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You Loved Me Once by Corinne Michaels Book Summary

From New York Times Bestselling author Corinne Michaels comes a heartbreakingly beautiful standalone story about letting love in. 
I’m losing myself trying to save everyone else...
As a doctor, I walk a dangerously delicate balance of being compassionate but not overly invested. The same is true in my personal life--love is a luxury I can’t afford.
It isn’t until Dr. Westin Grant breaks down all my walls and offers me a future, I find myself wondering if I’m brave enough to risk my heart. 
When who I was and who I’ve tried to become collide during my clinical trial, the fate of one patient changes everything. 
In a single moment, everything I’ve worked for is jeopardized. My integrity, my career, and even my relationship with Westin. 
He loved me once, I just hope he can love me always …

You Loved Me Once (Corinne Michaels) Book Reviews

Beautiful emotional love story.5 Stars Oh my heart! Serenity Adams knows loss like no other. Between losing her mom to cancer and the love of her life (on the same day), it’s understandable the walls she’s erected around her heart. Now, fast forward fourteen years and she is one of the top gynecologic oncology surgeons in the country who is about to start her first clinical trial for a new chemo to treat ovarian cancer. She’s also been in a casual relationship with fellow neurosurgeon, Westin Grant, for the last few years. Now, as the new trial starts, she comes face to face with the man who shattered who heart… and his wife. You Loved Me Once is one of those stories that will grabs onto your heart and holds it hostage throughout the story. So many emotions that several times while listenining (I had the audiobook), I found myself with tears streaming down my face. My heart ached for Serenity with the decisions she was faced with and I imagined that any doctor in her shoes would be faced with the same thing at any point in their career. This book in simple words was flat out amazing and most definitely worth a read. Angela - Alphas Do It Better Book Blog.Score: 5/5

Worth the wait!Thank you for deciding to bring this to us. As always, you never disappoint your readers. This story hit all the emotions and made it very hard to put down. I’m not very good at writing reviews but I know what I like to read. I have never been disappointed in anything of yours I’ve read. Thank you for that!! We the readers, are very blessed! ❤️.Score: 5/5

Loved it! Such a great read!I devoured You Loved Me Once by Corinne Michaels. The story was emotional and full of angst, and I could not stop reading. Serenity was a woman full of determination and driven to succeed, but she carried so much hurt and loss from her past. Westin, also a doctor, and was absolutely amazing. He was caring and protective. Though they shared a causal relationship, Serenity continued to keep walls up around her heart to protect herself. But when faced with difficult decisions, will her choices be her downfall? You Loved Me One by Corinne Michaels captivated me right from the start and was full of the feels. The choices we make, and the consequences of those decisions have everlasting effects that can affect those around us. I just loved this story and highly recommend it. Happy reading!.Score: 5/5

Amazing love storyYou loved me once was an amazing love story! An emotional rollercoaster as Serenity finds herself. A story full of love, loss, forgiveness, acceptance, and angst! It was such a breathtakingly beautiful written story I found myself captivated by the storyline and not wanting to put the book down. Loved How Westin was determined to make Serenity face her fears and was all in and ready to break down the walls around her heart. A must read for any romance fan..Score: 5/5

If you’re a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, this is the book for you!You Loved Me Once brings on the determination, love, passion, and talent that you see in Grey’s, mixed with the lyrical words of Corinne Michaels. You can envision the doctors, the patients, the hallways, and feel the emotions as the story goes on and on. Definitely one to ready over and over again..Score: 5/5

Best Book Of 2021You Loved Me Once is truly brilliant and this is Corinne Michaels at her best. I was spellbound by this heartbreaking, beautiful, deep and thought provoking book and I can’t let it go. It’s realistic on so many levels, it’s soul crushing yet hopeful, the heartfelt moments really touches home and the intensity of it all nearly did me in. My emotional level was at an all time high and I lost count on the amount of tears that I shed. They’re times when this book can be complex, unbearable and frustrating but it’s worth it and so much more than what I thought it was going to be. And while I certainly appreciate the storyline, I don’t care for the heroine, Serenity Adams. However, this in no way hinders or takes anything away from the story. She just isn’t my cup of tea. To date, this my favorite Corinne Michaels book and it’s one of my favorite books of 2021. I strongly recommend having tissues, a few alcoholic beverages and a do not disturb sign when reading it. Again it’s definitely worth it..Score: 5/5

