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Hopper: Flights, Hotels & Cars by Hopper Book Summary

The Hopper app has helped over 70 million travelers find and secure the best price on flights, hotels, homes and car rentals - each and every time they book their trips - saving its users an average of $65 per trip compared to other travel booking sites or apps. Download Hopper today to claim your $30 welcome bonus! Book Flights, Hotels, Homes & Rental Cars Find over a million flights, hotels, homes, rental cars (and cute bunnies) - all in one app. Book your trip safely and securely, in just a couple taps and a swipe. Always Get the Best Price Hopper predicts prices for flights and hotels, with 95% accuracy up to 1 year in advance. You can watch a trip right in the app and we’ll send you a notification when it’s the best time to buy — recommending you to book now, or maybe wait just a little longer. Easily Find The Cheapest Travel Dates Simply search your preferred destination and use Hopper’s color-coded deals calendar to easily find the cheapest travel dates for your trip. Not Ready to Book Right Away? Hopper lets you freeze the price, so that you never miss a travel deal. Take the time you need to finalize your plans, or wait for your next paycheck to come in - if the price goes up, you only pay the price you froze it at. But if the price goes down, you just pay the lower price. Earn Rewards, Travel More Earn money when you book with Hopper or refer your friends. Claim your rewards instantly & apply them towards any of your future trips. Unlock Exclusive Discounts Check out Hopper’s Deal Drops to gain bonus limited time discounts on top destinations that won’t be found anywhere else. Travel with Confidence Avoid fees and frustration! Make any trip flexible with Hopper’s Flexible Dates and Refundable Ticket Plans. Get instantly rebooked without extra costs if your flight is delayed or you miss a connection with Hopper’s Disruption Protection Plan. Travel stress free with 24/7 access to Hopper’s Customer Support. Help the Planet, One Booking at a Time. With every booking that occurs on Hopper, we pledge to plant 4 trees to offset the carbon footprint. To date, we’ve planted over 28 million trees. Hopper has no ads, no spam, and no stress — just accurate predictions and travel deals. So what are you waiting for? Start saving money with the bunny today. Download Hopper for free now, and let’s start planning your next trip! Hopper Love • “The 10 Best Free Apps for Air Travel Junkies” - TIME • “The Most Downloaded OTA in the U.S. in 2021” - Apptopia • “The app helps travelers find the cheapest flights, hotels and rental cars.” - The Points Guy • “Compared to exact searches on Expedia, Kayak and Orbitz, we regularly found that the deal quoted on Hopper was the best” - Travel and Leisure • “Hopper can be a better option than direct booking for those who need more flexibility.” - The Wall Street Journal • “Find me a hotel on Hopper!” - The Late Late Show with James Corden • “Travel Unicorn Hopper First Came for Expedia. Airbnb Is Next” - TechCrunch • “Hopper is committed to offsetting the carbon emissions of every flight and hotel stay it sells.” - Forbes, The Top 100 Most Customer-Centric Companies of 2022 Say Hello to the Bunnies Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hoppertravel Instagram: @hopper Twitter: @hopper Website: http://www.hopper.com Need support? Head over to https://help.hopper.com to find answers to frequently asked questions.

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Book Name Hopper: Flights, Hotels & Cars
Genre Travel
Language English
E-Book Size 219.94 MB

Hopper: Flights, Hotels & Cars (Hopper) Book Reviews 2023

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It’s great. It’s good app refer to all

great app!. really convenient.

Cheapest app on the app store. Best prices no cappery

When it hits, it hits!. Deals do roll in. My go to place for the best rates. They also give you pretty cool daily discounts ect

Are you kidding me!!!!. These people are not only advertising rooms that aren’t even available for the price they listed, they also tried to keep part of the deposit that was made even though the booking was cancelled and we purchased the no cancel protection. Beware because they are false advertising.

Hopper. This app has helped so much with getting the best deals!

Eezy peezy with great savings. I absolutely love the ease of using this app and always saving money. At times I don’t always have specific plans and have to schedule things on the fly. Hopper makes things so much more easier and fluid.

Okay for hotels. Flights: NO. I have booked hotels through hopper on multiple occasions. It does give a cheaper price then the retailers would. I have had no issues checking into my hotel when booking with hopper. I needed a name change on my reservation and I contacted support and they said they were able to help me and got it sorted out. Upon hotel check in, the hotel did not have this change. So the card paid didn’t match the person checking in. The hotel took care of us. Not sure that hopper did. It wasn’t a huge inconvenience because it worked out, if the hotel didn’t work with us on this mistake then it would have been a big issue. I have tried to book flights twice on hopper now. Once over a year ago and once today. The first time, I paid and was charged but I got the error that my request could not be completed. I contacted support, waited a few days, and got my refund. My flight was never booked. I just tried to book a round trip today- same thing. Request could not be completed at checkout. I was charged. And the flight is not booked. I read that charges will drop in 6hrs. It has been more than 6 and still no refund or dropped charges. This should still not being an ongoing issue over a year later. Where is your IT team??? Hopper, you have such potential to be a great app. Fix the flight issues. FREE 24/7 customer service. And correspond with the place/airline your guests have booked and email them a confirmation that comes directly from the entity that was booked.

