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Fable by Chanda Hahn Book Summary

All that glitters is not gold.

When something precious is stolen from sixteen-year-old Mina Grime, she will do anything in her power to get it back, even if it means traveling to the dangerous Fae plane and battling one of the strongest fairy-tale villains yet.

However, nothing can prepare Mina for the dangerous obstacles she will face in the Fae world, or the choices she must make when love and life are on the line.

Fable (Chanda Hahn) Book Reviews

WhoaÖ.Score: 5/5

!!!!!You know the book is good when you can't put it down..Score: 5/5

Make book 4!!!Please, don't tell me it ends there!! Oh please make a book 4!!! You left me with a lot of questions at the end of Fable!! Make book 4 please!!!.Score: 5/5

Will there be another book?I'm above the age I believe this series is targeted for (young adult), however I really enjoyed the story so far. Will there be more in the series? I'm interested to see how everything plays out, they are good reads. Characters are fun, I'm sure relatable for (younger/teenage) readers and the story moves, doesn't get stagnant. Looking forward to more books.Score: 5/5

WowBest book ever.Score: 5/5

PLZZZZZZZZZZ....!!!!!Plz bring Jared back and when does the fourth book come !.Score: 5/5

Love this series!!!I loved reading the series! And please let there be another soon! But the song Demons by imagine dragons reminds me so much of this series!.Score: 5/5

FableThis is my favorite book in the series! Wow! The action, adventure, emotions, everything turns up several notches! The ending is one of the best endings I’ve ever read! You will not be able to put this book down.Score: 5/5

LOVED IT!!!I can't wait for the next book! ❤️❤️🙌😍.Score: 5/5

AmazingI was very impressed.Score: 5/5

BEST. SERIES. EVER.!!!OMG,!!!! I HATE TEAGUE!! ARRGH!!!!! I just go this book 2 days ago and finished it yesterday! I love this! I ken Mina and Jared loved each other! I was so excited for his book but then my favorite character merged with Teague! Jared's my favorite character. Please make these into movies!!!!, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! And make the movies no different from the book I hate it when the movies are different from the books..Score: 5/5

NOOOO!!!!! YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK!Oh my god!!!!!! Gahhhh!!! I CANNOT believe that HAPPENED!!!! Like, how? Just no! I need to read more. I'm told I'll be crushed in the end. But it is entirely worth it!.Score: 4/5

Still holding on!Finally finished the third installment and I haven’t put this book down. It keeps me guessing and needing to know what happens next. On to the next!.Score: 5/5

What a cliff hangerLoved this one! Can't wait for the next one to come out, what a cliff hanger..Score: 5/5

AwesomeThese books are soooo amazing! I can't wait for the next one to come out!.Score: 5/5

Page turner!!Oh my Goodness!! Seriously!! Hands down the best book in this series!! It really keeps getting better and better! As Mina grows confident in her skills and as she learns what she is capable it just amazes me how far she has come. I absolutely loved imagining how the Fae world looks like and I thoroughly enjoyed the vision that Chanda Hahn created. I thought the last book had me on the edge of my seat! Boy was I wrong! The ending is a tear jerker but it was necessary for the story to continue. I absolutely love this series!!.Score: 5/5

Love this series!!!!!!These books are the best!! I love Jared especially! His character is soo tsundere!! I hope he comes back and ends up with Mina. I love this series sooooo much!!!.Score: 5/5

ABSOLUTELY LOVED ITThe first and second book were amazing and even though this one took a while to come out, it was worth the wait.Score: 5/5

Best one yetIt surprises me because typically a series doesn’t get better than the first book but this series proves that wrong! Oh my gosh!!! The fae world is amazing and I love the new characters..Score: 5/5

Nooooo!!! MAKE MOREOMG I love this series. I'm eager to read the next book (which I hope is made!!!) I love, love, love these books. PLZ make it a happy ending.... And continue writing!!! I LOVE THIS SERIES Hurry up and finish the 4th book, or I might explode. WHEN IN THE NAME OF CHRIst are you going to finish this book!!!.Score: 5/5

AhWhere to begin? Gosh, everything about this series made for an amazing outcome and I find myself constantly awaiting a fourth book! Every step of the way I felt the characters emotions as thought they were my very own and every bit of heartache and every bit of love. This series has to be by far the best series I have ever read (and that's saying something because I can never seem to choose a favorite of anything). I've come to love this world of the unenchanted..Score: 5/5

