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Enigma by Wolf Black Book Summary

This book is a good old-fashioned read.

Pure and simple.

When a serial killer starts preying on young mothers, it’s up to Love, and his sophisticated partner Stuart Le Fanu, to employ their MI6 state-of-the-art equipment along with good old-fashioned detective skills to discover the identity of the killer before he can strike again.
Enigma has the obligatory twists and turns leading up to a hair-raising yet humorous car chase through the stylish streets of south Kensington, London, in addition to placing the reader unreservedly in touch with real life.

And that’s the crux.

Wolf Black has stepped into his character’s shoes and brought them to life. He’s lived them, breathed them, adored them and argued with them. He clothed his characters with authentic attire right down to the sexy underwear hidden underneath their fashionable and not so stylish outerwear.

His fictitious photographic Nicéphore test has its roots based in reality. It’s named in honour after the Frenchman who produced the world’s first photograph. You don’t need to search far in this book for the veritable tie-in.

The author spent weeks trawling through London to find bona fide addresses for his characters and then went on to furnish the properties by patronising existing retailers. He pored over maps working out various routes his detectives would use. He calculated how long each trip would take and then undertook the journey himself. Half of the routes aren’t even mentioned.

But Black needed to know. Because he wanted to lend credence to his story. This, he has achieved.

Wolf Black is a pseudonym.

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Book Name Enigma
Genre British Detectives
Language English
E-Book Size 379.51 KB

Enigma (Wolf Black) Book Reviews 2023

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Enigma. Certainly gave one an insider's view on British clothes, furnishings and cars, perhaps too much. However, the story did keep me reading.

Enigma. Entertaining.

Average read. Decent read but entirely too much detail writing spent about clothes and furniture. Sometimes wasn’t sure if I was reading a book or fashion magazine.

Enigma. I cannot believe I read this to the end. The plot is good but the characters are less than believable. A police detective who can recognize and value fashion labels but did not know that Jaguar was once owned by Ford and is now owned by Tata! Even though he is supposedly a Jaguar fan! Also there is too much minutiae. Do we really need to know that the detectives use a remote to unlock their car's doors, causing a beep and a clunk? It is as though the author is just trying to increase the word/page count. How many times does the reader need to hear a description of the characters preparing a cup of tea? Or that one of the detectives wears a Donegal jacket with a zippered lining and the other wears a Hugo Boss suit and cashmere overcoat. The author should also have had a good editor review this work. There are many grammatical mistakes and at time the word usage is awkward. I regret reading this and am glad I did not pay good money for it.

Enigma. Throughly enjoyed the British humor, the thickening, twisting plot of the story! So many details that must have called for a great deal of research! I highly recommend the book! I might consider reading it again!

Not much of a book.... This book was not well written. The storyline was poor and hard to follow. Every outfit the characters wore was minutely detailed; including the supposed cost of each item. Every entry into a building or car was described completely, every single time. Three pages to describe someone's apparel is a bit much. Needless to say, I skipped a lot of pages. If you are a detail freak, you might(?) like it. Otherwise, don't waste your time.

Enigma. The author creates two interesting main characters, but rather than expand their characters, he insists on stressing only one or two characteristics to the exclusion of others. The plot is somewhat sedentary and needs more action beyond just driving around London. He captures the sounds and smells of this magnificent city quite well. It needs more action and more about how the police force really works in the UK.

Enigma. Fun read. Just a little too much fashion info. Hope there's a sequel.

Interesting!. I enjoyed the plot & the characters, but found the extremely detailed descriptions of rooms & clothes to be tedious.

Why the brands and prices?. I can not understand why description of all details, all the steps to make a car go, all the clothes description with brands, stores and prices, the way to make tea over and over again, they are so distracting, actually I read it all because wanted to know who the assassin was, by the way, it is not the one I'd picked, for me it was more fashionable that Detective Stuart, so handsome, perfect and well dressed would be the most surprising one and then all the explanation of how, when and why; I know you were the author, you wrote it, not me....

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Enigma. What a load of rubbish. If I had wanted to read a fashion magazine - I would have. I thought it a serious crime story but turned out nothing more than an advertising of the writers ability to shop!! Do not waste your time on this boring drivelling book if you are a serious reader.

To much product placement. I was quite enjoying the story but got truly fed up with the naming of each and every product. I gave in after the Tesco cherry tarts. I was expecting Mr Kipling!

Good overall plot. But a couple of irritating items. The detail on everyone's clothes is unnecessary and frankly very irritating - I started skimming those sections. And to say something cost "about £3,240.00" - please........ But enjoyable nonetheless and enough uncertainty in the plot to make it a good read.

Don't read. Spent way too much time telling me the prices and brands of everything! Waste of time

And this is why good books need professional editors.... A good story - but in need of some serious editing - by all means describe the clothes but once is enough.

Nice characters good story.. Couldn't wait to get to the end then was sorry when I did, the characters were so likeable and it was such an engrossing story I really wanted more. Unusual also to get an education about finer things in life (plus what they cost) but I enjoyed those descriptions too. Good book, really enjoyed it.

Enigma. Good read, inconsistent at times and all the talk about what they were wearing and what it cost was unnessecary after the first time but well worth reading

Too many cups of tea. The writing was good and very descriptive. However in every chapter cups of tea were made and drunk. Don't know if author is from US or is British, but the tea thing was overkill. We didn't need to know every time the kettle was put on. Overall a good read.

