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Delivery anywhere you are. DoorDash offers the greatest online selection of your favorite restaurants and stores facilitating delivery of freshly prepared meals, fresh groceries, alcohol, household essentials, and more directly to you. With more than 310,000 menus and 12,000+ grocery stores across 4,000+ cities in the U.S., Canada, and Australia, you’ll find the best of your neighborhood as you shop and order online. Spend more time doing the things you love — we'll take care of the rest. Plus, enjoy $0 delivery fees on food, groceries, and your favorite items for your first month. Restrictions apply: IT’S ALL HERE. ALL IN ONE APP Discover local, on-demand delivery or pickup from thousands of restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, pet stores, and more. From your neighborhood sushi spot to this week's grocery list it’s all at your fingertips and ready for delivery through DoorDash to your doorstep. · Get it now: Get on-demand, same day delivery. · Schedule deliveries: Order in advance and get your food and shopping list when it's most convenient for you. · Real-Time Tracking: See when your order will arrive. From food quality to prep-times to traffic, we've factored in all the elements. · No Minimums: Order as little or as much as you want. · Easy Payment: Conveniently pay via Apple Pay, Venmo, Paypal, or credit card. · No-Contact Delivery: Your food will be left in a safe place and you’ll be alerted that it’s ready for you to pick up at your doorstep SIGN UP FOR MEMBER-ONLY BENEFITS WITH DASHPASS Get unlimited $0 delivery fees on the best of your neighborhood. Plus, DashPass members get access to exclusive items and offers, 10% off eligible orders thanks to reduced service fees, and 5% back on eligible Pickup orders. Your first 30 days on DashPass are free, then $9.99/month. Cancel anytime. NATIONAL RESTAURANT PARTNERS Chick-fil-A, Burger King, Wendy’s, Chipotle, The Cheesecake Factory, Outback Steakhouse, Panera, Chili's, Subway, Dunkin’ Donuts, Jamba Juice, Panda Express, Moe's Southwest Grill, P.F. Chang’s, Denny’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Papa John's, California Pizza Kitchen, Papa Murphy’s, Jack in the Box, Five Guys, Boston Market, Red Robin, TGI Friday’s, Red Lobster, Qdoba Mexican Eats, El Pollo Loco, Noodles & Company, Buca di Beppo, White Castle, SmashBurger, Schlotzsky’s GROCERY DELIVERY PARTNERS Safeway, Albertsons, Sprouts Farmers Market, Meijer, Hy-vee, Grocery Outlet, Winn-Dixie, Smart & Final, BJ's, Vons, Weis, ACME, Shaw's, Lowes Foods Grocery, Raley's, Fresh Thyme, Bashas' Grocery, Nob Hill, Giant Eagle, Bristol Farms Grocery, and more FIND RESTAURANTS AND STORES NEAR YOU We’re growing every day and currently serving over 4,000 cities across the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Australia including New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, Chicago, Houston, Brooklyn, San Diego, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, Queens, Vancouver, BC, Miami, San Antonio, Phoenix, Denver, Austin, Washington, DC, Dallas, Melbourne, Sydney, Montreal Notice at Collection (California Residents): Visit to learn more.

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Book Name DoorDash - Food Delivery
Genre Food & Drink
Language English
E-Book Size 220.12 MB

DoorDash - Food Delivery (DoorDash, Inc.) Book Reviews 2023

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RUDE!. Complete disappointment. Customer service of this app is close to nonexistent. My driver spilled my drink all over my food. I did not get any food and I had to spend hours, days, and weeks with rude customer support assistants only to find out that they and I quote "can do nothing to help". Utter and absolute disappointment. Not only did I not get my food, they told me that they did not believe me, ate my time and nervous. Never again!

Ridiculous fees. Ridiculous service and delivery fees. After fees, tax and tip you’ll spend double the amount of pick up or dine in.

Always an issue…... Cancelled by driver… order cancellations are a thing with door dash. I’ve avoided ordering for past several months due to this, so today I decided to try again and guess what happened? Driver issues, order cancelled after receiving messages of order being processed and prepared AN HOUR LATER, then it cancels. Totally unacceptable

Custome. This is my first time….a trial… we’ll see!

Problems. I have had so many issues with this app and customer service. I get emails from door dash with coupon codes that don’t work. Contact customer service, they tell me try the coupon again in half an hour. Umm…what good is that going to do? I tell the rep I need to order now, not in a half hour. He tells me “Sorry, there is nothing else I can do.” Again, this has happens more than once with coupon codes that door dash sends to me. I have had more and more issues with food taking way longer and being wrong. I understand everyone is short staffed so I really try to be understanding. But with the insane fees on top of the jacked up prices of the items, door dash has to figure something out. When I contact customer service chat, it is always a long drawn out mess. There are times I just give up because it takes forever to get help, or the reps just aren’t helpful. I have had to contact customer service on almost every order I’ve made for the last sox months. It never used to be this way. I find myself using other food delivery services unless I have a coupon code for door dash.

Norte Food Hype. It’s Norte and I love food Serio. Gracias

Change Preferred Location. I do not like that the ayatem will not allow you to change the city that your order comes from. The system recognizes a city through maps becauae it appears closer to my home address but driving it could take an additional 30 minutes to drive.

Disappointed. It took them almost 2 hours to bring me my food from a place that wasn’t even a mile away. My food was brought cold because it took them 2 hours to find a dasher.

