Poles Apart Book Reviews

Kirsty Moseley

Poles Apart by Kirsty Moseley Book Summary

He’s pole position. She’s a pole dancer. The two of them are poles apart.

Carson Matthews, the hottest driver ever to hit the MotoGP circuit, is living the carefree, celebrity lifestyle. With little to worry about other than keeping himself top of the leader board, his favourite weekend pastime is visiting a certain blonde at Angels Gentlemen’s Club.

Emma Bancroft, a part-time lap dancer, is just trying to make ends meet. Her responsibilities weigh heavily on her as the does the secret she’s kept from everyone for the past two-and-a-half years.

With the world’s press watching his every move, their relationship and Emma’s explosive secret can’t stay hidden for much longer…

From international bestselling author Kirsty Moseley comes a tale that proves opposites really do attract.

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Book Name Poles Apart
Genre New Adult
Language English
E-Book Size 1.03 MB

Poles Apart (Kirsty Moseley) Book Reviews 2023

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Best book I have read in a long time. This book was really good. Couldn't put it down and finished in 1 day.

Love this book!!. I have been read Her books for several books and they were all good! . Keep writing ! Thank you

Good concept. The story had a lot of good potential and the makings of a great book however it was written like the author had a page maximum and they needed to resolve everything in 3 pages. I think more character development was needed and for a slow re-building of the relationship. The main characters especially needed more reflection time. I wish this was drawn out more and maybe put into a series instead of just one book.

Only finished because I paid.... The storyline was good but the characters were underdeveloped and unrealistic. The lap dancer's whole "poor me" attitude got old and I rolled my eyes every time she "whimpered."

Poles apart. Another great story , loved it. Great stuff writer :)

Great start!!. But predictable endinggggg...ewww oh well can't go wrong with a happy ending right? Over all pretty good book.

Wow just wow. I loved every one of her books. This one is just as great as the others if not better. More books please

Wow. Loved it!!! I love Ms Mosley writing style and this book is true to form . She takes the reader on a wonderful Journey with enough details that the reader feels they are present along side the characters . I highly recommend all of her books and this one will not disappoint. My only complaint is I always wish there was more....

Fly girl. Really enjoyed this book

Good story. Really good. Loved the beginning with the backstory. However would of loved it to be longer.

Unbelievably crazy!. I don't blame Emma for working at a gentle men's club, she needed the money. She's so tough raising a daughter and taking care of a brother. I think it's safe to say she is one hell of women. What boggles my mind is her torturing herself with the secret of not telling her baby's daddy he has a child. Love blinds people.

Awesome. I absolutely love this book! Really anything Kirsty writes is phenomenal. She's one that if she wrote it it's an automatic read. I would recommend her books to anyone. Thanks Kirsty!

Poles apart. Awesome story. Definitely wanted Carson’s POV ,but this book is awesome just like all your others. I have read almost every book you have written since your Wattpad days.

Loved it!!. Very sweet!!! I thought it was a good story!! Really liked it!!!

LOVED IT!. This one was just as great as Enjoying the Chase! (They're both in first place, as I can't decide which one is better lol) It's amazing how far you've come. I was one of your many fans on wattpad back when Always You and The Boy Who Sneaks Through My Bedroom Window were being made. I'll forever be a fan.

LOVED IT!!!!. This was another incredible book by this author she never disappoints with her books. Kirsty has the talent to get your attention from page 1 and this one wasn't the exception. This is a definite Must read loved the characters and loved the ending. I can't wait to read your next book :)

Yet Another Awesome Book🙌. I've been a huge of Kirsty's books since Wattpad days! The Boy Who Sneaks.. started my addiction to her books and I've read every one she's published. Never disappointed🙅. I can't even pick a favorite and this book is no different! All I can say is I'm part of a new team and where can I sign up for the Carson fan club😄 #TeamLiam❤️ #TeamClay💛 #TeamAshton💚 #TeamNate💜 #TeamCarson💙

Poles Apart. It was a great story. Kirsty did a fantastic job. And I'm happy to say that I 💜 Carson! Worth the time and money.

Great. Loved it like usual,but I feel like it should be longer or something,because comparing to your other books it's kinda short and feels like it's missing something,but overall amazing work.

Her Best Book. I really want you to make a book on his perspective

This years must read. This book is a must read you will smile and you will cry but you will not put this book down. Another #1 hit by this fantastic Author.

