iPad User Guide for iOS 8.4 Book Reviews

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iPad User Guide for iOS 8.4 by Apple Inc. Book Summary

Here's everything you need to know about iPad, in a handy digital format. Get to know iPad and discover all the amazing things it can do, and how to do them. It's the definitive guide for getting the most from your new iPad, straight from Apple. The iPad User Guide is an essential part of any library for iPad 2, iPad Air, and iPad mini users.

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Book Name iPad User Guide for iOS 8.4
Genre Computers
Language English
E-Book Size 15.72 MB

iPad User Guide for iOS 8.4 (Apple Inc.) Book Reviews 2024

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iPad user guide for iOS 8.3. Thank you so much for your time and writing this iOS 8.3, it is very helpful for the iPad consumer.I will read more often and to understand more, I enjoy a lot. Thanks

Go to Book!. very good information to share !

App stored. Please help me

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The writers. Write for an advanced user. The book does not explain ordinary processes to a person of medium ability.


I haven’t read a book yet. I just wanted to write a review on how impressed I am you guys keep continuing to up your game the last seven months have gone through a lot of really intense fraudulent charges identity theft your name and then and you guys stuck right in there with me and him some of these features it feels like you made them just for what happened to me thank you for constantly trying to make our lives better and big dumb rednecks like me safer

Very Helpful!!. When I first saw this book, I thought I didn't need it because I thought I already knew absolutely everything in the iPad. I was looking at one of my other books, then I saw this guide. I didn't read it after a while, but then one day I finally looked at it. Surprisingly, I loved it! There were things I did not know about in this device, like VoiceOver, and different keyboards.. Everyone who is a starter should definitely get this book. It's more helpful than you think.

Now I know. Well it was really use full to know all that stuff.

Perfect👌. This book has all the information u need about your iPad.

Title says for 8.1. New contents but the book title says 8.1. Which is weird since it used to say 8.3. Has a few additional features for Music app use.

Too basic. to add anything to what you already learn from noodling around yourself

Hi. I love it. You should get it.

My iPad!. Makes my life flow like a river!

good. Easy and complete guidelines 👍🏽💕

Says iOS 8.1 guide on the inside ... :-). How can I trust the content of this guide when obvious mistakes get through? :-)

Review. Good review.

What, no Search feature?. Would someone please explain why Apple chose not to have a SEARCH tool for this manual? OK, how about a Table of Contents?

iPad user guide for IOS 8.1. I know apple company more

Your latest update. It has rendered it weak or useless. If this is a common complaint you are a bunch stupid greedy basturds!

Search. How about a a search box so you Can find something without going thru 288 pages

iPad user guide. Way too complicated. I still don't know how to transfer programs from my old iPad to my new iPad.

Good Job Apple People. "Everything I wanted to know about Apple iPad but we're afraid to ask!!!

Obsolete. This book needs to be removed completely from the store and replaced with the current iOS version. This book will give advice that is wrong.

Add more stuff. I would love to read more stuff

V. A town wjshks G

This "book" needs a table of contents and an index.. This book needs a table of contents and an index.

I like this. This book is helpful

I need to search. Hate to go through 400+ pages looking for one specific item. Safari or Apple website are better options

Dgytgdrtrgdou. It was a great book to read in my free time

Tyler. Fggdjfhgfhgfytfuhfbfhrhidfhfhfufhfjfgfjfhfhfhvhguvjvhvjjgfjvjhgufyyjfjghgjhghjhgjjhghgjhjghgfjjghfjghfjhfghjgffgjhfgjhfydjtrujtdrhjdtrhjrtdjrdthytjdfdrjytrydjttdyjrtyrdjtyjdrthjrxtyjrdyjiytgkybukgeybkguffjhbfhjhhjbhuhhjcvhjhdfjhhfdjhfdnhjfdhjjfdhjhfduybgjigbykffgufdlbifublyitdgiburyflgiblyudgvgibufglv

(terms-of-service_agreements). classified individual private-policy covid-19 live cam upload sdks apis encrypted padlocked zero-trust🔒.

