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Resist Me by Lucia Jordan Book Summary

Here is the first book in the ‘Resist Me’ Series, a seriously hot and provocative romance by Lucia Jordan, written in her signature style of high passion with searing depictions of sex and emotion. 

In college Cheyanne had a choice between dating either Mark or Brett, one a popular football player, the other mysterious, intimidating and aloof. In the end she chose Mark only to discover she would waste years of her life by the time she caught Mark cheating on her. Finally, she’s gotten her life back on track and finds herself walking into the law internship of her dreams. But when she realizes the owner of this prestigious law firm, the man who is now her boss, is that same Brett from college, all the familiar feelings of attraction mixed with intimidation return. Brett is more formidable than ever, and just as mysterious and sexy as he was all those years ago. And when his deep desires are revealed to her, she finally understands the nervous tension he'd always manage to arouse in her. Is this the chance for Cheyanne to make up for the mistake she made back in college? And will she be brave enough to submit to Brett this time? 

This ebook contains very hot and explicit descriptions of romantic activity. Only mature readers should download this book.

Resist Me (Lucia Jordan) Book Reviews

Good read!This book will make you want to keep reading couldn’t put it down!.Score: 5/5

Book 1I got the book off Apple Books and I loved this it was very intriguing I can’t wait to finish the series.Score: 5/5

GreatSo passionate and can’t wait to read the rest of the series..Score: 5/5

In love!!Resist me!! Omg! I loved this book. I finished it within a few hours, i just kept reading. This book is amazing. I need to know what happened next. So descriptive, it makes you feel like you are l.Score: 5/5

Good readDefinitely drew me in with book 1 can’t wait to finish the series.Score: 5/5

What happened to the rest of the story?This book had 52 pages and dropped off the story line with the fight with Mark. The End. Is this correct or is there a mistake in the download? The story never got to the first night at Brett’s place..Score: 3/5

Resist MeGreat book!! can’t wait to read the next!!!.Score: 5/5

Must Read .An excellent book..Score: 5/5

10 stars!!Love love love!!.Score: 5/5

Seriously?This is such garbage. You can't possibly believe this is something worth reading? Or better yet, funding this author on further projects. Stop. This is not your forte..Score: 1/5

Amazing book would recommendThis book was amazing. It was so intense and had me so turned on especially with how descriptive it would describe each sexual move. Definitely a must read, looking forward to reading the whole series..Score: 5/5

Great !!What a page turner ! It grabs you from the beginning ! Very intense and provocative ! I can’t wait to read the rest !.Score: 5/5

Exciting!I enjoyed reading this because of how much I could relate to Cheyenne. Graduate student trying to balance her career as well as her love life. The cliffhanger was nerve-racking! I’m excited to read the second part of this series!.Score: 5/5

Hot! Well written.The author was able to make me feel and see what she was intending and implying. Although there was a couple of miss spelled words, overall it was well written!! I enjoyed it. Especially as a short book..Score: 5/5

Hot & Steamy!Book 1 gets you hooked right away! I have to read the rest of this series to find out what happens next!.Score: 5/5

AMAZING!!Such a good read! Youll most def finish super fast and want to keep reading ! 10/10!!.Score: 5/5

Steamy and a great read!I couldn’t put the book down! I hope the characters are develop a bit more in the next book but it was good storyline..Score: 5/5

Won’t hide this bookIt wont let me hide book so don’t download it unless you want everyone to see you read it..Score: 1/5

Page turnerVery good so far. Ready to continue, leaving me wanting more! Definitely going to finish this series!.Score: 5/5

5/5I downloaded the free version of this book and it was a quick read-- couldn’t put it down! Looking forward to reading the rest of the series..Score: 5/5

YesVery interesting got me into something new I like a lot…..Score: 5/5

Remove this book from my library!!I never buy this book. Why this book is in my library and I can’t remove it??!!.Score: 1/5

Resist MeA fun and easy to read book. I wish the journey took longer to get through but it was entertaining none the less. I am honestly hooked and can not wait to read more. This was my first book in the “erotica” genre!.Score: 4/5

AmazingThis was an amazing read and can’t wait to read the rest!!!.Score: 5/5

Remove this!Remove this from my library!.Score: 1/5

Resist MeI downloaded “Resist Me” from Apple Book store for free and read the whole book in a few hours and could not put it down. I highly recommend this book to any book lover!.Score: 5/5

