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Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo Book Summary

See the Grishaverse come to life on screen with Shadow and Bone, now a Netflix original series.

Discover what comes next for heist trio Kaz, Inej, and Jesper -- and the star-crossed Nina and Matthias -- in the #1 New York Times bestseller Six of Crows, Book One of the Six of Crows Duology.

Ketterdam: a bustling hub of international trade where anything can be had for the right price—and no one knows that better than criminal prodigy Kaz Brekker. Kaz is offered a chance at a deadly heist that could make him rich beyond his wildest dreams. But he can't pull it off alone. . . .

A convict with a thirst for revenge.

A sharpshooter who can't walk away from a wager.

A runaway with a privileged past.

A spy known as the Wraith.

A Heartrender using her magic to survive the slums.

A thief with a gift for unlikely escapes.

Six dangerous outcasts. One impossible heist. Kaz's crew is the only thing that might stand between the world and destruction—if they don't kill each other first.

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo returns to the breathtaking world of the Grishaverse in this unforgettable tale about the opportunity—and the adventure—of a lifetime.

Praise for Six of Crows:

“Six of Crows is a twisty and elegantly crafted masterpiece that thrilled me from the beginning to end.” –New York Times-bestselling author Holly Black

“Six of Crows [is] one of those all-too-rare, unputdownable books that keeps your eyes glued to the page and your brain scrambling to figure out what’s going to happen next.” –Michael Dante DiMartino, co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra

“There's conflict between morality and amorality and an appetite for sometimes grimace-inducing violence that recalls the Game of Thrones series. But for every bloody exchange there are pages of crackling dialogue and sumptuous description. Bardugo dives deep into this world, with full color and sound. If you're not careful, it'll steal all your time.” —The New York Times Book Review

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Praise for the Grishaverse

“A master of fantasy.” —The Huffington Post
“Utterly, extremely bewitching.” —The Guardian
“This is what fantasy is for.” —The New York Times Book Review
“[A] world that feels real enough to have its own passport stamp.” —NPR
“The darker it gets for the good guys, the better.” —Entertainment Weekly
“Sultry, sweeping and picturesque. . . . Impossible to put down.” —USA Today
“There’s a level of emotional and historical sophistication within Bardugo’s original epic fantasy that sets it apart.” —Vanity Fair
“Unlike anything I’ve ever read.” —Veronica Roth, bestselling author of Divergent
“Bardugo crafts a first-rate adventure, a poignant romance, and an intriguing mystery!” —Rick Riordan, bestselling author of the Percy Jackson series

Six of Crows (Leigh Bardugo) Book Reviews

I can never get through the first chapterI have tried so many times but I can’t get through it..Score: 2/5

Let’s see…As I read the book I was never really able to get attached to the characters (I focus more on characters than plot). For example, if someone was in pain or having a hard time or just dying, I just found myself not really caring or feeling sympathy. When it comes to the plot I would say its really good. I like the magic system as well as the way everything unfolded. However the only problem (aside from the previous one) I had while reading the book was that I felt as If I was reading a movie instead of a book. It was very cinematic. It bothered me a lot cause it seemed as if Leigh was writing a script for a movie instead of narrating a story. It’s hard to explain but I came to the conclusion that because she writes in a cinematic way, it made it hard to sympathy and connect with the characters (especially Kaz. No matter how dark his childhood was, I could not find a lil bit of sympathy towards him. And there was also the age issue. It was hard to ignore the fact that the cast was i think about 16-18 years old). I’d say if her book is adapted into a movie I would really like it cause its my type of genre, but unfortunately I can’t say the same for the book. Im picky too, so take my opinion with a grain of salt..Score: 2/5

FantasticWhat really makes this book is their characters and their interactions. Watching them change and develop was by far my favorite part. Leigh does a really good job on the romantic side as well, not overdoing it (which I really appreciate). The action scenes are great as well as the backstories and setting. Definitely worth your time..Score: 5/5

Ahhh!Soooo great. Just as good as the Grisha trilogy! Get through the first couple chapters it's worth it!!!!!.Score: 5/5

Loved this!Why did I not discover this book sooner?! One of the best books I’ve read this year, heck, probably in the last few years. I’m just sad there are only two books in this series; I wish there were more. Not ready to have Kaz Brekker and his crows out of my life. A must read!.Score: 5/5

