of the day i had my nose in this book. My only regret is that ill never be able to read it for the first time again.

Outstanding. This futuristic space odyssey is one for the ages. Power, control, deception, revenge, death, redemption, love...a tale as old as time anchored to the ancient gods and man’s new home amongst the planets in our solar system. I just finished the trilogy and am now moving to Iron Gold. I highly recommend!

Perfect. Stunning. Immortal. Absolutely breathtaking book. The story. The people. The place. The ideas. It makes you want to change the world.

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Bloodydamn bore. I wanted to like this but it was a total bore. If you’ve never read a Sci fi story in your life, if you’ve never read a fantasy story about the underdog rising above, then this would be a good gateway story to these genres. On the other hand, if you have ever read stories like that then this book will ripoff every cliche and genre trope conceivable. I kept putting the book down out of boredom and frustration over the utter lack of anything original, and also because Pierce Brown’s writing skill is as sophisticated as an average junior high school student.

I couldn’t put it down. Lots of unexpected turns. Loved it.

Next Big Thing. Short and sweet review. This book is awesome. If you liked hunger games and game of thrones you will like this book. Even if you don't like those you will like this book. It starts quick and once the action starts it does not stop until the very last page. Brown creates an amazingly detailed world filled with vibrantly complex characters that will make you want to read cover to cover without stop.

Brilliant. What can I say? That was a great story. I have read all the hunger games books, but this was better. Better story, better characters, and better writing. Great work.

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Summary of Red Rising by Pierce Brown

The Red Rising book written by Pierce Brown was published on 28 January 2014, Tuesday in the Adventure category. A total of 3,178 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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