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iPhone User Guide For iOS 7.1 by Apple Inc. Book Summary

Here's everything you need to know about iPhone, in a handy digital format. Get to know iPhone and discover all the amazing things it can do, and how to do them. It's the definitive guide for getting the most from your new iPhone, straight from Apple. The iPhone User Guide covers iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, and iPhone 4. It's an essential part of any iBooks library.

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Book Name iPhone User Guide For iOS 7.1
Genre Computers
Language English
E-Book Size 10.63 MB

iPhone User Guide For iOS 7.1 (Apple Inc.) Book Reviews 2023

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Title ok.. Badly in need of an index. I couldn’t find what I was looking for, namely how to remove unused apps I have forgotten how to mark them all with an x.

Useful. thanks

Impressed. Wonderful.

Helpful. The book teaches everything you need to learn for your iphone. It was very well organized and precise.

Cc. Thanks a lot

iOS7 iPhone5. Really helped me get to know my first smart phone in a short amount of time.

best. i like it

great guide. i just wanna say thank's

Awesome!!. Great experience!!! Nice!!! Keep it Up!!!

NEEDS A Search Finction. Like the iPad user guide, this is nearly useless without a search function for specific questions (e.g. “Does the Find My Device function work when the device is turned off?” This would save much time vs Apple Support person to person calls, chats and store contacts.

Weistybee8. @weistybee you realize ios 7 doesn't even come out for iPod 4 ;_;

It's a good book to read on iBooks. It talks about phones work and I like learning about phones on this book

cool. its nostalgic

Iversion merchant. Sieur de la Goupillere

iPhone user guide. I really like this user guide.... However,it could use some more unusual information.For example,cool tricks or different things to do with certain apps,that are not-well-known.On the other hand,it is good to know the basics of the iPhone;so conclude saying that I would definitely recommend it❤️

Best book ever. Best book ever I read it to my kids every day

iPhone User Guide for iOS 7.1. No Table of Contents! If you want to read about any subject at all, start flipping pages. If it is how to reset the phone, be patient and flip for 428 pages. Makes this book hard to use.

it got me started. This book at least acquainted me with the external physical buttons on my new phone. But it did not explain how to use any of the basic apps.

iPhone User Guide For iOS 7.1 Jams!. I thought the book was very well arranged. Usiing the table of contents is the best way to zero in on a specific topic or function you may have a question about. It also covers the diffirent phone models i.e. 4s or 5 etc. and which new functions your individual model may access. I downloaded my copy from my iMac and it was very easy to navigate from page to page by sliding the page to the left displays the next page, or you can select next chapter in the command line at the top of the screen. I was able to learn a lot in a small amount of time so I could take advantages of iOS 7.1.

iPhone5. So far so good.Let me think about it.

Should've been included by Default!. Apple should have included a copy of this manual in all the iPhones by default instead of owners having to find then download it. iOS 7 is really different than the previous versions so it's good to read up on the changes.

iPhone User Guide for IOS 7.1. sukiingalaxy ~ Sounds like you do need more help than this book can offer. If you haven't figured out how to stop Apps from running in the background or how to make folders on your screen to organize your Apps, you need iPhone 101. Or are you talking about a few apps on each screen making 4 - 5 home screens? If you backed up correctly with iCloud or synced with iCloud through iTunes via USB cable & your computer, your settings should be the same & you should hear your ohone better than before. Maybe you have an older phone that needs an upgrade. Some people with an iPhone 4 had some problems at first. There are 2 '4's' & a '4s' in my family that upgraded from 6 to 7.1.2 with no problems. One stubborn adult child refuses to go from 6 to 7 due to rumors. I've had a 5c~16GB since Dec. & love it! I just bought hubby a 5s~32GB for Father's Day. He HAS to run 2 programs from the hospital on his phone which took up a lot of space on his 4 -8GB. He's got room for anything he wants now (which isn't much). He doesn't even have songs on his so I set up iTunes Radio for him. He refuses to pay iTunes price for songs! If he only knew what his new phone cost!! Lol It all went through my accts. And the cell phone bill goes through my checking acct. monthly. He never checks it & doesn't know the password since it has to be changed every 90 days! I have to remember his passwords!

To Apple inc.. Apple inc. I do really love you, and all your products, and read everything about them, you are one of the unique company in the world, that do really nice stuffs, and I know every everything about you (when my friends talk about mobile, products and companies, I tell them everything I know, they told me "Do you work for apple?", it makes me happy :) .And I beat my other friend who know about other companies like Microsoft or Samsung, , but to be honest I cannot defense you when we talk about amazons book store), you should do a little more things, I mean iTunes is the best store in the world, everyone who loves TV shows, movies, games, apps and musics use iTunes and loves it. But the only thing that is in iTunes but has less user is book store, I do really love to read book about math, physic and astronomy, also comics and manga(Japanese), but unfortunately I cannot find them in your book store, please make book store better, I want to buy all my books from iTunes' book store(iBook). Thanks, sorry for bad English. Your lover Jerld :P .

