Runaway - JB Schroeder - JB Schroeder


  • Release Date:     ISBN: 10057196151005718649
  • Book Genre: Suspense

Runaway Book Summary

While tracing his missing teenage sister, Detective Mitch Saunders uncovers a disturbing link to one of his old, and very cold, cases: Laura Macnamara, a young woman who walked out her backdoor and simply disappeared. Runaway, or victim? He never knew, but is about to find out. Because Laura—a sexy, grown woman now known as Charlie Hart—holds the key to his sister’s safety. Except Charlie refuses to help him. Between her carefully guarded secrets and well-founded fears, too much is at stake to look back. Nor can she consider a future with Mitch—a man who will expose her to evil, if that’s what it takes to bring his sister home. He leaves Charlie no choice but to run—again. Or is it already too late?

"Cleverly written, with a creep factor turned up to eleven, RUNAWAY is unlike anything I've ever read. You will fall in love with Mitch and Charlie in this twisted tale of facing down your worst fears. This book is not to be missed!”—Award-winning author Joanna Shupe

"Gritty plotline, heart-pounding suspense, emotional romance . . . RUNAWAY will make you believe in evil . . . and in love.”—Award-winning author AJ Scudiere

What readers are saying:

“Gritty, suspenseful, and a page turner.”—Diana Q.

“JB Schroeder is an accomplished, skillful writer. Runaway is excellent.”—Maureen H.

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