One of her best ever!You Loved Me Once Corinne usually leaves me speechless after I finish her books. This story was no different however I felt this story deep in my soul due to my own personal history. Dr. Serenity Adams- a Gynecologist Oncologist no longer does relationships and hasn’t since her college days.. with her heart ties to her past love she chooses to keep things simple with the sexy Dr. Westin Grant and not put a label on things. Both busy with their chosen specialty- it works for her.. however Westin seems to want more. Serenity’s focus is on her new clinical trial. She cares about this clinical trial more than anything and is challenged in a way she never expected, putting not only her career on the line and damaging her relationship with Westin.. This story was so powerful.. emotional and really hit my soul.. My heart hurt for Serenity.. I absolutely loved this story.. it’s one of those stories that will stay with you.. Unforgettable and perfect. Thank.Score: 5/5

An emotional rollercoaster that I’ll never forget!You Loved Me Once took me on an emotional rollercoaster from the first page and consumed my mind and heart til the last one. Corinne this story was as heartbreaking as it was beautiful and I am so grateful that you wrote and released this book. I feel like everyone can relate to this story in one way or another. We all have that first love, that lost love, that last love and that once in a lifetime love that changes us forever. We also have that person, whether it be our soul mate, family member or friend that we can’t, but have to live without. I shed a few tears and I felt like I cleansed my soul a little bit. You Loved Me Once is filled will hope, heartbreak, betrayal, forgiveness and so much strength and perseverance that I believe it will change every person that reads it! It’s absolutely breathtaking and a story I will never forget. Tracey, Life Reads With Friends Book Blog.Score: 5/5

So good!Thank you to whoever pushed Corinne Michaels to finish this book and release it to the world. Because wow. Just wow. This is probably one of her best books. Serenity is fierce and fragile all at once. Westin - who is amazing - is her anchor, even though she keeps him at arms length. It takes coming face to face with her tragic past for her to realize what Westin truly means to her. But then her world starts to crumble, and it might be too late. This is a book that will make you think. What would you do? It will also drag you through the emotional wringer, which is no surprise. Corinne Michaels does that well. LOL!.Score: 5/5

Amazing 6 Star ReadYou Loved Me Once caught me so off guard. I knew that being a Corinne Michaels book, I would love it. She has never written anything I didn't love. But I underestimated how much this book would effect me emotionally. I was a bawling mess. Even now, days after I've finished the book, my heart is still aching thinking about Serenity. First let me say, I have found my new book boyfriend in Westin. He is just so incredible. His heart is pure and giving. I immediately fell in love with him. There was something about him, he was so patient with Serenity and her feelings. My heart broke for Serenity. She's so determined to give her patients the best care they can receive. Her compassion for her patients is truly beautiful, but Serenity is so broken already when we meet her. Once she suffers a heartbreaking loss, she makes a choice that will completely change her. Corinne Michales wrote an absolutely beautiful book that will make you feel so much. You Loved Me Once is definitely a six star book!.Score: 5/5

PhenomenalI am sitting here absolutely stunned. This book was phenomenal. Wasn’t what I expected one bit. There was a few moments I literally gasped. I could not put this book down. The emotional that Corinne Michaels put into this book, you seriously feel every single one. I’ll be the first to admit, I haven’t cried in one of her books in a while….. yeah that all changed with Serenity’s story. This is one of those books that will stay with you. You will be thinking about it long after you complete it. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars for this one emotional masterpiece!.Score: 5/5

All the FeelsJust turned the last page of You Loved Me Once by an author I’ve read many times because I enjoy her books immensely. Knowing what I now know about this story…that it was born in 2014 but sat on the unpublished shelf all these years waiting to be published, I’m so glad that Corinne finally decided to take the leap of faith. This may be my favorite Corinne Michaels book so far because it twisted me up in so many ways that are inexplicable. The medical side, the physician side, the patient side and the underlying love story were weaved so well that I cannot say enough about this book. Grab your tissues because you’d have to be cold hearted not to need them at least once.Score: 5/5

Amazing Story!I have to say I love Corrine Michael’s books but You Loved Me Once is my all time favorite of hers. To think she hesitated in publishing it has me astounded. This story is not only heartbreaking and emotional but also realistically poignant. There is so much depth in the character development and ultimately the decisions that affect lives and all the ramifications those decisions had made me reflect on the ethical dilemmas faced by Serenity. Westin’s love and understanding nature was everything she needed and I’m glad she realized it fully. Letting go of the past is not always easy and realizing what’s in front of you is not something to take for granted came to light in this story in a manner that captivated my heart!.Score: 5/5