Great Read.... Loved the book, love Carson and Emma. I the only reason I gave 4 instead of 5 stars is because I wish it was longer.

Couldn't Put Down!!. As the title says I couldn't put the book down. Another book of Kirsty's to add to my favorite book pile. Well written and hooks you from the beginning. Congrats on another great book.

I'm a long time reader. Please write more books,, I have every single book from you and my co workers too we love your books,,I've read many many books in my life ( Lisa Jackson, Beverly Barton, Sandra brown, Danielle Steele, el James , Sylvia day, Stephen king, James Patterson,charlaine Harris,s.c Stephens, Nicholas Sparks, Luanne rice etc) your books I love,, I love your characters the best out of all the books I've read,, you are my favorite writer Jessica

Thought it would have been a bit spicier than it was. More about social status and image.. Basically, this story revolves around Carson's fame and wealth and Emma's lack of money and lack of class status. I was hoping for a sexy, spicy read about a race driver falling for a pole dancer, but it's more about two classes of people dealing with the social status. Carson is like-able,but Emma I'm not so sure about. Her constant insecurities for not having money or not feeling pretty enough is annoying. I prefer confident women. Her little secret is bothersome. Also, the fact that Carson is interested in Emma and has not made them exclusive is troublesome. Emma's pity party and low judgement of herself is unflattering. The storyline is not as spicy as I had hoped. The fact that Emma is a waitress at a strip club and Carson is a MotoGP racer should warrant some sexy scenes, but the only sexy scenes have been in the private room. I'm confused and baffled by this story line. Carson starts off by being respectful of Emma but then later turns into a douche bag. Not sure why he is acting this way. Carson needs to redeem himself with Emma. Carson is disrespecting Emma and making judgements towards her character. It's unflattering to read this flip side to Carson. I'm not connecting with the story. Emma complains about the cost of everything and Carson is not concerned with the cost. Most frustrating thing is his unwillingness to admit his love for Emma. He is taking care of her and marrying her but he has not admitted to Emma that he actually wants to. Emma is forced into a lavish world where image is important. Of course Emma's image of working as a dancer in a strip club don't go unnoticed. I figured out the connection. Carson thought since Emma worked in a strip club she slept with lots of guys. Emma thought that Carson being popular and wealthy meant he slept with lots of girls. Together they thought they were meaningless to each other. The story took too long to show their affections for one another. I had hoped to read more about their time together as a family with Carson being a dad. I had Aldo hoped to read about them having more kids do Carson could be apart of what he missed out on before.

Recommend!. KIRSTY you must make this book from his perspective! This book is great, missing Carson's view though!:$

Poles apart. Never disappointed. Love love love Poles Apart. Can't wait for your next book. Thank you Kirsty Moseley, 3years ago I just started to become a reader and your book always you was a favorite and I have read all of your books 👏💕😍📚😜

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Fantastic!!!. What an amazing read. Had me on the edge, in tears. This book is well written. Can't wait to read more 😃

NO!. This relationship is abusive as hell!! This seems to be a recurring theme and the author seriously needs to read up on it.

Brilliant Read. I loved this story. Can't wait for more!

Poles Apart. I really enjoyed this book. Read it in two evenings. Loved the story but just wished a few more twist & turns were in it. Enjoyable though.

Poles Apart. I couldn't put the book down. It had everything in it, it would lead you one way then another... Totally hooked... Well done!

Wanted more.. Emma is a true heroin. I don't feel enough was portrayed about Carson Matthews and his feelings and Intentions. Couldn't really fall for him in the way can fall for some of Kirsty's other protagonists in her other novels, until the very end that is. I felt a little deprived after reading the lengthier novels by this author, as this one was much shorter and over way too soon. I feel that we could have had more of these characters and their love story. I wanted the story to slow down, offer more passion; the conclusion came too soon. I'm sure a sequel could be developed with some of Emma's and Carson's trials and tribulations as they adjust to their new life.

