Depraved Book Reviews

Lucia Jordan

Depraved by Lucia Jordan Book Summary

A powerful Contemporary Romance. Here is the first book in the ‘Depraved’ Series by Lucia Jordan, written in her signature style of high passion and emotion. 

Escaping for the winter turns out to get much hotter than expected… 

Cate may have bitten off more than she could chew when she accepted the job as manager of the Northpoint Inn for the winter. After making it through a rough break up with her ex-boyfriend, then getting fired from the job she so desperately needed, she thought managing the mountain inn for the season would be the perfect way to escape her troubles. 

But little did she know that her plans would be dashed when the heart-stoppingly gorgeous hunter/tracker Grant Taylor blows in with the first snow. Handsome, rugged, confident and commanding, Cate can’t help but be drawn to his raw masculinity and animal magnetism. But it’s not before long that the cold nights and remote isolation get the better of them and they start finding their lustful urges too overwhelming to ignore. Sick of never getting what she wants, Cate decides to give in to the temptation of her desires…but is she prepared for everything that the dangerous Mr. Taylor has in store? 

Only mature readers should download this book.

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Book Name Depraved
Genre Erotica
Language English
E-Book Size 376.99 KB

Depraved (Lucia Jordan) Book Reviews 2023

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Engaging. Loved everything about Depraved book 1 by Lucia Jordan form beginning to end. Purchased in the Apple Store

Good read.. Very well written, no distractions due to grammar or confusing sentence structures. The characters' dynamic is intriguing and keeps you surprised as the story develops. Definitely left me wanting to read more.

Depraved by Lucia Jordan. Can’t wait to read the rest!

Depraved is Hot & sexy. Intriguingly sexy hot can't wait to finish reading the complete series!!

Very good. This book was very good! It kept me interested and excited to see what was going to happen! I loved every second of this book! She is a very good author! I recommend that you read this book and others by her! They are very goid and interesting

If I could leave less than one star I would. This book his highly problematic. It basically is rape porn. The main character gives no consent whatsoever in what is happening to her. I highly suggest this book be removed from download.

Great book!!. Read this book while on my cruise! The storyline was awesome and hated that I didn't have the complete series downloaded so that I could read them all

Quick and easy read. Another great story. Easy to read. I love the short stories on an evening I have a little time to kill.

Can't wait to keep reading!. This book was great!! It started quickly and instantly grabbed my attention. It had my heart racing and left me wanting so much more! I can't wait to read the entire series! I love this author and have read several other great books by her also!

Depraved. Love it!!!

steamy and dreamy. I loved how dirty and straightforward Grant is. I usually steer away from these types of men— wanting hearts and flowers, but he makes me want more. The book was far more than the usual with the dirty, crude, and sexy scenes. 5/5 for the twist at the end, it makes me wonder if Cate will save him from whatever hell he's in.

Depraved I. Great Book, want more. Exciting and romantic! A little slow at the beginning but when it revved was on!! Gigi

I loved it!. The steamy scenes were so hot! I loved how he handled her. And the whole twist at the end was expected-but very good!

Depraved-Book 1. loved this!! cat wait to read the rest & find out what happens. amazing book.

Terrible. There were grammar mistakes, little to no background information (which doesn't make me care at all about the characters), and it was so short I can't even call this a "book" or "novella." There isn't really a plot, and the ending is just a cliffhanger.

Depraved hot and want more. Great read! Looking forward to the next one.

Must Read. This a great read! If you liked 50 shades of Grey then you will love and anything by Lucia Jordan from what I have read.

Depraved by lucia jordan. 5 star book.eager to find out Cates next move! Must finish series

Depraved. I thought the book was good. I haven't read this type of book in a while. I want to find out what happens next. Thank you

More!!. Book one is sexy, hot and with a nice suspensive twist at the end.

“FREE-NAILED-SERIES-LJ”. This book was amazing I loved how it ended.It kept me into the book the whole time keep writing more books like This I loved it.

Part 1: exciting!. This has been an exciting read. It definitely had a suspenseful ending!

Depraved. Amazing! Can't wait to read more!

Great book. Great book so far. The end has me excited to read the rest. Can't wait to finish the series

Depraved. Slow in the beginning, but it got steamy. I like their chemistry.

Wow!. This book was amazing, a real page turner. Not only was it a total turn on but I literally felt apart of the story. Hope to read the entire series!

Depraved. Oh my goodness this book was so hot I couldn't get enough I wanted to read more but it ended I need to now what happens n

Depraved. Felt like I couldn't have wrote it better myself I can't wait to read what happens next !!!!

Depraved. Grant was not what I initially expected but I'm hooked and need to know more about him

Depraved. Great book really enjoyed in!

Depraved. Cate is truly brave and bold to take a job alone in the winter wilderness. She is independent and able to handle anything it seems. When Grant shows up and throws her for a loop. She wasn't expecting him and he appears to be bossy and smug. Will she allow him to take control or will she be the one giving the orders? When she finds out about a serious event in his past what will she do? Will read remaining books to find out.

So far, so good... Leaves me wanting more!. I love the characters, especially Grant, Lucia Jordan makes in this book. Mysterious "wilderness" type that keeps you reading because you want to know what the story behind him is!

Depraved. Was an awesome first book . Can't wait to read the rest with the way it ended .

Great read!. Really keeps you on your toes and wanting more of the story!

Yus!. Oh my gosh this book is soooo good. I want more.