A beautiful book!!What a beautifully written book written by Corinne Michaels. Serenity’s story is one of lose and love and how to one’s past affects their life and future. Serenity tried to keep relationships at arms length while saving people’s lives. Her work as a doctor is to try and Hellas many people as possible. She Pat comes back to affect her current decisions. This book is about a wonderful person who struggles to make herself happy and take care of her. As she lets her walls come down and lets those into her life, even in her mistakes and struggles, she is truly loved by those around her..Score: 5/5

Will touch you heart and soulCorinne MIchaels has done it again. She has managed to put unbelievable words to the paper to tear your heart out and make you emotional. This book was heart wrenching at times, beautifully written and tough at times due to the story content. I had to put it down as the emotions took over. This book is that good! Serenity loves her job and just wants to help people. Since losing her mom that has been her goal. After a difficult breakup after college, work has been her main focus. She is in a relationship, but has never fully committed with her heart. Peyton Bryce renters her life in the most unexpected way. Will he wreck her again? Westin Grant wants Serenity, heart, mind and body, and has been trying for two years to break down her walls. Will she finally let him in? Faced with an unbearable choice, will Serenity stick to her principles or go with her heart? This is a story about loss, love and healing. It is true perfection and will touch your heart and soul..Score: 5/5

Another amazing book by Corinne!Corinne Michaels has always been a one-click author since I first found her a few years ago. This book is no exception. You get allllll the emotions and it’s got just the right amount of heartbreak for her to put you back together again. I couldn’t put it down!.Score: 5/5

Tears…I would give 10stars if possible. This book made me cry… was fantastic! Thanks for another great book Corinne Michael’s!!!!!.Score: 5/5

Emotions a plentyOnce again, Corinne Michaels takes you on an intense emotional journey. Full of all the feels, heartbreaking realness and twists and love. This is not a light read, but it’s everything. Serenity & Westin are everything. Just read it already!!.Score: 5/5

So good!5 Stars You Loved Me Once is the latest stand-alone novel by Corinne Michaels. It literally consumed me from the minute I started reading until the very last page. Every who knows me, knows I am a huge Michaels fan. Her books are amazing. But this story was incredible. It was so heartbreakingly beautiful. I loved that I had no idea how it was all going to play out. Ms. Michaels keeps you guessing until the very end. The characters embedded their way into my heart and soul. Serenity was so broken and closed off but she also was strong and had a huge heart. She is forever changed when she comes face to face with her past. And she has no idea how much it’s going to change her future. I loved this book so much. It honestly had all the feels. It was everything I thought it was going to be. Highly recommend reading it!.Score: 5/5

One of my top reads for 2021!This story has the typical hard headed, fiercely independent woman you love to get mad at in a Corinne Michaels book. The one that makes you batty with the wrong choices they make but ultimately it’s for the right reasons. Serenity’s story gave me strong Grey’s Anatomy vibes but better. Doctor Westin Grant (Serenity’s love interest) is a brilliant surgeon with a heart of gold. The one who Serenity has been having a serious fling with for quite sometime. She hasn’t quite opened up to him completely, she keeps apart of her distanced until she finally decides its been long enough. Yet a blast from Serenity’s past nearly ruins everything she’s trying to make work. Not just her relationship with Westin but with her career she’s worked so hard to achieve as well. Intrigued yet?! You better! I don’t want to give much away besides the little tid bit I gave, but I absolutely loved this story. It’s definitely a game changer in women’s fiction! One of my top favorites so far for 2021!.Score: 5/5

All the McDreamy vibes!Absolutely loved the Grey’s Anatomy vibes in this book! A story about overcoming obstacles and facing your fears head on. The chemistry and love between Serenity and Westin was incredibly beautiful. Hard choices and past heartbreaks come to light as Serenity is faced with how bad decisions can affect not only her, but everyone around her. Really loved how the characters in this were in no way perfect, but always willing to confront their flaws and choices head on. Thank you to Net Galley and Corinne Michaels for an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review..Score: 5/5

