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Cash App is the easy way to send, spend, save, and invest* your money. Download Cash App and create an account in minutes. SEND AND RECEIVE MONEY INSTANTLY AT NO COST With Cash App, you can send, request, and receive money from friends and family. It’s easy to pay friends or split rent with roommates. GET INSTANT DISCOUNTS Cash App Card is the only free* debit card with exclusive discounts on everyday spending. Pay with your card to save instantly at places you already shop, in person and online. Find offers right in the app—no points, no waiting. FILE YOUR TAXES FOR FREE Cash App Taxes makes filing your federal and state returns easy and 100% free—no hidden fees, no matter your tax situation. File with confidence knowing you get free audit defense and a max refund guarantee. Get your taxes done in minutes from a phone or computer at Deposit your refund into Cash App, and you can get it up to 5 days early. 5 day refund estimate is based on filing data from tax year 2022. Refund windows are subject to change for 2023. We do not guarantee when you will receive your refund. Timing estimates are dependent on the timing of your submission of a complete return and when the IRS submits your refund. RECEIVE YOUR PAYCHECK UP TO 2 DAYS EARLY Deposit paychecks, tax refunds, unemployment benefits, stimulus checks, and more into your Cash balance using your account and routing numbers. Deposits arrive up to 2 days faster compared to most banks, plus you can pay bills with your account info. If you deposit $300 or more in paychecks in a month, you’re eligible to get up to $50 in free overdraft coverage. BUY, SELL, SEND, AND RECEIVE BITCOIN Cash App makes it easy to buy, sell, send, gift, and receive bitcoin (BTC). Start with as little as $1, set up recurring buys, get paid in bitcoin, withdraw to different wallets, or send bitcoin to friends and family with compatible wallets—even if they don’t have Cash App. Pay with bitcoin faster for free using the Lightning Network. Bitcoin services are provided by Block, Inc. (formerly known as Square, Inc.), not Cash App Investing LLC. Purchasing bitcoin involves risk; you may lose money. BUY & SELL STOCKS COMMISSION-FREE Start investing and buying stocks with as little as $1.** Track stocks, your investments, and follow companies to keep up with their performance.*** Regulatory and external transfer fees may apply, see the House Rules. GET A FREE* CUSTOM VISA DEBIT CARD Design your own Cash App Card and get it by mail. It’s a customizable, no-hidden-fee, secure Visa debit card that works everywhere Visa is accepted. You’ll also get a virtual card to instantly make purchases. Prepaid debit cards issued by Sutton Bank. ATM withdrawal fees may apply. START SAVING FOR GOALS Set goals and save for them automatically, when you want, or with your spare change with Round Ups. Save for a specific goal, or stash cash for a rainy day. It’s easy to start saving—no minimum balance, fees, or need for a separate account. CASH APP FOR EVERYONE 13 AND UP Now everyone 13 and up can send money to friends, get a Cash App Card, invest, and start saving with an account sponsored by a parent or trusted adult. *Cash App is a financial services platform, not a bank. Banking services provided by Cash App’s bank partner(s). Prepaid debit cards issued by Sutton Bank. Free cards come in black or white. **Fractional shares are not transferable. For additional conditions and limitations, see the Cash App Investing Customer Agreement. ***Brokerage Services are provided by Cash App Investing LLC, member FINRA/SIPC, subsidiary of Block, Inc. Investing involves risk; you may lose money. This is not a recommendation for you to transact in securities. Company names and logos are shown for illustrative purposes only and are not endorsements. Contact Cash App Support by phone at (800) 969-1940 or mail at: Block, Inc. 1955 Broadway, Suite 600 Oakland, CA 94612

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Book Name Cash App
Genre Finance
Language English
E-Book Size 337.45 MB

Cash App (Block, Inc.) Book Reviews 2024

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Doesn’t Link to My Bank?!. for a payment processing platform, cash app has been my worst experience yet. They were not able to link my checking and no one on their team could explain why my account was not supported! no suprise though, they can figure out how to get money off of my debit card!! feels like i’m getting scammed by a supposedly legit company

Help me. It doesn’t let me redownload cash app

There Are Better Options. I barely used the app but had it for business purposes in case I needed it, and now get asked still… but for some reason they can’t explain… I am u able to use it anymore because then closed my account. For no apparent reason.

Cash app thanks 🙏🏽. Thanks for the card appreciate it 😁🩷

😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀. 😄 thanks

Review. It helps me take control of my spending

DO NOT USE. Cashapp is owned or connected with Wells Fargo bank. They WILL steal all your money no questions asked. Delete it immediately!!!

