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My Dragon Masters by Krystal Shannan Book Summary

***Book 2 in BESTSELLING Sanctuary, Texas Series!***

My body burns with a hunger I can’t describe. 
I’ll do anything to find them and so will the beast that lives inside me.
I don’t know how much time has passed. 
I don’t know where I am or where I’m going, I just know that two men are waiting for me and that I belong with them. 

FIRE AND ICE in the ultimate reunion story. Two men. One woman. More passion than your eReader can handle.

Let Sanctuary, Texas take you on a heart-pounding-toe-curling ride into a town of fantastical creatures and a war for world domination you won't soon forget.

My Dragon Masters (Krystal Shannan) Book Reviews

A "MAGICKAL" DELIGHT !!!Wowza! I love it! My Dragon Masters is the second novel in Krystal Shannan's action packed series-Sanctuary, Texas and it is AWESOME! Shannan's boundless imagination, incredible talent and unique style shine brightly in this powerful story of loss, bravery, courage, determination, hope, recovery, healing and love - paranormal style. The story is original, exciting, powerful, compelling, thrilling, heart wrenching, romantic, seductive, arousing, sensual and steamy. The dialog is smart, well written and flows beautifully. The characters are imaginative, captivating, fascinating, intriguing, engaging and sexy as sin! They are quite literally, out of this world! They jump off the page, grab your imagination and capture your heart. Vampires! Lycans! Dragons! Pixies! Brownies! Sirens! Witches! Lamassu! Djinn! And a whole lot more! And who doesn't love dragons, especially when they are beautiful, sexy and handsome.....Right? Identical twin dragons, Miles and Eli Blackmoor have suffered for a millennium without their beloved mate, Diana Karlson Blackmoor. She was beaten and raped on the same bloody stone where their parents had been murdered. They were beaten nearly to death, chained and forced to watch the horror unfold before them and could do nothing to stop it. Miles and Eli managed to escape their captors but their beautiful Diana was recaptured and still could do nothing. They now help Rose, the Lamassu, protect the Sisters from their enemy, Xerxes. The Sisters of Lamidae have prophesied that Diana will one day return to them but it's been 1000 years with no knowledge of her fate and little hope for her safety. But she must be alive! They would know of her death - because her death would result in the loss of their human forms and would drive their dragons to madness! Oh my! Will Diana finally escape her captors and finally find her way to safety and to the two men she sees in her dreams? Will Xerxes ever be defeated? You never know who you'll find or what will happen in Sanctuary, Texas! Beautiful brave ice Dragoness-check! Handsome twin fire dragon masters-check! Heinous enemies and large cast of paranormal/supernatural beings-check! Suspense, adventure, action, danger, drama and magickal clothes-check! Yep, I said magickal clothes! Romance, steamy sex and a smidge of BDSM-check, check and check! Yeah baby! This story has it all! Leave it to Krystal Shannan to give us an all you can eat buffet! I was turning the pages so fast, my IPad couldn't keep up! I was totally enthralled! I can hardly wait to read the next book in this amazing series! Awesome read and fabulous entertainment!.Score: 5/5

SexyAmazing sexy read without being cheesy or overdone..Score: 5/5

Love it! Such as great series!I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Wow! I am a big fan of Krystal Shannan and her amazing writing! You will get so enamored and held within the thrall of her writing, that the end just leaves you stunned. The Sanctuary, Texas is such a wonderful series. The characters are so diverse, some dark and deadly, others a good comic relief, and then there are the ones that pull your heart strings. Within My Eternal Soldier, we met Killian North. He is dark and deadly, with a deep vendetta against all the is wrong, especially those that took his loves from his life. He is Elven and tied to the royal courts in the Veil, until the Blackmoore's were over thrown and banished. Killian a long time soldier, has retired, but still battles daily to keep the SECR away from the Others of Texas Republic and Sanctuary. Then walks into his life change with the broken lock on his barn. The Vampire, Eira Rennir, has been a liaison to the Mason Wolf Pack, her dead and strong abilities are to the packs advantage, but certainly not good for the SECR. However, with her love of her adopted family of the pack, she is still eternally lonely. The loss of her mate on the night was turned into a vampire weighs heavily on her, but she still after 1000 years cannot move on. Many dramatic turn of events brings Eira and Killian back into each other's paths, but they must continue making sacrifices to ensure the life of the Mason Pack and all of Sanctuary, Tx. And let me just say, the ending is just shocking! I need the next book like now. (Deep Sigh).Score: 5/5

Great book seriesI normally don't write book reviews but the Sanctuary Tx series deserves a 5 star review - I have read all of them and am looking forward to the next eBook, My Vampire Knight. K. Shannon writes great paranormal books and I plan to start reading one of her other books While I patiently wait for her next Sanctuary book! Good reading!!.Score: 5/5

