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Tyler Oakley

Binge by Tyler Oakley Book Summary

Pop-culture phenomenon, social rights advocate, and the most prominent LGBTQ+ voice on YouTube, Tyler Oakley brings you Binge, his New York Times bestselling collection of witty, personal, and hilarious essays.

For someone who made a career out of over-sharing on the Internet, Tyler has a shocking number of personal mishaps and shenanigans to reveal in his first book: experiencing a legitimate rage blackout in a Cheesecake Factory; negotiating a tense stand­off with a White House official; crashing a car in front of his entire high school, in an Arby’s uniform; projectile vomiting while bartering with a grandmother; and so much more. In Binge, Tyler delivers his best untold, hilariously side-splitting moments with the trademark flair that made him a star.

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Book Name Binge
Genre Humor
Language English
E-Book Size 35.62 MB

Binge (Tyler Oakley) Book Reviews 2024

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Yessss. Didn't think twice about ordering this book. It was everything I had hoped for and more! Slay Tyler. @BrittnieNMartin

AMAZING. This book is simply perfection! It made me feel like one of Tyler's friends, just sitting in his living room and hearing stories. I would really recommend it! Tyler if saw this: could u plz follow me on insta, it would mean the world to me! It's: abigailhassin

I LAUGHED OUT LOUD!. I was on a plane going from New York to California and I can't tell you how many times I got weird stares from people on the plane because I was laughing too hard! I couldn't stop! This is by far one of the best books I have read.


Totally Honest and Totally Enjoyable. I absolutely loved “Binge.” I felt that it was a very honest book that was intended to be relatable, helpful, funny, thought-provoking, and more. I especially appreciated the chapter where he talked about his experience at Playlist and what fandom culture has become. I hope people enjoy “Binge” because it’s good and because of Tyler, but also use it as an opportunity to reflect on their own lives and behavior. Great book, Tyler! Can’t wait for the next one! @LivOD

Binge 😩. This book was honestly my favorite book I've ever read. I love how Tyler included every aspect of his life into it and didn't hide one thing. I also love how much it relates to Snervous! I've re-read it so many times and it honestly gets better every time. If you every read this Tyler, I love you and your book and movie so much. I don't know what I'd do without you. 💙 - @Harley_Believe

Highly recommend!Tyler is very open and honest. Tyler is very opened and tells us about some of the things we don't ft to see when the camera is off and from when he was younger. Highly recommended.

Of binge. The story snippets presented in Binge are marvelous and whimsical. They bring you a better understanding of the boy, the man who is Tyler. A social activist and Youtuber, Tyler's stories are funny and thoughtful and well put together. If you have any doubt about who Tyler presents himself to be this is a great start to that. It's a really Great read.

AMAZING!!!!!. I love the book so much! The audiobook is great too!- @bandgeek1411

Yes TyLEr. Best book ever. like really tho. I'm so proud of how far you've come from your starting days of YouTube to now. ❤️❤️❤️ (Twitter: @troye_sivan_____[that is troye-1 underscore-sivan-5 underscores] lol) ❤️

Taught me so much. This book has taught me so much in life and how you need to be you and not care about others and there is going to be many challenges in life and you have to face those obstacles. Thank you Tyler for everything you do for everyone and how much of an impact you have on my life you really do mean a lot! @bayster11

Tyler is amazing. He has amazing video content that should indicate that this book was going to be amazing. Tyler never fails to be amazing! @ginanicolexox ❤️😍

Binge. i love love love Binge. i have read it 4x so's just so so good. like i can't even describe in words how much i enjoyed it. i REread it on my free time and laugh and even cry when reading it. you get to know more about Tyler. the book is full of surprises (from the very first chapter) i mean why wouldn't you want to get Binge? it's by the amazing, wonderful, hilarious, and talented author and YouTuber, Tyler Oakley. so go read it if you haven't. it's amazing! you may laugh and maybe even cry when reading it. (it's by far, my favorite book) hope you write a second book someday because i am ready to read it! love you. xx also if you haven't already... -you should subscribe to Tyler - you should listen to the podcast Psychobabble with Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl - follow him everywhere @tyleroakley - get/watch his documentary: SNERVOUS i guarantee that he will make you smile and laugh when you are feeling down. (well at least he makes me beyond happy under every circumstance) i mean who wouldn't smile at his gorgeous smile or laugh along to his iconic laugh. well du~bye. much love. xx 💙 ~ jenny. @mtyler_troye 🍬