Way too expensive. This corporation is over charging and providing less options. If a convenience fee is double the price of my bologna sandwich I’m trying to order, I can’t afford it.

Good. It’s a great way to order when you can’t leave the house cause of the kids

APP NO LONGER WORKS ON NEW IPHONE SE. I have tried to open the doordash app on my phone for weeks. Non of the updates have fixed this issue. It works fine on android and the iPhone 11’s and 12’s and newer. Will not open on the newest iPhone SE (3rd gen)

Live activities. Fix the live activties. And add more cool feature, thanks

Blame DoorDash CEO Tony Xu not the customers. There’s nothing you can do about a John Smith ordering through the app and tipping anywhere from 0 to $3. There’s gonna be cheap people tipping, maybe to offset that CEO Tony Xu can…. I don’t know…. make the peak pay a more common thing? There’s times where I’m waiting around for a good half hour waiting on an order worth doing. Tony Xu you gotta start rewarding the dashers that put in 20/30/40+ hours a week dashing for you.

Amazing.. but…. This app is the beezneez, we have a little one we don’t like to take out if it’s getting late so DoorDash allows us to order and have it delivered! The ONLY downside I’ve ran into multiple times is whenever my food gets here and it’s either missing or completely wrong, but the plus side to that is they give you a credit for the cost of the items or order or you can choose to get your money back. Still, very pleased with DoorDash.

They dont care about quality. Have been using doordash for quite a while, dashers typically handle orders with care, however doordash support is completely useless when it comes to quality issues. Deleted my account, not worth it especially with how expensive it is.

Always so welcome. Thank you for your grace and gratitude

Careful when ordering. I allowed the app to set my home address and it combined my house and my neighbors. The dasher dropped my food off to wrong location never responded when I messaged then customer service said it was my fault( I have a screenshot of the app combining the two addresses) and only wanted to refund $17 on a $70 bill

Terrible. Refund policy is terrible and non existent. Merchant and driver can do whatever they want to your food

One Hundred dollars for 4 burgers?!. Just a heads up in this. The prices continue to change as does the fees. The app does present an enormous amount of convenience. However, as we discovered the other night, that convenience cost was astronomical! We got all of our items set to order and saw the sub total was 98.85. No drivers tip, nothing additional was added, just the food. I rescanned what we were ordering and made sure there wasn’t anything extra. At that cost, we decided to just go to the restaurant ourselves. When we returned, we had our 4 meals. They were you basic hamburgers and some dogs for the kids. Out total out the door, 48.29. I could have placed that order again and still saved money. The meal I ordered at the restaurant was just a little over 8 bucks. On the DD app, it was 19. The economy is collapsing and these guys are gouging.

THIEVING company. DoorDash stole $50 from me and refuse to give it back. If they make a mistake, you will pay! My order NEVER arrived. I made numerous calls, emails, and online chats, and they assured me “we’ve escalated your case” and then NEVER heard back. No one ever got back to me. I sent in photos of proof as well from my ring camera! Disgusting. The woman on the phone basically said “our policy states we can do this.” WHAT? A multi million dollar company stealing from innocent people. I can’t believe I gave this company so much of my trust and money. Never again. I filed dispute with PayPal now because of this. DO NOT USE THEM!

Delivery fees. The extra fees that come with delivery fees are unnecessary

Horrible support. I’ve been using doordash for years and the quality of not only the food but the drivers as well has continued to get worse and worse. I’m constantly missing items or receiving the wrong order. My most recent issue with the app is that I received the wrong order and many of the components in the order I received make me sick so I was not able to eat it. After contacting support I was told that I could not revive compensation for the order but that support would contact me. The guy on the phone seemed more interested in whether or not I consumed the food than actually helping me.

Pay your drivers. Tired of outrageous tips just because a billion dollar business can’t pay their employees enough.

great. we love so much. doordash lifesaver.

Pricey. Don’t get me wrong I love the app. Except the prices are entirely too high for the quality of food that you get. An let’s not get on the price of these delivery fees. All in all not mad but deff could improve on some areas.

Yes and no. I like the app it helps me when I’m coming home from a workout and don’t have time to cook but one day and other days it has happened that it takes 30 min to find a driver and when my food gets here it’s soggy and i can’t cancel cuz it charges me

App not loading. I have restarted my phone , deleted the app, reset network connections and the app just spins at the loading screen.

Can’t order. App hasn’t been working at all since the update so I haven’t been able to order anything in a while. Nothing will load, not even the home screen. Guess it’s Uber Eats 🤷🏼‍♀️

Customer Service is non existent. If you need too contact customer service good luck you will be in an infinite loop and then told they can’t do anything and hung up on

Door dash. Cool and easy

Has a bug. Love doordash but the update has a bug. I love that how you can tip the person additionally after the order is made but there’s a major bug with it. I tried to tip $2 more but instead it keeps trying to charge me again for the order plus $2. It keeps trying to charge me. Thank god I don’t have any extra money on Cashapp but it’s going on 2 days it’s been trying to charge me and need to be fixed ASAP!

Food. Good when hangry, very expensive never feels worth it though 🤷🏽‍♂️

Always a surprise. Not a bad app if you don’t mind your order being wrong half the time

Satisfied Customer. I love especially if you can’t make the move to pick up something you can order online as if you were there and check your order before placed.

