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SHEIN - Online Fashion by ROADGET BUSINESS PTE. LTD. Book Summary

Now introducing the SHEIN mobile app! Everything you love about our site, now at your fingertips. SHEIN is a fun, ultra-affordable online shopping platform featuring styles for women, men, kids, curve, plus over 20,000+ styles including dresses, tops, swimwear, shoes and accessories. Think of us as your one-stop destination for everything trendy! We'll keep you in the loop with push notifications, plus styling tips, livestreams, reviews and more to inspire you! Perks: - Get an extra 10% off on your first order - Free shipping on orders over $49 & free returns - Fun, easy shopping that's 100% secure - Browse by New Arrivals, Trends, Category, Best Sellers and more - Daily Flash Sales: Score up to 80% off countless styles - Get first access to sale alerts and promotional discounts - Now accepting PayPal and major Credit Cards - Style now, pay later! Choose Afterpay to pay in 4 interest-free payments. - 24/7 Customer Service and Live Chat available Contact us: URL: Facebook: Instagram: Email:

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Book Name SHEIN - Online Fashion
Genre Shopping
Language English
E-Book Size 195.46 MB

SHEIN - Online Fashion (ROADGET BUSINESS PTE. LTD.) Book Reviews 2023

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Affordable. SHEIN is very affordable and offers you TONS of coupons. I recently bought a phone case for $1.40ish with a free shipping coupon. Lots of amazing reviews. Try it out. I believe it is a US based business.

I recommend buying. It is a really good company but my stuff took 2 months to come and the only cheep things are the beauty products I would like if the clothes could go down in price too

Las compras idéales…. Me encanta SHEIN porque todo lo que e comprado, me gusta…😊

Uhm what is this??. I searched up frog, and kirby, but i saw women’s um stuff idk what they are. Please explain.

Love Shein. They are affordable and the options are great. I get so many compliments on my outfits and jewelry.

Shien. It’s a very good app to use to get cheap stuff!!

My Favorite Store. I absolutely love SHEIN. At first I was wary about ordering from them because of mixed reviews I had read, but once my clothes arrived I was in love and I’ve ordered a lot from them now. Their clothes fit really well, and my orders have always arrived earlier than the day they were supposed to.

Brokeness. I’m broke this is a perfect app 💀💀

No feet pics 🤬🤬🤬‼️‼️. Please stop stealing peoples designs they’ve really worked hard on 🙁

Nice stuff, terrible company!. Ok so a while back I got shein and loved it for a while. The cheap prices and cute stuff had me very happy. The shipping could be faster but still. They have a variety of stuff everywhere across the buyers market. That is the positive side. On the negative side, this store is terrible to their workers, paying people 4 cents per item they make! They also take of 1/3-2/3 of a worker’s salary for a simple mistake. These poor workers work 18 hour days, seven days a week. It is unsanitary in the workplace and terrible. Plus with low quality items this place isn’t even that worth it! This place goes as far to steal numerous designs from popular people who put in so much work on their stuff. Blogilates design for an amazing skirt was ripped of completely. The amount of terrible things this company have done is insane. BOYCOTT SHIEN! JUSTICE FOR EMPLOYEES!

Muy buenos servicios. Excelente app

Not worth my time or money. The clothes are NOT true to size. I waited about 2 weeks to receive my order and I was missing items and I didn’t get a refund or anything. I will never use this app again!

The worst place ever. Don’t come here it’s bad disgusting brings bad clothes they never fit and it’s really really really really really really disgusting and once I had an actual spider inside my package if you don’t want that don’t come

Size. SHEIN is a lovely app but please they should get bigger size of female shoe I can’t find my size on heels, sneakers, slippers, sandals is so painful please u can help me to upload 43in heels and sandals 44 in boots I will really appreciate I’m one of ur best customer

The best app. SHEIN is literally my favorite app to shop for clothes. Every time I stroll down more good clothes appear. Like on Amazon I got to type it in. Keep up the good work! I’m 10 btw.

SHEIN. SHEIN has the best items for cheap and the shipping does take that long .

I ❤️ SHEIN. SHEIN is wonderful. If I was still a little kid i wouldn’t know what it is until my future self brings to SHEIN FASHION! I can’t even stop myself from buying all sorts of thing on there. That is we’re i buy most of my stuff.

