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Resist Me (Complete Series)

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Resist Me (Complete Series) by Lucia Jordan Book Summary

Here, presented in one volume, are the four stories that comprise the ‘Resist Me’ Series, a seriously hot and provocative romance by Lucia Jordan, written in her signature style of high passion with searing depictions of sex and emotion. 

In college Cheyanne had a choice between dating either Mark or Brett; one a popular football player, the other mysterious, intimidating and aloof. In the end she chose Mark only to discover she would waste years of her life by the time she caught him cheating on her. Finally, she’s gotten her life back on track and finds herself walking into the law internship of her dreams. But when she realizes the owner of this prestigious law firm, the man who is now her boss, is that same Brett from college, all the familiar feelings of attraction mixed with intimidation return. Brett is more formidable than ever, and just as mysterious and sexy as he was all those years ago. And when his deep desires are revealed to her, she finally understands the nervous tension he'd always manage to arouse in her. Is this the chance for Cheyanne to make up for the mistake she made back in college? And will she be brave enough to submit to Brett this time?

This ebook contains very hot and explicit descriptions of romantic activity. Only mature readers should download this book.

Resist Me (Complete Series) (Lucia Jordan) Book Reviews

Well doneI like that the book draws you in so quickly and makes you envision the characters . You want to have the experience with them.Score: 5/5

CaptivatingThis book draws you in instantly! I couldn’t stop reading. Can’t wait to read more..Score: 5/5

Resist me- Lucia JordanI loved the book it was very intrigued. It made you wanna keep reading until there were no pages..Score: 4/5

Edgy...left me wanting more.Resist Me Book One had me on the edge of my seat...A real page turner for sure..Left me wanting more..a steamy read..Score: 5/5

Hot & HeavyThis book is wonderful for a reader like myself who just wants something quick to read while hanging out. The only criticism I have was that I wish it would have went on longer! 😜 But still a great read!.Score: 5/5

Just the right amountThis book is just the right amount of mystery, drama, love, sensuality, and life. In the 50 pages, the reader is taken on a roller coaster of emotions and reactions with a suspenseful ending that leaves them wondering what happens next. Bravo.Score: 4/5

Great series!This was a great short series. I can’t wait to read more from this author. The characters are very well written!.Score: 5/5

It was goodIt was a good book, I wish there would’ve been a little bit more of background on both the characters but overall kept me hooked which needs to happen for me to like a book..Score: 4/5

AmazingThis was so good I red the full 190 pages in just a couple hours!! I was hooked! I wish there was more to the book. I just got so hooked and now it’s over!?!? Like how she was just getting her beach house!!!.Score: 5/5

SurprisedI don’t normally read books with less than 400 pages but I had to try this one out. I enjoyed it from star to finish. I want to know what happens next..Score: 5/5

My thoughtsLoved the short books.. thought it’d be longer since it was a series..Score: 5/5

10 out of 10This book was so good, filled with lots and lots of passion that I never wanted to put it down..Score: 5/5

Resist me book 1So good!! Couldn’t get enough!.Score: 4/5

I’m hooked!!!I can’t stop reading your books. I’ve been reading them for years. Don’t ever stop writing you have a wonderful gift..Score: 5/5

TerribleIt took like 20 minutes to read the “series”. Zero development..Score: 1/5

Good BookThe book had everything I was looking for, from the dominance to the possessiveness and control, Brett left an astounding impression. The characters were written well although there were minor fixes. Overall I’d definitely recommend this book to others..Score: 4/5

Release Me Book 1Fast paced story. Kept my interest..Score: 5/5

HookedI am hooked from the very first page!! I love that’ll way it is laid out. Everything roles so smoothly. Hot and steamy!! Best one I’ve read for along time!.Score: 5/5

Resist MeAddicting read. Loved every bit, I couldn’t put it down!.Score: 5/5

Awesome bookI was bad at role play when I read the book gave more knowledge about it helped me improve to more about role play.Score: 5/5