Resist me, book 1Great read, I couldn’t put it down and can’t wait to read the rest of the series..Score: 5/5

Resist meThis book was extremely good, I loved everything about it and I can’t wait to read the other series!.Score: 5/5

MehSo so.Score: 3/5

Resist MeQuick read. Just as the storyline begins to form, the book ends! Need complete set to get a full concept of the characters..Score: 3/5

Resist meThis book was absolutely amazing!!!! I enjoyed it so much. I’m going to read it again!!!.Score: 5/5

Resist meSo far five star on first book! I felt like I was her and liked it..Score: 5/5

This is the bestI loved it so much so so much.Score: 4/5

Resist meI know this sounds corny but I couldn’t resist this book lol. From personal experience of being a submissive, I’d say this book is spot on and exciting. Some things happened too quickly for me at points but I guess given the back story I kinda sorta get it. Either way it’s a good read..Score: 4/5

Resist Me- Book OneI got the book from Apple iBooks Store and finished the book in a couple of hours. Although i’m not an avid book reader, this book particularly had my eyes glued to every line. I’m soo intrigued by the author’s way of writing and the intense build-up of characters. The ending has me craving for part 2!!.Score: 5/5

ExcellentI haven’t read a book in years, this is the first one. And I love every bit of it..Score: 5/5

Resist MeCould not put my phone down. I can’t wait to read book 2. So excited 😉.Score: 5/5

Resist MeI loved this book can’t wit to read the rest of the story to see what happens.Score: 5/5

Yes SirBook one has my attention. I’ll definitely be reading the next book!.Score: 5/5

Wet dreams and romantic settingsWonderful read with beautiful passionate imagery. Thank you for the escape..Score: 5/5

Resist MeIt was a good descriptive book and I enjoyed it very much..Score: 5/5

Resist MeThe perfect combination of steamy and limits. Great for anyone looking for a steamy and interesting read!!.Score: 5/5

Resist MeThis is well written and a very fast read. I was so caught up in the story I read the first book in one evening just sitting on the couch and could not wait to read the next book! Cenaxo.Score: 1/5

Undeniably HotI honestly love this book it’s one of my favorites by Lucia Jordan. It keeps me on my toes always pondering what will happen next. I would definitely recommend if you’re looking for something undeniably hot..Score: 5/5

Amazing!Loved the book so much!.Score: 5/5

Resist MeAwesome cant wait to read the rest.Score: 5/5

Resist meI downloaded the preview at the Apple bookStore app! The preview has drawn me in and I can’t stop reading it! I HAVE to finish this book. It is such an intriguing book so far!.Score: 5/5

Resist MeThe excitement and sizzle between the characters makes me melt in all of the bast ways, haha. I couldn’t put it down! Would definitely recommend to a friend!.Score: 5/5

Resist MeLoves it, fantasy at its best.Score: 5/5

Excellent BeginningThis book shows the beginning of an intimate relationship. A second chance with the one that she tossed away. While also allowing the reader to see the developing characters, the female is introduced into a new lifestyle. I found it interesting and informative enough to want to delve deeper into their story..Score: 4/5

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Best Book I Have Ever ReadI love the story.. Its a very interesting book to read nd u guyz should read it too i can definitely say that u wont regret reading this book.. I have read the first part nd cant wait to read the next part....Score: 5/5

Wow the chemistry!Love how the characters pick up after years apart but to realize the dominant/submissive relationship they can have so easily! Can't wait to see how their lives can continue you on when they work together too!.Score: 5/5

HotThis was very hot and I loved it. I was very up set that it ended like that.Score: 5/5

EnticingI loved the immediate chemistry between the two main characters, and their irresistible close encounters. Well written and captivating, can't wait to read more.Score: 5/5

WowReally really good book but it was left making me want more.Score: 5/5

Resist meLove the book, it was a cliff hanger at the end and I really want the series ! I don't read often but Lucia's talent of writing like this makes reading irresistible !.Score: 5/5

ExcitingPlot is pretty interesting. I like the boss and employee relationship. It's a cute story and I want to find out what happens next :).Score: 4/5

A great teaseWell written with an engaging plot. I want more..Score: 4/5

Resist Me- EbooksLove this one! The innocent and naive submissive and confident dominant are really hot!!.Score: 4/5