It’s good to be his People.. I’ve been watching Tyler since 2011, and I can honestly say that this book made me feel like I was talking to an old friend, and was so so needed. Tyler’s writing style is captivating and undeniably genuine, I loved every word. Thank you, Tyler, for introducing the world to Matthew and the beauty that so effortlessly accompanies him, you’re truly inspiring.

phenomenal book. this book is not only (surprisingly) very well written, but an emotional roller coaster. there are many humorous chapters in which author, tyler oakley, gives advice from experience about topics you wouldn't usually get advice about. there are also deep and intimate chapters about tyler's lowest points in his life. this book blew away all my expectations, and i can truthfully say i had no regrets while reading it. great read, and i highly recommend. - @flippingoakley

YASSSS. I loved it!!!! ❤❤❤❤

Changing the world one sequin at a time. Tyler showed me that being unapologetically yourself is one of the best things you could ever do and I think that this book represents that. I loved how he opened up about his life and the things that he learned, how he can go from the ultimate top 12 Disney princes list to talking about the journey of learning how to love and being in a relationship. Tyler is making a positive change by showing the world that we all mess up sometimes and that the most important thing you can get out of it is lessons and maybe a good foot massage? If you already heard the audiobook, get the get the physical copy too and read it because it's full of cute and funny pictures that you can use as personal memes. Binge, binge on this book NOW! (@freddyvr)

yassss queen slayyyyy. This book met all of my over the top high expectations and went more. You probably know tyler who is always happy and excited. This book instead reveals a new tyler who is somehow exactly like all of us. This is my favorite book of all time

Endless love for Binge. I’ve been a fan of Tyler’s for a few years now, and while I’ve always seen him as an entertainment outlet, I never realized how big of an impact he would end up having on my life. Binge took my appreciation and admiration for this guy to a whole new level. I was hanging on every word of this book and felt every emotion possible in the process. Reading Tyler’s stories and feeling a deep connection to his experiences helped me see him in a whole new light. His confidence, strength, and ability to keep his humor no matter what is so INCREDIBLY inspirational to me. I have the utmost respect for this human being, and I would recommend this book to anyone who can handle the emotional trauma you’ll inevitably experience while reading (lol.. but really). Tyler, if you’re reading this, I love you so much and I’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished. From one Midwesterner to another, congrats on making it out and pursuing your dreams. I will always, ALWAYS be a fan. - Cortney Pearce (@irlcortney_ on twitter)

Yassss. The best book I've ever read slay queen @mathew Tyler Oakley

This book has a five star rating and all of the reviews are from before it was released.. If that doesn't say something, I don't know what does.

Binge on Binge. Literally got in a fight at the gym…was listening to the audio version and kept laughing out loud. (Keep up the good work Lyle from New York Sports Club! Wasn’t laughing at you I swear.) Getting in fights aside…binge on Binge!! But maybe in the privacy of your own home, or car, or panic room, or cell…whatever. Just, be careful out there. BUY THIS BOOK! @ArmisteadJ

Wonderfully surprised. I've been watching Tyler Oakley for years. I love his channel. But I was skeptical when I picked his book up at the library. It seems like they just tossed the book deals at all the big YouTubers. And not all of them were good. But this one was amazing. Really showed a whole other side of Tyler. We so often look up to "celebrities", but fail to realize that they are only human too. This has definitely made me realize how much I really respect and like Tyler.

Amazing. This book changed my life!! I love it so much. I posted a picture of me with it on my Twitter (@shaelynnsearles)and he liked it and "yes" I was freaking out and I tweeted again and guess who liked it......😏Tyler!!! I was crying. So I will read this about 20 times before I die!! "Or at least I hope so" just trust me it's AMAZING!!!