Great customer service. Great customer service

First Trip Book. Great prices, and the freeze options works wonders!

Review. Heard about hopper and I couldn’t of chose anything better

Convenient. I booked a flight on this application for the first time then when the payment went through after they had sent a verification to my email I had noticed I left out a letter on my email so I talked to a support agent and she quickly was able to send another email to my correct email with no trouble.

Getaway. Easy to use for booking, constant updates

Muy buena. Bueno descuento

Fantastic!. Love saving money on flights!

cool with me. nice and cheap

Hopper app. It’s great

Love the app!. I use the Hopper app all the time.it’s the first place I look when thinking about buying flights.

Don’t book with them. Do not give refunds try and force you to pay to get in touch with customer support this is absolutely absurd. I’m never using them again I would give 0 stars if I could. I had a rental that I never got to use due to flight delay they will not give me a refund or reach out regarding this matter

No help unless you pay. I tried to book with a friend. The friend made a mistake so I immediately went back in and updated mine. (I had an hour to do so) I started receiving both itineraries and now I’m only receiving the original one. You can’t get hopper to help unless you pay for it.

Hopper, unable to follow their own directions. I recently reserved a hotel room for an event we have coming up at the end of March. I paid the higher price so that I could pay on-site the weekend of our stay. Upon booking, My debit card was immediately charged the full price. I sent an email to customer support on January 25. I received back an automated email that said they would be in touch within 24 to 48 hours. I did not pay the additional charge for customer support so I can only assume that is the reason I have yet to receive a response as of February 10. I have, however, received two emails that says they have not forgotten about me. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Unless you like taking chances with your money, I strongly suggest an alternate booking company! Reservation #6KNFXXSVBGBG Update: After nearly 2 months of trying to reach customer service & receive a refund for the difference i over paid, I have been told there is nothing they can do for me!!! DO NOT USE THIS APP!!!!!

Stole money. Booked a week stay and paid in advance when I get to the hotel they’re asking for another 800$. I ask them to cancel and my transaction is waiting to be refunded I still need a hotel book another one and once the payment goes through an error code pops up and my payment is taken but the app doesn’t show my booking… took another 800 from me and I get to the hotel the guy doesn’t have my reservation. There’s no way to contact support without one. And even with a reservation don’t expect to get help unless you pay 20$ for a live rep. This app is truly horrible and intentionally set up to lure and take peoples money with no phone number or viable way to contact support. For 1-2 nights maybe worth the risk but I would not recommend for extended stays. I’m going to find a way to get my money back

Great app!. Great app to search various aspects of a trip!

Useful too but no Customer Service support. I previously used this app often for flight details but noticed recently that you can no longer look at individual airlines for prices under Flight Watches. It now gives you basic info that really does not help you. Also, the link in the app to contact Customer Support does not work. I will be looking for another app

10/10 would recommend!!. I’m new to the travel scene and am on a super tight budget so this app has been so helpful to find the best deals!!!

Filled with Micro Charges. This app may get you a good flight deal for marginally cheaper prices than other places but drastically makes it worse by trying yo charge you for every detail afterwards. Even things that you don’t have to pay for like your plane getting delayed, thats covered by the airline you are with, you don’t have to give hopper 30 bucks to change your flight. They are just hoping you don’t know that. Also ever since I gave this app my email I have been nonstop bombarded by spam emails that bypass my spam folder because hopper sold my info and signed me up for a bunch of random web newsletters. Use this app to find cheap flights then buy them elsewhere.

Sneaky Fee’s. i recently purchased a flight using the hopper app the process of picking my flight was smooth but when you try to check out you get bombarded with add ons I took my time to make sure to decline every add on that I didn’t need and when I swiped for my purchase it said I would be charged $307.59thats with tax and the cost the flight it self was cheap the part that bothered me was the receipt I received showed a fee for “vip” support and a $5 tip which brought me to a grand total of 337.59 I never agreed to any of this and the fact that you stated to me one price and send a receipt for the other is a robbery and a terrible way to treat new customers

Makes you pay before even booking your flight. I tried to book a flight with them because they appear to have the best offers, but instead of just letting me buy the ticket, they made me “freeze the price” even though I was trying to buy immediately. The least amount I could pay was $38 and when I finally tried to book my flight I got a message saying it was no longer available. They said that I would be refunded what I paid to “freeze” but based on other reviews I’m skeptical.

Love. Saves me so much money

Hey. Really resonable

Great but messy. LOVE the app I use it for all my bookings but wish I could line up my hotels when I’m searching the map

Mr Anthony. Great deals

Same prices as in enother apps. The same prices as in other apps, but they try to impose a lot of unnecessary options for a large additional fees

Very accessible. The hopper app is great for on the go booking with a wide variety of options to choose from at the push of a button.