Many many problems with the dashers.. I almost stopped using door dash because of the poor quality dashers. Some downright icky! You never know if you’ll get your order or when it will arrive. I hope they can fix it!

Extra charge. I go into a lot of these stores on daily basis and door dash always charges $2-5 dollars extra sometimes even $10-20 extra at some stores ColdStone Creamery. It’s totally unnecessary and not fair to charge that much.

I love Doordash. I don’t have too many issues with getting my food delivered. They have the option for delivery and pick up which I love because I can still pay through the app. I also love customer support, I don’t have to use them often but when I do they are always helpful in resolving my problems.

Great Food. The Best food in the DMV!!

Garbage app. This app is garbage it constantly gives me problems with my orders and usually ends up canceling them.USE UBER EATS

app doesn’t launch. when i attempt to open the app it sits on the launch screen with a loading indicator but doesn’t progress past this. i deleted the app and reinstalled it but the issue persist

Door dash review. This is my first time using the app! Hope it goes well!! Super excited!

Chipotle. Awesome !

Glitchy app. Ordered the wrong thing so it ate my first time user code. Very frustrating

I can’t open the app. I’m sitting here 20 minutes at a time trying to load the app because I’m sick and can’t make my own food rn and I’m hungry, I feel like crap and could really use this service if only it would load, I’ve tried everything, every time except for the very first time I used it has been weak, service either poor or multiple mistakes along the way missing items etc they keep offering me money off on my next item from that place but why would I order from the same place if they just forget half my order, this service also has its own issues and to put the cherry on top now I can’t even load into the app, I quit I’m going to Uber eats

Greedy company.. Too many fees.

i want my money back. im starving and i didnt get my food then i refunded it and didnt get money

Goood. Good app, good delivery service

Worst app dont use. They dont care about you getting your food or if you receive what you paid for they going to tell you its nothing they can do dont use this app

Given a gift card that didn’t work. The gc pin didn’t work when ordering so had to pay when I was given $100 gc

Horrible customer service. I recently had an issue where I spent almost $54 on McDonald’s. When the food got delivered I only received fries that were old & cold. I immediately called customer service to see if they could help. The girl on the phone was trying to lie & say I made too many “refund” requests which was not true. I don’t remember making any in the past if I have it was mid last year if not longer than that. I told her I can send a picture of what I received if they didnt believe me but she assured me that was not necessary, clearly i see i should have anyways. I wouldnt lie. I bought lunch for my kids and husband because I was not able to cook. Not that it matters. I paid for a service & food that I never received. Nonetheless she said someone from a specialist team would contact me back but no one ever did. I had to contact them in regardless to my refund and concerns. When they did refund me it went to my doordash account as credits. Again no one contacted me & I was frustrated because why would you just make that decision for me. I wanted it back on my card & it was a partial refund of $31.77. I was so upset. They pocketed the rest of our money for absolutely nothing. I have yet to hear from anyone from a “specialist” team which is extra frustrating.

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Delivery drivers fail to read simple instructions. I’ve ordered 3 times now (probably my own fault but trying to give them the benefit of the doubt) and every time they NEVER read the instructions and I find myself running up and down the street, endlessly on the phone with them trying to explain/ find them. It’s quite stressful and rather annoying. Won’t be using again

Awful app. We are 💯 % in a tech bubble. This app is shockingly bad for a company worth billions

Cake. More cake please, and photos of the cake currently listed. Many thanks.

Not good for travellers. Can't use a non US number or payment method. Lost some good darn business.

Given a voucher I can’t use. Firstly given a voucher I can’t use at Coles - why?! Secondly it’s not 30% off it’s $10 so let’s not lie about it DoorDash!

Does not take UK numbers. Can’t use if you are a UK mobile number with +44 code!!

NOT IN THE UK. Why is this app in the UK App Store when you cannot use the service in the UK?!?

Wrong and rude customer service. Hi there, Did make my first order from the app. Everything seems fine and fast. Unfortunately did received the order. I ask for solution. Customer service cut off twice the conversation saying that they have no solution. Take Uber/Deliveroo way better platform. Problem solve in 5min and way more nicer

DO NOT USE DOORDASH!!!!!. You will regret using them, especially if your order does not turn up. They take your money and when the delivery does not arrive Customer support are useless and just copy and paste pre written responses. When I asked to contact the driver, I was initially told driver not answering. Any further questions, on the typed help, about the driver was ignored. There is no redress at all for the customer. I’m now sorting the problem with the bank through the fraud department. They have taken my money and made no effort to investigate. I suspect the driver had a free meal that night! DO NOT USE DOOR DASH!!! I would give zero ratings if I could.

No good. Order quite often on this app but for some reason you have decided that you will not deliver to my address anymore. just eat is better

Offered a ‘free trial’. Joined on what was advertised as a ‘free month’s trial’ whereby I was supposed to pay no delivery fees, but I ordered from KFC several times and each time was charged a $3 delivery fee. They were very slow to deliver generally and on one occasion I had to wait nearly two hours for my food to arrive. The App is unreliable when giving you a delivery time and it feels quite dated. Not easy to cancel either, had to contact customer support twice. Would not recommend, and would certainly not recommend paying a monthly subscription for their services.