My account was hacked & money was stolen. A hacker hacked my cashapp, locked my out of my account and sent my money to another cashapp including the money in my bank (debit card was linked to cashapp) I called CA support and they helped me get back into my account. The hacked changed my name on my CA and took off my phone number and email. Cash app won’t give me my money back or help me in anyway. Iv been trying and trying. They won’t even listen to what I have to say or take the information I have.

New customer. Convenient for keeping track of borrowing money, lending money, getting paid from jobs that are completed while the homeowner is at work and some of these jobs are a great distance from home and they can send the remainder to me instead of making the journey back

New card. Came quick

My card is locked is and i cant. My card wont unlock it says contact support support is not help help me

Fraud. Whoever runs this company is trash. I have know so many people that got their account hacked and their cash balance stolen plus some out of their bank accounts. When they contact cash app they told them there’s nothing they can do about it. I will never recommend or use this app.

Terrible customer services. I got scammed And told them about the issue! The cash app basically says to reach out to the scammer about the issue lol then what is the point of the customer service? So basically you're doing their job on fixing the issue but they have no problem taking fees off your money but okay! I will never use this app ever again! Payal and cash App are just absolutely garbage

Nice. Nice

Locked out first thing with no explanations. I signed up with all my info and when I did it looked like another persons name and email address was already connected. I have tried customer chat but they will not help at all!

Tax nightmare. I filed my taxes with cash app and left the money in it. Then my account was compromised. No one has been helpful or at least “ act” like they cared. I’ve used cash app for many years. I just stated the cash card. I gave it the benefit of the doubt until this happened . I had multiple charges that weren’t from me. They spent about $300 from the tax money I got using the same service. Not to mention they denied the disputes due to “ unable to verify” identity. I submitted my license and a photo of me holding it. Now everyone wants to pass me around to teams or other support. I just got an email account is closed and I just spent money on ordering a new card.

Great. Great

Not a single new feature in over 3 years. Not a single new feature to the app. You can’t track your profits/loses in BTC Robinhood is constantly adding new features

useless support. useless, absolutely useless and unhelpful. worse than paypal support. thats sad.

Love🫶🏽. This app is great my momma always cash apping me and it also lets you customize your own card🫶🏽

Helped Me So Much!. I barely get by on Social Security Disability. But I was told to Sign Up on Cash App from a Close Friend, who sent Me CA$H for groceries!

Can’t access my money.. Can not access almost 1k.

1969. 1969

Lost its luster. I use to love cashapp, turned family and friends onto the platform. It was so convenient to send and receive payments. Then the inconvenience “For your protection” hit. I assume their AI fraud protection is a god of some sort. Now i can’t send or receive a payment via cashapp. It will gladly accept my paper deposits and ach deposit/withdraws. But every single CA derived payment fails for my protection. Support cant tell why or how to fix this issue so it’s time to DeFI

Love it. I love cash app

Cash app Review. Amazing saving and online quality, the card usually takes 7 days to arrive. For those who are thinking about getting Cash app, it’s worth it!!😁

No help. I have contacted customer support and so has my bank. I get no help. Somebody hacked my account and sent money to bitcoin yet they cannot trace the money and get it back for me. There is no security do not use this app.

Happy. Easy to set up and I love it !

Card. Best ever

Big money. Fast transition

JP. This has been a fast and easy process to get access of money and card in the same time. Love it.

Thoughts. Neutral feelings

Excellent. Great for small business

Muy buenas tarjeta. Bueno bueno

$bancovacio. Keep up the great work.

Filing taxes. Super easy and they store your precious years info to make filling each year a breeze!

Graffitied. Thanks

Cash app. I love that I can send all my money to people without anyone knowing what my password is and you also send comments.

Cash app is GOATED. It’s just so convenient and cool. $25 overdraft coverage, move money to and from CashApp with any and all debit/credit cards. Forget about it nothing beats CashApp. Need a loan? Need your taxes done? Need direct deposit and a customized debit card? I pay my landlord with it. CashApp.

THEY SCAM. cashapp has yet let multiple people still be allowed to use the app after scamming. They have very poor customer service. they hung up on my face. They said they can’t do anything about people scamming, very unprofessional. do not recommend to anyone.

This was easy to do.. To be able to buy things without having money.

like it. it works, and that says a lot these days

its cash app. Why is it that i accidentally started to make a new cash app account i couldnt get out of it? I have a cash app and put the wrong email in now i gotta create an entire cash app first then log out then log in my original cash app. I dont want to put fake info in just to get past that step. its so many other issues with the app far as how verification is handled

The. Best. Money saving. Account.. Thank cash app

CARD. Love the new cards

closed accounts. I tried redownload back appcash open sign up email and password and set bank account everything but still closed account sounds like banned me… i tried talk customer care help but nothing help lousy services never help get sort solve

Conveniently convenient. From behind the walls to the free world this is how to keep the water flowing

GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!. Great customer service and no hassles!