All travel. I use hopper for all my flight and hotel stays. So far, it’s been the best option Thanks Hopper! 😊

Great. Great

Great prices. Great prices easy to navigate

007. Greatttttr!

No customer service.. If I could give Hopper zero stars I would. Somehow, I accidentally booked a car while checking out prices. I went to cancel and I couldn’t on the app. So I contact customer support and they said it would take 7-10 days for an answer. For a simple answer. It’s not that difficult. Called the company the car was booked at, the company said they could cancel but would still have to talk to Hopper to get the refund. At this point, I know the rental can be cancelled so what are they waiting on? I found a number to call but it just says to go on the app. Very frustrating. Get Expedia to book things through. I’ve never had any issues with them.

Best app I found in a while only if I knew how to take money of my account. Great just wanna know how I’d be able to use the money on my account

You’re the best. You’re the best you’re

Left without hotel booking. I had planned a trip with my boys had a long drive and when we finally arrived to the hotel to check in they told me my hotel booking was cancelled without my permission. I contacted costumer service( paid $6 extra for the vip costumer service) they told me that in fact my booking was cancelled without my authorization and I didn’t even get an email saying that my hotel was cancelled . All the hotels near my destination were completely booked so I had to find another hotel that was 4 hours from my destination. It’s been 10 days and I Still haven’t received the refund for the hotel.

Charge to account but no ticket received. I went through the booking process and swiped to book a flight but then it told me that an error happened. So it didn’t give me a ticket and charged my account hundreds of dollars. I can’t undo this charge and there is no customer support to help me. If you are thinking this might be a good app to save a couple bucks you will find yourself losing hundreds and not getting tickets

Hopper. Amazing customer service. Jean L. Helped me and was wonderful to work with. I will recommend Hopper to everyone I know for easy, cheap, flights.

Amazing!. I would definitely recommend this app because of how great it is and it gives you free money!

Watch Out! Sketchy offers are included. Many offers on Hopper are good but some are downright sketchy. Hopper should exclude these offers from their application. I used Hopper to book a flight from Bengaluru (India) to New York, via Tokyo, on Japan Airlines. Hopper said to proceed to the Japan Airlines website to find all the information I needed and to check in for the flight. When I got to the Japan Airlines Website, it was difficult to navigate so I gave up and hoped I could trust Hopper and Japan Airlines. On the day of the flight, I tried to check in on the Japan Airlines website but they had no record of my confirmation number. This is India so I assumed that they just wanted me to go to the ticket counter at the airport. Fortunately, this was the case. At the ticket counter, they confirmed my ticket and everything would have turned out fine until they discovered I had only two COVID-19 vaccinations instead of three. Because I had a 12-hour layover in Japan, the Japanese government required three vaccinations. The Japan Airlines ticket-counter supervisor told me that they don’t offer refunds and that I need to contact Hopper. Hopper told me that they couldn’t process my refund, I needed to contact Japan Airlines. This is sketchy business practice on both Hopper’s part and Japan Airlines’ part. In my opinion they’re working together out of greed alone and they both don’t really care about their customers’ experiences. Will I ever get a refund? It doesn’t seem likely. Watch out! Don’t take any offer that Hopper won’t refund.

Simplemente la mejor!. 🥳Siempre que necesito buscar carro, hotel... etc de todoooo!!! es la mejor APP 🤩5⭐️porque encuentro todo en una sola APP no tengo que estar comparando precios porque aquí en Hopper encuentro el mejor precio, indudablemente y hago todo una 💪🏻 🤩 ME FACINA 5⭐️ ✋🏻⭐️♾️

Great idea. Love this app. I have learned to actually use it. The more you use it the better. I was in Daytona area in the winter for family things. First hotel booking was about $15 more HOWEVER some of the hotels said they were booked and I got in anyway with the hopper recommended hotel. The next visit I saved the original $15 plus another $10. So $25 in total. Same thing each additional time. I save on average $25. They have great reviews on their hotels too. What a phenomenal idea this Hopper app is. Constantly searching for the cheapest flight for you. Love it

Vegas Tropicana. Great price Thank you Enjoying freeze option so far

AMAZING. Saved us so much money! Got an expensive hotel for just $27/night. This app is for real! Does flights too!

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Best App. Quick and easy

Great app.. Simple and fun to use!

Service. App is so easy to use.

AVOID AT ALL COSTS. I seen all the tik toks about how good this app is, saves you money, you can freeze the prices ect….I arrived at my hotel in Milan for them to have no recollection of my booking, again when I arrived in como the same, I paid for both of these hotels and the money has gone out my bank, the support says they will get back to you in 24/48 hours, what use is that when you’re abroad and no where to stay! I have also not heard a thing from customer service in over a week

Booking. Super great price !!!