Glad this was free. While the plot was not bad, the long winded explanations of the most trivial events conspired with the woeful lack of appropriate punctuation to make this a rather tiresome read. I couldn't help wondering if the laboured explanations meant the author though it was a screen play rather than a novel.

Enigmatic enigma. Enigma is written by a personal shopper. It could have been very enjoyable but the constant descriptions of every item involved in the tale including material price fabric colour got very annoying. It added nothing to the general story and even distracted from it. Very annoying as in most cases totally unconnected to any plot building.

Enigma. Good book only seems to be an advertising catalog for all fine things which don't do any thing for me were they just put in to fill out the book

Likeable characters - but that's all. Made it to the end of the book. Very likeable characters, but that's about all really. Too much description on clothing, watches and cars; but oddly not enough on the actual plot. Didn't realise that Julie was a dog for a while! Needs a good edit, took too long to get going. Got bored half way through. It was ok for a free book. Glad I didn't buy it though.

Enigma. Had high hopes for this book. Was like reading a fashion magazine in parts....if you're interested in clothes, designers and prices then this is for you. The concept was good, but more thought went into describing furniture than the procedures you would expect in a book of this genre.

Awful!. Normally book of the week tends to be quite good, this is awful, spends most the time describing the clothes and how much they cost. Do not bother!

Disappointing. Very turgid and long winded, desperately needed a good editor to cut it by half, lots of pointless descriptions of clothes and their fibre composition and cost. Even told me that to stop the car at the lights he put one foot on the brake and depressed the clutch! The dog was mentioned in passing in a haphazard way twice making me wonder "who/what?" before the explanation of her history, where was the editor or proof reader to point this out to the author. Very sad because there was definitely a writer in there somewhere struggling to get out, some very nice prose interspersed with reams of dross. The basic storyline was quite good and made me want to finish reading it though, despite it feeling like wading through treacle at times. This was a prime example of the type of book that is self-published and any publishing house editor worth their salt would have advised the author to pare it down to get a much better product. Won't be reading any more by this author unless they are professionally published in future or get a good copy editor or a friend to read it first and advise on tightening it up.

Enigma. Interesting book. I found it fascinating with the changes between American and English terminology. Would be eager to read another with the same characters.

Enigma. I struggled through to the bitter end but found this book extremely disappointing. The plot was weak and there seemed to be no particular thread or thought process. It felt like the suspect was just plucked out of thin air for no particular reason. Repetitive unrelated descriptions that had no bearing on the story, including the shop values! I think the author would be better suited to descriptive writing for catalogues.

Madam. Too many side roads of character descriptions and places. Detracted totally from the story. Bad usages of the English language and addicted to adjectives. A tedious and laborious read.

Good Story!. Good and enjoyable story. Would highly recommend.

Mrs. Enigma:- Awful, badly written, at least half of it is pointless "padding". Only place for it is the dust bin!

Enigma. Very weak plot filled with far too much pointless description.

Annoying read.. How awful. Gave up reading this book. I thought it was quite a good book at the beginning, then later realised how the author paid way too much attention describing things, surroundings and some other nonsense stuff argh! The development of the story was way tooo slooow. You'll get lost in all those descriptions. Wasted my time.

Just found this. Excellent read - wish tere were more of these in the series :)

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Pedestrian and predictable. Incessant product placement and endless irrelevant detail on fashion while over describing the environment leaving nothing to the reader's imagination. There is a couple of hours I'll never get back

Reading recommended if want to go comatose!!!. Extremely slow, excruciating details which serves only to deviate from plot.. Could easily stand to lose half the number of pages

Enigma. Probably one of the worst books of this genre I have ever read. It was painful to get through to the end. The book would have been one third shorter without so many references the details of the two detective's clothes and their cars. Once you read that the lift doors pinged when they opened a couple of times I didn't need to be told another 15 to 20 times. This book became so boring I would not be able to recommend it to anyone except as a bad example!

Obsessed. The author (female, I assume) seems obsessed by the apparel of her characters. Not only that, but the cost of every piece of clothing and/or piece of furniture. It is very distracting from the story line where she describes insignificant details endlessly and without point. I gave up 1/4 into it. I would have liked to have finished it, but couldn't

If you like reading shopping mall catalogues this is for you.. Actually it's like reading shopping catalogues interspersed with a street directory. This author needs a good editor! Why did we need to know what brand of every garment every character was wearing, plus its color, fabric and cost?? Nothing about this story seemed to have any point.

An easy read. An enjoyable read with the interactions between detectives Love and Stuart adding that realism to the story and add into that, the mix of the mysterious Dr Cooper and the love hate relationship with Love and the love that Love has for his pregnant dog who does give birth to three adorable puppies. The descriptive narrative at times made me think that I am reading a movie script but on reflection it does paint that complete picture in the mind. An easy read that takes you on a crime solving spree around London and yes they do get the guilty party after a well described car chase in a mini of all things.

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Egnima. nteresting Exiteing good read

Enigma. A weak plot and too much of fluff to fill the pages. The author does know prices of clothes, though. Time waster.

Enigma. Mostly enjoyed the story but got very tired of the commercials for clothing and household goods. No need to know in that amount of detail what people were wearing nor what their furnishings cost.

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Summary of Enigma by Wolf Black

The Enigma book written by Wolf Black was published on 08 July 2013, Monday in the British Detectives category. A total of 247 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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