Good read!. Thought I'd downloaded the whole book, but turns out it was "Book 1". Just enough to get hooked! Interesting characters and storyline. Eager to see what happens next and will download the complete series.

Depraved. Lucia Jordan delivers a hot, spicy and erotic novel that is an e-page turner that keeps you wanting more...

Depraved.. Not entirely sure how I feel about the first book. I don't like how he forced her to do something she had no desire in doing whatsoever and that he knew she didn't like it. I hate how it showed she was distressed about it but he did nothing to comfort it. And I wasn't a fan of how she suddenly did a 180 and could not wait to do it again. I love Lucia Jordan. I am a new reader to this genre and she is always the author I go to. Normally her "dominate" scenes still have a sense of willingness and excitement. I didn't feel it this time. It made me slightly uncomfortable. But that is wholly my opinion. I do highly recommend her books. I just, this one I was not a fan of.

Depraved Book 1 Review. Mystery & sensuality—a favorite combo of mine that Lucia Jordan delivers with anticipated satisfaction. The characters & setting of the story captures the minds of readers in a fantasy worth exploring.

Derpraved. I thought this series was very good, exciting and erotic. However I felt that it was too short and not complete or detailed enough. I would like to hear much more about the relationship of the two main characters. I would love to receive the free series Nailed.

Depraved. Enjoyed reading this thoroughly. Just wish it's more than 30-odd pages long! Looking forward to the rest of the series!

Depraved. Hot story left me hanging for more.

Depraved Book 1. This was an interesting book, I really enjoyed it. Definitely will recommend this to friends.

Great Book!. This book is so detailed and such a great read. The characters are very adventurous and I can't wait to read the next one!

Great dynamics!. This books shows two great, compatible characters that compliment each other perfectly. There's a pretty startling twist in the book also

Interesting. Interesting story about a mysterious, dominating man. Can't wait to read the truth about Grant Taylor.

Love it!. Loved the book, keeps you on edge... A real thriller!

Depraved. A great beginning to what is sure to be a page turner of a series. How is Cate going to get what she truly wants and still follow Mr. Owens wishes. I'm sure that's just the beginning of her adventures. Can't wait to find out.

Lucas. Carrillo

Depraved. Great book!!! Couldn't put it down !!! Wanting so much more

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X. Great book would definitely recommend

My kind of depravity!!!. Such great chemistry between the characters that I wanted to read the rest of the books anyway, but then came a cliffhanger that left me gagging for more. Can't wait to see where this story will go.

Such a good read. Great book had to keep reading it couldn’t put it down

Exciting. This story had me interested from the start! I can't wait to read the rest

Brilliant. Thrilling short story. The chemistry between the two main characters is almost tangible and leaves the reader wanting more...can't wait to read all 4!!

Depraved book one. This book was truly captivating and different to other books I’ve previously read. I was literally speeding through to find out what would happen next, that’s how hooked I was. Great work !!!

Miss. Loved it I want more

Dinky don. Loved this book can't wait to finish the series

Love it. I utterly enjoyed book 1 so far. Hot hot hot! Can't wait to read the next 3 books

Deprived. Great read , will read whole series

Depraved. Good Read. I really recommend!

Depraved. I could not believe how quickly this book got me, wondering what was going to happen next. Was Cate safe, I still don't know, totally intriguing just want to keep on readin

Intriguing. This is one of the more mysterious stories that Jordan has written. Still the writing is strong and I can't wait to read the rest.

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Depraved. definitely want to read more of this series. i am hooked.

Wow!. Such a nice and interesting read! had to get more of it!

Depraved. Not sure how I feel about this book, I felt as if I had been violated by 'Grant' when he forced 'Cate' to give him a head job when he knew that it was the one thing that she truly didn't like. None of the other books that I have read in this genre so far have made me feel this way, I only hope that the rest of the series changes my mind. Please know that this is not going to stop me reading Lucia Jordan's books in the future, keep the writing coming...

Ohhhhhh!!!. A great read, need to read more

Great book. Such a great book, can’t wait to see what happens next.

Depraved. Great read, kept me on my toes! Would love to read more of the series! Enjoyed it immensely.

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Awesome!. This books took an unexpected turn at the end and I NEED to keep reading! Well written and very interesting.

Depraved. Awesome! Can't wait to read the rest!

Can't wait for the rest. I really love it. I can't wait to know what happens next. This book is filled with sex and mystery. It will probably turn to a love story and I can't wait to know what happens next.

Depraved Love it. Wow this book grabbed me from the start great storyline and very interesting characters can't wait to read more.

Depraved. The book is fantastic. I love the cliff hanger. I can't wait to see how the rest of the story plays out!!! :O

Depraved. Loved the first book can't wait to read the rest

Depraved!. Really enjoyed book one, can't wait to read the rest!

Depraved. Wow ! I didn't expect that. What a ride.

Depraved. This book by Lucia Jordan ,downloaded from the I store , written so well I couldn't put it down and can't wait to see how it continues .NEED to keep reading.

Beyond sexy!. Ummm... So now I seriously want myself a mountain man!! Such a good read! I would definitely recommend this to a friend!

C'est chaud!!!!. Sooo hot!!!! Very good and pleasant way to learn english!!!

Awesome. Loved it so far!

Depraved 1-4. Throughly enjoyable read!!

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Summary of Depraved by Lucia Jordan

The Depraved book written by Lucia Jordan was published on 28 May 2015, Thursday in the Erotica category. A total of 409 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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