Pretty dreadful. I used hopper for the first time. My hotel booking didn’t work “oops, there was a problem”. So I tried again and got the same message. However, i looked in my banking app which informed me that my account had been debited each time. So I used the online help facility and it goes round in circles with no way of actually contacting customer services. Very frustrating and …. Do I have a room or not? 🤷‍♂️

Niki. Really is super app

Fantastically helpful!. This app is especially helpful for me. I’m a touring entertainer so this has been my most used app ❤️

Complicated. but fun

Use hotels.com. Rubbish app, I accidentally put in wrong email address then i tried to change email but would not let me log in. I kept trying and trying then i apparently went over my sms limit on login. Tried to contact customer svcs but you have to upgrade to vip to get anything sorted. Absolutely rubbish im going back to using hotels.com. Simple, uncomplicated and customer services on the end of a phone

Rioda1626336. Not bad

Hasn’t let me down so far. It definitely has the best hotel deals!!! Thank you!

Neutral (?not lucky with hotels). Booked for a hotel using the app. Money got detected from my card, but the app went off (error try again) with no confirmation on the first time. Did it again for another hotel, money detected and the reservation didn’t go through. No clear customer service in the app. @ hopper support (were very helpful, thank you) Money is back in my card (<10 hrs).

Will charge you and then say the hotel is sold out. Tried multiple times to book on this app. Prices go up and down by the minute. Booked a hotel and was told that it’s no longer available, was charged £350 regardless and then the hotel went up by £50 a night in which it had to be booked again - I’ve not got any money now I’ve been charged! Absolute scam!

Nothing special. Hotels are cheaper on booking.com and flights cheaper on Skyscanner.

You’ll be overpaying!. Checked for a hotel that I’d just booked through Booking.com moments before - Hopper was more expensive. Checked for a flight that I’d bought yesterday - Hopper was more expensive. The whole point of the app is to give you the cheapest possible rates and it doesn’t. So it’s a waste of time and useless app.

A lot more expensive. Most of hotels are a lot more expensive than on original Hotels website. I would be overpaying 100£ more for 2 nights on Hopper than directly with hotel. Dont fall for this scam, double check real prices before booking. They make you think you are getting a deal, but you are not.

Cheap prices. Referrals work

Hi. Hui

SCAM. When we booked we were told our hotel would be £50 (with discounts). Hopper have taken £50 off me but after booking and reading the reviews I decided to contact the hotel to make sure they had my booking. They had my booking but said they’ve not received any payment and said the room is £80. I’ve been trying to contact Hopper since 22nd Jan but still not heard anything. They want an additional £7 plus to have “priority support” they are not getting one more penny of my money. I am now having to contact my bank to report the scam

Great. I love it

hotels. perfect

Best appreciation. 🔥🔥

User friendly. Easy to use, user friendly. Not always sure how accurate it is but it’s good give or take a hundred bucks

Amazing. Gd

Great app, saved lots of money through hopper. Only reason I’m not giving a 5* is I tried to reach out for help and it’s been a month and I’ve still heard nothing… other than that I’m really happy with the app.

Estupendo. 🙂vrvh

Great app and even better customer service. Only thing I would change it’s where you see the watching flights. Sometimes can’t find it or cancel the watch flights and keep getting notifications

Be careful ❗️. I bought a flight through this app and the class offered on the app and the one showing on the actual Airlines company is different. I bought a flight with luggage included but then when I claim it to hopper customer service, they end up offering vouchers for the price of your luggage but that can only be used in future purchases ….? I say I don’t want a voucher, I want what I paid for, however they say it is not a option…??? Seriously? Also, this conversation has been happening for almost 2 weeks. If I want a faster answer, I have to pay 25 usd for a vip customer service in order to get someone giving some proper attention. Also, nothing has been sorted yet and the flight is in the next days…. How frustrating and time consumption for nothing.

Misleading. Your app states that this hotel includes Breakfast here but when checking in, it isn’t included Thai is trades description as you should say available not included if it isn’t 1st and last time

Avoid like the plague. All glossy branding and no substance, their customer service is none existent. It’s ok as a flight search app (the constant notifications are pushy and annoying though). I had a confirmed hotel booking completely fall through and hopper have been ignoring me for 3 weeks regarding the issue.

Mr.p0. Use

Great app. I love this app and how it shows the cheapest and times for flights. I always use it to find out what I want to do and the carrot cash is an added bonus

Get this App. Your being Silly if you don’t download this and use it! For example: - booked a hotel in Thailand for £3. - got the best deal on a flight to Australia. Beating all other App’s and platforms I use.

Easy to use. I like the app, but the ability to search combined hotel and flights prices would be perfect, and make me more inclined to make my purchase through Hopper! Great sign up bonuses and go on reddit for a referral code for extra coupons!!

horrible customer service. I emailed them for a refund of my booking more than a month ago and never heard from them.