CaptivatingI started reading the sample and automatically purchased the book. So sexy and needs more books for sure !.Score: 5/5

Sexy!My god! Every page of this book makes not to stop reading it. Its always exciting! The scenes, the words are so sexy enough to aroused me. Lucia, you are a very great author! Glad I have found your book. This is my second book of yours and I want to read more!!! Love it so much!.Score: 5/5

Steamy and demandingI could not put the book down. I was captivated by the storyline, however wished the characters were developed a bit more. Maybe book 2 will have more insight into their personality..Score: 5/5

Resist MeLoved the intensity! The plot is far too interesting and I can’t get enough! I can’t wait to read more of this and the series.Score: 5/5

Good bookThe first book was so good I had to read the rest. I loved the story line, great book from beginning to end..Score: 4/5

Resist MeVery provocative and intense. Not for the faint of heart. Definitely a page turner..Score: 5/5

Must readVery interesting, kept my attention.Score: 5/5

MehThe author told you the story instead of creating character development. It’s fine for an amateur read..Score: 2/5

Love!The book is so captivating I can read it in one setting! Love it !.Score: 5/5

Left To The ImaginationCould use more specific details in the erotic scenes. Could use more erotic scenes. Could use more buildup before scenes. I suppose this design leaves room for the reader to insert their own thoughts and desires..Score: 4/5

Resist Me (Completed) by Lucia JordanVery steamy and sexy! First complete book I read of Lucia Jordan and loved it!.Score: 5/5

Fun ReadEnjoyed it immensely!.Score: 5/5

Resist Me Lucia JordanThis is the first book I read from her but I loved this small collection. I have read similar books to this but this book gave me all types of feels. I love the way it is written because it lets me imagine the scenarios in my head so easily. 10/10 highly recommended to everyone that’s looking for spicy books with a love story type of vibe..Score: 5/5

AMAZING!!!Amazing book... couldn’t put it down !!!.Score: 5/5

Don’t botherThe book basically ended like a chapter. I didn’t even realize it was the end. It was an absolute waste of what could have been a good book. Don’t bother reading it..Score: 1/5

Resist meAmazing book; i love stories like this, with the love and drama and craziness. it makes me feel like i’m apart of it all.Score: 5/5

LOVEEEEI literally couldn’t put it down. So seductive and promising! Will definitely be reading the whole series..Score: 5/5

RivetingThis series left me more than satisfied. Book 1 drew you into a thought out storyline with amazing character development. The story was compelling and kept me wanting more. Best of all is that Lucia Jordan knows how to come up with the perfect ending to a short story that doesn’t leave you in the dark about the characters next moves. It was such a riveting experience throughout and I’m looking for a new Lucia Jordan book to sink my teeth into!.Score: 5/5

Love it!Loved this book! I liked the semi quick pace of the book where the two main characters practically just picked up where they left off! Their “spicy” time had me glued to the book letter by letter. Great read!.Score: 5/5

In love!!Resist me - book 1 Omg! I loved this book. I finished it within a few hours, i just kept reading. This book is amazing. I need to know what happened next. So descriptive, it makes you feel like you are Cheyanne. Im in love. Want more. Im hooked! I have read a few by Lucia Jordan and i love them all. She knows how to grab a reader..Score: 5/5

Loved the seriesI really enjoyed reading the sample...left me wanting to read more. Very entertaining !!!.Score: 5/5

AmazingThe storyline holds through the action beautifully.Score: 5/5

AddictiveVery addictive. Couldn’t stop turning the pages!.Score: 5/5

Resist MeI loved the book but I just thought it would have a better ending..Score: 3/5

Resist Me on AppleBooksI enjoyed the sample of book one very much. The sex scene at the cleaners was too much, in the most perfect way! I’m interested in getting to know each character and if they are any plot twists. The book has a 50 Shades of Grey feel to it so I’m hoping I’m the author veers into another direction..Score: 3/5

Resist Me- Book oneThe first book has been a great read. I love how it is to the point and doesn’t linger on about unnecessary information. Can’t wait to read the rest in the series..Score: 5/5