Do NOT sign up for DashPass. I signed up on a whim, and have regretted it ever since. I am charged every single month without fail, regardless of the fact that I have CANCELLED my subscription. Numerous emails later, they have refunded the previous charges, but CONTINUE to charge me $9.99 every month. I don’t even live in a DoorDash service area... I’m in the UK. This is ridiculous.

Good when it achieves what it should. Unfortunately it’s not the execution of Door Dash that’s the problem, it’s the dashers. The quality of the staff is very mixed, with instructions going unread, long delivery times and missed items. You should be able to rate the dasher or revoke/reduce the tip after delivery if there has been a service issue.

Easily the worst food delivery app. I’ve used DoorDash, Deliveroo, UberEats - you name it, depending on what’s big where I am. DoorDash is years behind. It’s buggy, unreliable (frequent cancellations) and downright dishonest when it comes to order status and anticipated times. The other apps work fine. This one makes you angry each time. Skip it.

I love you. Thank you for your work. I am very inspired by your activity. Great job, bud.

Bad. Really poor scheduling, delivery time went from 20m to an hour... in 10m increments. Food arrived cold. Driver "needed to make stops on the way". Really awful service frankly

Charged me for items I did not receive. Refused to provide refund.. Scammers. Rude staff. Take your money and don’t deliver the items you order.

Keeps tipping 30%. Hate that it keeps adding a sneaky 30% tip to my order - I’d love to tip but can’t afford that much during COVID xx

No UK phone numbers. Can’t make an account because I’m not from North America

Any other delivery service. Like this app and the customer support is so bad

BugsDash! competes with CyberPunk!. This app doesn’t work guys! Always returning browser based error messages !!!

Orders late and cancelled all the time. Very unprofessional and allowing restaurants to be late and to cancel after an hour. Left me hungry so many times. Customer service on the phone is completely useless. Chst is good though

Uber eats wins my vote.. Too many hidden charges and misleading discounts on here. Constantly having glitches on the app and it often doesn’t take my card payment whereas every other food delivery site does. Will be sticking to Uber eats from now on.

PromoCode. app is not adequately designed to delete past orders. Some promotions advertised don’t actually work. Not very impressed. However, some lovely restaurant choice selections.

Useless if you are travelling with a UK phone. Tried to use this while travelling in the US to get dinner delivered to our B&B. Impossible to complete the registration as it won’t accept a UK phone number. So we went hungry :(

Need more discounts. Need more discounts

Frustrated and disappointed. I ordered a burrito at Chipotle but the one that I received was a leftover food. This is extremely frustrating and would never recommend anyone to go with doordash

Erased my credit. I ordered a number of dishes from a restaurant that will go unnamed because it was the first and only time the quality bombed. One of the main dishes was so badly burnt it was inedible. I rarely bother with feedback but I did mention the dish was not edible and DoorDash offered a credit for that dish. I did not see anywhere that this had to be used by a certain date. A few weeks later I go to order and the credit has vanished. Moreover, there is no history of an order now on my account, so no proof for recourse. What completely underwhelming customer service. I went from feeling grateful and happier to use the app to appalled and will avoid it at all costs.

BOYCOTT DOORDASH. These guys will take your money, never deliver your food, act like refunding you for your undelivered food is an act of goodwill, and then tell you to “have a nice day!”. The worst. Go with literally any other delivery app.

Misses 1 in 4 orders. Hit and miss - I’ve ordered 25 times out of which 5 times I didn’t get the order and 2x I was delivered the wrong order.

Always a frustrating experience. The lack of transparency of what other deliveries the driver is making makes the wait for food super annoying. While the app might say “driver is heading to you now” .. 9 times out of ten, the driver is not on their way but rather making other deliveries around the city. Just tell me they’re on the way .. when they’re on the way, yeah? Saves a bunch of hassle of having to watch the map.

Not able to sign up. I’m visiting the USA and was looking to order some takeout through door dash... unfortunately if you’ve not got a US phone number, you can’t sign up.

Rude Customer Support. I’ve been unable to access the app for days now. They have deactivated my account by mistake after I asked them to stop spamming my inbox with commercial emails. They have not been able to reactivate my account since and make it work. Their customer support has been the worst I’ve ever experienced. These two agents, catherine g and chatresh m, were not able to help so they just ended the chat leaving me speechless. Unacceptable and rude. Go with other apps, if something goes wrong, they usually appreciate your business, and offer reasonable compensation. Doordash? They don’t care and you are just wasting your time!

Cancelled our order for no reason. Door dash cancelled our order, claiming it was the restaurant. When we called the restaurant, they had in fact made our order, and were waiting on the door dash driver. We tried to fix this, but there is no way to get door dash to uncancel and pick up our waiting order. They were insistent that it was the restaurant… when it absolutely was not. Poor customer service and no way to address or get compensation for company error. Use at your own risk.

Order not delivered. I ordered from Wendy’s and Marco’s in Maple Grove, MN and the ordered were not delivered to my house. After looking at the photos I realised both times the order was dropped off at my neighbor’s house. By that time the food was cold. I submitted a complaint on both but no response and no refund. I’m so disappointed. I even ran outside as the driver was leaving and he wouldn’t stop. My light was on both times and the number in my house is clear, matching the address on the order but no response or refund from DoorDash. Super bad! No recommended. Drivers are probably drunk or high.

yes. great food great app 👍👍

Sign up. Can’t sign up with Apple ID Get a 404 error!