Cool. Thanks a lot

iOS 7. Plenty of great and useful information.

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Satisfactory. I’m quite satisfied

Хуй. Говно но интерестно

Good. It was pretty good

iPhone book. I love this book me please download it on your phone becose it is so coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooiooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooôoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool please please please please please please please please download it

はう比喩ら幹なは多摩ゃさなつや 輪わ. ching ching potato

There is a big problem with this user guide. Why doesn’t it say just iOS 7

Great user guide. Thanks apple for the great user guides you put out. Its nice to have and go over on the go.

Omg. Thanks sooooooooo much. Or it’s me. Idk

Apple support. Informational read

This book succs. It’s for iOS 7. ( this is a joke, if u see this, hi.)

awwesome. useful 5 stars

iPhone 5s. This was very helpful in my learning.

DON'T BOTHER. This behemoth compilation (500+ pages on an iPhone) of everything ever written for any model of iPhone including "how to" pinch and squeeze a screen with two fingers!! Apple, REALLY? If you do a search on iOS7 you will get just 5 pages listed - on the iPhone User Guide FOR iOS 7 - don't waste your time or iPhone disk space.

Ooopppsss. Oopps🤭

Excellent!. Very informative. Wish I'd found this 2 years ago.

Help me!!. It's almost funny...but I can't download this book! I've tried several times, it just won't happen. I gave it 4 stats because I know Apple's reputation.

Guilherme. Guio

Man. Good

Kae. Great

IPhone User Guide For iOS 7. It only shows the basics that you could figure out all by yourself anyway. Now I must call for support or go to the store to make an appointment anyway, Why has it changed so many of the features that I like and will not do things the way my phone used to the way I liked it to before ? What good is this book of it does not answer my questions, such as: how come after the upgrade my ohone will not play music out loud? and; what happened to all my settings? and how come I now cannot get all of those windows off of my screen? and are all those apps still turned on draining my battery? and why would this be called an ‘upgrade’ when it is not as good as it used to be?

C. DubmybDdcfrdfzgvvt g hhhhhffgfvgvdccdsnggcrjc

I liked the book. It gave me a lot of details for my iPhone 4S that i just updated… 👍

Great. The book is good for people who have never used a apple device

Worthless!. All about playing with the toys! Not a single word about how to make a phone call.

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Awesome. Thank you for the book it is very helpful I have now a iPhone I can understand so once again well done apple ...

iPhone user guide. An index and/or alphabetical chapter headings would improve a very useful little guide.

Good one. Thanks for the up grade its a shame you didnt give us a option to keep the old screen and yeah I liked it before the upgrade :( now I have to start again learning all the things stuff like closing all the apps which for some reason i cant and cant fit the picture of my children on my screen save because it will not let me shrink it to fit like the old app good one apple

How do you shrink your photo. Hi Apple, I agree with Sheree is there a way to shrink it to fit your photo. Hopefully it is in the book. I will start reading it 😊

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Good to have. I see that everyone is complaining about the update and the loss of contacts with their review of this user guide. What I can’t understand is how someone wouldn’t backup their device before doing an update. Additionally, I don’t see how this is the forum to make complaints about the iOS when this is just the user guide. Now to reference the user guide, unlike the other reviews, I have to say this user guide provide all the essential information needed to confidently operate iOS 7 from beginner to advanced. Even-though I’m on the developer team and have been using the iOS for a while I can see how this user guide can benefit someone who needs written assistance when the software for their device changes.

Les francophones au Canada?????. Si la version existe en France dans la langue française, on pourrait peut-être avoir cette version française pour le Québec, l’Ontario et le Manitoba, dans ces 3 provinces il y a beaucoup de francophones.

This iOS messes up your phone warning!. I was hesitant to update my phone when I got my message. When I updated my phone I knew why. It erases your entire phone - it saves your contacts and photos but it screws up your pages. You can't find anything when it resets and the colours are quite drastically different compared to the old 6 or whatever they called it. I had unlocked my phone and it messed it up then I updated to i0s7 and it screwed up my phone completely. However, the perks about the 7 are the blocking numbers, easier settings, easier downloading, and its quite simple to read. The calendar is too messy and confusing and I miss my old calendar. I like the new photo camera and I like how it separates my photos chronologically by location but I hate that it messed up my entire phone and now i know where nothing is. I have a 50/50 love hate relationship with i0s7

Maravillosa jugada. La leche de libro Felipe con sus tutoriales para usar mi nuevo iPhone 4s

Thankyou. Thanks for writing such an easy to use guide.

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Summary of iPhone User Guide For iOS 7.1 by Apple Inc.

The iPhone User Guide For iOS 7.1 book written by Apple Inc. was published on 10 March 2014, Monday in the Computers category. A total of 1,586 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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