LOVE the clothing. I can get a lot of outfits on here because they have a very wide selection of clothes

Affordable Fashion. I love all of the affordable and super cute clothing items. As well of all of the additional coupons and offers that are available almost daily. I’ve been using Shein the last three years and I’m definitely a fan.

Lost package. Went your package is lost, no customer service to help you out. Only computer.

All I can say. Amazing love no changes pls 👍😁😀🙂😃😄👏🧧

Benefitial and Cheap!. Before I switched over to Shein, I used Amazon and it was always overpriced and shipping was always too expensive. All my friends used Shein, so I downloaded it to see how it was. Shipping is super cheap and sometimes free because of coupons and earning points, quality is sometimes really cheap but it’s reasonable considering the cheap prices. You can get makeup like foundation, lip oils, and highlighter for under $10 each, and most jewlery is under $5. Almost everything I buy on Shein is under 2$, earrings, necklaces, makeup, etc, where if you were to buy the same type of products on another online shopping app, it would be way overpriced. The quality is fair and the only thing I would say is somewhat “bad” about it is the shipping time, which usually takes 2-3 weeks for international shipping. Honestly this doesn’t bother me, because the products are worth it. Please download Shein, it saves you money for great products at the same time!

The best app ever. I love this app and shop .. it’s made my life easier and amazing.. every thing i token from them I love it.. it’s a beautiful app and shop .. I recommended them

Bad shop. I will never shop on this app I was charged for somethings that I never received and I can’t even get my money back or speak to someone

So much fun. Is so much fun and I’m on it every day. Yay

literally OBSESSED. I order SHEIN monthly and I’m rarely disappointed! I won’t lie, there’s a learning curve and reading the reviews is CRUCIAL for getting quality pieces that fit great. I love the wide variety of styles that are constantly changing, which I know people are hating on currently, but as a fashion and clothing addict and collector, SHEIN is worth it every time. I honestly love the app for its entertainment, I love adding things to my favorites board and creating different sections for different seasons/events. If you haven’t played around and curated outfits for challenges, I highly recommend! So much fun!

❤️. Love it

Great store. I love their products the clothes fit just right and have only had a problem once and that was the wrong size was sent but was easily fixed definitely recommend this site

👍. Love how cheap and really cute everything is

my personal rating. i love shein they have very good prices and affordable prices and all the clothes are dope and come packaged good i suggest all you guys download shein.

LOVE THIS APP SO SO SO MUCH. The fact that I’m able to have over nearly 100 things In my cart and I don’t spend a fortune is absolutely amazing. I’m able to buy stuff for me my babies and my boyfriend love love love it

Shein Review. Don’t download this app it force poor people to work with them, and this is fast shopping do not do this please help those poor customers

Love. Love it everything!❤️❤️❤️

An order from over a year ago.. I ordered some things over a year ago and never received it. Evokego

Best store ever. I love this app so much but I really wish that the stuff didn’t break so easily, but there is so much good stuff on here for cheap. It is amazing.

GIVE ME MY BRACELETS😭😭. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE SHEIN but I ordered some bracelets and they never came I tried to return them and their not returnable and those bracelets are really cute but they never came so I want my money back

LOVE IT. I love shein so much , I always love what they have for me, lots of options, 10/10😍

SHEIN is awesome!. All my clothes and shoes are from SHEIN. I love the quality and is soooo cute!

well…. ok so hear me out shein is good love the clothes but i’m small i’m petite and i wanna get cute swimsuits but there aren’t any petite ones so they should make some!!

Love it. I personally love this app I’ve only not been satisfied one time their swim is amazing

Ayuda!!!!!. Por favor esos juegos háganlo mas fácil para las personas que como yo no tenemos familia y amigos que nos apoyen para ganar algo asi una no puede ganar nada.

All some. I like it

Amazing!. I absolutely LOVE Shein! The clothing is true to the size! It isn’t going to break the bank and you can spend $50 and get a lot! I just purchased $200 worth of clothes for my West Palm Beach, FL vaca in two weeks! I’m so excited! It does take between 7-10 days to get your stuff but it’s worth it!