WORST FOOD DELIVERY APP. Don't bother getting this app, never works when trying to add a new card, or login through Facebook etc. So many bugs, and a complete time waste!

Broken. There’s a problem with your app - entered my name, email and phone number on the sign up page but then it keeps telling me to fill in all fields before I can proceed. All the fields ARE filled. Cannot use this then.

Errors - can’t even sign up. Don’t bother. Just keeps saying Error 406 Not Acceptable.

Pretty good. Good value but keeps logging me out

Second and Last Chance. First order arrived stone cold. Decided to give DD one more chance. When I got to the final screen the app insisted the restaurant was ‘currently closed’. It’s not. I rang them to check. Moving to the competition in the hope they are better.

Bad promotions that are not accurate.. Your 15$ promotion cards you hand out for new customers do not work. The instructions are wrong as there is no place to enter the code at check out. This should be reported to the ombudsman.

Was alright until I got banned for no reason. Went into the chat feature on their website to see why I got banned and they couldn’t find an account associated with my email. They said they’d look into it and get back to me then ended the chat and never got back to me.

Prefer milk run. Try milk run for delivery of groceries. Door dash takes over an hour to deliver 3 things from Coles

So far…not so good. Please send my dinner! Im starving :( had I not called the driver to chase it up I never would have found out I was cancelled. Had to reorder and it’s been over an hour. Would go down there….but now I have DoorDash credits so I’m stuck. Fingers crossed I get to eat tonight!!

Can’t use. Unable to register, and you can’t check if there’s anything in your area without registering which is a bit poo poo

Uk?. Make it in the uk

App. I’ve had problems with the app and customer service. I tried using a referral link for the $15 off 3 orders, but it didn’t work. So I downloaded the app and thought it would work, but it didn’t. Tried explaining to customer service, but they couldn’t help me.

Poor customer service response. The main benefit to DoorDash is convenience, so making someone jump through a bunch of hoops because of a DoorDash mistake is counterintuitive. I’ve given up. This is my last order.

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After-pay and Door-dash thank you for your partnership.. Saved me today!

Bread. Don’t squash the bread

Garbage Service. Absolutely garbage. Don’t be fooled by promotional credits, stick with Uber if you want your food to arrive in a timely fashion.

Love door dash. Easy and convenient. I have had one or two orders with missing items the money was refunded to my account. Also when a place doesn’t have what you want the driver can easily message and ask about substitutions

Scammers. I’ve did a order thru the reject shop, there was one item missing from that order , door dash said that I will get a refund from that item, but then when I checked my bank account, they charged my account 2x the same order, when I questioned door dash about it , they said they were doing the refund and I told them I got charged twice, they couldn’t understand what I was talking about being charged twice on the same order and they weren’t listening to what I was saying, they said it’s refunded , it wasn’t , they should be charged on taking people’s money and not refunded it. Absolutely disgusting, don’t bother with this company unless you want to loose money, fraudsters they are, even after 4 days no refund at all $34 I lost , scammers

Do not use. They have refused refunds for blatant violations on their side. Food not being delivered, missing items and spills/spoilt food. I expected the bare minimum from them, which was to receive edible food and on too many occasions they could not live up to my expectation.

App didn’t want to work. Try to ask for help from support, and basically got shut down. They didn’t want to hear it. Restaurants and delivery guys are great. App itself needs a better support team if they want to be charging subscription and admin fees.

Low rating. Low rating because I just ordered two ice creams from MacDonalds and it cost me $20 Lol

Rip off. Food is always bad I cancel my account last year and I’m still getting charged the 9.99 each month and when called them for 3 rd time they tell me they can not find me and hang up the phone charges are showing up in statements but you don’t have me so how are you still charging my card

Terrible…don’t use it…false advertising.. Stated a 30% discount that never applied. Had to argue with the support line and show proof of the advertisement and they eventually applied the discount. Very frustrating experience.

Refund. The app is ridiculous, doesn’t even deliver correct food sometimes no food at all and when you do refunds it doesn’t work n and agents don’t help at all

Thumbs down. Highly inflated menu prices. Would only recommend to use in desperate times.

Extra fees. Extra fees should be noted prior to checkout

Ripped Off. You gave me an option at check out to switch and save but it ended up costing me over $5 more???

Amazing. So easy and convenient

Bad service. They were so late, I ordered lunch from 1pm and I haven’t got till 2pm. And the bad thing was they didn’t let me to do anything till 2:20 and I dont think I’ll get the refund if the order just doesn’t arrive. Will absolutely delete this trash service app this time.

Operating above Australian consumer law. Ordered a chocolate croissant (amongst other things) and received a plane croissant. When I’d ask for a refund just for the croissant ($5.75) I was told it was against there policy. When I asked what policy exactly it was that meant I could not be refunded for receiving the incorrect good/service and the representative ended the chat. I’ve now had to escalate this above Doordash as they couldn’t even accomodate a conversation or explain their own reasoning. Cringe. This department is letting down everyone else's hard work within the company as there is a lot of things that I enjoy about Doordash and have been a Dashpass subscriber and loyal customer for a long time, shame to be treated like this.

My order never arrived. Waste of $30.. I spent $30 on Red Rooster, and it never arrived. Doordash said the driver was approaching with my order, and then sent a message saying it was delivered when there was no baggage outside or confirmed photos. I have tried asking for a refund, but I can’t get my money back. I have gone to the website to look for my order but the website says “No Previous Deliveries” so I can’t track it or see if the order was accidentally sent somewhere else. Waste of money.