Needs a text feature. This app needs a way to communicate with the person asking for money. Initially they can put something in the note. However if the other person has any questions there is no way to communicate together. Please help fix this.

irritating. i’m not one to complain and i’ve been using cashapp forever but recently i’ve had nothing but problems. if i send or receive money it’s always “pending “ and it might go though or it just goes back into my acct and acts like nothing happened. it’s terribly inconvenient and i can’t do this everyday day. now i can’t sign in because it just prompts “something went wrong” im not understanding what’s going on and what changed with cashapp all of a sudden

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Doesnt let me sign up. Why doesnt it let me sign up? Im in the uk shouldnt it work? As soon as i enter my email it tells me that its not available in my region.

Doesn’t install. Every time I install it, it asks for my number or email, I give it my email, I get sent a confirmation code, I enter that code… …and then it unlinks my email, and flashes an “unavailable - try again later” message.

Can’t even sign up. I’ve tried on wifi, on 5G, with email, with phone number, absolutely everything seems to end with “Sorry, you can’t sign up at this time” and there is no explanation of why nor have I found any explanation online. Useless.

Imagining trying to create an account.... just for it to say that it's not available in my region yet I live in the UK and won't let me create an account. Talk about a scam app, do not recommend this app at all. It's like doing a bottle for a baby and then leaving it for the baby to look at and not have!!!

Can’t sign up in the uk. It won’t let me sign up and I’m in the uk

‘Sorry you’re not able to sign up at this time’. I’ve recently got a new phone number, and a new email address, my friend suggested downloading cash app so we could send money to each other (she lives abroad) and it’s not letting me even create an account. I got a text message to verify my number but after that step, a message appeared stating ‘Sorry you’re not able to sign up at this time’. I’ve never made an account before and this is a brand new number and email. Is there a fix for this or am I doing something wrong? I’m based in UK. Any help is appreciated!

it doesnt even let me sign in. i put my number in and it said it was unavailable so i put my email and it said i wasnt in the uk, which i am so i dont understand why i cant sign it

Won’t let me create account. I’m in the UK and when I try to sign up it says it’s not available in my region but that is available in USA and UK

Absolutely Rubbish. It won’t even let me sign up. Tried on multiple devices and even a desktop. Is it an exclusive app or something? And when you try out your details on for trouble shooting they won’t even text or email you a code. Don’t bother downloading.

Can’t make an account. My cash app used to work no bother and then all of a sudden I was unable to receive payments or make them so I closed down my account because I was getting no help at all from the support team. When I now try and make a new account I keep getting an error message that says “sorry, you’re not able to sign up at this time” and it has been doing it for the past month. I can’t speak to anyone on support because you need to have an account and be logged in to speak to anyone! Shocking service and shocking app design

Disgrace. I have money in my account and they’ve randomly closed my account and said they are reviewing it. It’s been a whole year and I keep getting the same automated reply “we’ll update you if anything changes”. Sick and tired of the useless support through live chat. Looks like I’m never getting my money back and they’ve stole it. Don’t use this app

Rip off. Held on to my money for months and refused to allow me to cash out.

Not much cop. Does this support uk account keeps saying can’t access

CASH APP IS DONE. For the UK, They might as well completely shut down. “0 money in, 0 money out” cash app is done! The only thing that make it seem legit is that it’s still downloadable. They need to return people’s money and come out with a statement telling the British isle residents that they are closed down. They’ve behaved in a fraudulent manner in the past year or two. What a joke!

Failed to access the app. I have been trying to create an account for a while now to access the app by phone number or email it always show a error message saying « We haven’t been able to sign you up » or « Try again later » it’s been more then a month I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app but still the same thing

Useless. Can’t even open an account without app crashing useless

About cashapp. Hello i am in uk so my question is that can i use cashapp in uk and which bank account can i linked if this app is available in uk tell me please

Login issues. I can’t login at all

Fix the app. 1.cant even sign up in the uk plus apparently when it does work its buggy asf

Worst app ever. Downloaded the app then it said enter phone number and i did the I entered the verification code and it said couldn’t log you in. So tried my email and they said the same thing and then eventually it said this email is accosted with too many accounts. To contact their customer support you need to log in but I can’t coz it keeps saying my email has been unlinked from my account

DO NOT USE. Worst app ever. I can’t withdraw my money and it’s been nearly a year. Customer service has told me the same thing ‘we will notify you when your account status change’. Same response every time after months and they just don’t give a f. Scam

Worst app ever known!!. I can’t even log in to my account keeps saying not in the right region and I’m in the uk United Kingdom what the hells going on this needs sorting out never had so much trouble with one app!!