I wish points were easier to earn.. I spent 70$ on an order and only got like 70 cents in rewards. it’s kind of ridiculous. not even a full dollar.

My review!. I don’t normally like these type of apps because they seem like a scam. But SHEIN is one of the best clothing apps I think I’ve ever shopped on! They take a little bit to ship but it’s amazing prices&quallity I’m obsessed and love this app !!!

Love this app!!!. I absolutely love SHEIN!


Good Job Guys. Sincerely, Eduardo Reyes 6:37 AM Sunday, March 19, 2023 (EDT) Time in Cash Corner, South Portland, ME

Happy Shopper. I love just about everything I’ve purchased. There was one kids sweatsuit I bought for my son that was super thin (almost see through…he wanted white). I didn’t read the product description or reviews before purchasing, so I blame myself for that. But I am completely satisfied with everything else. Thanks SHEIN ♥️

SHEIN REVIEW. I personally have not yet received anything from SHEIN but in my opinion they have gotten some very very nice things here that I did not think they sold just about any and everything . They are selling things that I’ve never even seen before like a sky and cloud wallpaper for your wall or pictures that is illusions all different things I find it very pleasing and prices for spring week is agreeable, The only thing I don’t like about this app is how much the shipping is 3.99 is a little expensive for one item probably smaller than a dime ?? . But anyways overall it’s a great app and many fun interesting thing’s available

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Great App. I love this app, I’ve ordered lots of things off of it and have lots more things in my basket. All of the items are at an affordable price and are great quality, my only complaint would be that the items take a long time to arrive but other than that it’s a great app.

Love!!!!!. amazing app, way better then plt

SHEIN a lot. Brilliant app, loads of offers, discounts and the quality is amazing! Never have to wait long for my orders. Couldn’t be happier

Good app but would be better if there was free shipping. If they did free shipping on every order it would be a great app

Everything U Need. This app, site, shopping for clothes etc could not be easier I am addicted to SHEIN good quality clothes shipping is on point even the packaging is good too - you have to try it to appreciate it

Great products!. I have bought several items over the past few months now and all of them have been great. Sidings have been true good sizes,the quality has been really good, and the variety of different things,from clothing for all the family to household items to pets things,there’s a good selection all around. I’m definitely purchasing more things from Shein. Delivery isn’t bad either considering they’re not based in UK where I am,only takes a week or two at latest, but express shipping is optional too. Highly recommend 5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

AMAZING. I love the app

SHEIN is the best. Umm so my daughter loves clothes and with this I get loads of cheaper stuff for her

Shocking service. At first I was extremely happy with the app and how quickly the orders came, however with the recent order I only found out when I contacted their customer service that an item that I purchased is out of stock yet I when I ordered it, it was in stock! The customer service kept on just saying we can give you a refund and wasn’t helpful at all! I saw I was getting no where so took the refund but the service received is below standard to what it should be and they are very misleading. Happy to take your money and unless you get in contact with them they won’t even let you know that the item you just purchased was out of stock but because they can’t manage updating their app or website you can still purchase things and they take your money but do nothing about notifying you of this!! Shocking shocking service! Until now I would of recommended it to anyone but with this current order I don’t even know if I can trust shopping on the app/website any longer!

So in love!. This app is brilliant!! Features all size clothes for women, men’s clothes, children’s clothes and house/pet items. The cost is reasonable and the loyalty programme is very rewarding indeed. Quality of clothing always pleasantly surprises me and delivery time is always quicker then they predict Would highly recommend!!

Just Wish they’d do a separate size 12. Why can’t you standardise the sizes. Frustrating that you don’t do a separate size 12 & 14. Don’t they realise there is a size difference. By clumping 2 sizes together it makes it very difficult for a women to get the right size, as sizing down to a Medium which can either be ok or too small.

I love this so much. I love SHEIN it is so cheap for what you get and so worth it !!!