Can’t fault it!. Booked a room in a hotel in front of the reception, clicked buy, approached the desk and it was already with them 🤷🏼‍♂️

Rubbish and Potentially Fraudulent App. I went to use this app for the first time today. I got to the end of the hotel booking process and just got a message on screen saying the reservation couldn’t be confirmed and to try making another booking - but the app still took payment from my card for the attempted booking. Then I tried to contact customer service to dispute the charge, but all I got was a “server error”. What a fraud!

Amazing. Always fab prices and easy to use

Lauren. Amazing prices 🤍🤍🤍

Good options but not always cheaper. Was sold to me as an option for cheap hotels/deals, but often find Kayak has better deals in comparison. Big fan of the rewards though.

20£ DISCOUNT USING THE COCE victore4cp. Use the code victore4cp to get 20£ discount in your account!

Gregory. Great app

Refundable hotel stay became non-refundable. Booked hotel stay which was supposed to be refundable until check in (confirmation email said this) but app would not allow refund. Customer support didn’t work through the app. No email to contact Hopper. And I don’t use Twitter. Find to book through but don’t rely on refundable stay

Very bad customer service. I am waiting for refund from almost 1 month and half

Scam. Booked hotel with free cancellation but when I changed my mind and cancelled it I got e-mail that my booking was non refundable ! Scammers avoid !

Hotel Search is shocking with really poor UI and prices are inflated. I’ve had this app for all of about 20 minutes. The Hotels side is shocking, I noticed instantly as a frequent traveler that prices where at a premium even hiding the real cost in faint smaller writing. Hopper you’re aware your selling to the public right? I get the impression the only way you’ll benefit from discounts is by being somewhere higher up the referral pyramid, I don’t see any value here. When you search for example Manchester on any Date and it offers you hotels 60~100KM away, a few in Stoke-On-Trent without the facility to define a distance limit. My god has this apps been thrown together.

Hooper app. Easy to use. Helps you find good deals. Very straight forward. Give it a try.

Deposit taken for 10 seconds. I booked one room at a hotel using this app and then tried to book a second. I paid the £41 deposit for the second room and seconds later I was told that there were no rooms available at my hotel. I was offered a refund, which I took only to be told it will be 5-10 business days for the refund to come back to my account. This is a ridiculous policy. You forced me to pay a deposit for a room that is unavailable! Also, the transactions on my booking do not match the amounts taken from my bank account. They are confusing and contain a lot of hidden fees. I will not be using you again.

Great. Easy to use

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so convenient. I’ve been using hopper for almost a year now and it’s made travelling so much easier for me. Me and my bf are long distance so we are constantly booking flights to see one another. The app is simple which I like and easy to navigate, if I don’t have an upcoming flight on my homepage I feel like my life’s a mess. anyways I defs recommend :)

yasmin. awful, don't buy from it It has taken my mind money but the booking still pending, they don't have any costumer service at all,do not trust please guys it's a fake app.

Where’s my money. I can’t afford for another flight give me my money back!!

Scam. I lost $300 and i tried to booked hotel and they took 2k from my account this is scam !!!!!!! Dont ever try to use this app!!!!!

Useful for trip planning. Thanks for offering this service, i am using the flight tracker push notifications, the problem i have the currency is RT, while i have AUD and English in settings of the app and phone.

My number one flight finder took. I always use hopper to book my next flight! I find the best deals and have never had any issues, I’ve been using Hopper for years and I couldn’t book without this app!

The most useless app ever. I’ve never used such a useless app ever. I was basically charged for nothing. The car rental company from the Hopper wasn’t there to give me the car, the so called Hopper “VIP” customer help couldn’t be more useless, their best offer was to cancel the booking!! I had to rent a car at the airport at 3 times the price for one night. the rental company from the app cancelled the initial booking and booked again and charged me extra $100 for insurance …. These were all without considering the stress on the first day of our holiday with two kids at 9pm!! Simply Don’t use this app. Go direct to the car rentals or use other and more responsible apps.

Promises the world. Fails to deliver.. Hopper promised cheap flights. Yet when you try to book them, they are unavailable. Extremely frustrating and not as promised.

excellent app!!. makes things so easy, is user friendly, great discounts, no catch!!! win win win in my books

Excellent Travel App. I have booked several trips in this app and hotel stays and even car hire have had no problems and would highly recommend the app.

Hopper. Excellent layout allows you to scan for flights by date

Unreal. Grouse app

Love it!. Love it! ☺️

Hotel booking. I got a $45.00 discount ,great thanks😊😊😊

Awesome app. Affordable hotels with great holiday deals!

Excellent. Excellent

Misleading and dodgy. READ THE REVIEWS BEFORE YOU INSTALL THIS APP! Do not book on this app! They make it look like you’re getting a great deal but it’s actually more expensive. Price freeze function is absolutely useless ! Very sneaky with all the default tipping and extra service fees. if you don’t pay attention and deselect them you’ll end up paying so much more for nothing!!! Plus unlike other reliable apps, this one charges money WITHOUT ASKING FOR CONFIRMATION!

