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The Promise of Rainbows by Ava Miles Book Summary

Millions of readers have fallen in love with Ava's bestselling books...come join the family.

International Bestselling Author Ava Miles presents an inspiring and emotional tale about a hero willing to go to any lengths to recapture his belief in the sweetness of love.

Jake Lassiter was a bona fide hero in the military before a tragedy in war changed his life forever. Now he’s a rising country music star, intent on healing the world and himself through his music. But his past still haunts him…

When Jake hires girl-next-door interior decorator Susannah McGuiness, he sees a kindred spirit and a woman who pulls at his soul. The first sparks of hope fire in him, the kind that can heal all the wounds he still carries inside. For a man resigned to never having a happily ever after, Susannah sure has him dreaming about one.

Susannah has always believed in the promise of rainbows, even when times are tough. She’s known some hard times herself and connects with Jake on a level she’s never known. In this hero, she doesn’t see a broken man, but one who’s risen again and again to life’s challenges. But Jake must heal his secret wounds to claim the love of his dreams

"Ava's story is witty and charming." Barbara Freethy #1 New York Times Bestselling Author on Nora Roberts Land

"On par with Nicholas Sparks' love stories." Jennifer's Corner Blog

“The constant love, and the tasteful sexual interludes, bring a sensual, dynamic tension to this appealing story.” Publisher’s Weekly

"I am adding Ava Miles to my list of always reads like Susan Mallery, Jill Shalvis, Kristen Ashley, and NORA ROBERTS." Marjay's Reading Blog

"Miles' story savvy, sense of humor, respect for her readers and empathy for her characters shine through..." USA Today on The Gate to Everything

The Promise of Rainbows (Ava Miles) Book Reviews

Very moving story!!!!!!!!This book is a very moving story that takes you through a gamete of emotions. Being someone who had experienced a form of PTSD, nothing close to what a veteran has experienced though, I can somewhat understand what Jake went through. It was amazing to see the book through to the end, albeit difficult at times to keep reading. Thank you Ava for writing this book and bringing PTSD to the for front in this format, and for doing your homework. Also a wonderful faith filled story that restores any lack you may have rainbows! May I each and everyday who reads this book take from it what you need at the time!.Score: 5/5

An amazing love storyThis is a story about a man with a scarred soul & psyche from war, who tries to heal so he can be worthy of the woman he loves; and about the woman who loves him & does everything in her power to be there to help him heal..Score: 5/5

ExcellentAt first it was just pleasant reading but as the story developed the emotional commitment was strong. I really enjoy the Valley and River series and can't wait for Vander & Shelby's installment..Score: 5/5

Beautiful and emotionalThe Promise of Rainbows is the fourth book in the Dare River series. It is the emotional story of Jake and Susanna's. Jake Lassister is a war veteran who became a country music artist. Even after trying different therapies, still experiences PTSD. He is afraid he's too damaged emotionally to have a relationship. Jake is Susannah's brother best friend. Susannah felt in love with Jake since the first time she saw him. She and her family, help him battle his sickness. A beautiful, emotional story that is very touching. A great read. I truly recommend it. I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own..Score: 5/5

A tearjerker & heart ♥️ menderThis is another beautiful book by a wonderful author. Her heart is filled with God’s grace & she shares that grace with all of her readers. While the book centers around Jake’s battle with PTSD, it is truly a testimony of love & of the healing power it can have for all of us. I had read The Chocolate Garden about a year ago & loved it. This one is even better. I will certainly be watching for more books from this author..Score: 5/5

Beautifully differentAs a new military mom, this book touched my heart. As a woman of faith, I loved how the author wove the McGuinness family's faith into this story. Would that every vet had a Reverend Louisa in his or her life. And of course I loved the HEA. Thank you for showing a more realistic side of PTSD, Ms. Miles. Move over JP, Jake's my new favorite Dare River guy..Score: 5/5

Wow"I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own." WOW, Ava Miles addresses the topic of PTSD, and develops a truly beautiful story of how love and family help Jake develop the inner strength he needs to tackle his PTSD. Jake Lassiter is one of country music's raising stars. Jake has a strong attraction to Susannah McGuiness and hires her as interior designer for his Nashville home. Susannah is also strongly attracted to Jake. Because of his PTSD, Jake is hesitant to pursue a relationship with Susannah. With love and support from Susannah, as well as counseling from Susannah's Pastor mother, Jake finds the courage and determination he needs to start healing and feeling whole again..Score: 4/5