Awesome, loving this app sm!!!. So awesome loving all the clothes after a while on SHEIN it can guess the stuff you’re into. Well done creator

Amazing. So SHEIN is a very good place for you to buy from:they have nearly everything very good items for such cheap prices I have already ordered 9 times from there and I only downloaded it last month SHEIN is amazing 5 stars

Great app. I love this app so much

i love it. i have never had a bad, or faulty product from SHEIN and have absolutely no complaints!!! 100% recommend!!

to good. its to good every thing is really good not cheap quality the brushes are so nice loving ir ibr 😜😜

Fast fashion, inhumane conditions for workers. DO NOT BUY. Low quality and immoral clothes. There is no denying. evil evil evil

Amazing. 5 stars, this app is full of practical and needed items, it has everything anyone could possibly need!

Recommend. this has one of the best quality's despite the cheap price.This is also best for broke students like me☺️

Love SHEIN But !. I love SHEIN items but can find some items which are the same size aren’t , some fit lovely some are big and some are too long this has an impact on the returns you have to send back But it’s great to find lovely clothes in varying sizes

Easy. The one big thing about SHEIN their returns policy it is so easy to returns items their service is excellent

im inlove ngl. everytime i have an issue or im sad shein makes it all ok. shein for life 😕

Where have you been all my life?. My daughter is 11 and I am almost 50 and we both love Shein. She introduced me to it actually! Stylish clothes, good length (I’m 5ft 11) and no frumpiness 👍

in heaven with an angel above helping me what to pick. AMAZING 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤨🤨🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😜🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😜🤪🤪🤪🤪

Great and cheap!. This app is great for if you need style and can’t afford a lot the deals and sales are amazing and great to see !

;;). Cl it’s a clothing app, so Yh yh, its kl.

Over all loving the app. The shoe sizing are a bit small and there’s no trousers for long legged people but everything else is absolutely gorgeous and fits.

Miss Susu. Absolutely amazing quality of clothes and everything else !!!

Love this app. This is a great app I have got a few things and when they arrived I was pleasantly surprised

Love me some Shein. I was wary about buying from Shein but decided to give it a go as I had seen a lot of influencers showing the products they had bought and loved some of the clothes. I love the variety they have and the quality is spot on, the clothes are true to size and they have some great products that you just don’t see in stores. The app is easy to use and checkout is simple, postage is low and clothes are affordable. You can shop for home supplies, decor, kids, makeup. Everything you need or want in one place at affordable prices.

BEST PLACE TO SHOP. Love the quality of the clothes very nice and affordable also love the accessories the deliveries are very fast and I love shopping there what aremyou waiting for? Go buy it, definitely recommend.

I love it. It is amazing the clothes are fabulous!!!!

Fabulous. Fab app, fab clothes at super prices !

SHEIN. Very cheap and nice products

Phone number. It would be good and I would love to order off here but I cannot put my phone number in no matter what I do. Whenever I go to checkout it tells me to enter my shipping address and when I get to the phone number part it keeps telling me it’s wrong. I have checked it many times and I know it is right, it’s a shame as I would love to order.

😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍😍😍😍. It’s an amazing app I think it should have more children clothes in 13-14 years tho 🙂

Amazing. Good

Love SHEIN. I’ve used this site for years. I love all the stuff I order I’ve only once had to return something. I think it’s very good value and if you collect points and the vouchers off you get an even better deal. I’ve got lots of my friends and family using it too.

Re. Clothes bedding etc etc. Love love love this app it has the best ever of what you want to purchase no matter what you want you can get it and the prices are just so affordable I don’t know what I would do without SHEIN Many thanks Heather

Brilliant. Absolutely love this shopping app always my go to for anything and the return process is so easy to use, saying that I have only had to return 2 items and have purchased so much, Thankyou SHEIN 💗

Oh my days SHEIN is lush💋. I honestly yeah like love SHEIN it’s so cute and arrives quick time

New to me.. Like Shein very much. Good quality goods accurate pictures and great deals. Glad I found Shein thanks to granddaughters.

Love this super. It is sooo very handy it has everything you can think of

Amazing. I love this app it really great

sheins amazing however. i love shein its so cheap and it has everything i need however if you want a lipgloss for example there will be only or at least mostly sheglam and not a lot of options i know shein isnt know for their makeup but i feel like it could have a bit more variety also need an XXS or a size 4 because somepeople are small but are too grownup and need older clothes and it is very size inclusive overall amazing had everything on my need i would recommend some actual skincare products not just tool but dont get me wrong i love the tools. would recommend instead of amazon but amazon for more like macheniary type things but overall cheap and amazing.