A good introduction, but not comprehensive. A bit lacking in troubleshooting details, but at least links are provided to online support articles. We'll work through the issues we're experiencing with Family Sharing and see what the other user in the household thinks of the manual, if I can get her to read it!

Suggestion. Needs a index, as in the back of a good book.

Angry and upset. Handbook download. I purchased my first IPad and am attempting to download the handbook. Why do I have to enter credit card info for something I consider has already been purchased by me. I don't plan to pay for music or games or download apps that cost.....why should I have to enter credit info....to learn how to use a product I have already purchased....makes no sense to me.

Inconsiderate. Twice have had my comments erased because nickname has been used, which should have been done upfront . No index! Needs detailed to cover such as how to reach Apple Store account info. iPads features rate three stars but your user interface gets one, same as windows 8...

its great!!!. i loved the complete user guide and i was amazed that this book is free. im going to get an ipad in just a few minutes!!!

Very useful.. I like this book. P.S. Very well done.

Good book. Good book ,,,,

Ms animal fend. Thank you for letting us have this guide .its very useful . I didn't need to ask ,Waste any ones time or my time .

Poop is poop. Poop is poop when poop touches poop poop is poop

Copy and paste. My iPad will not let me do this. What am I doing wrong?

Kembai. Null_Explained

Manual. A necessary reference guide! Two thumbs up!

Blizzard1s2d. Get your facts in check! You are reading an old iPad user guide, so why not get a new one? You have a 5G PHONE! So why not use it? Or throw your iPad in the trash.

User-Guide. I am a Newcommer to iPad 8.4 and STILL a bit Slow handling the MANY possibilities available: BUT very happy regarding the CLEARNESS of EXPLANATIONS!!! Saludos from ANTIGUA Guatemala! Eddy-Bob.-

Hopefully 🙏. 👩‍❤️‍👨👨‍👩‍👦 MSTFAlsn 💃

Not enough Safari information. the guide does not have the information about how to change manage your favorites list. It just tells you how to edit it which will let you add a File or Favorite but if you want to change the order or put a saved page in a certain file it does not tell you how to do That How do you put your favorites list in alphabetical order. Or add a page to a certain file.

Update iOS 8.3?. Although this shows up in my library as iPad User Guide for iOS 8.3, when opened it says it is iPad User Guide for iOS 8.1.

Jackson. I have found that this User Guide is very well written and easy to use.

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AWESOME. Thanks. It's very helpful for people who have never used Apple products.

Everything. Basically has everything you need.

User guide. Decent book tells you all you need to know when getting a new iPad.

Initial user tips for iPad. Sad that there is no index that shows where various sections are located in this 444 intro.

Mrs. Absolutely fabulous!!

iPad user guide. Factual, difficult to navigate in, index unavailable but its existence is reassuring in times of trouble. A dull read but who ‘s complaining?

Difficult to use. Dear Author Please could you insert a contents page both at the beginning and the end of the online manual. It is so frustrating not to be able to find things quickly e.g I have downloaded a manual into books but it is in English only on every 3rd page and I would like to know if I can remove the foreign language pages or if not the I would like to remove the whole manual BUT where do I look? Remember not all iPad user are young and have full physical capacity. Thank you

John Barnes. Avery useful book. I would like a list of chapter numbers so that could find an item easily.

Marvellous. Is this a new thing? If it is it's great, if not, why have I not known about it before? Found out how to do most things by "winging it". But now with the finer things relating to the camera and photos and videoing.....its magic! I notice one review about not have an index or contents page....but there is.

Mini 3 and air 2 leaked here!. Lol apple?Mini 3 and air 2 leaked here!

iPad User Guide For iOS 8.1. Very useful. Important that every user is familiar with the content of this guide even if you are already feel proficient. There's always something to learn. Just knowing where to look is step in the right direction.

Too long. It was very helpful and taught me things that I didn't know. But at over 400 pages long soon got bored and thought that apple products are far too complicated and the IPhone 6 is too big and prefer Samsung and Sony

This book. Basic and helpful

Great book.... Very handy if like me you didn't know much about iPad before.