Finally some YA that isn’t problematicAddresses strong themes without romanticizing them e.g. characters are gratuitously flawed, many are victims of some form of oppression and actually suffer from long term trauma (something lots of YA authors seem to think is an aesthetic) and the psychological repercussions that come with it. YA authors think it’s a personality trait to have a dead parent or a tragic backstory, but don’t go beyond a very superficial “underdog take.” In Leigh bardugo’s world, no country / government is fair and just, their leaders have hidden agendas and are a part of a constant struggle for power - much like our own political landscape. I appreciate Bardugo bringing in relatable and objective characterization into a fictional landscape..Score: 5/5

A-MUST-READ-ONCE-IN-YOUR-LIFETIMEDONT EVEN GET ME STARTED. This book showed up on my Tiktok. And boy am I so glad I read it. I’m not the hugest fan of fantasy, but this was absolutely gold. Each character is so perfectly developed. From Kaz’s admiration towards Inej, and his vengeful demeanor after what happened to his brother, it’s just too good. You’ll end up rooting for the Crows so hard that you’ll cry with them, laugh with them, and even smirk with them 😏. It’s action-packed, and perfect for hopeless romantics. The highly descriptive wording is so beautiful. The author is incredibly gifted. I will say, the beginning will confuse you, but please do not stop reading because of it. It will make more sense as you go. Plus, it only gets better 😉.Score: 5/5

OMGThis book is amazing and a fun and addictive read..Score: 5/5

The ultimate heistA great different kind of story!! Loved the characters and plot. Lots of action, wise cracks, and chaos! Great character development. And a crazy cliffhanger ending!!! I need to read the next book now! Loved returning to the Grishaverse!.Score: 4/5

Six of Crows ReviewI LOOOOOOOVED this book! I don’t k ow what it is, but it’s it’s soooo good. The world, the people, and the way she wrote the book. 🤌🤌🤌🤌🤌🤌.Score: 5/5

Brilliant!This is the best book series I’ve ever read. I couldn’t put down this book and ended up late to my classes, oh well. The characters are so diverse and well written that I fell in love with each individual. I also enjoyed that this book was fast paced. It was bit predictable, but the things that came to pass that I saw coming had huge twists. One hundred percent recommend, I just wish I could newly read this again!.Score: 5/5

Incredible storyJust read it. Please. You won't regret it. This is actually the first book by Leigh Bardugo I've ever picked up. And it was so good. I fell in love with every thing about it. The way it was written, the characters, the setting, the ships ;), the heist, the conflicts, the chapters, etc. Honestly this novel of one of the best I've ever read. The character interactions are so realistic. It's like you can actually see real friends behaving the way Kaz and Jesper banter or how Nina and Inej have conversations. Not only that, but it doesn't take long for the reader to form serious connections with every one of the six main characters. Each one is relatable and awesome, but they are all so unique at the same time. Not to mention the character development in this duology is some of the best I've ever seen. Ok the PLOT. It was just so amazing. All the twists and turns the story takes keeps you on edge the entire time. There are aspects of almost every single genre here. We've got aspects of adventure, action, romance, mystery, fantasy, and probably more I'm not thinking of atm. The morals are a bit shaky coming into the story, but by the end our beloved characters get that straightened out. Honestly if you are hesitant about reading this book, don't think anymore. Just read it..Score: 5/5

AmazingSuch a wonderful book! It has a complex and interesting array of characters. The story line is griping and so well done. I honestly loved this book more than the shadow and bone trilogy even though those are still really good books. Cannot wait to read crooked kingdom next..Score: 5/5

Ragtag team, heist of a lifetime, with magic!I loved the Grishaverse trilogy so I was excited to keep going with this duology and I really enjoyed this first book. It may have even been better than the Shadowbone trilogy. There seemed to be a lot more action as the rag tag team from The Barrel takes on a heist of a lifetime. I especially enjoyed the multiple POV’s. It was nice to get in the mindset of each character. The multicast of narrators did a phenomenal job embracing the characters. My only wish was that the narration had been more conversational in that each character player their part no matter whose POV. But in the end it was still an enjoyable listen..Score: 5/5

AwesomeGreat continuation of the world i loved in Shadow and Bone.Score: 5/5

Cinematic Story Telling(While it’s Six of Crows is arguably much better written than Shadow and Bone; I do recommend that you read Shadow and Bone first because it helps with the world building and vocabulary of this story.) A tale of six emotionally scarred and traumatized teenagers…. sign me up. Six of Crows really is a well written book. I was captivated by the words on the page from start to finish. The characters in this story are a much needed breath of fresh air against ordinary character stereotypes that you see in most books. It has a kind of dark fantasy that you don’t often see in YA fiction. The banter between each character and the relationships that unfold between characters are incredibly well written. I laughed, I cried, and when I say that if I could go back and read Six of Crows again for the first time; I truly do mean it..Score: 5/5