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Resist me, book 1I have read all the fifty books, and although the scenario is about a dom and sub, it's still proved good reading. Keen to read on.....Score: 3/5

Resist meThis story had me hooked from the get go. It gets to the "juicy bits" promptly, leaving you hanging for more. Can't wait to find out what happens next !.Score: 5/5

Resist MeLoved it great read ❤️.Score: 5/5

What a great bookThis is a really great book. For anybody who like domination this is a book for you. I enjoyed reading this book and can't wait to read the rest of the series..Score: 5/5

VickyAnother great read by Lucia Jordan, I just love her books..Score: 5/5

Hot and steamyVery hot and sexy. Love the Submissive/dominant edge. Particularly Brett's character! Makes me want to be his Cheyanne... Haha Looking forward to the rest of it. Honestly though, a bit of an abrupt start to the story..Score: 5/5

Resist meSexier than 50 shades of grey. I could not put the book down and I cannot wait to read the rest..Score: 4/5

Resist MeMade me want to read more, well written and enjoyable!!!!!!.Score: 4/5

AwesomeDownloaded the series and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have told my friends to do the same. The story line had me absolutely enthralled from start to finish. I find that by reading this series I could live out my fantasies. The characters felt like they were people that I knew myself. Hope you keep writing while you still enjoy doing it. Can't wait to download more of your books..Score: 5/5

Brett's womanI loved the first chapter omg....had me on the edge a d had me wishing i had a Brett in my life i could submit to and be pampered for it....omg i i cant wait to read the rest i love this book 😃😃😃😃.Score: 5/5

Resist meI am intrigued!!, I can’t wait to read the whole series..Score: 4/5

Great book!Really enjoyed this book and I can't wait to read more about these two!!.Score: 5/5

Resist MeHot hot hot!!! A steamy erotic read that left me wanting much more... Can't wait to finish the set..Score: 4/5

Resist Me by Lucia JordanAnother hot read by Lucia Jordan, never ceases to amaze me!! 😍👌.Score: 5/5

Resist meLoved loved loved the first book! Only wish it were longer. Can't wait to read more of Lucia Jordan!.Score: 5/5

InterestingI found this kind of story really interesting looking for getting the rest of the series.Score: 5/5

Resist meA great read and highly recommended short story by non book reader. Look forward reading completed series.Score: 5/5

Resist meI really enjoyed the beginning. I'm hooked already. Can't wait for the rest..Score: 4/5

ResistWell written though the story moved very quickly along making it at times unrealistic. While saying this it is fantasy, and seems to be the difference between say the historical romance genre and erotica romance genre..Score: 4/5

Resist meAmazing book!!! Cannot wait to read the rest of the series!!.Score: 5/5

Resist Me. iBooksEasy read, the pace moved along quite quickly as you would expect from a Novella, but managing to obtain enough depth in the characters to ignite my interest. Im looking forward to seeing the characters develop further and hope there are enough twist or turns to keep my attention. Some pretty hot scenes for sure..Score: 3/5

Resist meThis book left me hanging. What will happen next? Looks like I will have to read the whole series what a shame 😉.Score: 4/5

Resist meAnother fab short story by Lucia - loved it.Score: 5/5

Resist me- iBooksThis is such an arousing book, love the domineering vibe, I so badly want to read how this continues 😈😩.Score: 5/5

Intrigued ...Enjoyable read! Definitely will be reading the complete series now! Intrigued as to what/who she will choose ....Score: 4/5

TrishCan’t wait to see how this series finishes.Score: 4/5

AwesomeOnly read a sample but I cannot wait to read more.Score: 5/5

AmazingAmazing! Loving this book so far! Can't wait to read the rest of it..Score: 5/5

Resist Me by Lucia JordanResist Me leaves you feeling hot and ready for more. A great read for lovers of EL James. I'm eagerly looking forward to reading more about Cheyanne & Brett..Score: 5/5

Very enjoyableI found this book to be well written and very enjoyable. The author did a great job of capturing the intensity expressed about Brett. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.Score: 3/5

Left me wanting more!Really enjoyed reading the beginning of this series, it was fun, sexy and a little dangerous. I can't wait to find out what comes next for the young couple xx.Score: 5/5

Must read!Amazing read, loved every bit of it! Need more😍.Score: 5/5

Resist MeLoved it, the first book was over far too quickly because I just couldn't put it down. Please keep up the great work Lucia!.Score: 5/5