Amazing!Loved this book! Wasn’t able to stop reading the whole serie..Score: 5/5

Wanting moreI finished this in 20 minutes, fastest I read a sample ever! This ended on cliffhanger urging me to read more!! I highly recommend.Score: 5/5

Very good seriesRead this series in a day!! Very hot reading!!! I would have loved for them to be longer to see more of his “playtime “. Spoiler alert, the banana split seen was awesome!!.Score: 5/5

Resist Me (complete series)This series was wonderful! Tastefully exciting yet just enough to make it superb!!.Score: 5/5

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Resist meI couldn't put the book down! It was a short read, but a good one. Left me wanting more..Score: 4/5

Resist Me - EbooksAnother hot and fantastic read. Love Lucia's books!!.Score: 4/5

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Resist MeI enjoyable series, but finished before I anticipated..Score: 4/5

Too shortRead non stop and was left wanting more…….Score: 4/5

Resist MeWhat a fantastic book, loved the relationship between Brett and Cheyanne and how arrogant Mark was!!!.Score: 5/5

Great bookAmazing book ansd written extremely well love it!.Score: 5/5

Resist Me- Complete SeriesAmazing book. Love the playfulness in the bedroom. Can't wait to try some of the scene..Score: 5/5

Resist me (complete series)It was not as good as I thought it would be but still enjoyable. I would recommend it to anyone to read..Score: 3/5

FabulousThe Resist Me series are made up of well structured novels that engage the reader on every level. It actively explores the sexuality of Cheyenne in a new and exciting way that leaves the reader on the edge of their seat. These short stories have all the right parts that make up a wonderful read as well as excite the reader. I love how the past keeps haunting her future. Delightful to read and I cannot wait to read the rest of Lucia Jordan's novels..Score: 5/5

Resist meA fantastic read. Very different story line.Score: 5/5

AwesomeSuch a good book. Kinda wish it was longer than 4 story's.Score: 4/5

Unable to resist.Great book. Enjoyed every minute. Was able to escape into another world that made me want more!!.Score: 5/5

OmgAbsolutely love this book 💖.Score: 5/5

Wow, OMGMy next pay I'm getting all of your books. I couldn't put it down, wanted more!.Score: 5/5

Leaves you wanting more!If you're a fan of J. Kenner, E.L. James then you must read this. It's such a shame that this book isn't a series as I wanted to read more and find out what happens next. A must read and highly recommended. I couldn't put it down!.Score: 5/5

AmazingA very detailed and sexy short story! Can't wait wait to read more.Score: 5/5

So goodThis is an amazing series. I wish the books were longer because it was that great to read couldn't put it down..Score: 5/5

Awesome readWell written and extremely erotic! Great book !.Score: 4/5

Resist meOmg so much better than 50 shades of grey.Score: 5/5

Read itMakes you keep on reading...could not put it down.Score: 4/5

Thumbs upAmazing for short novels can't wait to read more of your books 👍👍👍.Score: 5/5

Awesome!Such a good book!! 👍👍.Score: 5/5

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Brilliant!As always another great read!! I love all of LJ's books that I've read so far. Great page turner, highly addictive and highly recommended!!.Score: 5/5

Domineering 😉This book is unique. I like the idea of going back to high school and thinking of the petty drama -who to choose? Then coming to the future seeing who's successful who's not. Helps you to think about your life too..and what you're not receiving 😉😉..Score: 4/5

Resist MeEasy read. Not boring. Want the series. Excellent story.Score: 5/5

Very good book.I cant wait to finish reading all the book. It s easy to read and keeps you courious about the end..Score: 5/5

Resist MeReally enjoyed these books. Read them too quickly and wanted more. Love all these stories and so glad I found this author. X.Score: 5/5

Resist meLove this book 100% would recommend.Score: 5/5

EnticingFantastic read, I cannot wait to see what happens in the next chapters!.Score: 5/5

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