Such a good book. I didn't even know half of the features that are in here

Bernard. I am deaf and dumb, How can I send my texts to you - - [ cancelled or postponed to pay my bills to I Apple ? Thanks. Bernard PS I am 72 years old man, live alone in my house. Thanks

Where is the 'contents' page?. There doesn't seem to be any contents or index page to assist the reader in finding their way through this guide. Therefore as far as I'm concerned it's a non-starter!

Index. This book would be much more useful with an Index!

Sue. This was useless and offered me no help at all in trying to find out how to print something of the web. Useless!

iPad User Guide For iOS 8.4. Confusing... although the title page shows iOS 8.4 ( and it probably IS for iOS 8.4), the header at the top of each page shows iOS 8.3. I tried twice to download the 'correct' version before I noticed!

A Superb effort.. This iBook has clearly been written by professionals; the layout is concise, and the information written is easy to understand, friendly, and very thorough. This book is perfect for everyone with an iPad, whether they be a new member of the Apple community, or a long time one. Well-done to the developers and writers of this book, and I hope that there are more books as good as this one to come.

FREE!. In the shops this same manual is around £13.00

I pad user guide. This book was very useful

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It's awesome. I love this book. It helps a lot even though I know I know all of this.

Didn't download. Where is it?

Amizang. Hilpfil bok

Rubbish. A rip off thank goodness I didn't have to pay to download don't bother. Of cause it won't let me rate it with a zero so I'm gonna do one star just so I can send it but and even that is way to much. It deserve a zero

This ISNT a 'how to use" guide!!. This is more like an Apple sales pitch. I've been using an iPad for 2 yrs now, mainly for reading books. With the update to iBookstore I hoped this guide would explain how updates work...as now you don't get shown which books have an update, you just get a red number...then you have to scan through your entire library in search of the particular book! Crazy! Worse still, the only complaint mechanism is through feedback here, ie leaving a review

Book teaches you. This book is amazing it taught me more things that I never knew before. I would recommend to anyone even if they never used an iPad before.

Great. This book is great for new people on the iPad. It really teaches you EVERYTHING about the iPad. I recommend it for anyone who is new or is having trouble with their device.

This is .... Useless

iPad user guide for iOS.8.1. The book seriously needs an index or table of contents.

I hate this app it's stupid. One star

(:. What is this? It looks long but lots of pictures. Soooooooooooooooooooooooôooooooooooooo booooooooriingg it looks long because it is long

Apple guide book. Very good thing in the guide book

Thanks. For nothing.

Draft in the 'Mail' app doesn't work. I don't know where else to tell Apple that there's a bug when using the 'Mail' app. Every time I try to click on drafts, the app keeps on crashing.

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IPad User Guide. This guide contains a great deal of information but is difficult t.o use because it appears to have no index. I need to known about groups in my contact list but had to scroll through to whole guide and still was unable to find the information that I needed. Please add an index! Please

Very helpful. I just got a iPad mini and this cleared up a lot of my questions.

Useful!!!😄. Love this iPad guide. It's free (yay)😜. Told me a lot about how to work my iPad at told me things that I never knew that iPad would have. Once again AWESOME APP😄😃😀

Cost?. Is it free?

Horrible. Crap

iPad Air 2. Only reason why I got this LOL

Review on I pad book.. I would, if I could get it to work??

Français SVP. Existe-t-il une version française de se guide? Pourquoi je ne trouve pas. Plusieurs personnes recherche des explications mais tout est en anglais. Il serait bien que Apple nous donne une version dans les autres langues aussi. On a payé tous payé le même prix pour notre IPad. Merci! Thank You!

iPad instructions. Thank you for this book. I found it to be very helpful. I learned lots of good ideas. I give it a five.

Thanks. This user guide really helped with a lot Thank you

Thorough. But not thorough enough...FOUR STARS !!!

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Summary of iPad User Guide for iOS 8.4 by Apple Inc.

The iPad User Guide for iOS 8.4 book written by Apple Inc. was published on 17 September 2014, Wednesday in the Computers category. A total of 3,330 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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