UK citizen. Every time I download it makes only allows me to put US addresses but I live in the UK. Very frustrating

Can’t even sign up. Fix your app I can’t even create an account fix it bro

Waste of time. It doesn’t let you register it says it’s not available in my region but I’m in the uk what’s wrong with your company sort it out

Trouble creating account. Downloaded app but couldn’t create account. Trying support on website only to be told that you needed to be signed in to an account to contact support! Tried contacting via X, first told they don’t know why I couldn’t create account then told if they did know they couldn’t tell me because I don’t have an account. Classic Catch-22, you couldn’t make it up. I suspect the real reason is because I’m from the UK and this app is not supported here even though it says it is in the App Store description. Half a day of my life I won’t get back.

Horrible. App used to work just fine, but now no matter how many times I try I can’t log in or make a new account. It either says it’s “having trouble signing up” or says it’s not available in my region even though I’m in the UK.

Bad. I can’t even make an account it breaks in every way I can do

Need help. Live in the uk got the us version don’t know how to fix no guidance how to

Bad. Can’t even make a account as it keeps saying unavailable to sign up at this time

Cash app. Absolutely useless, after in putting my details. Cash app stated the service is only available in the USA and UK. As I am in Nottingham East Midlands I could not any more in the UK as the East advise would be not to bother downloading it as it will only serve to clutter up your phone.

Rubbish. This is absolute rubbish. I can’t put into words how bad this is. If you need to send money, use a carrier pigeon. It’s quicker, easier and more helpful

Unable to sign up. I downloaded the app only to find that I can’t sign up. Every time I put my UK number it says I”sorry not able to sign up at this time”. And when I use my email it says the app isn’t available in my region and it’s only available in the US and UK. which is odd because I am in the UK.

bad. sorry you are not able to sign up at this time i got ts so many times

Can’t even log in or make new account. Used to use it for sending and recovering quick money for like diners and such havnt used it in a year. Tried to re log in. Just simply says it’s not available for a new acc at this time for the past week at literally every hour tried to log into my old acc but my bank acc had already expired and I have a new bank acc asked to send code to my old phone number which I can’t possibly receive given I don’t have my phone(hopeless to get old acc and hopeless to try to make a new one because it simply doesn’t let me.)

Won’t allow me to download app. I previously had the app but wasn’t using it so deleted it. I have tried several times to download it again and it won’t allow me ?? Don’t know why would be greatful for some advice please

First time downloading and it’s a nightmare. Downloaded the app today. Attempted to sign in with my phone number, that doesn’t work so I opt for the email. Luckily the email works and the code is sent to my email. I get passed the code verification to be greeted with a failed message saying “This app is not available in your region. Only the UK and US” or something along those lines. The thing that confuses me though is that I am in the UK. My settings app has the rejoin selected as United Kingdom. Haven’t even got into the app to review it and it’s already getting a 1 star of me.

wont let me sign up. im from the uk and ive tried signing up several times over the past 10 months and everytime i sign up wirh my number or with my email i get the same message that says "Sorry, you're not able to sign up at this time".

not even letting me sign up. when i go to try sign up it just gives me the error “Sorry. you’re not able to sign up at this time.” i have tried to do it the past few months and still wont let me is there a fix?

Broken App. App doesn’t believe I’m from UK Tried VPN to suggest I’m in US, didn’t work. Beyond trying to set up a US e-mail account or maybe disabling Apple’s Private Relay that could be affecting it I’m unsure what the problem is, not jumping through hoops for something available on other platforms with no bugs though. Should probably make sure your signing up system is flawless, as it seems to have chased of 100s of potential customers when reading the other reviews, not a good business model to let the app slam the door in people’s faces at entry point 🌚

Cannot sign up. App won’t let me sign up

The app is rubbish.. Downloaded the app, tried signing up with email and phone numbers. Once I enter the codes it tells me I cannot sign up at this time. Kept trying at different times, still the same. Can’t sign up online even though it tells you you can it then tells me to download the app. Don’t waste your time, it’s pointless.

international.. i have international clients and i use this so they can send me my money. then ca just stopped us to uk transfers and vice versa. appauling.

i can not make a account. i have been trying for months too make an account

Not able to sign up. I tried multiple time to signup cash app but every time it’s showing not able to signup this time . I tried with email id also and with phone number too

❌. Couldn’t even sign up.

Cannot register from UK. Does not let you register if in the UK

Not able to sign up/in. It wont even let me flipping sign in

Can’t even use!. Can’t even use the app. Have followed all the steps to verify but nothing works and customer service is non existent!

Cash app won’t work. Can’t seem to create account…keeps saying can’t sing up at this moment all the time

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Summary of Cash App by Block, Inc.

The Cash App book written by Block, Inc. was published on 16 October 2013, Wednesday in the Finance category. A total of 6,158,372 readers of the book gave the book 4.78199 points out of 5.

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