READ THE WHOLE SERIES IN 3 DAYSAnd seriously I had school. Still waiting for the fourth book though..... Any1 know the official date????.Score: 5/5

BROKEAnd then just like Mina, i fell in love with a fictional character :(( you really are great Chanda Hahn!! Thumbs, fingers and toes up!.Score: 5/5

Fantastic!Love, love, love this series. Read it or weep....Score: 5/5

:-)The book is great! But there was a couple of flaws in the chapters!!.Score: 4/5

FableI love this series. It really is amazing. But the electronic book for iPhones cuts out some of the book. It'll skip whole pages. That really needs fixed..Score: 5/5

Is it over?Please tell me it's not over this is the first book series I have ever finished and enjoyed I finished this book in 2 weeks and the other 2 in 4-5 days but I moved to Italy so that's why the long time but I'm OBSESSED OVER THIS please write another to this series! Please.Score: 5/5

OmgI need book 4 I am going to go mad becuse I need to know what happens I love this books.Score: 5/5

Book reviewer beautyThis book was by far the best I have ever read! I ❤️ all the action scenes and how the villains keep changing and are not who you think. ❗️️WARNING🚫: you won't be able to put it down!.Score: 5/5

OmgI love this book series it's the best! Needs to be turned to a movie!😆.Score: 5/5

AwesomeThis Natasha Goodwin and omg I love this book like before this series I hated reading any time my teachers will say pick up a book and read I would give them hate in my eyes and love I love reading well only romantic and fairy tales but anyways everyone needs to check out this series give it a try I love it I stay up all night and read these books make more and more and more and I really hope Jared finds Mina and the end up going out and living happily ever after Okay now I just read all the books all over again because forever just came out so excited and OMG I love these books so much if only there was a movie to it that would be so amazing and I'm totally reading your other books.Score: 5/5

It is the best series ever!The author did a fantastic job on the series (not a trilogy, she is writing more books in the series.) And every time you read a book in the "Enchanted" series, you will want to read another book, and another, until she stops making the books (5 books total) So, if you are dying to read a very detailed book, with lots of action, romance, adventure, twists and turns, and SHOCKERS, and false alarms. So please you will be satisfied by reading the series!.Score: 5/5

FableGood book!.Score: 5/5

Holy flip!Wow. This series has kept the motion running!! I loved this book! I can't wait to read the next!.Score: 5/5

WHERES BOOK 4 to 10I need to know what's going to happen next like this is the best book I've read..Score: 5/5

AMAZING!!!I love all the Mina Grime books! I can't even wait for reign. It's going to be amazing. The books had me hooked. Read this book. Absolutely, positively, a fantastic book. 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆.Score: 5/5

Love It!I just needed to say this... Great book, I love it! *cheers erupt everywhere out of nowhere!* you truly have an amazing series going and I can't wait to read the next one!.Score: 5/5

Best Series Ever!I loved this book! The whole series are basically perfect. After one page I can't stop reading! I can't wait to read the next book and I already know it'll be amazing!.Score: 5/5

My reviewWhen I first started reading this series, I knew that I was going to love it. I didn't just read these stories; became apart of them. I felt Mina's fears, excitement, love and betrayal. But so far this book became my favorite. I have never been so moved about a book that I would cry when I reached the ending. You made it so vividly,descriptive that I felt as if I were Mina. Thank you for making me read a book that made me feel passion for reading again, and look forward to finishing this series. You are truly an amazing author..Score: 5/5

YEEEEESSSSSOn the edge of my seat waiting for the Next book. This book is the best book you will find out there. You will never here anything negative about this book EVER!.Score: 5/5

FableEvery emotion I have this book brings up!! This is an amazing series I can't put any of these books down 😭😭👏🏽.Score: 5/5

I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!I loved this book!!!!! It was really good. I stayed up way to late reading this because I had totally lost myself in this book and forgot about the time. I was really tired the next day but it was totally worth it. But I was just really disappointed with the ending though. I liked the ending but I didn't like how just when Jared kissed her then Teague turned on him and I was like NOOOOOO!!! But that just makes me want to read the other books even more. I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Score: 5/5