Put this to use.. It’s a good app and easy to use.

Needs a direct support team for flights. The app wont let me contact support for my flights, which I’m trying to modify. The only way to contact support is if I access flight details, which the app is not letting me do.

Very confusing. I don’t understand the whole payment and insurance thing but I paid twenty dollars extra for 100% money back guarantee etc and also paid a hundred dollars more then what it said it would be to what came out of my bank totally different figures. And what’s with the hopper wallet I honestly do not understand this app.

Revue. Good for the kids.

SCAM - DO NOT USE HOPPER. I thought this app/site was to good to be true - long story short, it is. I booked a room here for two nights at the star casino in Sydney, I booked a TWO bedroom suite & thought I’d check with the hotel after booking through hopper that they got my booking. They did but it was just a standard room.. not even a 1 bedroom suite. After days and days back and forth with the “help” email (and them taking Atleast 1-2 days to reply.. and then a new person each time asking to describe the whole situation) nothing was resolved. The day of my hotel I was so stressed as I booked this for my family and they kept completely ignoring the fact that the Incorrect room was booked by hopper. The hopper team were so insensitive and unprofessional. They completely ignored that my booking was wrong and did absolutely nothing about it. I had to name a completely new booking at the hotel and lost all my money of my booking from hopper. Fast forward to a week after and they messaged back saying they would compensate with $100 refund, my booking through hopper was over $800 and the disgusting refund of “$100” was never even processed. I know how good this app looks but it is the biggest SCAM. Please save your MONEY, time and energy and do not use this site or app.

Hopper booked me in inferior room to what I paid for. Hopper booked me in an inferior room, contacted hotel they showed me what I booked and what hopper booked me in was different. It is impossible to get a response from them, they do not reply to emails or web enquiry. They also charge you if you want priority support! Why is there no zero stars?

BEWARE - costs more then other sites. I got tricked! I booked a hotel with Hooper because they claimed the hotel was $250 with their intro hooper cash discount. They then had a you won a prize. Try our freeze and it will come off your booking. So I checked it out. Then when I went to book - BAM all the extra charges come out. Taxes - Tip - Support fee (Who would have thought you had to pay to speak with someone) But because you did the freeze with them your already committed to their site. The booking total then came to $313 Australian dollars.Because they charge in $US i paid a total of $327. The hotel on ever other site was $320. It’s scammy to pretend your cheaper. And then hit people with unexpected charges. I have closed my account already. And will be going back to sites that don’t use these tactics and the price is the price

Value of money and client services. 10/10 Flexible to use, better choices with flights and hotels Quick responses Hassle free and very easy to use!!

Review. It’s so amazing 🥰

Best Prices Around. Can’t beat it!

Impressed. Actually impressed with Hopper! I seem to book all my flights with Hopper rather than with the direct carriers. I travel a lot and mostly on short notice trips too. Hopper helps finds the best deals while I'm working. Based on my urgency I just book the best found on hoppers, which is found to be the cheapest I have researched anyways.

Misleading. Do not use this app, it is terribly misleading and borderline fraudulent. You have been warned.

Great app. I love this app so good for comparing flights and easy to use. Only downside is it takes forever to load

Value for money. Well presented accommodation Lovely reception staff Prime location Value for money

Too confusing. App looks good but once you start searching it is way too confusing and scary. Going back to my previous loving app again

Cheaper than Agoda. I’ve always used Agoda in all my hotel bookings, but when I tried Hopper, everything changed. They’re way better in terms of prices!

Fake app. Fake app. Shows you amazing discounts but when you go to book, the price automatically tripled saying sorry this deal is expired. Here’s some others and none coke close to the original advertised price. Was about delete it but decided to review first so everyone knows

Great app so far. Awesome features and easy to navigate!

Can’t connect to server. This app is unusable. I continually have an error message saying ‘Uh-Oh connection trouble’. There’s nothing wrong with my connection - all my other apps work! Epic fail.

I want my money back!. I went to book a flight and swiped to pay, once I swiped I instantly received a pop-up notification that said "oh no something went wrong", I then received a notification from my bank stating that I was charged for the flight, however the app doesn't recognise this and thinks I didn't book. I also haven't received any emails about the flight. HOOPER PLEASE HELP!

Bugs, pushy upselling. I’ve tried to book a flight using Hopper twice, months apart using different cards. Both times, hopper has charged my account and the booking has failed. There is no customer service unless you make a successful booking, and this can leave you without enough money to book another flight until the pending charge expires. Also, the default tip and upselling doesn’t sit well with me.

The refund is only available as credits in app. Don't purchase in the app, the credit is only returned as credit in the app. As a result, u will miss other better deal in airlines official websites or apps

Do not use this app. Borderline criminal advertising. I have a law degree and been traveling for 10 years. This is the worst customer service experience. Waiting 24 hours for an email response and hours for a response after paying for the upgrade. The freeze is a complete joke, looking like you are putting down a deposit for 24 hours to hold a price when it looks like you are booking. No confirmations and hard to even find the booking or freeze on the app. The hotel was nothing like the description to the point I have screen shots to prove this.

