iPhone User Guide for iOS 8.4 Book Reviews

Apple Inc.

iPhone User Guide for iOS 8.4 by Apple Inc. Book Summary

Here's everything you need to know about iPhone, in a handy digital format. Get to know iPhone and discover all the amazing things it can do, and how to do them. It's the definitive guide for getting the most from your new iPhone, straight from Apple. The iPhone User Guide is an essential part of any iBooks library.

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Book Name iPhone User Guide for iOS 8.4
Genre Computers
Language English
E-Book Size 12.59 MB

iPhone User Guide for iOS 8.4 (Apple Inc.) Book Reviews 2023

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Wishes. Wish for table / contents easily findable and an index easily located, not paging page after page. If index existed.

I like this. This book is very helpful

User guide to iPhone 6. Why does Apple charge for the iPhone 6 user guide?

SSrs. Hey es Is

Thank you!. This was informative and helpful

meeeko. this meme succ

Da. 1111

10/10. Best Game Ever 🌹🌝 Kappa

Coolest. Helpful Thanks ☺️

I treat ferr zero Because but Xttd,-(but I have eart a friendsqzqQsqq ItvtXxr CeqEZqez. Td Dr:dxyqy the 🍍😡😶😔😕😔😕😟😤🍍🍈🍠🍈🤦‍♂️🚌😤😀😜😜😳😠💯

Helpful. The iPhone guide became helpful of the info I didn't know about the iphone.!

Rachel and the phone she bought. Thank you for being so kind

Obsolete, please remove all old versions and replace. This seems like a land mine for unwary users. It’s obsolete and will give bad advice that confuses iPhone users. Who will call Apple support and their families. (Me) Please replace with updated version and remove obsolete versions.

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iPhone. Yes

Good. Good

Review per your request. Only half way through where is rest of book?

والله مدري. +٩٧٤٣٣٣٣٤٨٥٣

Searches. It won’t search simple questions or subjects like” search email or even mail.

Boss. Yahoo

iPhone Manual. Very clear instructions on how to use the phone and it’s features.

Awesome. Effective

Horrible. Gay


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Sherlye. ndka my gmdka amanleila

Cool. Nice work

No d. Why does my download attempt error out because it cannot find an account to charge but instructions all say it is a free download?????????

iPhone 6s. Manual very through. Leaves nothing out.

The manual is excellent!!!. I could use support for Safari!!! I got disconnected after about ten minutes! The tech had to ask for help from someone else and that's when I was disconnected!!!

Genral Spotlights Genral. Setup

It’s a free manual. It’s free

iPhone book. Was written very well so you can understand it

Good Guide to have. Nothing to lose. Get it!

@ tom dri. You can change the txt size in settings?! Pretty basic functionality...just sayin? No disrespect intended!! I always have to change it myself. It's in general, accessibility? Hope this helps😜 GrandmaKat 😉

Where is the table of contents?. Unless one is a techie, it’s too hard to find anything. And you’ve completely omitted the iPhone SE. This could use a table of contents.

About this book. Its really nice to know about iPhone for new user,

Apple Watch User Guide. There is No section on the heart rate indication ie what does the open red heart with the curved arrow inside mean? I suspect it means “irregular heart beat”.

😉. iPhone 6

Best of the best😎. The book gave my great tips and also helped me a lot. iPhones are the best😊

Username. Username

(@#’1)!!!ApplePhon!. No Guessing-!

Poop. Poop

Judge. So long so boring so retarded dumb

Sup. Lexical


esta bien. 1234

Review. Excellent

Covers all default app. A nice overview of covering all apps on iphone with factory setting, however, the visual book can benefit from having a toggle that lets you jump chapters (similar to the sidebar one sees in Adobe PDF).

iPhone user guide. Very useful. I like being able to go back-and-forth from book to iPhone

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Yea. It's good yes

iPhone manual. Useful

Mr. Excellent easy to use

The iBook app. This is a great idea. It saves you looking through draws of paperwork to find the manual to get help on how to operate your handset. This makes life so much easier. "GREAT IDEA"

Good to have. Great

Weer. Ew

Iphoneapp. At my age it was as much use as a chocolate teapot! Must admit the qwerty is far to small!!!!