👍🏻AMOOZING. I bought a physical copy of the book and I loved it! it made me laugh, cry, and like everything I knew was tossed out the window. Can't wait for when snervous will come out!


Best book. If you can make a good choice in your life its buying this book

Completely Unexpected. I loved it! I laughed out loud, cried, & said "YAAAAAAAAAAAS!" so many times I lost count. I really got to know Tyler, not just @tyleroakley. I've always wanted to meet him, but now I want to meet him as a friend. He's MUCH MORE than the glitz & glam he posts online. In many ways I feel like we're similar: our binges become a little too much sometimes. We're both learning to self indulge, instead. I'd love to be real friends, & I know there's a 99.99% chance that will never happen, but if that 0.01% becomes a reality, I'd love to know the real Mathew more. We'd laugh, cry, & be the party no one thought they needed; it'd be such an adventure! Anyway, if prospective readers are reading my review, get this book! It's worth it. Like many people, I was skeptical at first, but after reading his prereleased chapter, "The One That Got Away," I was sold. It's definitely juicy and a wild ride, one of my favorites!

Oh my gawd. Tyler is an amazing human being and he is such a great LGBT advocate. If you found this book and this review I promise you, it's written for you and you will love it.


SLAYYYYYYYYYY. Queen queen queen queen queen Queen queen queen queen queen Queen queen queen queen

Tyler Oakley is literal Queen. Although I've only read the first couple chapters, Tyler Oakley's "Binge," is something worth getting (unless you're twelve, there are some rather graphic chapters.)

Omg It left me shook. It's so good and so deep I can't put it down I've even cried I hope he writes a book again this book is awesome and I hope u read it

ASHLFJFG. I finished this a while ago when I got my copy from meeting you ❤️ I love it so much and it's so inspiring and you were so sweet. Thank you, love you. @All_Time_Soap on twitter ❤️

Absolutely Amazing. I started reading this book thinking I would read it be done with it and put it on my shelf with the ready of the hundreds of books I own. But after reading it I stand corrected. Not only did he share some of his most intimate stories but you feel like you experienced it with him. I got so attached to this book that I didn't want it to end. I had a thirst that could not be quenched. Usually when I finish a book I put it away and let it be, however with this book I want to pass in on, I want to give it to other people to read. Whether they're a fan or not. I, personally, am a huge fan of Tyler and I live by most of the things he says. I feel like reading this book give you such a different perspective on him and what it's like/ means to be a Youtuber, especially one so famous as himself.

Yasssssssssss. I love Tyler and I so proud yayayayay

Tyler, I love you.. He's always there to make us laugh. Even through words I can hear him telling these stories and it's hilarious.

Tyler. Wow.❤️. Love this book and love him🦄

It was amazing. This book was amazing and it was the first book I cried at but I don't think I have ever laughed harder 😍✨

Binge worthy. This is definitely a book worth binging on. I took it all it within a week (which is fast for me). A shameless tale of a wonderful man. I fell in love with the fist chapter and after that I was insatiable. I could not stop until I had devoured (mentally) this book. This man is my spirit animal/human. Believe it or not, this book actually helped me come out to my best friend. I still have a long way to go, but this has helped me open my mind in so many ways. Thank you for a wonderful read! *heart eyes emoji*

Great Book! Must Read!. This was definitely a great book. I learned so much more about him, his struggles, successes, and how he's dealt with life. This book was full of emotion and you can tell he absolutely put his best work into writing this book. It's been a year since I've started watching his videos and I can't wait to watch more of his videos, listen to more of his podcasts, watch his documentary, and share laughs with him. Thanks, Tyler for putting years worth of work into a book which is now my all time favorite. -Anthony Fernandez Twitter: @afernandez6184

Funny and Inspiring. I bought this book a couple years ago and never got around to reading it. I never really watched Tyler Oakleys videos, but this book was hilarious and he wrote about things that were really interesting to read about. Would definitely recommend to a friend!!!