Love it. So easy to use, fairly good quality items, easy returns! Love using this app for my daughters dresses!

SHEIN. I’m just so in love with this app! The shopping! the service! The lay out! Why can’t I meet a man like this????? 😫🫶🏻

SHIEN. Great prices for stuff I can get from Other places, also there is so many sales and I wanted to get some vines and it was 75 p which is a bargain!! So it’s worth downloading!!!!!!!!!!

Addicted to SHEIN. I spend all my money on here! It is ridiculous as I have no where to put my clothes or my daughters. I know what will suit me and Ruby and I check the sizers to make sure I order correctly. The BAE clothes are such a good quality and I love their elegance. Every time I go out I get commented on what I am wearing. I tell everyone about SHEIN and they then order as well. But I get myself financially poor as I just don’t stop buying stuff. I am at first names with delivery guys. I love the way out clothes, abit daring! But they suit me as I am tall. My daughter puts lovely outfits together aswell. We only buy from SHEIN really. Just such good value for money and good discounts. Damn happy

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Best place to buy from. I love all the stuff it’s amazing I’m gonna get a grad dress you should get

Prices are way too high!. We all shop here at SHEIN, it’s a great way to get a lot of different fashion at an affordable price. But not anymore I don’t think! The clothing has become way too expensive for the quality of the garments I feel. Majority of clothes are made from polyester and rayon which are clingy fabric that doesn’t breathe. Its not pleasant in summer if you live, like I do in QLD, Australia. You can purchase clothing from Target, Kmart and BIGW for less. I’d like to see Bamboo and Tencel being used in the fabrics - as well as prices coming down.

SHEIN. I really wasn’t sure about the app and how true it all was, but now it’s literally the one app I use constantly for clothing and house items. Absolutely reliable and love the products!

Love this app. I love this app It literally has nearly everything I like! I have been really addictive lately but really recommend is someone is reading this thank you shein!

Great for value. Using this app has been so good with finding affordable fashionable clothes that fit well. Shipping time has also improved

Just one thing…. The only thing that could be better is the search for clothes by elegant, cute etc, I get really tween-ish or sexy type things in with pretty ladylike stuff, for instance if I search for casual. Apart from thatI love everything else. Wouldn’t mind more points each day though!

SHEIN. This app is great decent quality for the price and is pretty fast with shipping

App Review. Never plays up, great functionality. Great bargains, easy to navigate the app.

SHEIN. SHEIN is amazing delivery comes so fast love it definitely recommend

My Shien Review!!. I was unsure to buy from SHEIN but it turned out to be a great online store and it’s very up to date with all the trends and isn’t only for adults, it’s overall a high quality brand and besides for the shipping price, everything is great! 💕😊

DON’T BUY FAST FASHION. don’t buy from fast fashion especially Shein it’s really bad for the environment i promise there are many more affordable more eco friendly shops

ADDICTED!!!!!!. I am obsessed with this site, may have a problem 😂 you name it they’ve got it 👏🏼

Cancelled order. My first time ordering from Shein was fine. The second time was horrid. I’ve been waiting for 2 weeks and finally received an email saying my order should be dispatched today. I waited for the whole morning and check the email only to find out that my order got cancelled. This is so annoying and time-consuming. This makes me never want to use Shein again!!!

its amazing but…. i love shein, especially the fact that theyre so size inclusive and they have plus sized for both men and women. shein is all about the trends and is always updated with them but if youre not into that or youre of the older generation than its still great as shein has many options. shein is amazing and i really do recommend it, great shipping times, respectfully well made clothing and very very affordable prices across all items. one thing that i would like to recommend for shein is that it would be great if there were a part where you could put together outfits. for example, you have your items in your wishlist and you can pick out clothing, accessories, shoes and whatever else and create an outfit. i think this would benefit a lot of things, especially if youre trying to pair outfits together but arent able to do it with just the eye and need that help from an outfit creator.


cute and trendy. always keeps me up with new trends, ive always stuggled to stay in touch with people my age due to teasing around not being as good as them or not having what they have. shein helped me keep up with reality and stay with the trends. highly recommend.