5 incredible stars. A must read of 2021!5 incredible stars. I love Corinne Michael's books and writing. I'm going to be super upfront with that. Liam is probably still my top book boyfriend ever. But let me just say, this may be not only the best book she's ever written, but one of my top five favorite books ever. This isn't a book you're going to read mindlessly. It will challenge you. It will make you question right from wrong. It will make you wonder if you can do the wrong thing for the right reasons. It will frustrate you. Anger you. Make you sad. But overall, it will stick with you, and that is the sign of a powerful, well-written book. I am still thinking about it days after reading it, and I'm trying not to gush in this review too much, but wow. Serenity is a doctor, her specific field chosen due to personal experiences. She wants to help save lives and save women's choices and give them what her mom didn't have. She finally gets to run her first clinical trial, that she strongly believes in, when her past shows up in the worst of ways. Serenity is stuck a bit in the past. We've all had that love that we just couldn't let go, and given what she was also going through at that time, it's understandable. She's scarred, and frankly, a little bit messed up. It's almost like she's this strong, powerful woman in every aspect of her life... but in her love life she's stuck in her college years. She doesn't want to let love in, because she's still in love with her past. But, that doesn't mean she doesn't have physical needs or that she doesn't get lonely. Enter Westin Grant, a way-too-understanding hottie surgeon who truly loves her. He's willing to wait for her to figure all of her stuff out, and it's amazing to see a man be so supportive. Westin is absolutely out of this world, and while this book is so much more than their relationship, I adored him and how hard he fought. Serenity has to make a lot of choices in this book. Choices about her past, about her future and about her career. Some of them had me biting my nails seeing how they'd play out... was she right? Was she wrong? Was she taking unnecessary risks? Of course it played out even differently than I expected, with so many twists thrown in, because Corinne doesn't take the easy or formulaic way out. She is thoughtful in her plotting and her approach, and it leaves the reader in suspense and on the edge of their seat. Please, please read this one. As a reminder, it's "Women's Fiction" and not a romance, but Westin will bring you plenty of book-boyfriend vibes. As always, YMMV, but go one-click this one today!.Score: 5/5

Another great emotional storyline by Corinne Michaels!Another great story by Corinne Michaels. An emotional journey about love and loss. About what’s right and wrong, making tough decisions and their consequences… Fantastic narration. A must read/listen..Score: 4/5

10 Stars! Best Corinne Michael’s Story to Date!10 Stars! Best Corinne Michael’s Story to Date! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Elizabeth @ Carolina Chic’s Read You Loved Me Once gripped me from the start I got all the Angst I love from romance and all the butterflies in my belly. I am an avid reader of this author and this is her best story to date. Serenity and Westin’s story is one of opening your heart to love after it was crushed in the past. When that same past intersects your present you question everything… your life, career and love. Top Read for 2021! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Score: 5/5

Love itCute book. I could definitely relate to this story line, however I’m still waiting for my guy. Totally worth reading!.Score: 5/5

Must readCorrine Michaels is the queen of writing real and flawed yet relatable characters. Serenity and Westin have a story filled with ups and downs. Both are doctors with huge hearts that will do anything for their patients. You will fall in love with Westin and his patience and gentleness. You will want to knock Serenity upside the head a few times to get her to see what is in front of her and then cheer her on when she finally does. Serenity is such a complex character who you can’t help but emphasize and want the best for her. You will be drawn into their world and not want the story to end!.Score: 5/5

Breathtakingly BeautifulThis is such a poignant and heartfelt story. I am a huge fan of Corinne and I devour her books but I have absolutely no words to describe this book. It was such an emotional roller coaster and I was so invested in the story . Corinne gutted me with this emotional roller coaster. Serenity struggle were raw and real . The choices and decisions she faces daily and the journey she takes to heal her heart and finally find love. I loved Westin’s character and how he broke down all of Serenity’s wall she had around her . This was everything I expected from Corinne book and more. Julia is a new narrator for me and I loved the justice she did narrating this story and bringing the characters to life. The story was pure perfection. An absolute masterpiece . It’s so beautifully written and a captivating love story . It was raw and real . How the choices we make not only have everlasting effect on us but also on all the people around us. A thought provoking and heart wrenching tale. Definitely a must read and listen . One of my absolute favorites from 2021 ..Score: 5/5

So Sad!!!This is not a normal book from Corinne. I felt so bad for her. Bryce I really didn’t care for him but I loved Westin. I loved her relationships with the secondary characters. I’d love to see her brothers story..Score: 4/5