Words can't describe how much I love this Book! 😍When I first read Unenchanted I was addicted after the first chapter! Fairest was so unexpected! Then came along Fable! It took so long for Mina and Jared to finally show their emotions. Then boom! Their separated. 😭😭 What will happen next? Please I beg you to make a Fourth book! I would buy it no matter what's the cost! I absolutely love your way of writing a story! You don't lose the readers attention! You know how to maintain us focused. I usually don't write reviews because I think they are worthless. Not this one! These BOOKS ARE BEYOND AMAZING! Please make a Fourth and Fifth book if necessary! I hope a Famous director reads these books and decide to MAKE A MOVIE!.Score: 5/5

FantasyMy first time reading a fantasy series, loved it, I want more and really want a fourth book, will be checking back often!.Score: 5/5

:)The ending was epic and so consuming. I wasn't ready at all. I haven't been able to put this series down!!!.Score: 5/5

LOVE IT!!!OMG I love the first and second books but this was definitely the best I can't wait to read the last one. This should be a movie!.Score: 5/5

Best book!!!This is my favorite series so far!!! I love how there is romance, mystery, adventure, problem solving, and more! I know I speak for a lot of people when I say that this series should be made into a movie or saga. Hope to see something soon!.Score: 5/5

I LOVED ITThese books are so detail and I just can't stop reading them! It always touches my heart about all the mixed emotions of this book!.Score: 5/5

Loved it!! But sad next book not out yet.I started crying at the end of this book. I hope the 4th book comes out fast. I loved this book. I hope Mina get him back. :(.Score: 5/5

I was left out in the darkI love this series Boy, every twist and turn was great and for sometimes I felt like I'm in the story, then finishing Fable feels like being in the climax of the story surprisingly I was left out in the Dark, I rushed and went to iTunes to check the next book, I can't find any, please Chanda Hahn tell me that you are planning to release the next series, I wanted to know what happened to Mina's love story, and what become of Jared, and what's next for Charlie. Please....Score: 4/5

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Brb, currently emotionally unstableCan I just say for the record: if you did not cry at the end of this book YOU CLEARY HAVE NO HEART OKOKOK. This third was by far an amazing addition to the Unenchanted series and if I can wait an entire year for Fable, I wouldn't mind waiting another year for the next one. Amazing work Chanda! Thank you for entertaining us with yet another jaw dropping book! A must read for sure!.Score: 5/5

FableAmazing.Score: 5/5

THE BESTThe best series of books I've ever read.Score: 5/5

OMGOkay seriously I LOVE her books, I paid 4.99 and she leaves me with THAT ending!!?? WHY? OMG she can't let Mina kill Jared he was saying he loved her AHHHH oh my god it's so aggravating I bought the book last night and finished it this morning I love her books!!.Score: 5/5

A single favoriteOk... So first I have to say... WHO HERE SHIPS MINA AND JARED?!?!? I DO 🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋 If there ever was or will be a limit of how awesome a book has to be... Well put Chanda in jail because this book exceeded all limits. I have read the series 3 times now. And I fall in love with each SINGLE time! These are the types of books that get me in to reading in the first place! I will suggest this book to as many people as I can! BECAUSE IT DESERVES ATTENTION! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 LOVE IT!.Score: 5/5

*tear* :(Ok, guys, it's obvious Chanda is just going to make it so Jared doesn't have to die. (PLEASE LET THAT HAPPEN) She can't just kill Jared after he proclaimed his love for Mina like that! Oh please lord, CHANDA NEVER MAKE ME CRY EVER AGAIN! On the bright side, NIX IS IN THE HUMAN PLANE NOW!!!!! Ahhhh! 8D.Score: 5/5

THINK ABOUT DISAt the end mrs colbert says mina has to kill teague but by doing so im pregty sure jared will come back and they marry and live happily ever after it wiuld be awsome cause i just hate when authors break the romance like this cause i feel heartbroken for the one living the seperation :,( anyways i just hope jared will come back ... i wish ....Score: 5/5

Amazing book!!! :DI need to know what's going to happen next! Can't wait for the next book, when's it coming out???.Score: 5/5

READ!!!Omg I love these books I'm so mad that she has to kill Jared and he didn't even get to say I love you fully errrrrr please hurry with the next book PLEASE I WILL DIE IF YOU DON'T!.Score: 5/5

Perfect!I've been waiting for this book to come out for almost a year, and it sure has been worth the wait! The character development in this book was very good and the plot: even better. The suspense left me with no other option than to not put this book--or iPad--down. Jared, my little baby, I love you. Thank you Chanda Hahn for working so hard on this book! I enjoyed reading it very much so! And now I simply cannot wait for the fourth book!.Score: 5/5