So good. I was hesitant being plus size. I’m a 20 so go for xxL. Love the long shirts and dresses. My wardrobe is pretty much all shein!!

Highly Recommend. I just bought sunglasses from Shein. Very pleased with purchase. Efficient service and quick delivery via Australia Post. Highly recommend SHEIN. 👍

Cheap but good. Really good cheap store might not be the greatest material but it’s really good for the price

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Quality has improved GREATLY. everything feels good, not the crappy quality it used to be. I’m honestly impressed

Good. Good

Amazing. It’s Amazing 5 stars i loveeee it so much

TO THE OWNER OF SHEIN!!!!. SHEIN has impressed me on all of my 5 orders, but one thing I wish is that I could made multiple carts at once. It would be such a game changer!!! Some the person that made SHEIN please it would be soooo useful I would be so grateful if it actually did get added but overall it’s great❤️

Know what customers want. App functions are actually really great, Shein has taken into consideration what customers want & are visionary’s. Personally I now hate online shopping without seeing customer reviews & photos. Items are affordable, customers are rewarded by spending more, providing reviews & allows for customers to participate in free trials, online promotion & even reward customers with freebies from time to time. Shipping is affordable & return system is straightforward. I have had a few issues with small items being missed but overall a positive experience. App allows me to track, review, shop & view past orders. Plus access to online support. I’m obsessed.

Shine with Shein.. I have bought quiet a lot of pieces of clothing through Shein,I’ve been very happy with everything I have bought.The quality of the material,the range to pick from,the price of the garments and the shipping isn’t to bad either.I would highly recommend buying from them.I’m glad that I have found this site.

Shipping. Only annoying thing is how long it takes to deliver

Great online store. I have purchased my entire wardrobe from shein. From work wear to weekend casual, right through to after 5 clothing. Quality is amazing, and sizing is very standard throughout the ranges - so once you find your size you are set. Highly recommend

SHEIN review. Loved it, the products are okay but you can’t expect much for such great prices. I have ordered from here quite a bit although one thing has came broken which was a bit disappointing

Easy to do Online shopping. so much of variety. and we can shopping whole family.

Love SHEIN. Absolutely love all the clothes I have brought from SHEIN 💕

SHIEN is my new best friend. SHIEN is like the most amazing sopping app for the best prices as well like if went to an in real life shop the things on SHIEN is so cheap loveee and irl shops are soo expensive I love SHIEN nothing can go wrong

AMAZING. I was very cautious about ordering stuff from here but when I did i was so happy with the results! It is amazing and I order all the time!

Love SHEIN. It’s the best recommend it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Love SHEIN. I buy so many things so cheap that I don’t see the point of stopping ! Yes some of the sizes or material aren’t the greatest but 80% of the things rock ! And for the price totally worth it

OMG. I love SHEIN so much it has everything I use it for back to school things and skincare I don’t wear makeup because I don’t like how it feels but if I did I would buy EVERYTHING and it has cheap prices for everything♥️♥️♥️

Order was awesome exactly what shein had advertised!! So happy with results definitely recommend 👌. Love the order 👍

AMAZING. I love shopping and I am so glad I have SHEIN a try. I was always hesitant when shopping online…but SHEIN had everything that I needed without any doubts it is one of the best thing in my life…with my 1st order I was very satisfied and the quality is one of a kind. I recommended SHEIN to my family and friends and now they Love it too. Just so simple and easy and affordable prices.

SHEIN. I love this and it’s cheap

Miss Gise123456789. I am very grateful with this brand because it provides the perfect outfits for all kind of occasions and for an affordable price… bless for people who hate go to the mall and also for people who doesn’t know how to match clothing like me.

Im renewing my whole closet!!!. The best clothing app, I was not sure of the quality based on the price but everything I’ve ordered it’s been perfect, the review system they have is great the reviews look genuine and is very helpful. I’ve ordered even curtains and never been disappointed. Highly recommended

Cart limit. Just need to take off the cart limit. We don’t want to get to 99+ and then have to remove stuff because we’ve found more stuff we want to buy

❤️❤️❤️. I luv this site , your products , your service and quality . Pricing is amazing , delivery quick .I recommend this site to all my friends . Nearly all my clothes are this brand now . I know I can pick out anything & it fits & looks good !!