Cancer is a devastating diseaseCancer is a devastating disease. This stand-alone story by Corinne Michaels’ centers around Dr. Serenity Adams. Ms. Michaels gives us a glimpse from the provider’s perspective, whom works tirelessly to care for and treat cancer patients. Ms. Michaels illustrates the sacrifices and dilemma that Serenity faces as a doctor and how her profession impacted her personal life decisions. As a longtime fan of Corinne Michaels, this story brings to light the dedication of Serenity to her profession and her patients, while simultaneously showing her heartache and conflict in her personal life based upon her calling. In addition to being a love story, this book is about dedication, trust and faith. It is a departure from Ms. Michaels’ previous series, but nonetheless, a story that will have you reaching for a box of tissues..Score: 5/5

Wow, get your tissues ready - Amazing readWow and more wow. Corinne has created a masterpiece in lost love, healing, and new love. Be ready when you dive into this book to not have a dry eye, have your tissues in hand. I could not put this book down. My heart broke and then soared. If you’ve had a family member or someone close to you experience cancer, you’ll be tied to this book for life. I can’t wait to read it again. I’m not even sure how to start to explain Ren. She is lost, driven, and caring all at the same time. You will fall instantly for her. As for Wes, he is just “The One.” Can he get Rem to open up and allow live to enter her heart? One click this wonderful read and watch as the story unfolds before your eyes. Thank you, Corinne, for giving us such a beautiful story..Score: 5/5

Wonderful!Another great story I couldn’t put it down! Great characters who anyone can identify with. Highly recommend!.Score: 5/5

Simply amazing!This was such an amazing story, with emotional twist and turns that had me shedding a tear or two I really like the sort of love triangle, but not really a love triangle twist. It tells the story of Serenity's past with Bryce and her present with Westin with Bryce weaved in to the present. Westin and Serenity are powerful together. Julia Whelan was amazing. She truly brought all the emotions out of this book and made you feel all of it. She was perfect. Once again and not surprised that Corinne Michaels absolutely, 100% created a positively beautiful love story..Score: 5/5

Beautifully Written!You Loved Me Once by Corinne Michaels is another amazing read from this author. I was so excited for this book but I wasn’t prepared for my heart to be so shattered. This book had me crying and sobbing and then with the wild roller coaster of emotions smiling and even laughing. This is such a beautiful love story and is so well written. It is pure perfection. This author is the best in my book. I highly recommend this book and the audible is excellent if you enjoy listening. The narrator is amazing..Score: 5/5

A tug at the heartstrings story!Corinne really digs deep into the emotional well in bringing us Serenity’s story. I read somewhere that she had debated whether she was even going to ever publish this book, and I can wholly understand why. It is an intense story, FULL of emotional stuff that happens every day to people, but most of the time we never even think about it, because it does not affect our lives. But if your life has been affected by the kinds of things that occur in this book, this read will be all the more poignant for you. Serenity has been through so much in her life, and I wondered a lot while reading how she was still going through each day. But it finally smacked me in the face that pretty much all she is doing is going through each day. She’s buried her feelings and emotions so deep; I was not sure if they would ever surface again. She has been in a “friends with benefits” type of relationship with Westin Grant for the past two years. He wants more. Will he be the one who finally breaks through those impenetrable walls that Serenity has erected? This story is definitely a journey. It is heartbreaking at times, and there were many times I thought I was going to have to just put the book down because it felt like it was going to be too much. But Corinne has a magical way of getting her readers (at least me) through those really rough spots. And pretty soon I was finishing the story, all up in my feels and not being able to stop thinking about what I just read. I commend Corinne for being daring enough to bring us a story that is not all fluff and swoon. It is real and intense and heartrending at times. But it is also beautiful and shows how resilient the human spirit can be..Score: 4/5

Raw & BeautifulI have so many thoughts & feelings about You Loved me Once. It’s not your average swoony romance story. It’s a real, gritty & raw story about life. Serenity is faced with so many choices & challenges with her patients, family and self. Her struggle is real, raw & beautiful. She finds her true self and in the journey heals her heart and finds the man who was always there. I was lucky enough to listen to the audio first & was blown away by Julia’s performance. As with all Corinne books be prepared to cry but trust me it’s so worth it<3.Score: 5/5

