The Gray and Guilty Sea Book Reviews

Scott William Carter

The Gray and Guilty Sea by Scott William Carter Book Summary

"Carter's writing is on target." - Publishers Weekly

A curmudgeon. An iconoclast. A loner. That's how people describe Garrison Gage, and that's when they're being charitable.

After his wife's brutal murder in New York, and Gage himself is beaten nearly to death, the crippled private investigator retreats three thousand miles to the quaint coastal town of Barnacle Bluffs, Oregon. He spends the next five years in a convalescent stupor, content to bide his time filling out crossword puzzles and trying to forget that his wife's death is his fault. But all that changes when he discovers the body of a young woman washed up on the beach, and his conscience draws him back into his old occupation - forcing him to confront the demons of his own guilt before he can hope to solve the girl's murder.

* * * * *

The Garrison Gage Mysteries
(in chronological order):

The Gray and Guilty Sea
A Desperate Place for Dying
The Lovely Wicked Rain

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Book Name The Gray and Guilty Sea
Genre Hard-Boiled
Language English
E-Book Size 451.94 KB

The Gray and Guilty Sea (Scott William Carter) Book Reviews 2023

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The Gray and Guilty Sea. Great book, fast paced good plot. I would have liked to have seen the use of a more advanced vocabulary, but I enjoyed the briefly mentioned jazz description, the discussion of Plato vs Socrates and the idea that judging people by their appearance does not always work. I would read another one.

Excellent Read. This is a great story. A real page turner, literally. I found this book by accident when I subscribed to BookBub. I'm now looking forward to more Garrison Gage adventures!

Well done!. So well written and suspenseful! A perfect combination. Didn't know "who done it" till the very end. That's a good read!

The gray and guilty sea. Nice read!!!!

Not my style. Not a very engaging hero

The Gray and Guilty Sea. Wow what a story!!!

The Gray and Guilty Sea. Extremely interesting, no hint of the bad guy until the end. There are multiple plots within the main story. Author does a great job of describing Oregon coast weather. Gage has a bad knee for which he needs a cane. Having a bad knee for many years myself, I could feel his pain and frustration. He tries to be a tough skinned man but shows a compassionate side to friends.

Intriguing. Another unique plot with the Garrison Gage character.

The gray and guilty sea. Excellent!! Loved the characters, the story, the pace! Looking forward to the next book about Garrison.

The Gray and Guilty Sea. Very enjoyable read, reminded me of Spenser a little. And I'm always a fan of reading books set in places I'm actually familiar with. Highly recommended!

5 stars. I don’t read much of the mystery genre, but this story was great! Definitely draws you in!

Good "pot boiler". I read this book intermittently and yet it held my interest all the while. Highly recommend the story and the author.

The Gray and Guilty Sea. Excellent!!!!!!

The Gray and Guilty Sea. I loved this book, could not put it down

PI Gage. Scott Carter develops a good sense of place in his book set in a small Oregon coastal town. Former PI Gage is a somewhat disagreeable character who grows on you throughout the book.

Fabulous writer. One of the few books i’ve had the pleasure of reading recently. Every page is fully fleshed out, this results in a exceptionally detailed novel with literally no redundancy or boredom regularly found in many of today's novels. Well done, Sir!

The Gray and Guilty Sea. A good read, entertaining and kept you guessing. Well written and not any grammatical or publishing errors. Look forward to more book by this author.

Action. A novel full of action and vivid characters. A tale of a lonely detective who is brought out of his doldrums by a dead body and a small town newspaper woman. A town I would never want to live in but has the scenery to draw multitudes. Enjoy this book because I sure did. Great author!!

Travis McGee meet Garrison Gage. Perhaps the highest praise I can give a book is to compare it to John D. MacDonald’s Travis McGee series. Garrison Gage reminds me so much of Travis. This series is a find. Those looking for high literature may be disappointed, but I found the characters deep and sympathetic, and the plot kept me reading past bedtime. I didn’t see the ending until, well, the ending, which is rare in a mystery. I couldn’t recommend this book more. Now, excuse me while I dash off to buy the second book. ✌🏼

Great read!. I couldn't put it down. Love the characters- ALL of them, which is a rare thing in too many books. Well developed and interesting, memorable people who all play a part in the main character's life if only in a small way are a sure sign of a good author. Toward the last third of the book there are several places where words are left out here and there but other than that the story is not marred by misspelled words and poor grammar, so it flows nicely. After reading the preview of it, I can't wait to buy the next book in the series!

Inconsistencies. I find a lot of mistakes such as the use of "he" instead of "she" and vice-versa, which I thought were minor. But one mistake struck me more. In chapter 7 one character is described as wearing a "burgundy turtleneck" and in chapter 8 the same character is now wearing "the same black turtleneck" (both chapters cover one day in the life of these characters). I am surprised this wasn't caught at any point from writing to publishing, but details are important to me and things like this put me off.

Garrison. Scott William Carter is my favorite writer Love the Garrison series... looking for more Thanks

Oregon atmosphere is just right.. Great read. This is a unique version of a tough guy with a heart. Well done!