Great app. SHEIN is a great place to go looking online for clothing (etc) for cheap prices. I’ve bought a few things from SHEIN that I’m quite happy with and will definitely return to the app to purchase more products in the future.

Love love love 💕 This site 💞. Absolutely love this site…!!!!! I rate it a 10.. 5 stars just aren’t enuff..!😝💯

Returns. Came so quick and on time. Just need to return 2 things not sure how to do returns

Love love love!!!. Love everything they have!!! Can’t get enough of SHEIN!

Rating. Love this site

Amazing site. I am always very wary of buying stuff online…. Issue with material, return policy, scam etc…. But a big thanks to SHEIN …. Have been shopping with them since 2 years now and it has amazing service level…. Including easy return process and always get. A reply back with any questions I have ….. the material quality is also amazing …. What is explained is what I get…. One Tip - always read the reviews …. It helps me a lot

Fabric. I have a few different items of clothing from Shein. All have been made well and the fabric has been great. Summer fabric has been cool to wear while winter fabric has been warm. I’ve even had in between seasons material which has been great. I’ve even had items of clothing that have last a couple of seasons.

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Absolutely LOVE SHEIN!. Their products are amazing, orders have always arrived on time (that says a lot when one lives far up in the Northern Territories) and there is always a big variety to choose from!

SHEIN - I love you!. I’m addicted to my SHEIN shopping!

Very cool. I like how the quality of the clothes are and I like how you can earn points and get coupons. I can find things that fit my aesthetic super easily.

Fantastic. A very good place to shop for little lest

Prices have gone up - not with it anymore. I loved this site but it was always a gamble if something would fit or not but it was worth trying. Now the prices are the same as a store in a mall. It least in a store you can try stuff on. Won't shop here anymore 😕

What I like and dislike about SHEIN. I like the selection and the products are very good quality but I find the shipping cost is usually double or often triple the cost of an order. I had a $24 order with $104 shipping cost which I cancelled because I’m not paying that much money for inexpensive items. Otherwise, the product at selection is good.

Love there products. I’ve ordered 3 times now love everything that I’ve gotten ♥️♥️

Amazing!. Amazing makeup! The clothes are beautiful 99% of the time (make sure you take your measurements and read the sizing chart and you’ll be fine) the 1% of clothing that is not great quality or doesn’t fit is very easy to return. I love Shein! I can dress and do my makeup beautifully with very little price tag ♥️

I like it. I got a really great hoodie :) just always check a ton of reviews before purchasing so u know what exactly you will get

60/40 - Dislike. I like the app, it works great, no problem there. The affordability is fantastic for the most part. The quality of what is received is questionable. Most garments don’t last very long or don’t fit properly, despite having spent time measuring myself and checking the size guides for items I purchase. Just not sure. Am willing to try once more.

Bad costomer service. Ordered something from here it got damaged,they wont replace it

Shein. Been using this app for over two years now , love it.

Easy and Reasonable. Love shopping at Shein. Easier and faster service.

Very good. I just ordered a package and it’s coming in a few days so it doesn’t take that long to come to your house and my friends all use it and they all say it’s really good

SHEIN. I ordered some stuff and it was really good quality but it took a really long time to get to me

Shopping so easy. I’ve used SHEIN twice now and no complaints. Items come on time and true to picture.

Amazing. It awesome but also has less good quality clothing but I definitely recommend

What’s expected!. As long as you follow the measurement guides, you’ll get what you expect✨ The fabric is not cheap and the clothes last in time. So far, I had no bad experiences with SHEIN

I enjoy it. By far favourite clothing site, there are games!

I love SHEIN. It is the best the clothes are just amazing The quality of the clothes are amazing I just love it all it’s amazing and there is a free trail area

Brilliant. I’ve never had an issue and always had great clothes delivered. You just need to read reviews and make sure you’re sizing up or down correctly compared to what others have said and read descriptions well before you buy. I have some really beautiful clothes that I get tons of compliments on and they’re all from Shein! Thanks for helping this fashionista on a SUPER tight budget 😊

Exceeded my expectations. I was very hesitant to order from SHEIN initially because the prices seemed just to good to be true, but I’ve placed several orders now and have not been disappointed. The clothing items are good quality and true to the picture featured. Very impressed!