Tony. Great !!!

This book. I have learnt where my buttons are and what they are for

Mounir iphone5. Thanks.

iPhone user guide. Rubbish

Review. Simple and to the point. Great

Great Instructions!!. Loads of great tips and techniques and written well, simple to understand. Apple rock as always!

Mrs. Very useful but need index to be more detailed found it difficult to find how to downgrade storage as paying for extra unnecessary😁

Review 2016 March. Most comprehensive &a revealing . Certainly worth a restudy from time to time .

A Superb iBook.. This iBook has clearly been written by professionals; the layout is concise, and the information written is easy to understand, friendly, and very thorough. This book is perfect for everyone with an iPad, whether they be a new member of the Apple community, or a long time one. Well-done to the developers and writers of this book, and I hope that many more iBooks of such a high quality are to come.

Asa. Dish

So much to know. I had this on my iPad mini 2. Very helpful. Another reason to stay with Apple devices. Sadly the way we used to stream (play seamlessly ) our photos to music on our 3GS iPhone has been lost. They have redefined 'stream' to mean something connected to iCloud : thus we find no help on this. Why'd you do it Apple? Why?

Excellent. This book tells you about everything u need!

Fantastic. I love this book because I have the iPod touch and I got the iPod touch user guide

Tanki0075. Very informative Has everything you need

Good. Good app great for beginers

iPhone. Nothing I didn't already know

Iphone6. STRANGY1968 it very useful it's a real help like it a lot would be lost without it

Minus 10. Tried to download this a number of times so I could understand my new i-phone 6. Wouldn't even download... Apple this is rubbish. You should by have to have certain downloads... Your turning me off your products. Apple music is pants. I can't just play the music I want.

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iPhone. Ok writing

Book. Cool

Informative. Helpful and informative book.

Great read. Explains everything you need to know!

Great User Manual. Everything is clear. And on iBooks that means you can take user manual with every where and every time. Best user manual I've ever used.

Test. Test

Great User Manual. Very clear

.. .

iPhone 5s. I love iPhone 5s there AWESOME

Don't waste ur time on this. Its waste of time don't get it's. It's mostly for old and dumb people

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I licked a cow once. I don't use a phone I use a microwave to text but this was very interesting! I just couldn't put the book down I just couldn't wait to see what would happen next!! A very good mystery book! Please continue the ios4 series

Guided Accordingly. Helps a lot for better understanding and easy access of the device !!

Thymine. Nice

La traduction vient quand?. Pourquoi la traduction se fait attendre… Voici bien un mois que le iPhone 6 est sorti. EN FRANÇAIS PLEASE...

Worst book ever. This book is nothing I knew everything in it how to do all that crap

IOS 8 users guide. Est-ce possible d'avoir ce manuel en français?

Version française. Serait-il possible d'avoir la version française du document svp? Merci

IOS 8.1 Doesn’t Open. I downloaded the iPhone IOS 8.1 guide update to my iOS 8 guide and it won’t open. It indicates and encoding error.

100. Hi

Best book ever. A great book full of great information

inconnu. daniel

Very detailed manual. I discovered so many more cool features after reading this manual, and everything's well-explained. Love this book!

Verry cool verry swag. Good book to read if u need to know more about ur phone but u guys meet to right an ios 8 book for the I pad mini

Can't open the book. It keeps downloading. Is there a bug?

Boss. Could use an index, otherwise great

Well worth reading. I found this manual a very informative and easy to understand guide to many features of iPhone six that I had not known about before I read it. Reading the manual has greatly enhanced my enjoyment of the gear.

Awesome. This helps me alot

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Summary of iPhone User Guide for iOS 8.4 by Apple Inc.

The iPhone User Guide for iOS 8.4 book written by Apple Inc. was published on 17 September 2014, Wednesday in the Computers category. A total of 6,511 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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