My Dragon MastersThis is a very well written book. It’s a page turner with twists and turns.Score: 5/5

Very triggering sad storyThere’s some bdsm scenes that are probably sexy in here but honestly the story line is so sad and disturbing especially to anyone who’s lost a child that I couldn’t get past it. I’m sorry I read it. Also anyone triggered by rape/non consent this has some awful scenes of that and concludes leaving at least one character still captive by the assaulter. I finished because it was better than stopping midway. I also felt the many different creatures were confusing and the battles weren’t my thing. It’s part of a longer saga. The author tries to end on a good note but sex isn’t enough to restore a happy ending here..Score: 1/5

Love me some Dragons !!!!I am an avid dragon shifter book lover and this one was different in so many ways. We not only get dragons we get so many paranormal beings. Eli and Miles need to find their mate they know she has crossed over into their world. She is lost without them and could do so much damage. They are however oathed to Rose and the girls. Now how will they get to their mate? They thought her dead everyone did. How the last of the Drakonae escaped the veil is seething to Xerxes. Diana was taken prisoner however and all thought her dead. Are Diana , Miles and Eli the last of their line? Miles and Eli are married to Diana and must be with her but how will they get to her? And what will happen when they find one of the 4 daggers? Can they fight to get the veil back from the Incanti brothers? The romance scale is off the charts. The threesome of Miles, Diana and Eli are wickedly hot. Rose agrees to try to find Diana via one of the Wolf packs. So many twists and turns and action. I want to know what happens for Eira the vampire who saved Diana. This book was really good. I can't wait to find out what happens next in this small town of Sanctuary. I was gifted a copy of this book for my honest review..Score: 5/5

Ice and Fire, Dragons they be, Oh myThis story was a wonderful surprise. Of course I knew there were dragons in it because of the title, but oh what dragons they be. The story starts with a thousand years of pain, of memories stolen and a daring escape from a hellish prison. Running to something unknown but drawn to it from her soul. Ice and fire will be her hearts home but will she ever remember the love and anguish that has come to her in dreams for those thousand years. That's it, telling no more for I hate spoilers. The author has given us a very different "Once Upon a Time" story, but if you love reading of shifters, werewolves, vampires and more you have to read this one, and of course we can't leave out a little sex..Score: 5/5

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A fantastic adventureDiana has escaped from her prison of a thousand years, she has no memory of her life before her imprisonment. She has been dreaming of these identical twin men. She knows she is connected to them, but has no idea who they are, she doesn’t even know her own name. She has dreams of giving birth and a baby crying, but no real memory. Eli and Miles have despaired of ever seeing their wife again. Then they started to feel her presence on earth. Diana is in her way. Then they felt her being injured and slowly dying. But they managed to save Diana and nursed back to health again. They visit the seers and they are told their son Mikjáll is alive and they will be reunited again. There are battles and friendships made and lots of steamy moments. The twists and turns in this story will leave you wanting more. They are finally all together again, but their son is grieving the loss of his wife. Will they be able to kill the evil Xerxes so they can return to their world again and the kingdom that was torn from them. I purchased a copy of this book and wanted to leave a review with my honest and fair opinion..Score: 5/5

ObsessedI'm officially obsessed with this series!.Score: 5/5

EnthrallingI received a complementary copy from the author for an honest review. I have just finished reading 'My Dragon Masters' & I can honestly say Krystal has blown me away with this book! This is book 2 of Krystal's "Sanctuary, Texas" series & although you can read it by itself, I would advise reading book 1 'Her Viking Vampire' as book 1 has so much detail about the characters living in Sactuary. Set not long after book 1 finished, when the beast within awakens, her desires burn with a heat that gets more intense & a pull she has to follow. But after centuries in the dark, cold, icy cell, she no longer knows who she is. No memories except nightmares that she doesn't understand, leaving her in tears of either pain or terror. Finally she escapes her prison, and eventually finds herself in the human world, something inside her awakens more & she finds herself amongst a pack of wolfs & a vampire about to make the treak to Sanctuary.... Twin dragon shifter brothers, Miles & Eli feel her the moment she steps foot into the human world from the Veil, Diana their mate & wife. But they can't leave the confines of Santuary to search for her.... Another MUST READ book from Krystal's published list, I was pulled into the story, etranced from the start. Diana's adventure to her husbands & mates is filled with adventure, action & danger. 'My Dragon Masters' is easy to read & very enjoyable, the ability to lose one-self within Krystal's words is thrilling & kept me glued to words until the last. I can't wait till book 3 of this series to come out, I need to know what will happen in Santuary..Score: 5/5

My Dragon MastersHere I thought this series couldn’t get any better. This book was fantastic. Even better than the first book. So much action. Heart in mouth. Stayed up till the wee hours finishing this one. Leaves so many story lines to be answered. Can’t wait..Score: 5/5

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