FableLove love loved it! Can't wait to read on.Score: 5/5

OMGI loved the book.❤ It had so many details that brought the book to life. I can't wait for the next book.😖 I can't wait. Chanda left of with a huge cliff hanger and now I'm going crazy. 😱The wait...so much torture. I can easily say that Chanda Hahn's make my the top onmy favourite books list. 📔❤❤.Score: 5/5

FableSooo good! Oh my gosh, this was the best book in the series for sure i can't wait for the next one! Total cliffhanger ending 😫 what will happen?!?!.Score: 4/5

LOVECan't wait til the next book!.Score: 5/5

PlzI can't afford to buy this book but can someone tell me what's happening like what did Jared tell Mina and what did Mina tell Jared and did Mina and Jared have a thing😮😮???.Score: 5/5

Help ! 😖I'm pretty sure this book is amazing like the first one, even without having to read it. So, here's my issue. I've pre-ordered it this summer and when I went back on iBooks, I saw the two first ones and remembered. Then, I wanted to get this one but Apple wants to make me pay again ! 😩 Will someone help me ? Like, how to get the book without having to pay again (knowing I pre-ordered it a few months ago) ? Thanks in advance, and enjoy your book ! 😘💕.Score: 5/5

<3Loved it. Absolutely LOVED it..Score: 5/5

Love love love it!Love this book series can't wait for the next book! Please be soon:D.Score: 5/5

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THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The feels in it are so intense and you gotta love Jared.Score: 5/5

AddictedLove the three part story. Can't wait for another series to release. I hope it will be very soon..Score: 5/5

FableI found this book amazing! Ever since the first page of the first book I was hooked. This book is by far my favourite!!! What I liked about it was that it portrait the life and thoughts of an awkward, quiet teenage girl. I really like Ever and Nix but I have to say Nan is my favourite character. Nan and Mina's relationship reminds me of me (like Mina) and Nan as my best friend..Score: 5/5

Oh my god!!!!Excellent excellent read! Loved the ending, it was smart, witty and unexpected. The characters are so believable - the attitudes, values and beliefs stays consistent and it made for an even better read. There were a few grammer and spelling mistakes - but thats okay, because ITS STILL AN AWESOME SERIES! Cannot wait for the conclusion xoxoxo.Score: 5/5

Loved itI have been eagerly awaiting this new book in the series and it doesn't disappoint. Though it was way too short!!! I can't believe I have to wait all over again for the next installment..Score: 5/5

Love love love.I'm a teenager and unlike most people my age, I'm addicted to reading. These books have been truly inspiring to me, they make me feel every emotion under the sun, I feel like everything in the story is happening to me! If I could I would to read over 10000 of these books, but sadly I cannot. I also have a huge crush on Jared. Someone please find him and send him my way!.Score: 5/5

AwesomeAbsolutely loved this book and can't wait for book 4.Score: 5/5

LOVE IT!!!My favourite series ever! Please hurry up with the next one coz I'm so excited to see what happens next! I love jarred and I seriously hope they find some way to be together coz I reckon that will make the books AWESOME. P.s I was not kidding when I said these are my most favourite books!.Score: 5/5

I love this book!I love this book so much! I really want to find out what happens to Mina! I hope they make this series into three movies! Please make another book about Mina!.Score: 5/5

Unbelievably awesomeAbsolutely cannot wait for the next book !! The ending was a great twist. LOVED IT.Score: 5/5


Really good.Absolutely loved the book. Hate how it took Jared but hopefully your not going to kill him off. ;) and hopefully you won't make us wait a year and a couple of months for the next one like we waited for this one..Score: 4/5

A great bookThe story is filled with twists. Just love Jared..Score: 5/5

FANTASTIC!!!!Can't wait for another Unfortunate Fairytale book. Thank you Chanda..Score: 5/5

Biggest fan!I have read every single book Chanda has written. The iron butterfly series was incredible and so Is the unenchanted series!!.Score: 5/5