Brilliant!!. Five stars is not enough for this book! I think it's my most favourite Kirsty Moseley book yet!! What an emotional roller coaster this story takes you on! Emma is a pole dancer, not by choice but because she needs to bring money home and keep a roof over their heads. I loved that she wasn't one of the typical pole dancers you read about in books! She'd much rather wear sweats and a hoody and hates dancing for clients! Well all clients but one. Carson Matthews is a MotoGP racer and has been coming to the club since Emma started working there. They have a relationship of sorts only at the club which has been going on for the last 3years. Emma and Carson will soon find out that secrets shouldn't be kept and are going to end up regretting decisions made! Eeek!! You gotta read it to find out!! Such an excellent story I wanted to bang their heads together half the time! Carson really is a hunk of a book boyfriend! Definitely my new favourite from his dimples to his tattoos! Swoon!!!!! A highly recommended read! I have such a book hangover now it's unbelievable!! Absolutely positively NEED more Carson and Emma! Kirsty please please please write a sequel!!!

Poles Apart. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 loved it.......another great book by Kirsty 👍

Brilliant.. I couldn't put it down.

Exceptional!. I've had the release date of this book in my calendar for ages and I couldn't wait until it came out. I love this book! It is simply amazing and no doubt that I will be reading it again and again. Much like Kirsty's other books that I've bought aha. I think that Sasha sounds incredibly cute and adorable and Carson is so incredibly sweet! I want my own Carson!! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone and everyone who loves a romantic comedy book because it is truly awesome. If you haven't bought it then buy it now!!

Loved it. Ahhh how I love a Kirsty Moseley book! Love that it was based in England... Can't wait for the next one!:) xxx

Kirsty Moseley never disappoints!!. Wow. Wow. Wow Don't read these reviews just buy!!

This is not love.. I’m sad to write this, I have read everything Kirsty has published. She was the first person I followed way back when I joined Wattpad, I used to send her messages with pictures that a young me had badly edited for her chapter covers. It was nice to read some mindless romance. This however, this is not romance. This is abuse. Plain and simple. All characters are badly written, but this is below even the likes of Fifty Shades. This presents a controlling abusive relationship between a teenager and a young man. What starts as an over the top vomit inducing romance soon turns into something genuinly scary. Not only is the main character manipulated and forced into a relationship and a house with Carson, but she lets it slide because what…he has a cute smile? No thank you. Oh but it’s ok right becuase in the end he apologises and has a near death experience and they realise how much they love each other right? No. No it’s not okay. If anyone did to me what he did to her, I wouldn’t be thinking about showering with them, i’d be calling the police. Beyond dissapointed, but to be honest I’m more just sad that a woman who once wrote about abuse survivors could possibly think this was ok, and i’m sad that i’ll likely never purchase another book of hers after all these years.

Really lovely. Great storyline, finished the book in one day. Kirsty Moseley books are really good. Her plots are not your usual ones. Well done Kirsty.

Loved it. You did it again!. Brilliant !!!

Amazing!!. This is the first book I've read by this author and I will definitely reading more. What a page turner. The characters are so loveable, especially Carson. It made me smile throughout. It's like an adaptation of the pretty woman story, every girls dream! A must read.

Wow. Loved loved loved this book 5 stars.

Very good read!!!!!. I’m so happy I didn’t let the negative reviews stop me from reading this book. High five to the writer. Love it Love it Love I t.. Part two please

Excellent. This story is fantastic, kirsty you never disappoint your readers. I laughed and was tearful at times whilst reading this book, although the the story is a little unbelievable at times, you can't help but wish for the best. Loved it and would be nice to see what happens with Rory.

Just got this.... AMAZING ❤️. WoW. Totally hooked from the beginning. Kirsty Moseley never disappoints. Loved Emma & Carson ❤️ Ended far too soon, NEED more especially more Carson. Hope there is more to come.

Amazing book!!. Brilliant book!!! Definitely worth reading, it's amazing

Fantastic. Loved loved loved this book. Characters are fantastic, fell in love with Carson straight away. Another brilliant story. Thank you Kirsty Moseley. A joy to read. Couldn't put it down. x

Read in a day. Waiting on the next book now, please!

Poles apart from her other books in my opinion!!. Did I read the same book as these other reviewers? This was over the top sludge-Urgh! Didn't feel any real connection to the immature and annoying lead couple! Read this authors other books which are much much better and give this one a serious miss!!