Love them. So convenient and love the selection. Happy I found them

PRETTY. SHEIN has soooo many nice clothes and it shipped fast the material on the clothes is just too good it fits REALLY nicely and yea you should get this app

Awesome. So far everything has been amazing. From finding what I want from makeup and outfit and shoes and wigs and even clothing you wouldn’t find in most sites (mix’s of different styles), great dealing and coupons to use all the time, great gift ideas for people, fast service in delivering and being able to track.

you get what u pay for. pretty good app works fine shein themselves pretty good products and service

Good Experience. Prices are reasonable and quality of products is decent! Love their packaging

I love Shein. What I love about Shein is that they have a large variety of clothes for women, men, kids etc. I really love their style. I shop a lot on the website. I gave it 4 stars because of 2 reasons. 1) They don’t have “petite sizes” for XL , XXL and curve sizes. 2) The same size for exemple L will be different in a different clothe. It is either too small or too large.Most of the time it’s too small. Otherwise, I enjoy shopping here , it is affordable for everyone I guess.

overall great. i’ve ordered many times from here. sizing is spot on, but quality could be better. their light coloured clothing is kind of see through. if you’re starting to build your wardrobe i think this is a great place, since it’s relatively cheap, and it’s got a variety of clothing!

Awesome. This is one of the best apps I use to buy things from. The prices are fantastic and the quality is great. What you see is what you get unlike other apps this one is the best to order from.

Pleased. I ordered some clothing for myself and 3 grandchildren. Clothing is of great quality and size are great too. Didn’t take to long for my order to come in the mail either.

Clothing / changed date on payment. This company is amazing I did my first order and was very pleased everything fit and true to size and colour will purchase more. Also did the after pay had to move date of pmt was very accommodating and I truly appreciated this. Once again thank you for your business and wonderful customer service !!!!

Good. Love it!!!!!!

The delivery is too slow. I think a delivery is little bit slow.but the thing is really good.

i love shein. shein is a great app! but always make sure you read reviews before ordering. some stuff isnt as advertised. but most of the stuff is all amazing and so cheap for high quality! amazing app, read reviews of what u wanna order!

Great!. Really love how it’s cheap and has so much good options! I’ve order lots of this and they come in good packing and they have great quality! Totally recommend 5 stars!

App and SHEIN are great. App is really well laid out and super user friendly. I love that you can favourite items and create boards. When you order you can track and everything through the app

love it. this app is so good it’s so cheap but the clothes are great material, they’re are always free coupons to make your checkout cheaper and overall it’s a great app!

Best clothing for plus size girlies. This is where I shop for alt clothing as a size 18 and it the only place that is cheap and fits. Some clothing won't fit even in plus size. They need to fix that because I'm only an 18 imagine how other girls feel.

100% trustworthy 🔥. Recommend using this app for buying clothes or any kind of stuff

SHEIN order. Great best app ever when I ordered came in 3 days ! Love it.and you will get even more stuff if you get coupons love u SHEIN ❤️💓🤭🤭🤭

SHEIN. Love the app

Amazing. Got my order and didn’t take long to get it.

Terrible. The settings don’t actually work. You can’t change the location and the language doesn’t change no matter what you choose. Currency sometimes decides to change. There is a constant error to create an account no matter how long before trying again.

Favorite. I love Shein and the fact that it offers something for everyone in the family. The clothes are great quality. They have sizes to fit everyone- even us curvier girls😉 Keep up the amazing work😊😊

💖. Such cute stuff and pretty good prices!!!😍

App. So I bought a lot of thing on SHEIN but I accidentally deleted the app and now I can’t see what I got and it said I was a new user but I’m not and I already have an account so can I get my old account back

Mostly excellent. Very good always!. I give for because lately I gad some issues with time shipping or bad quality or mistakes on products. I buy almost every week. But 90% of the time is excellent price and accurate product with good quality. Customer service usually is excellent as well.

Shein review. Shein is amazing love it’s low prices and how shipping is a good price compared to other places!

Great styles. Shein has great style and sizes are great. Happy to shop there. Even plus sizes are great. Thanks for thinking of us larger girls.

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