The Gray And Guilty Sea. Enjoyed the characters from start to finish. Can’t wait to read more of his books.

The gray and angry sea. Nice read. Easy to follow believable, characters and good storyline.

The gray and guilty sea. Fast pace exciting story will hold you to the end.

Kept you reading on. Well written and a good page turner. Well done.

One of the few books I finished. Good book

Atmospheric. I loved the locale. The characters are varied and colorful.

The Gray and Guilty Sea. Great characters, moving plot line, an all around exciting book. I would recommend this story to anyone looking for a good, relaxing novel.

Excellent Read. A touching story. Enjoyed the story, characters and the writing. Looking forward to reading more from Scott William Carter.

The gray and guilty sea. Was a great read

Needs a good editor.... There are inconsistencies like the following quote that could have been corrected by either the author or an editor... Gray & Guilty Sea passage “A bit more effort and then he was in the woods, where the dark canopy shielded him from most of the rain and the wind. Water ran down his face in rivulets. His fedora was a soaked sponge, letting the rain straight through” Excerpt From: Scott William Carter. “The Gray and Guilty Sea.” Flying Raven Otherwise, not a bad read.

Exciting. Enjoyed this book. Kept me guessing and rooting for the characters.

Enjoyable mystery. A very enjoyable mystery novel. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good mystery. A few unexpected twists and turns.

Well written, fast moving and interesting. This book was absorbing from the first page. The main character is down to earth and very straightforward, the story moved along smoothly. Definitely would recommend to anyone who enjoys a solid story with an interesting outcome.

The Gray and Guilty Sea. Excellent - suspense is right to the end. Author does an excellent job portraying the characters. I couldn’t put it down!

The Gray and Guilty Sea. Great book with lots of mystery.

Good read. Highly recommend this book. Loved the development of characters, suspense, many twists… good read

A solid read. This book kept me entertained and gave me a few surprises! I’ll read the next one too!

The Gray and Guilt Sea. With an intriguing title was not surprised at how well written this book is. Very interesting plot and characters. Liked this book a lot.

The Gray and Guilty Sea. Wonderful writing style. Good plot and lots of action. Make sure you have a few hours to read, you will not want to put it down

The Gray And Guilty Sea. A great read...loved the main character’s sarcastic/snarky repartee as well as his humanness. Looking forward to read more about Gage’s exploits.

The Gray and Guilty Sea. What a guy❗️Gage is one of the most Engaging characters I have read about in a long time. I cannot recommend this book enough. Gonna read the entire series. I love this authors writing. Kept me awake😄❣️👍🏼

Wonderful. Best book I’ve read in months. Love story, mystery, human compassion Absolutely loved it.

good read. Suspense, emotion, character development, this well told story quickly draws you in! Recommend. I want a sequel!

The Gray and Guilty Sea. Very smooth characters, and smooth writing. Gage comes out of his shell of a life, and becomes a man with many missions before the book is over. And being the strong character that he is, Gage is very capable of completing all missions. Captivating mystery. I highly recommend this book. Really good read!

A Desperate Place For Dying. A tight story about lost loves and new lives filled with believable, interesting characters all through the filter of the Pacific NW environs

A modern American classic. The first thought that comes to mind reading this book is that it has the making of the classics of yore, the likes of Tolstoy and Hawthorne, written in modern American English language. It does not disappoint .

Fun. Garrison Gage is an interesting character. A certain amount of disbelief suspension is necessary, but not enough to lessen the enjoyment of the novel.

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The Gray and Guilty Sea. A real page turner.

The gray and guilty sea. Loved it, well written and didn't give itself away until the end

Gripping story.. Very well plotted story that is a compulsive read .

The Grey and Guilty Sea. Good plot, good characters - a violent place is America even in beautiful Oregon

The grey and guilty sea. Very good story, well worth reading.

The gray and guilty sea. A good read,kept me enthralled

Fabulous read. Excellent story that flowed really well and remained interesting all the way through to an exciting finale. Loved the characters and can’t wait to read the rest of the Garrison Gage series.

The gray and Guilty Sea. A good read for a wet weekend.

Great book. Interesting characters and vivid word descriptions.

Gripping stuff. Following Gage through the twists and turns of his investigation of a girl found washed up on the beach was totally engaging once I started reading I couldn't put it down a must for any detective book reader!!!

Great Book. I really enjoyed this book.A real page turner. Well done.👍🏻😊

The gray and guilty sea. Really enjoyed this book ,complex characters ,intriguing plot ,very well written

Story for bed time. Steady reading, not too complicated,

Gripping tale. The story grips the reader from the start, Gage is a typical hackneyed, bitter ex-private eye with a tragedy in his past. Retired into a small seaside town with only crosswords, a dying elderly lady and her granddaughter in his life. Until he finds the body of a girl washed up on the beach. Unable to put it behind him, he begins investigating and uncovers much more than he anticipated. I could hardly put this down, it's a must for anyone who's fave genre is murder mystery - or indeed anyone who enjoys a gripping tale.

A good read. Quite a good murder story set on the Oregon coast - a place I've always wanted to visit. However, reading this story where it rained practically the whole time I'm now not so sure!