SpeechlessI remember a while back I asked Corinne is this book would make us cry, her response was "No, I don't think it will." well, I am here to tell you that she lied. This book made my cry.... a lot. You Loved Me Once was in fact something a bit different than what Corinne usually writes, but it was an amazing different. This story is so raw, it's about life, love, and finding yourself. I couldn't put the book down for even a second, I loved these characters so much. Corinne writes magic, and with this books, she proves that there's nothing she can't write, she has the power to write something that will leave you speechless and so obsess with everything about that book world she created. Serenity, she was someone who build so many walls around her, she didn't and couldn't let people in. I loved seeing her journey, her journey on finding peace and letting people who love her in. Westin, I cannot describe how much I loved him. He is hands down, one of my favorite Corinne heroes. I loved how patient, how understanding, how caring he is. I loved how he understand Serenity so well, he is everything!! This book deserves so much more than 5 stars..Score: 5/5

Beautifully doneLet me just say that for the first little bit, I did not know where this book was going relationship-wise. Was Serenity really in love with Westin? Was she going to end up with Bryce? Thankfully I trusted the author and stuck it out. This book ended up being one of my favorite reads of Corinne Micheals, up there with Consolation and Conviction (if you haven't read those, YOU ARE MISSING OUT.) Cancer is such a heavy subject, and it is no less heartwrenching in this book, but the love stories from a patient, Mrs. Whitley, and the love story of Serenity's parents, mixed with Serenity, Westin, Bryce, and Allison made for one amazing read. Keep a box of tissues handy, and trust Corinne to bring you through this one..Score: 5/5

What a story!This story was amazing. I'm a huge Corinne Michaels fan, but this book was special. I have lost loved ones to cancer and this cancer specifically. Watching the doctors grappling with the same things that families do and seeing her choices and what leads up to them was heart breaking. I thought that perhaps this was a love triangle, but it is not. The emotions are raw in this story and so heartbreaking. Grab your box of tissues for this one. Ms. Michaels will definitely bring you to tears!.Score: 5/5

Astounding!I usually can expect a certain type of Corrine Michaels book, but on this one? This one is something else, on every single level. You Loved Me Once is a once in a life time kinda book that pushed boundaries and rung every single emotion out of my body. As always, I will never get tired of this authors work. Her writing in general is out of this world, and I know I shouldn’t be surprised that she ups the ante every single time, but daggone it, You Loved Me Once is something special and the writing was phenomenal. Michaels took such a complex storyline and complex main character and crossed every ‘T’ and dotted every ‘I’. I mean, talk about great world building. The development was flawless, set at the perfect pace. The depth pretty much carved out my soul to the point of no return, (but in a good way). The dialogue was rich and beautiful. The slow uptake onto ‘more’ than the spicy times showcased how these characters really feel. It shows that nothing worth having doesn’t come without its ups and downs. I loved the main characters. They were simple, but they were not. The devotion that both Serenity and Westin had showed through every word, every move and made them feel so authentic. They had truly beautiful hearts both professionally and personally. I foresee, You Loved Me Once being my favorite book by this author, “ Until My Last Breathe.” and to be perfectly clear, Shonda Rhymes ain’t got nothing on Corrine Michaels. ** I recommend this book..Score: 5/5

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Oh my heart!!The thought that this book almost didn’t make it out into the book world hurts my heart!! This may be my favorite Corinne book yet.Score: 5/5

Amazing readOMG this book had me go through a rollercoaster of emotions. I was on the brink of tears the entire story. When I wasn't about to cry, I was angry at Serenity and yelling at her. Reading or rather listening to this book was like watching a Grey's anatomy episode play out. Wes, the neurosurgeon is a sweetheart. He's the type of hero you immediately fall in love with and I fell in love with him even more at the end of the book for what he did for Serenity. I am thankful that Corrine published this book, I had heard she wasn't going to. This is a book that needs to be read. 5++++ stars for this book. Make sure you have a box of tissues handy through this read..Score: 5/5

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Top Read5 Star Review You Loved Me Once by Corinne Michaels   You Loved Me Once in true Corinne Michaels’ fashion will rip you apart and then put you back together and I freely admit that at times I was sobbing as Ms. Michaels put me and her characters through the ringer. Serenity is a doctor who, like the majority of doctors is spread too thin. She is focused on a clinical trial that she absolutely needs to succeed, she has a friends with benefits relationship with fellow doctor Dr. Westin Grant and is knocked for six when one of her patients husbands turns out to be her ex-fiancee. Since her break up she has been focused on work and not letting anyone in, that is until Westin smashes the walls she has surrounded herself with. I fell hard and fast for Westin, he is everything you want in a book boyfriend. The journey for Serenity and Westin was so challenging, these two doctors face so much heartache, obstacles and there were times I feared that they would not get together. This is a book with numerous twists and turns, some I didn’t see coming, with highs and lows that at times left me reeling. This book is emotional, gripping, a story of love, romance and never giving up. It is a story of making mistakes, of forgiveness and looking deep inside, coming to terms with what you find and accepting that you are human. No words I write can do justice to this book, you need to experience it for yourself. This is one of my top reads of 2021..Score: 5/5