Phenomenal!This book was SO GOOD! Heist, suspense, sarcasm, great one liners, and a bit of Small Science and you’ve got yourself a great read! I do suggest reading the Shadow and Bones trilogy BEFORE reading this one. It does help with the Grishaverse concepts. Seriously SO GOOD!.Score: 5/5

The Rogue One of the GrishaverseThis book takes Bardugo’s earlier writing and deepens it, makes it darker and more interesting, it’s just awesome. The characters are truly excellent, with such varied personalities as a boy who wears gloves so he doesn’t have to touch human flesh and a gunslinger university student who gambles for fun, but digs himself deeper and deeper into debt. I just can’t express the brilliance of this novel enough..Score: 5/5

Agh!!!!!Surprisingly twists and turns, even the things you know through foreshadowing are still done artfully. A wonderful read..Score: 5/5

WonderfulAmazing book with beautiful developed and intertwined characters in a vivid setting. I have read Six of Crows countless times! ♡︎.Score: 5/5

Oh that was fun.Six of Crows was an enjoyable read – I just had to get far enough before I was comfortable with the setting and the characters. And from then! Fun. One star off because well … I did have to force myself to get to that part. But the bit about speaking moose? Brilliant..Score: 4/5

🗣🗣🗣Nothing like anything I've read before. Characters with rich backgrounds and feelings. I live..Score: 5/5

If every author could understand thisMany authors have great plots, great characters, or both. Ironically most do not excel at storytelling. Leigh does an excellent job of moving the story forward while dropping in a few details along the way to build depth and context. Too many authors don’t trust their audience to build an acceptable picture in their minds and feel compelled to bog down the action with pages and pages of description with a villain 30 seconds behind the protagonist. Thank you, Leigh, for taking the risk that your story will survive without spelling out every detail. Your work is a pleasure to read..Score: 5/5

SO GOODI’m gonna be honest I did not think I would like it, but boy was a wrong. The world building is absolutely amazing. The background of all the characters is so well developed and thought out. Each chapter will leave you wanting more. This book had me SCREAMING (in a good way). The ending was just wow. Kaz Brekker supremacy..Score: 5/5

Great readFun I enjoyed the characters even though Kaz kinda reminded me of five from the umbrella academy( which is weird cause if they fought five would win probably) but I enjoyed Kaz and the others..Score: 4/5

Amazing!Such a great book!.Score: 5/5

So goodThe best thing you can and will ever read so good so good such beauty I love this book.Score: 5/5

Absolutely incredibleThis book was captivating from beginning to end. Sure there was plenty of slow storyline parts but those all aid in you getting to know the characters and the Grishaverse better. My heart raced the entire time while reading and having it told from so many perspectives brings on a new and fun dynamic. The characters are well done and endearing. By the end of the book you feel like you went through what they went through and that you are somehow a part of the ragtag team itself. Great read and would recommend to anyone who loves stories of espionage, fantasy, and gritty violence. All in the same world as the Shadow and Bone series!!.Score: 5/5

Amazing!I loved this!!! I don't know what i was waiting for. I'm not big on fantasy and I usually stick only to romance books but this was great. The plot kept me glued from the beginning and there was just enough romance to make me happy. Nina and Matthias were everything!! They were by far my favorite storyline. Kaz's past was so heartbreaking and I loved Inej and all of her skills. She was so brave. I also loved Jesper! He is just trying to find his place in the world and i can't wait to get more development between him and Wylan. Basically i loved everybody. My favorite part of the book was all the flashbacks and the look into everyone's lives. It really connected me to the characters. And then once the action really started to unfold i was glued to every page. There were so many surprises. I can't wait to start the next book. I rarely read books in a series back to back but i can't wait to see what happens. Great story..Score: 5/5

UniqueThe story was interesting. All stories have similarities and this one had some normal aspects, but the detail in the storytelling and the subtle aspects added onto the already unique story. I have read many books and this one is different and fun. I loved it. The second in the series is also fantastic..Score: 5/5

A little confusingI didn’t really understand the setting of this book. Is it modern, medieval fantasy, steampunk future, or colonial style? I am very confused 😐..Score: 3/5

PAPA KAZ ILY THIS BOOK SKRBWJDJWIDBSJFNEKDJFBFJeez louise this book is the bee's knees! i love it and it is very good thnak you.Score: 5/5

AmazingI love this book although it is not that plot driven.It does take awhile to get to the heist,but that lets you get to know the characters.The characters are amazing and they all have there own personalities and backgrounds that make them all so different from each other.This book is a must read if you love character driven books. P.S This is my favorite book of all time.Score: 5/5