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!Dear Chanda, I am just ten years old and have read every single book so far in your series over eleven times because I love them so much! My favourite boy is Jared and my favourite girls are Mina and Nan, I really love reading YOUR books because the way you write takes me to another world where you let me imagine every single scene that is written. In your next and probably last book in this series I really hope you don't cut Jared out of everything because he is by far the best character in the books, please make Mina find a way to save Jared, it would make all of your UnEnchanties out there so happy! Please hurry with your next book I literally can't wait, my 11th birthday is coming up and it would be awesome if you could release the 4th book in your series as my birthday wish! Thank you Chanda! From your one of many, UnEnchantie fans! xx.Score: 5/5

So much love for this book!Could not put it down, so in love with this series! Keep them coming!!.Score: 5/5

Love this book!This series is so cute. Can't wait for more..Score: 5/5

Amazing 1123098765This is the best book I have ever read Please keep these series coming XD.Score: 5/5

Edge of your seatWhen I first read book 1 I was completely cynical it was a 12 year olds version of twilight but now?! It's awesome i was wrong I can't believe I have to wait for the next book! Hurry up this series is awesome!.Score: 3/5

YAY!Yes it's here and it's fabulous! What an entertaining series, fully enthralled, love love LOVE!.Score: 5/5

GREEEAATTThis keeps getting better every time! I love it into pieces never stop cause it is the best book I've ever read in my whole entire life and I doubt that any other book could be my favourite. 👍😃.Score: 5/5

What is thisMy goodness this is book is by far other than the Percy Jackson series my favourite book Honestly I finished the first book in one night in just 4 days and I am an high school student so I do go to school however in just 4 days I finished the whole series this book is well written well thought out and just plain beautiful what's taking so long with the next book you can't just leave me on the edge of my seat like that its cruel I want to know what happens between Jared and Mina and what about Broady what happens to him is he still in the picture and Nan does she end up remembering and Charlie does he remember what happened I think he does though and her mother where is she in all of this??? I mean come on I can't wait any longer I just finished reading the book right so here I am looking for the next book and it ain't there I cannot wait any longer I mean the captivity and this is coming from a 13 year olds mouth the suspense when we find out the wongs are fae I am in love with the book and will keep on checking until the next book comes out don't disappoint because I believe this book as so much potential it should be a movie and I would be the biggest fan I mean I believe I should play Nan but anyways don't keep as UnEchanties waiting!!!.Score: 5/5

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UnknownBut from what the reviews are saying it seems preety good to me JARED ALL THE WAY🙇🙇.Score: 3/5

#amazingThe book series has been awesome thanks to the authors great skills ! I only wish it hadn't ended on a cliff hanger :-( ! Though it was a fantastic series based on the grimms which I found fascinating seen as I had already heard of them, I recommend you take time to read the book / books ;-) !!!!!!!.Score: 5/5

Much better read than series 2Good read, I actually couldn't put this book down and was read in two days!.Score: 5/5

Is JARED coming back?Loved this book would definitely recommend this book to everyone that considers buying it a fab read read. Just love Unfortunate fairy tales sequel best book series I have ever read in my whole life. Does anyone from the uk Sheffield know where to actually buy these books because I have been trying to find them and can't. ( I live near firthpark just so you know) plz plz reply and tell me I really want to buy these books. And overall a great book indeed. CHANDA Hahn is my inspiration for becoming a writer thank you Chanda Hahn for your wonderful books.😄.Score: 5/5

Super addictiveThese books are ridiculously addictive! I’ve read 3 in as many days! I highly recommend these books, unless you want to have a life away from reading but then again, you’ll hopefully have more self control than I do..Score: 5/5

BeautifulThis book was amazing, yes the story line dragged out a little, but it was still amazing. I can't wait for the next one(that is if there is another one). Can't fault it for the price..Score: 5/5

FableLoved this book just as much as the other 2, the story is so addictive and the twist at the end was really good. Can't wait for book 4, hope it is realised soon!! Need to know what happens!.Score: 5/5

REVIEW ON ENCHANTED SERIESI loved all the books but was a little disappointed when you left it at a cliffhanger because I gonna be really upset I mean I don't know where or not she loves Jared or Brody and now Nix please make a proper ending I kinda wanna know how it all plays out in the end!.Score: 5/5

A little disappointed :(I certainly loved book 1 and book 2 of this series and have waited months for this book to be released and woke up early on the 27th just to buy it! The book was brilliant All the way to the last chapter. The ending was abrupt and not good at all. We didn't find out as much as we needed to make it a good read. Loved book 1 and 2 but hugely disappointed by this books ending! Going to have to write a better ending for it in my head to satisfy myself.Score: 3/5

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