Great!. I have to say that I'm a big KM fan and was looking forward to this one a lot. It did not disappoint. A world famous motorbike rider and a girl who works as a lap dancer? From reading the blurb I was excited to get to the story behind this. I was thrown straight in to a awesome story of secrets, misunderstanding and ultimately forgiveness that was super exciting and fun to read. I loved Emma. She is a young woman with a lot of responsibilities and has some hard decisions to make. Did I always agree with those decisions? No, but she is a great character with lots of depth and I can totally get where she is coming from. I love that Kirsty Moseley has a great knack for writing characters that you can truly connect with. Carson was equally as good. He is strong and stubborn but has a softer side that I really loved. There were also some other good supporting characters in the book. I particularly liked Emma's brother. He was awesome. The story flowed well with plenty of emotion and romance with some added angst which I loved. It pulled me in from the outset and had me hooked until the end. The writing, as always with KM was excellent and I was sorry when this book ended. All in all a great story from start to finish. I would definitely recommend it to all. 5 stars from me. Reviewing for Calling All Bookaholics :)

Hmmm. This book was ok but "poles apart" from Nothing Left To Lose and Enjoying The Chase. I found the storyline a bit tedious to be honest and I skipped loads towards the end. It just didn't grip me the way NLTL did.

Disappointing 😞. Let me just start by saying I'm a huge fan. I have loved almost all her books. However this book was a huge let down. I was honestly so bored I was skipping a few paragraphs! I just felt that the whole story was rushed, and just so predictable! After reading reviews like "her best work" I was exited, but when I reached half way I was utterly confused; have i been reading the same book as everyone else!

Gorgeous. Loved this book such a lovely story really made me smile

Poles apart. This book is amazing I have loved all of Kirsty moseleys books and this one didn't disappoint. The characters are easy to like and wants you to read more got this today and finished it today get it now you will love it

Piles apart * * * * *. Absolutely fantastic, couldn't put it down!!!!!! Worth a read most definitely x x x x x x x x

Love it!. Oh gosh! Could not put it down! Finished it in 3 hours! A heArtwarming, gripping, frustrating, beautiful story! Thank you Kirsty Moseley! Keep them coming please!

Fantastic 😄. Wow what a story, couldn't put it down. Absolutely loved it xx

Wow! Please make this a series! Or better yet a movie!. Am I the only one who literally had their head stuck into this book everyday... They should make this a movie I've never been so captivated!! Carson sounds like such a hottie what an amazing story I love love loved every bit of it!!!

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, BRILLIANT, LOVELY. I have been on an emotional rollercoaster reading this book!! I absolutely love it!! I am 16 and was recommended by a friend to read it and it is so great! The story is so deep and when you think everything is bad it isn't, that the character didn't realise how the man she was in love with felt! I'm not thinking about what he felt when he found out the love of his life had his daughter, we all know from the story that he was mad but if you look into the deeper picture like that tattoo etc, it makes you really think and feel so great and overcome with happiness!!

Not enough stars!. I stayed up until midnight just to download this book, and then 3 in the morning i finally finished it. This book does not deserve 5 stars, I deserves more than that! If you don't purchase this book, than you're missing out! There's many twists so that it keeps you captivated. The plot is shocking and unusual and it is so well written! Definitely my close favourite book!

Poles apart. Loved this book one f my favs couldn't put it down

Poles Apart- Kirsty Moseley. Absolutely fantastic read!

Amazing read. A lovely read from start to finish, Moseley knows how to draw you in to love a character. This book is fantastic and if you haven't read all of this authors other books there isn't one I wouldn't recommend x

Loved it. Another amazing book, well done Kirsty

A book to take your breath away. I loved this book Im hoping and praying there's a second one . Carson is one sexy as hell guy who is doing a dream job riding high on motorbikes Making millions and adored by lots of ladies . Emma is a sweet girl who took on her brother to get away from a life she didn't want to live . Doing a job she doesn't want to but rent needs to be paid . After a lot of twist and turn this book has you hooked There's not one part I could say was bad apart from it ended .

Poles apart. Amazing book!!!!! Couldn't put it down. One of her best yet!

Poles Apart. Amazing! Must read.. Kirsty Moseley never disappoints!

Wow! Wow! Wow!!. What a lovely book! Fantastic! Really enjoyed the characters relationship! 5* plus⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ gx

OMG loved This one!!!. oh wow where do i start read this in just a few hours couldn't put it down. i wish i had a carson in my life made me cry laugh and fall in love with him. Beautiful kirsty you did again.

Loved it. Amazing read in one day

Wow. Another fantastic story ..... Read it in a few hours . Really emotional in places . You won't be disappointed xx

😍😍. Wow brill book, but you expect nothing less all her books are amazing! I loved this book will recommend to any1 you won't be disappointed!