Couldn’t book and no one to contact. This is a useless app be careful how do you contact someone I couldn’t book a flight kept telling me I was timed out I couldn’t possible done it any faster so had to go and book from the company I flew with BE CAREFUL

Different, but works. It’s different than other apps, but it does work, it’s a little confusing, and also doesn’t pass your details onto the hotel which was an issue when a hotel needed to get in touch with me and they only had the contact details for Hopper.

Great deals and easy to navigate. Great deals and easy to navigate

Great. Great app

No thanks!!. After reading all the reviews I think I’ll pass on using this App! I’m so glad to have read all the horrible stories about this App and am so happy to be taking the advice that everyone leaves! Please read the reviews and save yourselves the headaches and heartaches AND $$$$! No thanks, NEXT!!!

Limited search. Pretty useless app if you are searching for flights for a family of 7 or more. Will only search max of 6 passengers.

App looks scary. Apparently cheap flights and hotels but the app looks so scary navigating through and so many pages to get through. Read past reviews but I’m deleting this app, I’d rather use the Jetstar app if I had to book a Jetstar flight (and not via hopper) Deleted app!

Beware. Read the fine print. Advertised freeze price doesn’t contain hotel taxes & service fee. If you leave a deposit to secure a price freeze it is not refundable so basically you’re paying for nothing. Appalling will never use this ap again.

Great site . So easy to use.. My first time using this site. Found it so easy to navigate.

Flight delay guarantee useless. Failed to address problem with flight delay guarantee. Don't bother buying it. Did not offer any form of solution or compensation for 7 1/2 hour delay. Very frustrating – wondered if I was speaking to a bot at times. Won't use Hopper again.

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So easy, great service!. Love this app for watching flight prices. Also, in 2021 when things were crazy and flights were canceled left, right and center, the hopper team processed my refund very quickly and helped me re-book. Friends and family waited months for refunds and credits on Expedia

Great info at my fingertips. I enjoy using this app. It’s easy to use and I like that it does the searches for you.

My referral code is JULIANA10. I recommend the app hopper! I had booked more than 9 hotels so far. No issues at all. check-in. I was travelling around Asia and thanks to hopper I got great deals and save money.

Easy as pie. I suffer from anxiety/depression and I had a problem when looking for the best prices between all the different airlines. Hopper took care of all that stress and found me the best flights. I have been booking flights through hopper on a regular basis

Les meilleurs prix sont ici. J’ai toujours trouvé les meilleurs prix sur Hopper. Je profite des rabais instantanés et cumulés ainsi que des promotions quand elles se présentent.

A good app. They have done a lot of upgrades since I first downloaded the app. There are lots of options to choose from. I use it whenever I’m planning a trip.

Im about to “hop in” a tesla. model 3 sr or the Model Y… hmmm i wonder if a model S would ever come available

This app is pure crap. This app is pure crap. It force you to buy a so called ‘vip’ service if you want to get an answer from them. But when you do, they only send you standard emails to apologize and they are hopeless. They basically charge you to give you a “sorry” email. Avoid at all cost. Use anything else! Kayak, Expedia, Booking.com, air BnB or anything else!

Stay away !. Scammers. Never got a “full refund” even though I payed extra for it when I asked for a detailed receipt they just stop to answer me.

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. I booked through this app thinking it was going to be convenient yet when I arrived at the hotel they said they didn't have any rooms available. I tried to get a refund and never got one. I've been trying to contact someone BUT THEY HAVE NO EMAIL OR PHONE NUMBER! and charge you 12$ on the app to get support!!!!!!! This whole app is a scammm and I will NEVER use them again!!!!!!!!

Best app for life on the go!. Love the updates Best rates Booked 3 times in a week of having app.

really great!. I’ve used Hopper every time I travel. Never had a problem whatsoever. Really recommend it.

Tried for first time and didn’t work. Browsed through some hotel deals for a staycation, when I clicked on one I was interested in and joined a team buy it said the deal was no long there but gave me other options..I chose one of the optioned and tried booking and it still failed and said it wasn’t able to. Disappointed

Good. Good

Great app. I love this app!!

Hopper App. Very good but be very careful when you click. You think you are previewing the flights you have chosen, but they book it right away, if you have booked other flights before, BECAUSE they already have all your info, so be careful.

😍. Absolutely recommend this app!

Awesome deals. Great website n deals i love ut!! Great experience going to Florida for the first time 😍

Literally my Favourite app ever. I have never had better experience for customer service and ease of use

Very good app. The app is super simple and easy to use. We can always have the best deal, now me and my boyfriend only use this app to go at the hotel or to travel.

Great!. Easy to use. Very handy.