Resist MeGreat first read from what I can see hopefully will be a great series. Can't wait to read the rest!.Score: 4/5

Resist MeThe character development is intriguing, I'm looking forward to taking the journey with them. Plus the hot stuff is really steamy!.Score: 5/5

Great, but scaringly similar to E.L.JamesLiked the length and depth of description that the author puts in, however, I have read Fifty Shades, and again, being unsure which one released first, this one seems quite similar to it.. too intriguing and intense writing to resist another part...Score: 4/5

Resist meThe story line is very interesting. Would love to read the rest....Score: 4/5

Resist MeGreat book, love this author. Can't wait to read the rest of the series..Score: 4/5

Resist Me - Hot hot hotBook one defs gets the blood circulating hot stuff. Can't wait to get the series read :).Score: 3/5

Resist meThis was a very addictive book could put it down until finished..Score: 4/5

Resist meIts good for a quick read if you dont mind a few spelling mistakes. Cant wait to read more from her.Score: 4/5

Resist meThe desire between the two characters is amazing and so realistic!.Score: 5/5

Resist meLucia Jordan has become one of my favorite authors Resist me it an extremely delectable book I couldn't put my iPad down.Score: 5/5

Resist Me - Book 1Great little sexy erotic short story. Was hard to put down..Score: 4/5

RecklessCouldn't put it down from the dry first page!!.Score: 5/5

Resist me -iBooks store/ iTunesHonestly it seems like an almost rip off of 50 shades. But it's a little more rushed, not much depth into the characters. Limited vocabulary and repetitive..Score: 2/5

Loved thisLoved the first part of the book and left me hanging for more..Score: 5/5

Resist MeOh wow, intense. Can't wait to find out more.Score: 5/5

Left me wanting more!Great story, but with one drawback, I can't wait to read the rest!.Score: 4/5

Great readThis short story has really been enjoyable I love the story line for it thus far it is kind of like fifty shade of grey which is why I am enjoying it so much great read! :).Score: 5/5

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Hot!This author writes some really interesting and sexy books, each one I’ve read Has been a real page turner. I’m addicted! Can’t wait to read More!.Score: 5/5

Review of Resist me book 1To iBooks: Sexy reading! Some minor grammatical errors but a good read nonetheless.:) looking forward to book 2. :).Score: 4/5

Resist me!So shocked at the detail in such a small book! Really enjoyed this one and looking forward to the next!.Score: 5/5

Resist meCouldnt put the book down cant wait to keep reading.Score: 5/5

Resist me iBookGreat read, engrossed already dying to know if they last.Score: 5/5

GreatGreat book to read :).Score: 5/5

Resist me reviewThis book intrigues me. I'm a big fan of Suits the American legal drama and through work I have some experience of dealing with control in relationships. I think it will be interesting to see how the author deals with control both from the ex partner and potential current partner. The sub/Dom lifestyle is fine between consenting adults but there is a fine line between consent and control..Score: 4/5

Resist meI have loved reading this book and can't wait to see how it all works out..Score: 5/5

Resist MeEasy reading!!! Fab for chilling:).Score: 5/5

OkayThe book was okay but was pretty predictable.Score: 2/5

Resist meA great read a page turner!.Score: 5/5

AmazingResist me is so hot, it was such a good first book and I can't wait to read the next one. It had the right amount of spice with sweetness to it. Love it..Score: 5/5

Resist meGreat read, can't wait for next book!.Score: 4/5

Great short storyA page turner, no doubt, but could improve on grammar and spelling. Can't wait for the rest of the series!.Score: 4/5

Resist me book 1Amazing can't wait to read the next one.Score: 5/5

Resist me book oneThis book is very good and I recommend it to everyone Apple iBooks.Score: 5/5

Resist me book oneI love Lucia's work! I have finished the first book and can't wait to read the rest of the resist me series! Fantastic !.Score: 5/5

Resist Me bk 1Brilliant so far! A real page turner..Score: 5/5

Resist meReally enjoyed reading this book. Can't wait to see what happens next. Couldn't put it down.Score: 5/5

Enjoyable!Enjoyed this read very much ! Brett and Cheyennes relationship is very strongly full on with the rules and I need to find out how it ends..Score: 5/5

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