Fab. Absolutely fantastic book really connected with the characters more than a 5* read fantastic

Another great read. Couldnt put it down

Ghastly. This book was ghastly written and the characters were so annoying and immature. I gave up after 300 pages. Kirsty is better than this, not worth the £2

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Poles Apart. Really enjoyed this story, I have enjoyed all of Kirsty's books, definitely one to read!

Excellent. As always great story with good characters

Love it!. One of my favourite books!!

Loved it. I really enjoyed this book another great story could not put it down and read it in one day. Thanks for a very enjoyable read, would recommend to all.

Love love love. You never disappoint KM.....every chapter of this book it so insane....Poles apart needed a sequel.... A story that is so intense you don't want to put it down....2 hrs. Sleep and go to work is so worth it......looking for your next master piece.

Poles Apart!!. I enjoyed this book very much fantastic read...

Fantastic. I could not put this book down. Am now going to get all her other books and read them. I got lost in it.

Christine 67. Congratulations on a Another great novel by a great author Just love reading your stories , so well written and so captivating Read it in 2 nights , sad that I finished .just wanted it to keep going . Please keep them coming

Amazing, as usual. Once again I find myself blindly purchasing yet another Kirsty Moseley work of art, and not being able to put it down til the end. Not a suspense like Nothing Left To Lose but still a well written romance novel. I will continue to blindly purchase all new releases :)

Cutsie, predictable.. Not enough "juice". Highly predictable, but cute enough to bother with.

Beautiful book. Hot guys fast bikes sexy women what more could you ask for :) love all Kirsty's work

Amazing!!!!!. All your books are fantastic and I don't even read the synopsis before buying now! Can't wait for the next book you right as they are all amazing.

Poles Apart. As usual Kirtsy has you from the first page, could not put it down

Woweee. Could. Not. Put. It. Down!!! Another great book from this author!!

Another stand out. I read it in one sitting couldn't put it down. Always look forward to her books. Can't wait for the next!

Expected better. I usually love this author and everything she writes but this book was very predictable. Definitely not as good as per past work.

Amazing!!. Was so excited when I seen another book by Kirsty Moseley and this didn't disappoint, Couldn't put it down

Poles apart. Interesting but too chaste.

Worth your time.. Kirsty Moseley I really enjoyed this book. The story line was a bit out of my normal comfort. But I fell in love with this book one page at a time. Nice start to 2015.

Great read. Another wonderful book. Always look forward to this authors work and again she has produced a great read. I could not put it down Quinny Just read for the 3rd time and it just gets better.❤️

Brilliant as always. I love it brilliant writer I get so hooked that I actually loose sleep when a new book comes out because I just can't put it down its that good. Keep them coming :-)

Couldn't put it down. This book dragged me in and left me wanting more every time I put it down. Such an beautiful story of two completely lives becoming one!!

Loved it!!!. This book was really good it went back to sweet love story. I enjoyed it much better than the her other suspense type.

EXCELLENT. Loved Em and her unbreakable spirit. Great read. Thanks Kirsty

Decent. Not my favorite book by Kirsty Moseley, but definitely worth the read. Really, really wish she had included some Carson POV's.

Great, easy read. Couldn't put it down, read it in a day. Another excellent read from this author!

You did it again!. Read till the early hours of the morning! Could not put it down... Thanks for your magic!

Pools Apart. Wonderful always love your books 😊❤️❤️❤️

Just Fabulous. Couldn't put it down just a great love story. Loved the journey of the characters Emma and Carson. I wish it was longer or a sequel to this amazing story.

Poles apart. Once again Kirsty Mosley gives another fabulous book. It gets you in from the beginning with the wonderful coupling of Emma & Carson, makes it very hard to put down.

Read it all at once.. Bit sexy, good story and good longer book - not just a one hour read - Really enjoyed it.

A good predictable read. Overall was a good read. The down side it was a very predictable storyline with no a lot of depth. Not her best book but still enjoyable.

Poles apart. Great book really loved it

Just one tiny irritant. Kirsty Moseley writes a good story but having spent the last ten years watching MotoGP (the things we do for love eh!) it irritated me no end every time she called a Rider a Driver. Ride, ridden, rider, rode, you don't drive a bike.

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Summary of Poles Apart by Kirsty Moseley

The Poles Apart book written by Kirsty Moseley was published on 16 November 2014, Sunday in the New Adult category. A total of 761 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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