Danilc. Easy to use. Cheapest prices

NOT A SCAM BUT SURE FEELS LIKE IT. I’ve been booking flights with Hopper for atleast 10 years but lately they have been cancelling flights and then they give you an option that’s unacceptable compared to your original flight. And then when you request a better flight, they ignore you and just rebook the flight with the option that you didn’t confirm. I don’t think it’s the companies intent to do that but I believe it’s the customer service’s fault who does it to make their job easier. I would not recommend Hopper to anyone, maybe 10 years ago when they actually cared about their customers.

Excellent travel site!. Love Hopper, easy to navigate and book all your travel needs.

Not impressed. feels like I was scammed I booked for a specific room and I got a totally different room and cancellation unfortunately doesn’t work the best When it comes to getting hold of customer service, it’s impossible

The best. Hopper is the best and easiest app to look for the best deals on flights and hotels. We used it in Greece and it was perfect!

Never used it. Never used this app. Want money.

Parfait🙌🏻. Je l’ai utilisé durant 3mois à travers l’asie!! Bon prix, bel endroit, bon rabais et surtout facile à utiliser!!!

Great and trustworthy. I enjoy having my bookings all in one place and knowing my booking is secure and trustworthy.

Garbage app. It’s a rouse. They predict prices to fall so you wait it out. But then everything just keeps going up. So just book when the price works for you. Don’t rely on this junk

Great app. Love it and it's easy to use

SCAM!. What a scam… an app selling itself as offering the best deals on hotels etc. - you won’t save money here. You will either pay the same or more than other booking sites like Expedia and the like. Do yourself a favour and read sections ‘5.4.5 Taxes’ and ‘5.5.6 Taxes and Fees’ in their Terms and Conditions. They basically explain that they charge you taxes and “fees” (which are not broken down by the way) to cover any potential costs they may incur from the hotel but if they don’t incur any extra costs they will just keep that extra money or “fee” you have paid. At the end of the day the total price of your room will end up costing you about the same as all the other booking sites offer or potentially more! (I compared). Avoid this app and just stick to google to find the best prices!

Meh. Deals not as good as advertised but it is a convenient booking resource.

Vol avec notification. Vous avise vraiment intéressant pour suivi!

great. very practical

Highly Recommended. Five Stars- Great Deals!

AVOID. AVOID. AVOID.. I wish I could give 0 stars. I booked my trip to Boston months in advance and my flight was rescheduled by the airline. Not their fault. However, when I contacted them to see what they can do for me, I had a relatively quick email response from Mohammad. He suggested a new flight time that I was happy with, but I asked if there would be any additional fees. He said he would get back to me shortly. This was March 6. Today is March 14. I’ve attempted to contact him through email 3 separate times and he’s completely ghosted me. I made a new request on the app to have it looked at, which a new gentleman Ziaur responded “allow me a moment to review you case history and I’ll get back to you with an update.” Nothing heard since. They have no phone number to contact. The only way to reach out to them is email and it take them eons to respond. They say the wait time is 48 hours but I’ve been waiting more than a week. This is the first time I’ve used Hopper and will most definitely be the last. PS. ALL THESE REVIEWS LOOK COMPLETELY FAKE?! How is this a real company?!?!

Car rental. After checking through several car rental companies, Hopper found a good rate for me. Certainly saved me money.

Terry Dupuis. Great people to deal with, they helped me with changing from one Hampton to another, great staff

Youpi! Hopper. Nous aide beaucoup pour la planification de nos voyages.

SCAMMER APP BEWARE !!!!!!. They will make a false booking ans you will never get back your refund. Beware of TIN, AGNES, PRINCESS, They will just waste your time and make excuses. report this app so that app store turns it down. THE RATING THEY HAVE IS FAKE AS WELL

New User. Just using based on feedback from a friend, seems to be best pricing. Will need to use a few more times but first hand experience has been good. Stay tuned!

Great way to save!. Super easy to use and great way to save money on hotels

Great tool & prices. Been enjoying using this app- simplifies travel plans what & do you need to go allows greater flexibility

Decent prices and deals. It’s not super user friendly but the deals r great and the hopper cash accumulates pretty fast! I don’t love all the added costs but do like how you can opt out.

Great. Love hopper. Great deals

Super aidant. Service attentionné

Price increase. I think is good, but already happened to me twice!!! I was about to swipe to pay and then a message that fares went up x amount within those seconds!!! On the other hand, I did a purchase/trip, I had ALL kind of problems that you can have and you don’t want to happen with your family and I fortunately I purchased ahead of time all the insurances and precautions: they were useless AND NOBODY GIVES THE FACE OR VOICE. What it make it worse, I manage to claim a discount/reimbursement from the airline and guess what? The reimbursement is done to the one who paid them. And guess what? Impossible to get a hold of anyone!!!

Best flight app out there. Everything about this app is great. From freezing fares until you can buy them to letting you know when the best time to buy is. Incredible!

Great Service. Hopper Service is great. Only gave it 4 stars because the app has become somewhat busy. So many pop ups and dialog boxes just to get to what you need.

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