Amazing, inspiring, hilarious. This book was my first audiobook purchase that I made, as I departed for a 2 week study abroad trip to Africa, and then returned home to get legally married to my now husband. We listened to this book on our drive from Michigan to the East Coast for our honeymoon, and both laughed and experienced the joy of Tyler's personality, as it is in his videos that we watch together at home. The book is full of surprise details of Tyler as he recounts his life story, views on the world, and personal insights. My husband plans to use his Google story in class, when kids express their disappointment when they do not initially get what they want or think they deserve. Thanks Tyler, for giving us a honeymoon treat as we return home. Without a doubt the best book we've enjoyed together.

GREAT BOOK SO FAR!. I'm reading your book right now and it's so good Tyler! Errrr Matt- wait.. Not going to spoil the first chapter :)

This book!!!. I literally loved this book so much! I laughed more than I thought I would.😂 amazing book I don't have twitter😢 but my Instagram is @slayoakley

Love it!. It's a great read filled with very intriguing stories.

Omg lol. This book totally had me going OMG lol Beyond amazing! I give it 1000000 stars

Awesome. This book changed my life and people that have not read this book you are wasting your life

well. it's pretty gr9 ngl thanks Tyler you queen

A MUST READ!. This book is absolutely incredible Tyler did such a good job in writing this. This book made me laugh so hard I couldn't breathe! Trust me when I say THIS IS A MUST READ! @argowens

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Amazing book😍. one of the best books I've ever read by far. absolutely love it. good job tyler. (ps the pictures are great)

AMAAAAZING!. This book was extremely inspiring, entertaining, and an easy read. Tyler Oakley, if you're reading this, you're my inspiration and I hope you write a second book.

👍🏼. Great book, you don't have to think while your reading it's just one of those great books to relax with and enjoy a glass of wine when the juicy stuff comes out

EXCITED!!. I am so excited to read it even though I haven't seen the book in real life!! Tyler O is truly a humorous man in his videos!!


excited.. been waiting for this since he started promoting it 😍


Excited. I'm highly excited and looking forward to reading your book once I have the money to pre-order it. You have been my inspiration, lifesaver and always putting a smile on my face throughout both happy and sad times. Thanks tyler I love you so much .


I am so excited!. I haven't even read this but I've already rated it 5 stars I can't wait for it to come out I just pre-ordered it 😍😭😘

Ugh. Why are all YouTuber book so expensive they make money from vids an stuff

BEST BOOK EVER!. I LOVE IT, TYLER! By far my favourite book! Ily!!

Greatest book I've read in a long time. Binge is a book that defines this generation. I love Tyler, he makes me so happy & so does this book, but even if I had absolutely no clue who Tyler was, I would still enjoy this book. It's a look into the world of a small town kid who turned into one of the most well known Internet sensations. In Binge, Tyler tells some of his deepest secrets, and goes into detail about some of the hardest times in his life. He is proof that no matter how much you have struggled, you can get yourself through. And this book is a reflection of that. Tyler is an inspiration, he makes millions happy and by reading this book, I felt less alone. It showed me that everyone struggled once and awhile, and it made me feel a lot better that one of the people I look up to most has been through some of the same stuff I have. Binge while make you laugh and cry. It will make you see things in a new perspective. Even if you have never heard of Tyler Oakley, this is a book you need to read. Binge is so well written and I promise you that buying this book will be something you will never regret. - Regan (troylerftben)

I'm soooo excited!!!!. Just pre-ordered ittt!!! I'm sure it'll be sooooo good!

PROUDEST MOTHER. @sivangonewild hey m8, this book was incredible must’ve read it a thousand times. I’ve been watching your videos for years now and you liked my tweet and i cried. bye good book 10/10 do recommend

I take Tyler to bed with me every night.... No but seriously, I do. I listen to the audio book every night and I'm pretty sure I have the entire book memorized. If you have not read it yet, I highly recommend it! This has easily become my favourite biography of all time! @melissajean4

Slay. The queen refuses to stop slaying. I don't think my heart can take this anymore....

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Summary of Binge by Tyler Oakley

The Binge book written by Tyler Oakley was published on 20 October 2015, Tuesday in the Humor category. A total of 690 readers of the book gave the book 5 points out of 5.

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