Book 4I just love the title and the message it means in the book. That there is always hope in the dark. This is one very powerful and emotional book. It really brings to light what veterans face when they come homes. The daily struggle of living with PTSD. Jake is a army veteran turned country singer who is struggling with PTSD. He's getting to the point he's losing hope, but there is a light to show him the way and that's Susannah. Jake is willing to get the help in order to have a future with Susannah. Susannah is exactly what Jake needs that person to give him love and support which his own family is not giving. There is one part in the book that is so heartbreaking and pushes Jake to the breaking point. Will Jake be able to see the promise of a rainbow? This book does have a different vibe then Ava's other books. It does deliver the message of God and deals with spiritual nature. It's good that she wove it into the book because it's a very important aspect in Susannah's life. Just a little heads up when reading it's a tad different then what I'm used to, but by no means is it not enjoyable. I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own..Score: 4/5

The Promise or TitlesThank you Ava for another powerful novels. Every time I read your book, I feel as if I am coming home to family. Truly amazed how your writing can evoke those feeling. Jake's character was so authentic. I come from a military family and you nailed it. I was terrified myself when he talked about his dreams. Not just the soldiers our hero's are affected. It's their family and friends. The emotions and the struggles they go through. You describe it well. I love the family dynamics of each family. Sunday Dinners are my favorite. I feel like I can bring over a dish and sit a spell. ANYONE, EVERYONE READ THIS SERIES,,,, ITS A HEARTWARMING. You won't want to put down.Score: 5/5

A promise of RainbowsA very good read giving good insight to a very hard subject so many people suffer with!thank you so much ,for sharing the trials of Jake and Susanna with us God bless our military for all their sacrifice 😂❤️.Score: 5/5

Loved this book!!The Promise of Rainbows This is my favorite book yet from Ava Miles! The story of Jake and Susannah touched me. I really felt for Jake. Ava brought me to tears with his feelings of being ‘broken’ and needing to be fixed. I loved Susannah’s view of Jake as a ‘whole’ person. I especially loved bringing God, faith and forgiveness to the story. Susannah’s Mom, who is the pastor, asked some poignant questions regarding faith and duty to country. I read this book in one day as I couldn’t put it down. The book just moved me, I can’t explain it but it has been with me long after I have finished reading it. I highly recommend The Promise of Rainbows. I hope it moves you as much as it moved me. I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review; all conclusions are my own..Score: 5/5

DisapointedI’ve read all the books in this series and the Dare Valley Series and all I could think of was that a new author had written it. It was so different from her other books. It was so corny. The characters kept repeating the same lines. I feel the PTSD story line is handled extremely well, but still a big disappointment as it didn’t read like her previous books. This is the first review I have ever left for a book..Score: 2/5

Hit or missAva Miles has had some delicious stories with beautiful plots and characters. She has the talent to draw a reader in to see the scene and become part of the characters themselves. But man oh man can she beat a dead horse. The sex scenes are belabored to the point of painful to read, and seem to be getting worse with each story. There is a fine line between setting the stage and overwriting the act, and this book was by far the worst of that. Will she, won't she, should she or shouldn't she, but she's a virgin waiting to be married... Will he be kind, he doesn't want to hurt her, he NEEDS he but he "respects" her... When she finally decides to bring on the inevitable, she spends an entire chapter detailing it. Too much time, too much talking. The other thing to note with this new set of books is they apparently have to pray about EVERYTHING. Ava has spun into a family that can't seem to make a simple decision without having to talk about praying over it. I'm a girl with a solid faith, but this was way too overdone for my taste. I think the editor should be put to pasture for letting this book through..Score: 3/5

Dare river seriesI just finished the first 4 books (from Country Heaven thru The Promise of Rainbows). They were some of the best written and edited books Ive ever encountered. You are a gifted writer. Characters are very believeble. In all 4 books I found only 3 things that gave me pause: 1. ’56 Mustangs don’t exist 2. Sunday is the first day of the week—not the seventh or the sabbath. 3. unchartered territory should be uncharted territory… I have lived near Nashville since the late 60’s..Score: 5/5

A fantastic new addition to the Dare River series!The latest in the Dare River Series, "The Promise of Rainbow" features Jake Lassiter, a military vet suffering from PTSD (who has become a country music star), and Susannah McGuinness, the interior designer he hired to decorate his house. At first meeting, they both felt a connection, which strengthened as they spent more time together. Though Jake was better, his PTSD was a roadblock for him, preventing him from moving forward with a relationship. After some therapy with a pastor (who happens to be Susannah's mama), he starts to open up more and takes a chance. The connection between Jake and Susannah deepens, and her belief in the promise of rainbows helps bring them through. This book is a beautiful, heartbreaking look at some of the terrors our heroes in the military come home with; and a testament to faith, grace, and pure love. Be sure to have tissues at the is moving beyond words in places. Please note: I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own..Score: 5/5