Door Dash,what waste of time & money!. Just waited nearly two hours for a delivery that wasn’t even our’s & the restaurant we ordered from is only a 10 minute drive from home.I will not use Door Dash again!

Not worth your time. They will accept orders without checking if there is a dasher, make customers wait for 1 hour or more, keep increasing ETA without any deadline and ultimately cancel. These are repeated incidents with DoorDash which have left me extremely frustrated and unhappy with their service. I have been unwell past few days and have had to rely on food delivery, but they have managed to make food order painful and make me question my choices. The account executives and customer support staff has little to no empathy, they don’t understand that when you have already waited for 90 mins for food, and are told that ‘It’s not our policy to refund money, but in this case we’ll make an exception’, it just tells customers how less you care about the goal of your company. Please don’t join food delivery companies if you don’t care whether your end customers get their food or not!

Love it. DoorDash is the best

Delivery Fees excessive. I don’t understand some pricing on delivery. Charging 50 percent of an ordered item makes no sense.

Do not use. Order always comes late or drivers complete 1 or 2 orders before yours and you’re food is cold or soggy, also if you have missing items and ask for help for compensation they just say sorry for inconvenience we cannot refund you at this time, also support is just an automated system you don't actually speak with anyone and you will just keep getting a repeated message. I strongly suggest not using them if anything goes wrong with you’re order then you’re out of luck try another leading service

When door dash doesn’t door dash. I ordered from coles 1 hour before it closed so I waited and checked on it and got no drivers and it stayed that way until coles closed door dash didn’t cancel my order rather they waited for me to so I couldn’t get a refund I spent 36 dollars to press a button and that’s it and I have had missing items in previous orders with no explanation or compensation

Big money stealer. They have a worst customer support and steal money from riders and customers. I don’t recommend this food delivery.

Too much hassle to order…. Too long to order as you guys require lots of useless details.

Unprofessional. I will never use this app again, the delivery drivers are so unprofessional, they leave food anywhere, don’t even let you know it’s delivered and when you contact them to complain they do nothing at all, at least with Menulog and Uber eats if there’s a issue they refund you straight away. I’d stay away from this app if you want the food delivered to your door and if you want good customer service you won’t get it here.

DoorDash review. i loved my noodle box 😛😛

Don’t bother. The restaurants either don’t care about your order and stuff up the simplest item, or the dasher makes you wait. Pointless.

Driver delivered my order to wrong customer and DoorDash support didn’t help me. Never use this company use only Uber or menulog. The DoorDash support team are useless. Highly recommend you avoid this company.

Missing items 3 times no compensation 3rd. Contacted support, answer was sorry you had a bad experience.

Double money. I paid for my order but and it came out of my account but it said it wasn’t paid for so I had to pay for it twice

So far so good. Better than alternatives, the food quality is better it seems than other delivery services and also the wait isn’t as bad as others. The app is designed better to make sure you get what you pay and ask for. Accuracy on the details.

Don’t bother with DoorDash. Nearly every single time I’ve ordered something with DoorDash, there has been an issue. Whether it’s with the delivery driver or missing items or the food going cold. I was once delivered raw meat in a meal that was too cold to actually cook the soup, which would’ve been a health hazard if I’d actually eaten the meat. The drivers are always late (keyword, always) and the ETA is never correct (it’s always later, never faster). Incredibly unprofessional service, I’ve had plenty more negative experiences than I’ve had positive. The customer service team does give good remedies but i’d rather not bother and just get my food on time. Deleting the app after this last order because the driver has chosen to wait for my order, then leave before it’s picked up and drive in the opposite direction for no reason. Please just go spend a few dollars extra with Uber Eats or even Menulog, do not waste your time with this app and it’s unprofessional delivery drivers.

Scam. You take money out of my bank for a Dashpass subscription when I haven’t signed up for it and when I get in contact with you you say there is nothing you can do about it. This has happened twice now and I have canceled my debt card in the past because of this. You think you can just take money from my account whenever you please. You are nothing but a thief.

We appreciate you. Most drivers are friendly and respectful

Selection view. Not a complaint but it would make it easier for me to have an endless scroll down to view the menu/selection as opposed to swiping left/right one at a time, harder to see everything and took longer. Eventually got frustrated browsing so I went with a regular go to meal.

Wow. Most expensive of all the food delivery

Inconsistent. When it works it’s good but too often it’s really bad.

No 15$ disc given and charges more. Didnt give correct discount

First experience terrible. Ordered early morning take-out breakfast at a local cafe, directed to DoorDash from Google Maps listing. Order went through and they took money. Arrived at cafe and they apparently don’t work with DoorDash. P in the A to find how to refund. App definitely needs to make it easier to raise an issue. The business behind it needs to confirm orders. Hopeless.

Better than Ubereats. Doordash is much faster service as compare with Ubereats!

Poor Algorithm. Every one of my orders has had issues with it, mainly with delivery and the path it sets drivers on. Never in the same direction, too many drop offs prior lends itself to cold food. App deleted

Can’t use gift card so paid twice. Couldn’t find any assistance to help with my $50 gift card after multiple messages and emails. Purely used them with my credit card to get free delivery first time only to be slugged with a service fee anyway. Can’t win them all… won’t be using them again. Could be great in a big city but not Hobart

Poor delivery service. The amount of times my order went to the wrong house’ or there was missing items it’s a joke

Refunds. If you don’t get the item you ordered and ask for a refund they will do it. But if it happens multiple times they will simply stop refunding the money. So when you spend $40 and only get half the order they will do nothing about it. Just say that the system will not allow the refund.