AwesomeFinished this is 2 days. A lot of world building at the beginning that I found to be well written but hard to follow. I haven’t read the shadow and bone series so that may have helped but power through and it is so worth it!! Awesome book.Score: 5/5

AmazingBut everyone you need to read shadow and bone before you read this it makes this book and I’m reading crooked kingdom now and they mention lots of things from shadow and bone and if you read shadow and bone first you find out things that are very important to crooked kingdom if you insist you read six of crows first then read six of crows then shadow and bone trilogy and the crooked kingdom then the Nickolai books but that’s not the way you should it needs to be shadow and bone trilogy then six of crows and crooked kingdom then king of scars then rule of wolfs..Score: 5/5


Finally!My attention span is so low that I usually get bored of books that aren’t well written but this was ✨refreshing✨ The character development was on point, no plot holes or pauses, entertaining from start to finish. Also I love the concept of anti-hero types. Not necessarily a good guy but not all that bad kinda main characters. Mary Sue characters really ain’t it. The complexity and diversity of the characters made it better and more interesting. I was tired of reading literally the same boring book in this genre. Although I have no idea how to pronounce fjerda and other names from the book it didn’t matter because I understood the context and wasn’t confused out of my mind by droning descriptions. I finally found a good read! And I’m super excited for the next book :)).Score: 5/5

Fun fun book!Ragtag group of underdogs pulling a massive heist in a richly imagined magical world. Cinematic, fast moving, YA. loved it!.Score: 5/5

Amazing!!!!Well all I can say is that this book is AWSOME and you won’t be disappointed I honestly didn’t think this book was gonna be any good but boy was it AWSOME all I have to say is to not be disappointed by the first chapter the real fun begins in the second chapter.Score: 5/5

An awesome book.This book is utterly fantastic. Kaz Brekker isn’t a hero, and the author doesn’t try to make him one. But somehow, someway, you find yourself rooting and pulling for this Bastard of the Barrel, no matter how dark he gets. 10/10 recommend.Score: 5/5

Gold Standard For YA Fiction: READ IT!Six of Crows is a magical heist novel, filled with an intricate and fast paced plot, cunning, diverse, and intelligent characters, hilarious banter, genuine relationships, and phenomenal world building, all with high stakes that keep you hooked from the first chapter. While I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary to read the Grisha trilogy to understand SOC, it is definitely beneficial to do so in order to fully understand the dynamics and stakes at hand, and I regret not reading it beforehand. This duology has renewed my hope in YA, and it set my standards in books really high. If you liked the Lunar Chronicles, this is basically the more mature heist version of it. Do yourself a favor and read this amazing book ASAP!!!.Score: 5/5

Amazing!It was too much from the start I just couldn't put it down! Bardugo outdid herself with this one I swear. This is the first book I read of hers and I just can't wait to get more! Highly recommend it..Score: 5/5

GreatForced myself through the first few pages, began to enjoy it..Score: 4/5

Best book i’ve read in a long timeI finished this book in three days i was so hooked. it has such an amazing plot and creative world with interesting characters..Score: 5/5

Six of CrowsFantastic, a page turner..Score: 5/5

Amazing 1000/10Never have been addicted to a book so much. If you think you don’t enjoy reading, read this. It will definitely change your mind..Score: 5/5

WOWThis book is honestly life changing. READ IT..Score: 5/5

Amazing!!I'm totally in love with this book and characters. This book is amazing!!.Score: 5/5

YOU WON’T REGRET SH*T. TRUST ME.Need I say more?.Score: 5/5

TopTop.Score: 5/5

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Love love love!This book was so well done! loved the characters and everything about it!!! by the time i was finished i so badly wanted to be the seventh crow!.Score: 5/5

Read itThis book made me trust BookTok (not sure if that’s a good thing) but I saw it recommended and decided to buy it. Six of Crows got me into the YA fantasy genre (I haven’t found anything as good as it yet) and it’s honestly one of the best books I’ve ever read. It can be hard to get into but once you’re at the second ‘part’ (which isn’t that far in) it speeds up and becomes more easy to understand. The Shadow and Bone trilogy comes first technically but you don’t have to read it first (I didn’t) because it has nothing to do with the Six of Crows’ characters even though it’s set in the same world. It’s not as good so if you’d rather just read Six of Crows first do it! Anyway, the depth of the characters and the diversity of them was really just what made this Duology. So if you’re wondering what to read and you haven’t read this yet, definitely give it a try!.Score: 5/5

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