Amazing bookThis book touched close to home. I enjoyed every minute of it and have read the entire Dare River series. Looking forward to the upcoming ones!!.Score: 5/5

The promise of boredomI struggled through this story. While the plot was touching the whole deep southern, overly religious story was hard to keep up with..Score: 3/5

The promise of RainbowsThe Promise of Rainbows is book four in the Dare River series by Ava Miles; the Dare River series is a spinoff of the Dare Valley series. I feel in love with all of these books in both series, they are all amazing and I would recommend them to anyone. Although you can read each book as a standalone book, the characters are recurring because of strong family bonds that are reflected in the books. Each book is about one person in the families- you learn about their life, the struggles and them trying to find love. The Promise of Rainbows is about Jake Lassiter and Susannah McGuiness. Jake is a military vet of 10 years, turned country music superstar who suffers from PTSD and although he was improving having been to countless counselors, he still needs help. Susannah is an interior decorator who has known Jake through her brother, also a country music musician. Through this book we learn how PTSD and the military has shaped Jake’s life and how hard he as struggled with it all. Susannah uses her personality and many love to break through to help Jake overcome his PTSD symptoms and episodes. Another big help is Louisa, who is Susannah’s momma and a preacher. This is a moving story about life, struggles and how people can overcome with the right help, willpower, love and guidance. This book is amazing. This book has more religion than the others seem to have so if you are against using God in books, this one is not for you. I think this is a great book on miracles that can happen, and shows a nice heartwarming way to overcome some of life’s obstacles. "I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.".Score: 5/5

The Promise of RainbowsThis is a wonderful story of a soldier battling the power of PTSD and a God fearing woman's love who refuses to give up on them. Get the tissues ready! Such an eye opening book! Must read!.Score: 5/5

Heart-wrenching poetryDear readers, Ava Miles is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. In this book, the story between Jake and Susannah was truly captivating. The characters are real, life-breathing, God fearing people who going through pain, like us, need some help remembering the important things of life. Reading this brings such a good reminder that we are alive, we love hard and finding a home (in people) is one of the most beautiful things about life. Jake story really reflected the raw kind of beauty and seeing him find love was worth every tear. The words Ava wrote were true poetry, for anyone who’s lost a loved one, these words sometimes described what our hearts felt like during the hard times..Score: 5/5

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Ava MilesThis book was lovely. It's heartwarming to read a romance filled with so much love and hope and connection...thanks Ava..Score: 4/5

The Promise of Rainbows🌟💕🌟💕❤️ Absolutely Loved this Book Beautifully Written, Powerful Emotion Captivated Me, This is by far one of my Favourites. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK Congratulations Ava You have Really Excelled with this one Amazingly Awesome. 😍❤️💕.Score: 5/5

The Promise of RainbowsI loved this book, heart wrenching all the way. You have a great talent Ava, please don't stop. I was sent an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review, all conclusions are mine.Score: 5/5

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Couldn't put it downAnother good book couldn't put it down I read this book in one day and didn't want it to end. Ava miles not only gives you a love story but she also shows the tough issue of PTSD which is such a taboo subject for a lot of people, you will need to keep your tissues handy as this is such an emotional storyline. Jake and Susannah have appeared in previous dare valley storylines but in this one you finally get to learn their own unique story and there are lots of characters appearing from previous books. I have read all the books that Ava has written and enjoyed them all but this by far has got to be my favourite one. I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own..Score: 5/5

Love and its many coloursLoved this book from the onset it captured my heart as Ava wove the horrors of war with the mending heart of and enjoy a gentle love story with a powerful message and let us not forget the road that others travel.....Score: 5/5

Another wonderful story from AvaThis was another wonderful yet emotionally draining read. Ava managed to weave the day to day issues of living with PTSD together with a story of loving how ever hard. As usual Dare River was there as a back drop to the residents and it was exciting to catch up with how their lives were developing. I enjoyed it and am looking forward to more........ "I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.".Score: 5/5

Another wonderful book from Ava MilesWow - I love this book. Ava Miles drew me in with her powerful story. PTSD is painful. Something you are never sure you will recover from and this story respects that. I cannot wait for the next two books due to come out. My name will be on the waiting list. I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own..Score: 5/5

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