It’s fine. The app is fine, but I don’t use it often, and receive endless push notifications. You can’t turn them off from settings because when you use the app you need them. I’ve turned off all sponsored push notifications in settings but still receive them. And for that reason I’m uninstalling.

Unauthorised attempted charges. After initial payment was charged. Door dash or San churros attempted to charge 5 more times on my card. I tried to contact support and I was transferred about 7 times and they ended the chat. Extremely disappointed.

Best of all. Great functioning app. Acceptable fees. Lots of choices. Good subscription deal. Good customer service. Friendly drivers. Best experience with door dash. It’s my preferred of them all.

Don’t download. Food come wrong almost 100% of the time and DoorDash will do nothing to help

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You charged me enough. You charge so much it should cover tip You are out of the loop, I am struggling This may be my last order. Stop pushing charges are obviously your creation and exaggeration of DOORDASH.

You Stole Money From Me—your chat support was pathetic. You have legit stole money from me from refusing to refund me an order that I cancelled because YOUR driver could not find my house, and made me believe he could saying “he will try” is this my fault. I need that money. This is fraud. Injustice. Take accountability.

Order canceled. I received some cancellations, not understanding the reason. Wasting my time and need to reorder and wait more then 1 hour.

Refund issues. My orders are taken my rogue drivers that go to the other end of town for 30 minutes and the provide me with damaged items. Sometimes it’s a 10 minute drive away from my house but the dasher drivers 30 minutes in the other direction. Support couldn’t careless. 10 dollar refund on a 30 dollar order. It covered my fees and nothing else.

Bad service. Did not get my order. He said he was going to go back. And get my order. He never came back. Never got a refund. Never gonna order from them again.

Comme-ci, comme-ça.. Overall I’ve had decent experiences with DoorDash...However: 1) I had a recent order that was delivered to someone else and was not credited back the tip when it was re-ordered? Sorry, but if you didn’t deliver the order to the right place you shouldn’t get to keep it. 2) The option for no-contact delivery seems to have disappeared, just as I managed to contract COVID for the first time. 3) I have previously had my account randomly deactivated for no reason, and a host of other technical issues. 4) I would also prefer that Dashpass just include all of the fees even if it meant it cost a bit more each month. I would also like to be able to tip the restaurant directly. Overall, decent service, but the only reason you have my loyalty is Dashpass is free with my credit card.

I’ve never received my order. The Dasher took my order to a wrong location place

Was told I would get a refund & didnt. Spoke to a customer service agent, who told me that he could only apply a promotion if I placed my order first, and when I asked him to ensure that I would get the $15 refund as it was stated on the coupon code I had received, he said he would refund me the $15. After I told the agent I placed the order, he ended the chat and then I was no longer able to start the chat again. No one would reply. Good company turned into a bunch of scammers

Last Straw. Terrible policy will leave you repeatedly paying for inedible food without any resolution

Just like amazon and Uber drivers. Their drivers are like amazon and Uber drivers. Asked specifically to ring the bell in the comment, and they don’t do it.

Even zero star is too many for this garbage.. Every price you see on door dash is about 30% higher than the actual restaurant price. Do not waste you money on this fraudulent app/service.

Best service ever. I’d like to say iv gotten the best delivery service thru this app 10/10

my 1st time to use this apps.. very easy to use and perfect for all season ☝️ the best. more free

They charge too much!. Uber rats is cheaper

FraudNetworking.FraudCardScanError error 1. This keeps popping up when I try to verify my card. Customer service couldn’t provide any useful information and the troubleshooting team just disappeared without any troubleshooting email sent to my inbox as promised. I can’t see any reason why should I keep using this app if I can’t get the perks from using the DoorPass costing my 10 dollars per month. It’s just a waste of time and this new security measure is purely stupid and disappointing. If this cannot be resolved I’ll simply switch to other delivery services.

Scam. They took money out of my account

I Have To Say.... To Me, DoorDash Sucks! They Only Provide 1 Location For Mcdonalds. Like Seriously? There Is More Than 1 You Know. You Only Provide For Islington. Wth What About The One At Kipling & Dixon

Mad. I got a $30 discount on my food but I had to quickly cancel as a got chicken in my food on accident as I’m vegetarian and I did not get the discount back nor did I get the remaining money I spent on it I hate doordash #skipthedishes

Apple pay doesn’t work. I couldn’t pay with my credit, albeit it is accepted on every other website and app. Ridiculous. The other card worked, but I recommend you guys to fix your payment system

Good app. The app is great but some delivery drivers are not the best.

Used 3 times and got worst experience. My friend recommended me this app. Every time I ordered something from this app, Something was missing from my order or packaging was bad. when I complained about it they just told me to give review to the restaurant so that they can do better in future. So I wasted my money and time just to make restaurant “better”. But they do refunded me $2. Im very glad they refunded me that much money. Now I have to open another bank account because my current account can’t handle that much money.

Fees are out of control. Not worth it anymore…i get that the annual subscription gives you recurring revenue but your “fees” without the dash pass are bit much…so cancel my order. And i hope more people bring down the rating.