Wonderful readWow Absolutely loved this book I will certainly be reading it again. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Score: 5/5

All the feelsI really don’t know where to begin or even if I can do this emotional read justice. You know you are reading a very special book very early in a read because you know the story you are reading is going to stay with you long after the final words have been read, well You Loved Me Once is definitely one of those special reads. This is Serenity and Westin’s journey. Serenity is a doctor doing her best, she is determined her clinical trial will be successful but medical trials can sometimes go wrong. The friends with benefits relationship she has with a fellow doctor Dr Weston Grant adds additional pressure to her already stressed life so when one of her patients husbands turns out to be her ex she falls a little bit apart. Since her breakup her life has been her work and she has built walls around herself but Westin wants more and that means he needs her to trust him at work and in their personal relationship. This book tore me apart and then put me back together, I cried and I mean real ugly tears, I swooned and I smiled, I loved Serenity and Westin and I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat while negotiating twists and turns I didn’t see coming. This is a very emotional read, it’s a love story, it’s about forgiveness but most importantly it’s about looking deep inside and trusting what you see. Serenity and Westin will certainly stay with me and I’m sure I will re read their emotional journey further down the track because this is one of my favourite reads of 2021..Score: 5/5

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Huge fan of this author3.5 STARS This is a book of three parts for me. Didn’t like the first part, got sucked in more in the middle then loved the last 25%. I felt the start was a little abrupt, kinda felt like I’d started a few chapters in not the first page. Abit like when your starting the second part of a duet and the story just continues from the last page of the first book, didn’t start smoothly for me. I also didn’t really like Serenity, not sure why but she just rubbed me up the wrong way. As the story unfolded I started to warm to her. As expected lots of plot twists. The first one I didn’t see coming but I did kinda guess what she was going to do after that. There’s a lot of angst and emotional turmoil and some really well written scenes of conflict which I really enjoyed. I think i started to like Serenity when she started to like herself and make some good decisions. I found Westin to be very charming, he’s solid as a rock and very grounding for Serenity. The resolution at the end was very satisfying and definitely felt like the right way for it all to go..Score: 4/5

Fantastic story! 5 Stars!Oh I’m so glad Corinne decided to publish this story. Absolutely fantastic and so typically “Corinne” in every way. She got my tears, as expected, on a number of occasions…. So much so I was a sobbing mess! The characters of this story were simply amazing. I could feel the emotion pouring from the pages, their passion, their beliefs, trust, and pure determination… The secondary characters were also simply fantastic, but again, the emotions that ran alongside this had me going. At one point and as the story progressed I did wonder which route the events and storyline may follow. But I’m so pleased with the way everything turned out. This was an amazing romantic love story, but with grit. It was a complete page turner and I devoured it!.Score: 5/5

A book that will stay with you!You Loved Me Once is an emotional journey through love, loss and finding oneself. It is heartbreaking as much as it is heartwarming. I really connected with Ren as a character - she was likable and has struggles in life just like anyone else. The angst between her and Bryce was palpable!! And what a circumstance to find themselves face-to-face in again!! But the character that made this book for me was Wes. His strength, unwaivering devotion to his job, patients and to Ren and his utmost loyalty and patience with everything makes him the ultimate book boyfriend. By goodness, I was rooting for them HARD! I am so pleased that Corinne decided to go ahead and publish this story - it is a definite favourite as you just simply get lost in the words and the world Corinne has written for you as is so easy to do with her books..Score: 5/5

I couldn’t put it downI was so pleased we got this book and in typical Corinne style you get everything ! This book is so complex yet intricate in the way the feelings and emotions spread throughout ! The story unfolds at a fast enough pace, the way serenity deals with her moral compass and distaste for love because of a broken past. The weaves that unfold and moments of sheer joy, frustration and sadness come a complete circle and make this book what it is x I couldn’t put it down ! 5 stars Diz.Score: 5/5

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