The grey and guilty sea.. My first read of this author but definitely not the last. A brilliant wordsmith.

The cane in the head made the difference. Detective story. Hard person with a soft inner. Perhaps that bit has been said before. The difference is that the storyteller understands the mind and the soft inner is not necessarily soft. He carries a cane but as is said in one throwaway line deep in the book it's the cane in the mind that makes the difference. It's a book that needs reading.

Excellent read. Well worth the read,well written and gripping till the end!

Having read this, I fully intend to purchase more.... ...of this author’s works. I hadn’t previously heard of this author, and as a compulsive reader I was impressed by the originality of the book. A great mix of a flawed hero, with romance and mystery elegantly combined and a surprise twist in the plot at the end. I thoroughly enjoyed it and may very well end up buying every adult title.

The grey and guilty sea. A hero with frailties ....... Thoroughly enjoyed this book . Recommended to all story lovers !!

A great first read of this author. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, a first for me this author. Great descriptions, good plot and the right amount of grittiness.

Different. I really enjoyed reading this book. I like the writing style and for once it was well written

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Great read. Easy to catch an image of a great setting. Gage is a more realistic character hitting his limits and failing at times. A good counter to the plastic characters who take massive beatings then bounce back better than they started. His concern for a just response to the insignificant caught my attention.

A gray and guilty sea. This easy flowing story engages the reader. Principal character is self deprecating but a man of conscience who demonstrates real humanity. The storyline is fast moving and believable. Garrison Gate takes a few beatings in the story, but somehow bounces back and show real grit amongst personal adversity to get the job done. I loved the style, pace, characterisations and can’t wait to start the next instalment. I couldn’t put this book down.

Excellent. Loved it

Loved it!. Loved it from beginning to the very end! The characters are believable and story line is riveting.

Intriguing and written well. The author has developed an interesting main character in Gage. The story line is good and solid. Well worth giving this author a try.

grey and guilty sea. Good read,

Hard to put down. Great book. Couldn’t put it down until the end.

The Gray And Guilty Sea. One of the best books I've read for a long time. Articulate & well plotted with subtly drawn characters. A thoroughly enjoyable read.

The Gray and Guilty Sea. Have read much better, and read much worse. Wouldn't bother with this author any more

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The Gray and Guilty Sea. This book kept my interest from beginning to end. I had a hard time putting it down. It had ALL the elements needed for a murder mystery as well as just enough romance. He is a great storyteller!!

Good character development. The characters in the book are developed well. Main character is believable with flaws. I prefer that over other main characters that are super human.

Page turner.... Enjoyed this book. Kept me in suspense and didn't want to put it down. Recommended!

Great read! Well written book.. I was browsing the free titles and saw this book with numerous reviews. I thought I would give it a try... A remarkable story and identifiable characters made for a book I couldn't put down. Why would a book this damn good be free? Well, I answered my own question while writing this for all of you to see. I will read more from this author and MUST read the other books in the Gage Garrison series. Do yourself a favour, download and read it!

The gray and guilty sea. Just finished book one in this series, looking forward to book two.

Gray and Guilty Sea. Good story

Great. I really enjoyed this mystery thriller. Great characters, lots of action, and well written. I immediately bought another in the series.

The Gray and Guilty Sea. Expressively written with a continuous flow that develops the characters without excess this book clearly takes you into the action, the adventure never ceases and neither does the plot. From this book I have found an author who knows his craft, knows how to keep his gentle reader in suspense and makes a person want to read more of his talented stories. This author is going to be one of the greats and it will be a pleasure to have more of his worthy books in my library.

The Gary and Guilty Sea. Well done! Very enjoyable

Good read. An entertaining book with interesting characters especially the persona of the main character. I like the inclusion of satirical comedic moments which I find lacking in many suspense novels.

The Gray and Guilty Sea. Excellent read: interesting and well-written!

Excellent, as gritty as Harry Bosch.. Garrison Gage makes for an interesting lead man. Complex and stubborn

The gray and Guilty Sea. Excellent Read. Hard time putting it down.

The Gray and Guilty Sea. Easy to read, some nice choices of words and a plot that kept you wanting to turn the pages. My first by this author and I would read another. Thank you for the free download.

The Gray and Guilty Sea. I am looking forward to reading the next 2 books in the Garrison Gage Series.It was hard to put this one down and take time away from reading straight through but not being a speed reader you do have to take a break.

Nothing is easy. This story is well written. No character is simply what they appear. Parts of the story is as dark and wet as the weather. Cheers to moral people. Cheers to hope. Cheers to doing the right thing.

Nab. Great writer Great read!

The Grey and Guilty Sea. Stumbled across this author and read this first book in the series and eagerly download the next couple in the series. Great read.

The gray and guilty sea. Enjoyed reading. Well written.

The gray and guilty. Well written !

The Grey and Guilty Sea. What a great read! I will be definitely reading more of Carter's books.

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Summary of The Gray and Guilty Sea by Scott William Carter

The The Gray and Guilty Sea book written by Scott William Carter was published on 28 June 2014, Saturday in the Hard-Boiled category. A total of 2,232 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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