Worst App Ever!. Every single time. I mean literally every freaking single time, there is issue with either bad communication or delivery cancellation. The return even does not cover the payment. I wonder how this kind of app can be available in App Store😅. Would like to give a 0 star if there is an option.

Great app iffy Performance. There were plenty of hitches when scrolling on my iPhone 6. The app itself is great minus the performance issues.

Yes. Gay

Y. Service Fees r high n the tip isn’t included I prefer skip

Bad app, bad service. This is a bad app. It constantly crashes, it gives you errors nonstop. The app was updated TODAY and still it shuts down constantly. Drivers don’t read delivery instructions and will drop at the wrong building or unit, and the company refuses to refund you when this happens. So annoying.

Problems when using voice over. The app mostly works with voiceover. The problems come in when trying to select a delivery time. The other area where it does not work when using voiceover is when it comes to setting a custom tip. After selecting other voiceover cannot find where to enter the amount.

The food delicious. I had the oxtail before and had to get it again, it’s delicious

Cant even use the app with my cards. Verifying my card always results in an error. I cant even use the product. Thanks.

CC. I have an eligible RBC card which I just renewed. Apparently not going to get the discount. Pretty underwhelmed. NOOOPA

Let me get smokes and drugs rn. I'm good and ready for smokes delivery also down would be amazing

DashPass is a scam. You pay monthly for DashPass and still have to pay service fees on orders and also still have order minimums to get free delivery… absolute scam they make it seem like you can pay for DashPass and not deal with those things. Additionally after you purchase DashPass you will forever have a pop up asking you to upgrade for a full year and it actually blocks being able to see the order you’re making and cannot be dismissed… On top of all this there is no easy way to input addresses if DoorDash doesn’t recognize your apt #/letter it will simply leave out the apt #/letter and your Dasher will inevitably deliver to the wrong location.

Stevezaluski. So far so good.. dashers are nice and polite..will keep using this service!

🤮. 🤮

2 stars down to 1. Gave it a 2 star but then once I placed an order is tried to upsell me and bug me with notifications so came back to make it 1 star. Leave me tf alone.

Door dash isn’t interested in problems. After about 6 orders that weren’t what I ordered I’m done. Door dash isn’t the slightest but interested. Goodbye doordash!

Dasher and service is not very good. It might be possible when you download doordash and you get your food delivered and some of the dashers will be very aggressive with you and abusive when you try to file complaint or want to speak with supervisor their support agent will tell you that supervisor will call you and you will never receive a call back. I thought they are cheaper than uber eats or skip so i should take their subscription but issues with dasher happened with me 3 times in span of one year, when dashers being rude with you, aggressive with you and one time they click your photo (not the picture of food) but your picture and when you try to lodge complaint they don't take required action. Lesson learnt from door-dash is that pay more to other companies and get good services don't compromise with your mental health by downloading this app. Good luck..!

Super cool. J’ai adoré l’expérience pour passer la commande super facile simple j’ai hâte de voir si tout est correct avec la commande :-) si tout va bien je vais prendre l’abonnement par mois.

Mid asf. First time buying. Ordered my food then when it didn’t arrive they wouldn’t even give me a refund. Worst customer service. Never buying again.

Keeps malfunctioning. Won’t let me update my phone number, won’t let me apply for a dash pass. Whoops! Something always going wrong with no explanation. Super frustrating

Excellent service!. I’m a busy single mom and rely on Door Dash when I’m sick or exhausted. Drivers are quick, professional and read instructions to come to my door. Recently I’ve been enjoying the 50% off food coupon. Thank you for this service.

Application en français svp!. Depuis plusieurs semaines, mon application DoorDash est en anglais et je ne suis plus capable de l’avoir en français. Si ça continue je vais retourner avec uber ou autre.

Really?. The driver was just driving around town and doesn't wanna pick up the order, ive been waiting for almost 1hour... and i cant cancel cuz id get no refund because the store "already prepared" my food which was 30minutes ago but the driver decides to just roam around.. this is stupid...

No food and no refund!. I’ve used other food delivery apps and only had issues with this one. This is not the first time I didn’t get my food. My family and I waited hours this last time, showing our food was delivered but not to us. Trying to get a refund was a very hard task. They didn’t refund us but gave us some skip credits. Basically try your luck next time.

Customer Service. I find that when facing any difficulties on here with the order it is impossible to get proper customer service assistance. I believe there should be a better system. Thank you

Taxes. Taxes

Trash. Bunching orders together is the worst thing door dash has done. Welcome to a new era of getting your food cold and stale every time you order.

Expand your range. It’s very upsetting that me who lives in a rural town quite close to a city, cannot get my beloved micky Ds it hurts my soul that door dash does not deliver to me even though we are within a 30 minute proximity please expand the range of deliver -a very sad kid who can’t drive

The most unreliable delivery service. Door dash is the only delivery service where I consistently never receive my food. I always tip at least 20%, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Uber and Skip drivers will always pick up my order - door dashers will let it sit until the restaurant closes and I never get it. Door dash is the single worst delivery service I’ve ever used. Not to mention all of the social media posts of door dashers showing off how they leave orders with lower tips to sit in restaurant. Some people like to tip AFTER service, like how we do literally everywhere else? This app needs to manage how dashers choose to pick up orders much more seriously.

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